Starting Out with B2B marketing? Here’s Some Things to Consider

Starting Out with B2B marketing? Here’s Some Things to Consider

There’s a whole world differentiating B2B and B2C marketing from each other. When you’re marketing other businesses, you need to have a very different approach. Do some thorough research on this before writing your marketing strategy. In this article, you can check out some of the basic things to consider when starting out with B2B marketing. You can find a long and thorough guide on how to use B2B marketing on

Build credibility and trust

Customer retention should be one of the primary focus points of any B2B marketing strategy. It can be a bigger risk for companies to choose a new brand, so once you’ve gained them as a customer, make sure you keep them. Often businesses keep the brands that make it work for them. The key for this is to create credibility and trust and give them no reason to replace you. 

Another thing to be aware of is the first impression that possible customers will get of your business. Make sure that all of your digital presence is spot on and up to date. This should be a main priority. If your website isn’t looking professional, chances are they’ll never even contact you. Throw money, time and energy towards a great website. Read much more on the importance of good websites and their names on

Keep it simple and straightforward

One of the major differences between B2B and B2C marketing is that B2B buyers aren’t as affected by their emotions as regular customers tend to be. When you’re creating B2B marketing materials, you need to be focused on keeping it simple and straightforward. Businesses want a product or service that works for them and is financially sustainable for their business. 

Show it, don’t tell it

In addition to the just mentioned, you need to make choosing of your product or service a really easy decision for potential customers. Make sure that you show them results. Show it, don’t tell it. Businesses want to see results, so they can make a profitable decision for themselves. Another good idea is to prioritize and underline your flexibility. Offering your products or services with and without a package deal could be the small thing landing you the job. 

Networking is everything

Maybe not everything — but networking really means a lot when we’re talking about B2B marketing. Relationships are important apropos building trust and credibility. Most businesses stick to the product or service that they know. Make sure that is you. Prioritize building solid relationships with your customers and reach out to network with new potential customers. Maintaining these relationships should continue to be a main priority for you throughout your business journey. A great and recommendable platform to use for networking is LinkedIn.

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Live and How You Can Use It to Enhance Your Company Brand

Introduction: What is LinkedIn Live And How Does it Work?

LinkedIn Events that use LinkedIn Live see twice the engagement of Events that dont. To help you make the most of this benefit, we’ve granted your LinkedIn Page access to LinkedIn Live.

Many social media users are getting tired of seeing their friends post the same photos and videos over and over again. With LinkedIn, you can stay in touch with your network without feeling like you’re being bombarded by the same posts. LinkedIn Live is a new feature which allows users to post live videos from their smartphones.

LinkedIn Live is a live video broadcasting tool that gives businesses an opportunity to share their message with a global audience. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as delivering a keynote speech, conducting a webinar, interviewing people or providing customer service by answering questions in real time.

It allows you to speak directly with your target audience in real time and you can listen to feedback or ask questions from your clients or customers at any point during the conversation!

How Can You Use LinkedIn Live For Marketing Purposes?

LinkedIn Live allows marketers to connect with people who are interested in what they have to say.

LinkedIn Live is a platform that gives you the chance to broadcast live video content on your profile page. Unlike other live streaming apps, LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals and offers more features for professional networking.

The benefits of using LinkedIn Live can include:

– Increased visibility for your company

– Improved reputation by showcasing thought leadership

– Connecting with new audiences and prospects

– Brand awareness

how to get linkedin live?

Linkedin live application

How to Get Started With Linked In Live As a Content Creator

Linked In Live is a new product from Linked In that can help you create and edit content on social media in real time. This article will take you through the process of getting started with this tool.

Linked In Live is an online broadcasting service that allows you to create, edit, and distribute presentations on your social networks in real-time. The tool has been available for few months now, but it can already be used to create engaging content. Let’s see how to get started with it!

All super and content admins on the Page can stream on behalf of this Page. Here’s how to get started:

Choose a streaming tool
Depending on your experience level with live streaming, you can choose from a few options. If you’re new to streaming, we recommend our Preferred Partners.
Follow LI guidelines
Keep your live videos professional, respectful, and safe in accordance with terms and other streaming guidelines.
Prepare to go live
You can choose to go live spontaneously or schedule a live event from LinkedIn or through your streaming tool.

How to go live on linkedin?

Conclusion: Why Using LinkedIn Live is the Ultimate Way to Grow Your Company Brand

This article will provide you with a number of reasons to use LinkedIn Live. You will learn about the benefits and features that you can get from using LinkedIn Live and how it is the best platform for making your company stand out to potential customers.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for gaining insight into what your audience wants and needs. With LinkedIn live, you’re able to get instant feedback from viewers on what they want to know more about or what they find interesting. It’s also great for making connections with other professionals in your industry.

Top Killer Google Ads Optimizations to Stretch Your Budget Further

In the ever-changing digital landscape of rising PPC costs and growing competition, maximizing the efficiency of your marketing budget has become more important than ever.

In this article, we’re going to go through how you could do so by using killer Google Ads Optimization tips that will help you boost your performance and stretch your budget even further.

It’s important to remember that relevance is key to Google Ads’ success. Ensure that you’re using the most relevant keywords and ad copy for your target audience. This will raise the quality score and lower your average cost per click. Furthermore, you’ll want to increase your landing page’s relevance to boost the CTR (cost-per-click) metric.

Viden is the only company that can optimize your Google Ads account for you with no setup time or high costs. A lot of big companies in Europe and USA trust these guys. And they also have a high rating as a Facebook Ad Agency in the Clutch catalog.

Main Tips

The first thing you should do is review your ad’s keywords. Relying on their historical performance, you could consider what match types you’re using, which of them bring in more value, and the most relevant search terms  – this way, you have a better understanding of which keywords you should be focusing on moving forward. Also, analyze how your keywords are organized within your ad groups and if the structure could be improved to adhere to Google Ads’ best practices. Building a strong account structure is a crucial element of maximizing your efficiency across the platform.

