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Please I’m banned for one month and can I please open for me I’m permanently banned never join to friends only message I messaged only please unbanned me I will never do a mistake again

I mean Bigo live streaming I’m banned permanently so. Can I open it for me??

How to Unblock Bigo Live Banned Account?

Bigo Live Banned Account

If your BIGO LIVE account got banned/blocked (Class A permanent or Class B temporary) due to breaking bigo live community rules. You can request this free service to unblock your account as soon as possible.

First Free Unblock Form

If you’re permanently blocked on Bigolive then you may never get your account back on the same phone, you need to make another account and buy new phone, if it is not permanently blocked but you’re having problems with account then you can write them at

But if permanently blocked they just don’t give your account back, forget about it, no shit works even if you begin email hundred times, but there are other ways if you have option in your phone settings called dual apps, parallel space, it works or you can download parallel space app from Google Play Store and use a New Bigolive account.

Do you need an App like Bigo?

We understand how important it is for you to restore a bigo account. Our experience says that this is real. But you need a great desire on your part. Your account is your opportunity for the enormous potential of this social network. To do this, try hard. You are ready? We can help!

Now there is a large queue of pending accounts on our list. Use this button to go up.


We do not give guarantees for the result of the unblock. But we can guarantee that your application will be considered.


    1. Zeeshan

      I’d number.126380014

      So basically this is my bigo id number and my id got blocked 2 months ago.  And I  don’t know why would u block it because I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t abuser or showed any nude stuff. Just give me a reason or just unblock it please . I tried to contact you many times but I haven’t got any responses from you so for this time i am hopping for a reply thank you

    1. Post

      what is the level of ur account ? If u want ur account back mail me ur details subject Bigo Id recover

  1. Solmaz Nikooei

    You banned me for no reason it was not fair what you done I didn’t break any rull I was just in top 1 and I’m host you banndedbme with class a and sir 24 hrs I want you to give me the reason that why someone could ban me for mano reason show me the evidence Of what wrong happened in my broadcasting I’m really angry with this Injustice now I’m afraid of going live because it’s written I may get more serious punishment and the funny part is the punishment for no reason I was wearing more than appropriate clothes never said anything wrong in fact I always kick and block those use inappropriate language you have to check my I’d and give me explanations my id is 300290926 Fire & Ice

  2. Ehaan Hamza

    Help me sorry again no mistake bigo live ones more chance open my bigo 🆔 (masoom Ashfaq) please help I’m request I’m using 7 years bigo please

  3. Larry Higgins

    Hell can u unban me all I did was post a picture of me of my wound when I first got on this app and I did not know that I couldn’t do that. So if u can please unband me so I can post would be great and I can promise I will never do it again. ID Higgeyman420

  4. IbyQueen

    I never did anything wrong I just show a video why am I banned for no reason and I am a host

    1. Naser Pjr

      Hi Sir my name is Naser Pjr ID Naser_pjr I know the rules I am mistaken I’m sorry I just One second show the video I don’t do that again


    I made a mistake I had a fake gun on the wall and ain’t mean to show it can y’all please unban me I know it rules

    1. Post

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