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3 Questions For Startup Owners Before Launch Day


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For those who are getting ready to launch a new business, opening day is always a major event. The combination of nervousness and exhilaration can be a bit overwhelming, but entrepreneurs seem to thrive on the energy of the launch. Still, they usually find themselves facing plenty of unexpected questions in the days and weeks leading up to the first day of operations. 

Everyone wants a smooth path to success, even if it takes a year or longer to get there. Common topics that owners wrestle with include marketing strategies, which functions to outsource, how to deal with IT tasks, fundraising, finding qualified workers, and more. Here are pertinent details about the questions entrepreneurs ask themselves as the big day approaches.

Should I Outsource All IT Functions?

Most people outsource some or all the IT functions unless they’re lucky enough to have the skills to do it themselves. Otherwise, it’s outsourcing from day one. The smartest way to maximize expertise and financial resources is to hire an expert. That principle applies to many functions, but particularly to the realm of technology. If your budget allows, consider hiring an in-house expert. If not, shop around for a qualified service provider who meets your budget, scalability, and technical requirements. 

One strategy is to fully outsource IT during the first year of operations and decide whether to go the in-house route later. Many small firms use this tactic with good results. When you find a competent provider, your team can spend more time focusing on their core skills and responsibilities. For most start-ups, it makes financial sense to hire an outside team to deal with IT, at least during the early months of operations.

Is Databricks or Snowflake Better For My Company?

Startup owners who want to maximize the power of data-based decisions spend a lot of time selecting the most suitable data platforms and services. The current leaders of the niche, Snowflake and Databricks, have carved out a reputation among entrepreneurs for their quality, scalability, data management capabilities, analytics, and other features. That’s why it’s imperative for managers and owners to look closely at which of the two will serve their purposes better. 

While it’s obvious that Databricks and Snowflakes are both powerful platforms, the choice is about much more than that one quality. Luckily, if you’re an owner, you can review a comprehensive Databricks vs Snowflake comparison for 2024 that offers a clear and insightful overview of the two market leaders. Along with that, the comparison offers opinions from actual users about the positive and negative points of each platform. 

Much depends on individual company needs in terms of data architecture, scalability, and analytical power. In general, Databricks works well for businesses that need analytics and data processing. Snowflake, on the other hand, excels in the areas of data warehousing flexibility and scalability. Use your company’s unique characteristics to decide, being sure to assess what you want about processing requirements, data volume, and integration capabilities.

How Can Social Media Help Our Marketing Effort?

Social Media is one of the most potent money-raising tools entrepreneurs have. There’s no faster or better way to engage with a targeted demographic, which is what traditional advertising is all about. However, it costs nothing to use any number of social media platforms like Facebook and others. 

Savvy SM users can leverage the vast reach of the many platforms and apps to build strong brand awareness, find new customers, and interact with influencers who are loyal to the brand. However, it’s essential to pick just two or three platforms so as not to get lost in the morass of responses, inquiries, and conversations. Choose your favorites and post regularly.

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