Alternatively, you could turn to the keyword optimization tool that Google offers, which can help you determine what type of keywords you should be targeting. Then, you’ll need to tweak your ad’s messaging and targeting, focusing on creating effective ads, tailored to your audiences and keywords. By doing this, you could significantly improve your efficiency at no additional cost.

Another way to improve your campaigns’ performance is to use and regularly update negative keywords. This will allow you to avoid showing ads on irrelevant search terms and help you focus your budget on more valuable clicks. As you learn about Google Ads’ best practices, eventually you’ll be able to spend more on profitable keywords with better results.

The next killer Google Ads Optimization tip is to optimize your ad’s position. Make sure you get a high ranking for your ad’s position. If you want to save more money, you should try to make it as effective and relevant as you can. Since the average ad position is no longer available, you might want to test this way of improving your ad’s visibility.

Campaign Management & Best Practices

Regular optimizations are as important as major changes in your Google Ads’ strategy. As previously mentioned, using negative keywords is a great way to maximize your ROAS (return on ad spend) and increase your conversion rate by filtering out the audiences that are a poor fit for your business. You should also make sure that your keyword list and ad copy are optimized for the language people use across search engines. This will make your ad more relevant to your audience and will help you boost your click-through rates. It’s important to note that you can easily improve your ad’s quality by widely using keywords or keyword insertion in headlines or descriptions.

Another good strategy is to use specific, high-intent, or long-tailed keywords to target specific segments of your audience that are most likely to convert. By adding more precise terms and creating tightly-knit ad groups, you could considerably increase your conversion rates.

When making optimizations, you should also consider the location of your customers. By using location-based bid adjustments, you could cut the spending on underperforming countries, cities or regions, and relocate your budgets to more profitable audiences. As a rule, your business’ location tends to influence your conversion rates, so keep it in mind when you work on your marketing strategy.

The cost per click is another crucial factor to consider when making day-to-day adjustments in your Google Ads’ campaigns. You want to focus on the keywords and ads that deliver results at the best cost.

Utilizing your extensions to the fullest is another tip that can deliver great visibility to your ad and improve your click-through rates. This way, you can engage your audience without additional costs. 

Bottom line

Some of the main impactful Google Ads optimization areas include campaigns’ ad groups’ structure, keywords, and ads’ efficiency. To make the most of your budget, you might want to run a full audit of your account, determining its weakest and strongest areas as well as opportunities for improvement and growth. Test different strategies and optimizations, and find the approach that works for you!

Best Twitch Heart Rate Monitor For Streaming

A twitch heart rate monitor is a device that allows you to track your heart rate during a particular activity. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a simple or a more complex one. A beginner may only want a basic unit or a modest device to monitor their development. But if you are a competitive athlete or a triathlete, you will likely want the most advanced device.

Streamers have a lot of options when it comes to these devices. The accuracy of your monitor is not the most important factor, but the connection is a crucial factor. It is important to look for an ANT+ or Bluetooth connection, which means it works with as many apps as possible. You’ll also want to check whether it works with your streaming device. The best monitors for gamers support both technologies, which is recommended for beginners and experienced players alike.

Another option is the Polar H10, which is a more advanced and expensive option. While it may be expensive, this popular device provides accurate heart rate data and is celebrity-endorsed. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to send the results to your phone. Although you have to download the app, it is free and requires only a $30 monthly payment. The Polar H10 is an excellent choice for those new to the game of streamers and those who are just starting out.

For a more affordable option, the Polar H7 is a good choice. It’s compatible with most smartphones and uses a standard coin cell battery. This makes it easy to find. The price is a little higher, but it’s worth it for more accurate readings. And since it doesn’t use ANT+ technology, it’s compatible with most smartphones. The Polar H7 is compatible with ANT+ and is also available in Europe.

The Polar H1o is a versatile optical heart rate monitor that can be attached to the temple with a Google strap clip. It uses ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy and can record up to 600 hours of heart rate-based training. It’s compatible with the FORM smart goggles. The H1o is waterproof, which is a plus. It has a GPS and a built-in accelerometer, and is compatible with several popular apps.

A wrist strap is the most convenient option for many people. Some people prefer chest straps. Other people are more comfortable with a wrist strap. A heart rate monitor is a useful tool for pushing boundaries during workouts. In addition to helping you achieve your goals, it can also keep you healthy and safe. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, a twitch heart rate monitor can be an excellent investment.

Pulsoid –

Leverage your broadcasts with Pulsoid, a wearable heart rate monitor for Twitch livestreamers. Send your heart rate data to your Twitch broadcast and give viewers access to stay connected with you during those long-lasting gaming sessions. Safeguard your health with Pulsoid’s alerts when you are overexerting yourself so you can have a live healthy broadcasting experience.

How to optimize your Ad spend like a GURU?

Online marketing has become an amazingly powerful tool for startups and companies that need to grow quickly. You can run hundreds (or thousands) of different ad campaigns across dozens of platforms and use data to target the customer base you want and measuring every aspect of campaign performance.

Ad Spend Optimization

The biggest challenge in online marketing is how to optimize spend and get the most ROI. Of those thousands of campaigns, which are performing well? Which are costing you too much and you should stop them all together? Which ads are attracting the customers that go on to become your most loyal?

The right strategy to use at any given time is usually different one day to the next. And the cost of targeting customers online changes over time as well because there is such a huge competition in this industry. This means you should actively monitor your marketing every single day in order to make sure you are making good decisions, and maximising your chances of success. The data generated by all those campaigns can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start.

Steps of optimize marketing spend

In this post we’ll review a few ways to apply data techniques that will allow you to optimize your campaigns. Specifically we will cover:

  • Part 1 — Benchmarking Performance
  • Part 2 — Anomaly Detection
  • Part 3 — Customer Value Prediction
  • Part 4 — Automation

Today, we will talk about how to measure your success. Before taking any further steps, you should first find out whether your business is doing well today.

Best 20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites | Ranked

Where to send press releases for free, What Every Marketer Should Use.

I updated Sean P. Aune script at Mashable and added SEO metrics. And for some resources, my personal experience and results will be added over time. Take a look later.

Finding the Best Free PR Distribution Service Ranking in 2021

There are several free or part-time free press release distribution sites that help your business expose its message through the right channels. The list will be useful to both marketers and SEO-ninja to get more referral & organic traffic to the site.

TOP one:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 78710, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▴ 234K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week. — Free distribution your texts to search engines like Bing and Yahoo (or Google News Feed in Paid Package). The distribution aspect has social media integration and custom content alerts, along with your very own ‘Press Room’.

Premium Plus for $349 per PR;
Premium 10 Bundle for $469.

Our Paid Experience Press Release Comparison

Summary for Free PR PackageSummary for Premium Package for $49Premium+ PR Package for $359
Compare Packages

Alexa Traffic Rank: 89070, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic:▴ 125K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week.
TOP3 in 2021 cost-effective PR distribution outlet is — press releases Free distribution and also set up a full company profile.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 210879, Monthly : ▾ 69K
* More than 150 PRs per week.
24–7 — Free and paid release distribution.

I used this site once a paid publication, and we got only two visits to and 68 backlinks (5  SEO links) from unique domains with press release.

My experience

#4. Web monthly traffic:  ▴ 200K
We consider EIN Presswire to be one of the most advanced central sources for communication professionals whose time is valuable. EIN Presswire like PRWeb and PRNewswire is Paid press release site.

I used this site once a paid publication.

Link. Traffic:  ▴ 404K
We appreciate your interest in openPR and hope that you are satisfied with our service.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 156634, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▾ 37.98K
* More than 700 PRs per week. — distribution network helps you reach your target audience and maximise publicity. With this free service, you’ve also got the option to include SEO tags and your release will be search engine indexed. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 689961 Monthly Traffic: ▾ 25.11K — EU-based distribution site offers services for journalists, agencies as well as other opinion makers for the publication of press releases.
Online PR Media offers affordable multimedia press releases that achieve high search engine visibility — putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time.

Sign UpEasy 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 498136, Similar Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 13.9K — Distribution to Search, Newswires and RSS feeds.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 233852, Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 19.03K
* More than 100 PRs per week. — The FREE press release distribution service used by countless businesses and individuals every day!
Alexa Traffic Rank: 555040, Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 8.09K
PRUrgent — distributes your PRs and even offers downloadable samples for you to work with.

Note: Do not send out press releases to everyone. It is better to choose those media and authors that are most relevant to you, and write them personalized letters. First, make sure that the journalist or editor in principle covers such topics.

Under Bottom of Trust:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 344752
PressBox is utilized by media professionals to collate, distribute and maintain quality news to inform targeted UK-audiences. 
Web monthly Traffic: 15013 — have $7 per day Unlimited Plan.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 845021, Web monthly Traffic: 8548 — If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful press release distributor, this option is great for small to medium-sized businesses.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 790199, Web monthly Traffic: 8396 — free distribution tools. Alexa Traffic Rank: 3374381 Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 8232 — Target Customers, Journalists, Investors and Prospects that are looking for Your News through Free press release. Select any of 18 topics. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 914258 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 6259
!!! The free press release package has been discontinued. — Gives free distribution for plain formatted releases for $80, fees for HTML-coded releases.
SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: 4886

PR Fire is a leading online public relations and marketing service that will help you to spread your press releases and news by reaching customers and media. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1651784 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 2018 — PRs Submission, Distribution Service. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3888652 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 1207 — A free PRs service formatted as a blog.

Conclusion — Top Free Press Release Services

As you can see, there are several free news distribution sites that can be used to increase exposure for your business and its’ content, along with provide SEO-value (links still work!). Now, it’s up to you to start writing, submitting and see the benefits!

Paid Press Release Services

PR Newswire by Cision

Gain access to thousands of print and broadcast outlets, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites and content syndication channels to help you reach your target audiences.

What happens once I publish a press release onto a submission site?

Your press release will appear ‘as is’ (i.e. a carbon copy of what you wrote) on the platform that you submitted it to. It’s then distributed to relevant news and media organizations. This is when the magic happens.

If a journalist and/or publication is interested in the story, they’ll pick it up and run with it in one of two ways:

  • Publish it ‘as is’ on their own publication. This is literally a copy-and-paste of the press release that you wrote.
  • A journalist will write it up into an article, using quotes and other information contained in the press release.

How to check how many press release the site published per week or day?

I’m using not most accurate but useful Google tools (Search operator site:). Search the site domain and add a time limit.

I use this tool to test the popularity of news portals.

That is what I found after reviewing 100+ pr-sites.

I did not review tens of thousands of sites because I only saw 100 and I am a human, so maybe some of the data providers will do a bigger marketing analysis.


How to add a link to your Instagram Story

The number of things you can do on Instagram has skyrocketed in the past 8 years. You can add a GIF of Taylor Swift winking to your Story, do a live Q&A with your followers, and even curate your grid to be one giant photo.

But the one thing that seems to still elude Instagram users is URLs. 

Previously it was difficult to add links to Instagram posts. However, in this guide you can find out everything you need to know about adding a link to your Instagram posts.

How to add a link to Instagram Story

For years, the only place to share a link on Instagram was in your bio, which led to the ever-common caption-ending phrase “link in bio.” 

Instagram provides a link option for Stories that benefits you and users. They no longer have to copy the link and change its address, which makes it easier to put it in your timeline. It may not work with all accounts but hopefully they will get the hang of it soon. If you have access to this feature, here’s how you use it:

  1. Open your Instagram app. 
  2. Press the Story Camera at the top-left corner of the screen. 
  3. Upload a photo or video or take one using the Story Camera. 
  4. Press the chain link icon at the top of the screen. 
  5. Enter the link. 
  6. Press Done. 
  7. Share your Story. 

Once your Story is posted, people will be able to visit the link by swiping up on your Story.  

Who can put a link on their Instagram Story?

As mentioned, not many people have access to the URL feature in their Instagram Stories. Since you don’t, here are some ways you can still direct people to your account when posting an Instagram Story! You earn the right to Story Links by meeting the following requirements: 

  • You have over 10,000 followers. 
  • Your account is verified. 

There’s no real method for getting a verified account (other than requesting the coveted Verified Badge), so the only real way to earn this feature is by growing your followers — or by using what seems to be the only workaround. 

How to get the swipe-up feature on Instagram without 10k followers

Fortunately, there is one trick that allows you to get the coveted “swipe-up” feature without accumulating 10,000 followers. Unfortunately, you have to pay for it. 

When you create a paid Story Ad, it comes with an option to add a link no matter what your follower count is. 

Here’s how to create an Instagram Story ad: 

  1. Open Instagram and post the content you want to promote to your Story.
  2. Press your profile picture to access that Story. 
  3. Tap the three horizontal dots at the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  4. Then tap Promote.
  5. Next, press Edit underneath the Your Website option. 
  6. Delete the link to your website. 
  7. Add the new link you want. 
  8. Press Done. 
  9. Fill in the rest of the details for your ad.
  10. Press Create Promotion.

Story ads can cost anywhere from $1 for one day to $1,000 for 30 days. It all depends on the parameters you set for the budget and duration. 

At this time, this is the only way to get Story Links without meeting the verified account or 10,000 followers requirement. 

How to put an IGTV link on your Instagram Story

There is one other way to get a URL link on your Instagram Story, and that’s by posting an IGTV video, also known as Instagram TV. In order to share an IGTV link to your Stories, you need to have at least one video posted on IGTV. 

  1. Open Instagram. 
  2. Press the Instagram Camera button at the top-left of the screen. 
  3. Take a photo or video in the camera or upload a photo or video. 
  4. Press the link icon at the top of the screen. 
  5. Press +IGTV Video. 
  6. Select the video you want to link to. 
  7. Press Preview. 
  8. Press Done. 

Doing this will link your Story to your IGTV video, and people will be able to swipe up to access it for the 24 hours your Story is live. 

How to add a link to an Instagram post

Outside of linking to Instagram Stories and adding a website URL to your bio, posts are the only other area on the platform where you might want to add a link. Unfortunately, it’s even trickier to add a link to a post. 

Can you add a link to a post natively?

Yes and no. You can add a link to a caption on a post — but no one will be able to click it. So if someone wanted to visit the URL you added, they would have to copy and paste it into their phone’s web browser. It’s possible, but it’s a hassle. 

That is why many people utilize the link option available in your bio. After adding the desired link to their bio, they simply tell their users where to access the URL by ending their post’s caption with “link in bio.” 

Here’s how to update your Instagram bio link: 

  1. Open Instagram. 
  2. Press the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen to access your profile. 
  3. Press Edit Profile. 
  4. Delete your old URL. 
  5. Add your new one. 
  6. Press Done. 

You can update your bio link as many times and as often as you’d like. 

How to add a call to action link to an Instagram post

One of the only other ways to add a link to an Instagram post is by paying to promote it. This is something that’s often done for businesses looking to increase traffic on their main site. Once you’ve decided if you want to promote your posts, you can use the paid posts feature in order to give any (approved) site of your choice more exposure.

Here’s how to promote an Instagram post: 

  1. Open Instagram. 
  2. Press the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen to access your profile. 
  3. Locate and press the post you want to promote. 
  4. Tap Promote. 
  5. Press Edit underneath the Your Website option. 
  6. Delete the link to your website. 
  7. Add the new link you want. 
  8. Press Done. 
  9. Fill in the rest of the details for your ad.
  10. Finally, tap Create Promotion.

Like Story Ads, Promoted Posts can cost anywhere from $1 for one day to $1,000 for 30 days. You get to choose what you pay in the Budget and Duration tab. 

How to add a link to an IGTV video

Since IGTV rolled out in 2018, it has become the ultimate place to post long-form videos. However, one of the little-known facts about Instagram TV is that you can actually add clickable links to the description box. 

Here’s how to add a link to an IGTV video within the Instagram app:

  1. Open Instagram. 
  2. Press the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Then press the IGTV button at the top-left corner of the screen. 
  4. Tap the + sign at the top-right corner of the screen. 
  5. Locate and select your video, which must be at least 1 minute long. 
  6. Press Next. 
  7. Choose your cover and press Next. 
  8. Fill out the Title. 
  9. Add your link to the Description box. 
  10. Press Post. 

To see and click on a link in your IGTV video, any viewers need to first click on the title of the video. The viewer will then see a description as well as any URL you’ve posted.

Instagram has come a long way in terms of URL linking. It can’t be claimed that it’s the most user-friendly feature on the app, but it’s not too hard to get used to either. We hope these workarounds help you link your content on Instagram.

6 Best Services to Outsource Photo Editing for Professionals

The best services for outsourcing photo editing for professionals. Find out where to get high quality and realistic photo editing at a reasonable price. Good services for realistic and stylish results.

In search of reputable and affordable services for outsourcing photo editing for professionals?  If you don’t want to refer to low-quality services that pay for fake reviews, save yourself much time and read this review. 

We determined that FixThePhoto and WeEdit.Photos are the best services for portrait enhancement, while WeddingRetouching is the best wedding photo enhancement service. We also found out that you shouldn’t expect high-quality outputs from services like Image Retouching Lab, RetouchGem, and Genius Retouch. Keep on reading to find out why.

1. FixThePhoto

FixThePhoto is the most popular outsourcing photo editing service for

professionals. They have teamed up with photographers from more than 86 countries and edited 3000K photos for the past 15 years.

Services:  They specialize in different types of photography, including portrait, glamour, nude, wedding, newborn, and real estate, and perform picture restoration as well. 

Portfolio: They have an amazing portfolio that you can easily check out. The images are divided into different categories for your convenience. 

Pricing: A regular fee for a picture is $2-25. FixThePhoto has the most reasonable prices compared to other companies. They provide packages for photographers with all skill levels. For portrait retouching, you have to pay just $5 per image. 

Turnaround: This service performs image editing very fast. We got our photo the next day.

Final Result: Their editors performed excellent color correction and retouching. They removed the creases on the neck, his scar, fixed the bald patches on his neck, and lifted the shadows. The changes are drastic, but at the same time natural.

Summing Up: This is the best company! Using their photo editing services, you will achieve stunning photos and make your turnaround faster twice.  

2. WeEdit.Photos

WeEdit.Photos has been providing a wide variety of outsourcing photo editing services for individual photographers and advertising companies since 2003.   

Services: Their website offers 12 image editing services. 

Portfolio: They have a nice portfolio with top-quality pictures divided into different categories.

Pricing: The service charges $2-10 per image, which makes the company quite cost-effective. Their pricing plans are simple and understandable. There are also 2 wedding packages: “Wedding Light” for $99 and “Wedding Pro” for $159.

Turnaround: They work very fast and sent us edited pictures within 36 hours.

Final Result: The editors have greatly improved our photo and delivered a great male business portrait. It turned from plain and uninteresting to colorful and attractive. The retouch is natural. The scar and creases on the neck have been removed made the skin smooth, eliminated imperfections. They fully satisfied our demands and carried out top-quality work.

Summing Up: This company performs great image editing and creates magazine-worthy pictures. Definitely recommend.

3. Wedding-Retouching 

We were very satisfied with Wedding-Retouching outsource photography editing services. They are famous for their flawless wedding retouching and have been in the industry for over 7 years. 

Services: Except for wedding retouching, their services include color correction, portrait editing, body retouching, background removal, B&W and family picture editing, photomontage, and images post-processing.

Portfolio: There is a qualitative portfolio, which you can access in the “Gallery” tab. 

Pricing: You have to pay $0.2-10 per image. Wedding retouching is not expensive, so everybody can afford it. Color correction costs only $0.2 per image, basic editing -$2, professional editing – $5, and advanced – $10. They also provide wedding packages for $99-159 per wedding session. 

Turnaround: Our order was ready in time – within 48 hours.

Final Result: Their retouchers are true professionals. They enhanced the image but kept it natural. They corrected the skin without blurring its structure, removed the scar, creases and also managed to slightly smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead. The retouchers smoothed out hair contour and removed protruding hair. More than that, they also added eyebrow thickness.

Summing Up: This is a great service with skillful retouchers. Amazing detailing, good pricing, and fast turnaround.

4. Image Retouching Lab

Image Retouching Lab has been providing outsourcing photo editing services for 8 years. We expected a lot from the company but were a bit disappointed.

Services: This company offers 12 types of photo editing services including picture retouching, clipping path, image masking, and photo mannequin.

Pricing: They take $0.49-6.99 per image. You can order basic retouching for $1.99, glamour editing for $6.99, and color correction for $0.49.

Turnaround: The turnaround is around 4 days, which is quite long for a professional service.

Final Result: Their level of image editing is good for beginners but not for professionals. They only removed minor flaws, but left neck creases and a scar under the eyebrow. Besides, the skin has an excessive oily shine. Looking at the edited photo, we can confidently say that we wouldn’t pay again for a picture of such quality.

Summing Up: They offer medium-quality photo editing, we can’t call it professional.

5. Genius Retouch

Genius Retouch is an outsource photo editing service that has been in the business for 5 years and performs beauty, editorial, fashion, and portrait retouching. However, having received the edited image, we didn’t see the results of their hard work.

Services: They offer basic, high-end, manipulation, and light retouching. 

Portfolio: There is a large portfolio but judging by our result, we doubt the samples are real.

Pricing: The price is $4-11 per image, depending on the complexity of photo retouching.

Turnaround: They told us we would get results in 1-2 business days, but, in fact, sent the edited photo in a week. Unprofessional.

Final Result:  The final photo looks as if it was done by beginners. There’s too much editing.  The color correction is super weird. The skin looks slightly blurry, and the retouchers also didn’t remove the neck creases. Worst of all, are strange tints: his hair has a purple tint, eyebrows and shadows – a green tint, and his eyes – a blue tint.

Summing Up: We are disappointed with their work, it’s not professional at all.

6. RetouchGem Company

RetouchGem claims to be a professional outsource photography editing company but based on our experience, we can’t confirm it. 

Services: They offer portrait, headshot, high-end and commercial retouching, as well as photomontage and manipulation.

Portfolio: They have absolutely no collection of examples, and the results of their work don’t look very impressive.

Pricing: They charge $70 an hour but estimate the price of each project separately. We paid $30 for really truly bad image editing.

Turnaround: The company says it takes them 7-20 minutes to edit a standard studio headshot, and the average turnaround time is 2 – 4 business days for 50 – 200 portraits. However, we received one photo in 1.5 weeks, which is way too long for professionals.

Final Result:  The color correction is poor, and the retouch is horrifying. The skin is completely blurry with no details. 

They tried to remove the neck crease but failed and now it looks weird. The eyes are dull, with no definition. The “After” image looks worse than the “Before”.

Summing Up: This is definitely not a service for professionals. Don’t trust them and don’t waste your money on them.

What does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has found its rightful place in the social media world. It’s filled with disappearing messages and filters that are all the rage among Millennials.

While the unique interface and features of the app have defied many social media stereotypes, getting a hand on Snapchat may take some time.

A confusing occurrence within the app is when messages and snaps are labeled as ‘pending.’ If your messages are stuck and not being received by the user, read ahead to find out what does pending means on Snapchat.

What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?

A ‘pending’ Snapchat message is one that has left your account but hasn’t been received by the user you sent it to. This could happen due to various reasons, ranging from faulty networks to deleted accounts. If your messages are pending, then rest assured, you can determine the exact cause of the issue and take measures to rectify it.

1. Poor Internet Connectivity

The most common reason behind issues with social media applications is poor internet connectivity. For a data-heavy application like Snapchat, a strong network connection is required to send snaps and messages. Before jumping to conclusions and trying out fancy troubleshooting techniques, make sure you have a strong internet connection and wait for a few seconds to give your messages a little time. If you are certain that you have a strong network and your messages are still pending, you can read the steps mentioned below to try and fix Snapchat messages stuck on pending.

2. The Receiver has not Added you as a Friend

The most common reason behind pending messages on Snapchat is that the receiver has not added you as a friend. To maintain security on privacy on the app, two-way communication is possible only when both users have added each other as friends. You can check whether the receiver has added you as a friend or not by tapping on their chat option.  If you have not been friended by the user, a message stating, ‘your snaps and chats will be pending until the <user> adds you as a friend’ will appear in your chat history. The user could have stopped operating the app or been inactive for a while causing them to miss your friend request. Nevertheless, if the message request is not accepted for 30 days, it will disappear on its own.

3. You Have Been Blocked by the User

Another rather unfortunate cause behind the pending messages could be that the recipient could have blocked you. Snapchat like other social media platforms does not openly reveal if you have been blocked by another user, instead, one must use the hints and come to a conclusion. If your messages are not being received by the user, then it is a possibility that you could have been blocked. To verify this, tap on the user’s bitmoji picture to open their profile. If the user was formerly a friend, then you will not be able to see their snap score and profile picture.

You can also try searching for that user by tapping on the ‘Add friend’ button on the top right corner of the chat menu and then typing the user’s name in the ‘Find friends’ search bar. If their name does not show up, it is quite probable that you have been blocked.

The pending status will remain until the user unblocks you or for a period of 30 days, depending on which comes first.

4. The User Deleted Their Snapchat Account

The competition between social media applications has increased substantially with each app trying to overcome the other. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many Snapchat users have migrated to other social media platforms or simply deleted their Snapchat account. If your snaps are still pending, it may be possible that the user has deleted their account.

Before asking the recipient if they have deleted the account, it is important to note that accounts that have been deleted and those that have blocked you show similar signs. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to figure out if you have been blocked or the account has been deleted. A possible way to tackle this situation could by creating a new Snapchat account and searching for the user. If you can find their account, then you have been blocked, and if you cannot, then the user has deleted their account.

How to find out if a Message has been Delivered

Messages that have been successfully delivered to the recipient will show a blue chat symbol below the user’s name along with a text stating ‘Received.’ Snaps and messages that have been read by the user will be indicated by a blue arrow below the user’s profile and text that says ‘Opened.’

How to Check Snapchat History

Your Snapchat history holds handy data involving all your recent texts and snaps. Through this data, you can check when was the last time you sent a message to a particular contact. The history feature of Snapchat is not available on the application and you will need to log in from a browser.

1. On your browser, head on to

2. Enter your email and password to log in.

3. From the various options available to manage your account, tap on ‘My Data.’

4. Scroll down to the end of the page, and tap on ‘Submit Request.’

Your user data will be sent to you through the mail. It may take a few hours for Snapchat to collect your Snap history and email it to you.

Deciphering complicated Snapchat terminology is not for everyone. It takes years of social media expertise to decipher what a certain message indicates. The next time Snapchat bamboozles you with the ‘pending’ message, you will be able to crack the code and find out why the message was not sent.

We hope our guide was helpful and you were able to know ‘What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat?’. If you liked the article, let us know in the comments below.

How Important is Internet Advertising Nowadays?

Modern business is impossible without Internet advertising, as it is the main way to promote products and services. The worldwide web and gadgets have become the primary ways of obtaining info. This is why Internet advertising is so crucial for creating a positive image and attracting new customers. Most modern companies have websites and are trying to develop the right market positioning strategy. But how crucial is web advertising nowadays? Here are the main aspects that you should pay attention to.

It’s Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing

Imagine that you want to make your company more famous. What traditional advertising sources do you have? You most likely decide to print a couple of thousand brochures and order several banners in your city. Alternatively, you can publish an ad in the local newspaper or announce some discount on the radio. This option would have been effective in the 80s, but modern society requires new marketing methods.

The web environment allows you to attract thousands and even millions of potential customers. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money promoting your product or service. All you need is social media, search engines, and some creativity. If you hire a professional marketer, your campaign will be successful. Typically, digital advertising costs are three times lower than traditional marketing services. But you should first explore all the options and take your time. Imagine you are a student, and you should read myassignmenthelp review to know more. Then you will know where to start.

It Opens Direct Communication Channels With Your Clients

Here is another feature of Internet marketing that helps to understand the needs of today’s customers better. The fact is that 20 years ago, all advertising campaigns were less effective. Then, the opinion of people could be found exclusively through social surveys. Nowadays, social media, online chats, and corporate websites help improve marketing campaigns at any time. For example, let’s say you’ve released a product or service, but your customers want to make some changes.

Through direct communication, you can get rid of barriers and hear those who bring you profit. In addition, the online segment allows you to collect all the negative reviews and find out what causes most people’s dissatisfaction. At the same time, positive comments are an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Data analysis in this format would not have been possible without the Internet.

You Can Analyze the Impact of the Campaigns

Any website owner can assess the campaigns’ effectiveness and impact by logging into the site’s dashboard. For example, let’s say your goal was to attract new visitors or customers. Open Google Analytics, and you will see the audience growth and many other parameters that will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions. Now you don’t need to spend money conducting social research and tracking offline sales’ growth dynamics. All the necessary data can be systematized online, and marketing campaigns can be adjusted in a few clicks.

It Doesn’t Go Away

One of the benefits of Internet Advertising is that all social media posts or sponsored articles will remain on the sites. As a result, thousands of people will see your messages, products, and services. Now it will be easier for you to plan long-term marketing campaigns. Classic banners, brochures, and posters cannot match the power of the World Wide Web. Consider this marketing method as a long-term investment in your business.

It Can Be Targeted

Any business is focused on a certain category of people. This is why targeted ads are so popular. Imagine being able to focus on a specific age group, interests, and preferences. Let’s take a look at students as an example. If one of them needs academic assistance, they are looking for StudyBay reviews or similar information. The business works on the same principle. You should focus on a specific audience and provide people with what they need. Modern web space allows you to convey marketing postulates and show people that your company is the best.

It Can Go Viral

Many companies create funny banners, songs, and YouTube videos that can go viral. For example, take a look at the Old Spice promo campaign. Most likely, you remember the black man who rode a horse, lay on the piano, and swam in the pool. Unconventional approaches to creating video ads can attract millions of people. Even if your sales don’t increase in the first week, your brand will become recognizable. It is thanks to Internet technologies that marketing campaigns have become very effective.


Now digital technologies have become the main source of popularization of goods and services. If your company does not have a website or social media page, it won’t be easy to become successful. The fact is that most customers give preference to those companies that they can learn about online. This is the key reason why digital marketing is so important. So this is why companies shouldn’t ignore today’s digital trends.

The Art of Creating Content: How to Make Customers Buy from Your Instagram Page

Attracting and keeping authentic Instagram followers to a page can seem mysterious. In a sea of content, how can you possibly make your brand and its products stand out?

Luckily, there are a few ways to build a loyal audience on Instagram and make customers buy from your page. You can present your brand as a reliable, attractive resource that will have customers coming back again and again. It’s possible by using the site’s in-built engagement driving features, such as branding tools and advertising, as well as boosting your followers and engagement numbers.

Here’s what you need to know about how to make customers buy from your Instagram page.

Why Choose Instagram?

Anyone can tell you that how your brand presents in the digital space can make or break your business, especially in the social media world. Social media is a goldmine of lead generation and branding, and nowhere is that truer than Instagram. However, it takes a lot of patience and persistence to get your brand really seen in the crowd of competitors.

The site, launched in 2010 and currently owned by Facebook, has more than 1.4 billion active users worldwide, with its biggest markets – at 140 million users each – in the United States and India.

It has some of the most engaged users as well, as 500 million Stories and 95 million posts are made on the app every day as of 2016 (though the current number is likely far higher), and more than 60% of the user base logging in every single day. It’s estimated that users’ engagement with branded content is ten times higher on Instagram than on similar social media sites.

On top of that, Instagram was recently updated to focus more on brands and the app’s shopping features. Though this update was faced with controversy (especially over its “Show Best Content First” addition), it still offers many valuable tools for businesses wishing to break into the Instagram market. It is well worth the company’s attention – users are overwhelmingly likely to follow brands they enjoy and discover new products they are likely to purchase.

How Instagram for Businesses Works

Instagram is relatively easy to set up. Anyone can create a business account by simply converting a personal page (all you need is an email address) and selecting the category that suits your business best. These categories indicate the industry you’re a part of and can help automatically recommend your page to users with similar interests.

You’ll be required to verify your business’s contact information as well as be prompted to set a profile picture, bio, and website link if you haven’t already done so.

Facebook Business Suite

Since Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, it can be managed through the Facebook Business Suite. This tool allows you to view and respond to all of your updates (comments, likes, shares, mentions, etc.) in one centralized hub. It also has tools for creating and scheduling content to post on one or both platforms, in either the main feed or each platform’s Stories feature.

The suite offers valuable insights such as audience demographics and engagement levels and allows you to set growth goals for your profiles. It contains an ad program that runs on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger simultaneously and can offer impressive results quickly and cheaply.

Instagram Shopping Storefronts

As mentioned, Instagram recently focused on the shopping aspect of the user experience, introducing a slew of new tools for brands and shoppers alike, the biggest and most impactful of which was the storefront.

An Instagram Shopping storefront is a tab on your profile that allows you to list and sell specific products from within the platform itself. The product catalog can be sorted into collections for easier perusing, and the products themselves can be tagged in feed posts and Stories for easy shopping.

Products in the storefront can either be purchased by driving traffic to your website or through the app itself, though the latter is a relatively new feature that is still rolling out. In-app purchasing is available to US businesses and customers only.

How to Make Customers Buy from Your Instagram Page

Attracting customers to your Instagram page can mean an influx of temporary business and a sales jump, and new loyal supporters of your brand who will be more than willing to make multiple purchases and help your brand’s reputation. Here’s how to make customers buy from your Instagram page.

  1. Post Interesting Content Consistently

The first and most crucial step in generating sales from Instagram is the content you’re creating. Instagram content is extremely visually-based. Your images need to be eye-catching and colorful; your videos need to be well-edited and punchy, and your Stories need to be easy to digest in the short seconds-long span they appear in your customers’ feeds. 

Remember these tips for good Instagram sales content:

  • Understanding your audience is incredibly important. Research precisely who it is that will be engaging with your posts by exploring relevant hashtags and popular accounts to get a feel for the style of popular content. This may include structured product photos, shots of models in action, quotes or statistics in clever graphics, or memes about your industry.
  • Using customizable templates from design websites like Canva or Venngage can quickly help you create high-quality, consistent content. These programs may also allow you to set and save specific fonts, color palettes, and graphic arrangements that, when used repeatedly, develops your brand’s recognizability.
  • Remember that the photos and videos you use need to be high resolution. It’s recommended that static photos be 1080 x1080 px, and that videos be in 1080 x1350 px. This ensures that all details are clear and easy to see on smaller screens like phones and tablets.
  • Post a variety of content to avoid appearing too “salesy” or unapproachable. Intersperse your product photos with process videos, or include relevant industry news or jokes.

Posting quality content is only half of the battle, however. Keeping a consistent schedule can make it easier for your audience to keep you in mind and become excited about your next post. Use the Business Suite’s content calendar or third-party apps to batch schedule content for streamlined management.

Remember to check your strategy over time and adjust for your growing audience’s interests. Watch your analytics to see which posts perform well and create more content in that style while maintaining a variety. Consider testing specific content ratios (one product post for every three general interest pieces) to see what works best for your brand.

  1. Organize and Advertise Your Storefront

A well-organized storefront can mean the difference between being seen as a legitimate brand and being passed over as low quality or, at worst, a potential scam. 

Make sure that all of the products you list have fully completed details, including the price, an attractive name and description, and multiple photos if possible. You’ll also want to sort your products into appropriately named and frequently updated catalogs. This prevents scroll fatigue and makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they wish to without manually sorting through a large selection.

Once your storefront is organized, use it! Whenever you post content relating to a specific product, tag it in the image to allow users to navigate to the page if they are interested quickly. You can link the storefront directly in your Stories using the “Support Small Businesses” sticker. Linking directly to your products streamlines your sales funnel and makes buying easier.

You can also make specific content advertising your storefront during sales and other promotions, such as posts, Stories, or Reels showing off a range of products and inviting viewers to “check out our store for more.”

  1. Engage with Your Community

Though you may schedule content well ahead of time, you can’t simply set and forget your Instagram page and expect it to succeed. The key to a productive social media strategy is engaging with your community. This engagement builds a loyal follower base that is more likely to convert directly into sales.

Some great ways to engage with your Instagram community are:

  • Using appropriate hashtags and mentions to give your posts a more comprehensive audience.
  • Commenting on your publications with a further question or comment.
  • Replying to comments and messages quickly and personally.
  • Liking and interacting on community-created content outside of your page.
  • Posting frequent, relevant polls and questions (both for you to answer and for your audience to submit answers to) in your Stories.
  • Hosting regular Instagram Live events such as question and answer sessions or behind the scenes content.
  • Offering incentives to follow and support the page, such as with a giveaway or contest.

This engagement is vital to your brand’s presence on the site. It both keeps your business in the minds of your audience and allows you to directly gather feedback that you can use to help influence your marketing strategy and troubleshoot any problems with products that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  1. Advertise and Work with Influencers

Instagram has a relatively inexpensive and effective advertising program that can be accessed directly in the app from the “Promote” tab on your profile or through the Business Suite. You can save tailored audiences to use with multiple campaigns and choose to promote either a single post, a product, your page, or your website across Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, Instagram includes branded content features that allow popular influencers to work directly with brands in a more streamlined and transparent way. Contact influencers in your field about promoting your brand through sponsored posts. This helps build trust in your brand with not only their audience but the community in general.

Instagram for Business FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about driving sales on Instagram.

Do you need a certain number of followers to open an Instagram Shopping storefront?

As of right now, there is no follower minimum for the Instagram Shopping storefront. Anyone with a business account can open a storefront as long as they meet eligibility requirements.

  • The products sold must not violate the app’s Commerce Eligibility Requirements.
  • The business must have its website domain.
  • The business must be run in a supported market.

Will Instagram Shopping drive traffic to my website?

This depends mainly on the checkout method you choose. If you choose to have users redirected to your website to complete their purchase, then it’s likely you’ll see a spike in website traffic after creating and managing your Instagram Shopping storefront for some time.

What products sell the best on Instagram?

Unsurprisingly, very visual products, such as those that can be modeled and have physical representations, are the best-selling products across the platform.

According to current data, the most popular brands on Instagram are in the fashion industry, taking home a whopping 25% of all brand interactions. Other popular products include beauty products such as makeup and skincare, jewelry, and home décor. 

How many followers do I need to get my brand account verified on Instagram?

There are no specific follower requirements to be verified on Instagram. However, your profile must be demonstrably “notable,” meaning that it has a high engagement rate and is frequently discussed within the app. Instagram considers the age of your account, your most viral content, and, of course, follower numbers.

It means that having authentic Instagram followers is just as important as having quality content if you’re attempting to be seen as a legitimate brand.


Instagram is a giant when it comes to promotion. Not only does the site’s wide variety of users and international audience hold appeal to otherwise limited local business, but it also allows more prominent brands to interact with and engage their customers more personally than ever before.

Used correctly, Instagram can be your business’s secret weapon for driving conversion and brand awareness worldwide through well-composed original content.

Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps/Tools (2021)

Auto likes on Instagram:

Do you want to grow your brand on Instagram?

If so, stay tuned as we introduce you to some of the best auto likes on Instagram. In this digital world, companies have moved more online, and because of this, there is a lot of competition in the online space.

To increase sales, brands are prioritizing promoting their brands on social media. Instagram is the best place to promote a brand, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

So, for brand growth and development on Instagram, car enthusiasts play an important role. With a car enthusiast, you can attract more people to your brand and possibly more potential customers. Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best Instagram Auto Likers currently available.

What is an Instagram Auto Liker?

Instagram Auto Liker is an app that is designed to automatically add likes to your content without your effort. The main goal is to attract more people to your profile and increase engagement. If your profile has more interactions, it will become more popular and you will have more customers. Developing a brand on Instagram is difficult, and it becomes relatively easy to build a brand with these motorists.


Quick way to develop a brand
Artificial intelligence technology evolving over time
Reach more people
Better engagement
More potential customers


Can be scammed or blocked

11 Best Instagram Auto Likes in 2021:

Some of the best Instagram Auto Likes in 2021 and 2022 are listed below:

  • Likegrowers – Best overall
  • UseViral – Best cross-platform network
  • Growthoid – Best services
  • Buzzoid – Reliable Instagram marketplace
  • SocialMeep – The most detailed progress reports
  • Stormlikes – The most detailed progress reports
  • Kicksta – Great for more interactions
  • SidesMedia – Affordable prices
  • Growthsilo – Outstanding audience reach
  • Nitreo – Fastest interaction with Instagram.
  • More likes – great dynamic likes system

Likegrowers – #1 auto likes on Instagram

If you’re looking for an auto-liker for Instagram, you won’t find anything better than Likegrowers. It’s the best choice for auto lovers. It provides many features aimed at growing and developing your brand. Likegrowers only provides organic followers, so the brand can grow more effectively without using any bots.

Likegrowers also provides targeting features with geolocation and hashtag targeting. On a platform like Instagram, you have to have a lot of followers because it’s the only way to expand your reach and grow your brand. Likegrowers use a cloud-based service that doesn’t limit them to a physical device. You can continue to use their services even if your device is turned off.

Pricing Plan:

Likegrowers offers three pricing plans below:

9 days – $15.99
30 days – $42.99
45 days – $54.99

UseViral – The best cross-platform network

Developing a brand on Instagram seems simple, but some brands can be very difficult. Only then will you feel the need for a service like UseViral. They focus on providing brands on Instagram with organic interactions and subscribers. Organic signups make it easier for brands to grow on Instagram. Their services are not limited to Instagram, but there are other platforms as well.

So you can grow your brand on multiple platforms at the same time with UseViral. This cross-platform feature is really a game changer for brands because it opens up a lot of possibilities. If you want to take your Instagram profile to a whole new level, UseViral is a great choice.

Pricing plans:

There are many other platforms on UseViral as well, but the Instagram pricing plans:

Instagram – starting at $2.99.

Growthoid – