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Vision OS Developers: Navigating the Apple Vision Pro, Finding and Hiring Engineers


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Welcome to the future of personal AR/VR Spatial Computing.

Welcome to the realm of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS. As the latest addition to Apple’s revolutionary product lineup, Vision Pro is an immersive device that’s set to redefine the way we interact with technology. Its unique operating system, VisionOS, is designed to unlock new opportunities both at work and at home, changing the way users experience apps, entertainment, communication, and much more.

VisionOS spatial device

Key takeaways:

  1. Understanding Apple Vision Pro and visionOS: Apple’s Vision Pro and its new operating system, visionOS, are poised to transform personal computing by merging the digital and physical world. The new three-dimensional interface, interactive capabilities, and spatial computing opportunities redefine user engagement.
  2. Opportunities for Developers: The new platform presents exciting opportunities for developers, inviting them to create immersive experiences, design productivity apps with infinite screen real estate, or even build games using the principles of spatial computing.
  3. Hiring the Right Talent: Hiring developers for Apple Vision Pro and visionOS requires a unique set of skills. Developers need to be proficient in Swift and Objective-C, understand 3D programming, spatial computing, and have a strong grasp of user interface design principles.
  4. Finding Developers: Suitable developers for Vision Pro can be found on online job portals, freelance platforms, professional networks, or developer-focused platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow.
  5. Evaluation Process: Hiring should not be solely based on technical skills. Problem-solving abilities, creativity, and understanding of user experiences are also important factors to consider.
  6. Unleashing Full Potential: The full potential of the Apple Vision Pro can be realized with the right developers who can harness its features and create user experiences that redefine the norms of personal computing.

Apple Vision Pro and visionOS together aim to break the traditional boundaries of screen-based interfaces, introducing a world where digital content blends seamlessly with the physical realm. The three-dimensional interface, interactive capabilities, and a whole range of exciting features offer a level of user engagement like never before. But to harness this spatial technology’s full potential, you need the right developers – those who understand this revolutionary platform and can build immersive experiences for it. This article aims to guide you through understanding this new technology and the process of finding and hiring the right developer.

Understanding Vision OS

VisionOS is the beating heart of the Apple Vision Pro, an operating system (OS) designed from the ground up to support the low-latency requirements of spatial computing. It leverages decades of engineering innovation from macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, but it is more than just an evolution of these systems. It is a revolution in its own right.

The operating system features a three-dimensional interface that makes digital content look and feel present in the user’s physical world. This interface responds dynamically to natural light and casts shadows, thus aiding the user in understanding scale and distance. It’s a transformation that expands the possibilities for personal computing and introduces an entirely new sensory layer to digital interactions.

To navigate and interact with the spatial content, Vision Pro introduces an entirely new input system that can be controlled by a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. You can browse through apps by simply looking at them, select by tapping your fingers, scroll by flicking your wrist, or dictate using your voice. This input system aims to make technology more natural and intuitive to use, creating a closer bond between humans and the devices they use.

the gestures in visionOS

One of the standout features of visionOS is EyeSight (short video about from Keynote – WWDC23). This extraordinary innovation helps users stay connected with the people around them. When someone approaches a user wearing Vision Pro, the device feels transparent, letting the user see them while also displaying the user’s eyes. When a user is immersed in an environment or using an app, EyeSight gives visual cues to others about what the user is focused on. This feature is an embodiment of the thoughtful design and user-focused approach that Apple is known for.

Download VisionOS SDK for Free:

VisionOS SDK link to download (Xcode15).

Understanding visionOS is crucial to grasp the potential that the Apple Vision Pro has to offer. In the following sections, we’ll explore the design and technological breakthroughs of the Vision Pro, as well as the privacy and security features it introduces. But remember, the full potential of this innovative technology can only be realized with the right development talent. We’ll also guide you on how to identify and hire developers proficient in this new platform.

The Opportunities for Developers

The launch of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS presents unprecedented opportunities for developers. Given the cutting-edge technology and the range of features it offers, Vision Pro provides a fertile ground for innovation and creativity in Mixed Reality Zone. It’s a platform that challenges developers to think beyond traditional app experiences and explore the vast potential of spatial computing.

Porting iOS to VisionOS is Easy.

Developers can create applications that leverage the three-dimensional interface, build immersive gaming experiences that capitalize on spatial computing, or design productivity apps that use the infinite screen real estate offered by Vision Pro. Furthermore, with the introduction of an all-new App Store specifically for Vision Pro, developers have a direct avenue to reach users and showcase their innovative creations. Understanding the capabilities of Vision Pro and mastering the developer toolkit is an exciting journey full of possibilities.

What is the price of Apple’s Vision Pro?

The price of Apple’s Vision Pro is $3,499 with 256GB of storage, which is more than three times the price of its main competitor, Meta’s Quest Pro VR headset, which starts at $999. More than 20 million units of Quest Pro have been sold.

Steps to Hiring a Developer for Vision Pro

  1. Identifying the Skills Required: Hiring the right developer begins with understanding the specific skills required for developing on Vision Pro. Familiarity with Apple’s development ecosystem, including Swift is crucial. Developers will also need to understand 3D programming and spatial computing concepts, alongside having a strong grasp of user interface design principles.
  2. Finding the Right Developer: There are several platforms where you can find suitable developers. Online job portals, freelance platforms, and professional networks like LinkedIn can be valuable resources. Developer-focused platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, or Apple’s own developer forums can also provide avenues to find talent.
  3. Hiring Considerations and Process: It’s important to evaluate candidates not just on their technical skills, but also on their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and understanding of user experiences. A robust hiring process might involve initial screening based on portfolios or resumes, followed by technical tests, and interviews to assess culture fit and soft skills.

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Vacancy Samples

  • Computer vision and Software developer
  • Artificial Vision Analyst Developer
  • ARKit and Vision Pro SDK developer
  • iOS Developer (VisionOS SDK)
  • Computer Vision/ML Engineer


The Apple Vision Pro is a significant leap forward in the world of personal computing. With its revolutionary features, it presents endless opportunities for users and developers alike. However, the key to unlocking its full potential lies in the hands of skilled developers who can navigate this new landscape effectively.

Hiring the right developer is a critical step in this journey. Understanding the unique capabilities of Vision Pro and visionOS, identifying the necessary skills, and knowing where to find the right talent are the first steps. Armed with this knowledge, you can bring onboard developers who can truly exploit the power of Apple Vision Pro, creating immersive experiences that will redefine the way we interact with technology.

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1 Comment

  1. Alex

    2023-06-16 at 03:04

    Have to disagree on a few points. I am an XR researcher and beginner developer. My take is that this device will be years ahead of anything else and cannot be compared to a MetaQuest. Even if it weighs more the form factor can make it useable.

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