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8 Steps on How to Reach the Target Audience of Your Online Business



Any online business attempting to reach its niche target demographics must take several steps to ensure its success. Using a niche dating site as an example, we will show you how you can successfully aim your online business to get the best results. Consider the following concepts and learn how to reach the consumers you wish. 

Define Your Target Audience

No matter what business you are involved with, you must decide what specific elements of the population you wish to target. These factors can take many forms, you can easily expound on the target audience’s factors in such a fashion:

  • needs;
  • behaviors;
  • interests;
  • demographics (age, gender, occupation, location).

For such a popular online business as dating sites, it is very important to determine the target audience, since very often such online platforms have a clear focus. Meeting the social issues of society is also important in promoting the dating platform. 

As you can see, using one of the transgender dating sites as an example, a basic outline reveals their target audience needs to have a safe space to meet others trans people of any age and any gender online. LGBT people meet online more often than offline because of a sense of security and anonymity on the web. This means that a site for transgender people should cover as many territories and countries as possible (or city by city across the nation if focus on one country) in order to increase the chances of finding people with common interests and similar behavior.

Do Research and Get Information 

How do you get the information that is needed to inform your choices, though? That can be difficult if you have not spent time with the target demographic or if you’re not a part of it yourself. Still, you can perform research in the following ways:

  • Studying information portals – The Internet has many resources about your target demographic and business: use them. 
  • Conducting surveys – If you lack information, go to the sources and make your own.
  • Collecting statistics – Raw statistics about the overall market can tell you a lot about whether there is room for another competitor. Use that to see if you are staking out the right claim.
  • Reviewing your competitors in the market – You need to see who is in your market, how they are operating, and gauge their weaknesses. The dating market is difficult to enter, and you have to face stiff competition. 

When dealing with a transgender dating site, it may seem like the best approach to finding out more about trans people would be to ask them personally, that is not always a good solution. Many people feel uncomfortable talking to others about experiences. That is why some organizations have set up an FAQ to help people who are not familiar with trans issues learn about them differently. Just knowing basic etiquette and terminology can make a big difference when someone is going to manage transgender platform.

Optimize Your Business for Search (SEO)

People will only have the opportunity to enjoy your website if you make it ‘findable’ with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that websites put into place to make their content attractive to search engines by including an attractive layout, keyword optimization to provide context to the site, useful information, and accuracy. These elements combined can give one site an edge over another by providing traffic to the most optimized site. The SEO methodology will not differ much from site to site, but the difference is in the niche in which you work.

Interact on Social Media

Social media interactions have completely changed in the last half-decade. Now, social media brands are speaking directly to the customers to inform them about the various products they offer. The social media brand operators can also take suggestions from customers, promote outreach, and solve problems for their clients. 

Use Visual Content and Infographics

Websites do best when they have easily digestible information that can be shared around the Internet. Continuing to use our example, a trans dating service has a problem: they need people to learn about their site and trans dating in general. Thus, they create an infographic that shows the number of trans people looking for dates, the few sites that serve them, and other valuable information. This graphic will then get passed around on social media, acting as customer recruitment and information. 

Start Tracking 

You have to learn where your customers are coming from. Not only will using Google Analytics help you find out where you are getting traffic, but it will also show you the success of advertising campaigns, whether you are getting successful backlinking, and what days of the week you should issue new blog content. The bottom line is you need to track everything that you can. 

Collect Customer Feedback

You need to know about your customers’ mindset. You can only do that when you know how they feel about your site, and there is no better way than asking them directly. You can provide a contact form on your website to find specific feedback or implement chatbots on the site to give people a method of reaching your workers to solve issues or give kudos. 

Targeted Advertising

Advertise things and events that directly affect your audience. If your transgender dating site is only operating in New York City or San Francisco, then that is where we need to advertise. We must also consider the age groups and where they hang out on social media sites and advertise there, too. Many avenues exist for advertising, and you can find very specific, effective ways to reach your audience. 


Reaching out to your audience is the most important thing you will do as an online business operator. You need to learn the ins and outs of the suggestions we have made here. Apply every one of them to your own business, and you will have the valuable insights required to make it as successful as possible.