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OutsourceIT Story 2023: A Call for Funny Tech Tales

Welcome to the OutsourceIT Story 2023, the first annual writing contest organized by OutsourceIT Publisher. This is your chance to make keyboards chortle and screens guffaw. If you’ve ever found humor in the world of mobile apps, we want to hear from you!

A Contest Like No Other

Imagine your mobile apps could talk. What stories would they tell? From hilarious autocorrect mishaps to side-splitting app glitches, there’s comedy gold in our pockets and we want to dig it out.

The OutsourceIT Story 2023 contest is all about that – unearthing the hidden humor in our tech-obsessed lives. So, write your best funny short story revolving around a mobile app. Whether it’s a comedic calamity, a technological tongue-in-cheek tale, or a quirky anecdote about apps misbehaving, we’re all ears (or should we say, eyes).

No Entry Fee

Here’s the best part: There’s no entry fee! That’s right, it’s FREE to enter. Your creativity is the only currency we’re interested in.

Fabulous Prizes

As well as having your story read by thousands of people across the globe, you could also bag yourself a cool $200. Talk about a happy ending! The winner will not only enjoy the satisfaction of making everyone laugh but also the reward of seeing their story go viral and, of course, the cash prize.

Key Dates

Submission Deadline: Remember, you’ve got until August 31, 2023, to submit your work. Make sure to edit, proofread, and most importantly, ensure it tickles a funny bone or two!

How To Enter

To participate, all you need to do is submit your funny short story via our submission page. Don’t forget to give your story a creative title that’ll make us giggle even before we start reading the main content.

Entries will not be accepted after the Aug 31, 2023, deadline.

Remember, the heart of comedy is surprise, so don’t be afraid to take us on a wild ride with your story. Keep us on our toes, keep us laughing, and who knows? You just might end up the star writer of OutsourceIT Story 2023!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Write!

So, are you ready to unleash your inner humorist and let your creativity run wild? If so, start writing, start laughing, and most importantly, start submitting! We can’t wait to read your hilarious tales of mobile app mishaps. Here’s to the funniest contest of 2023!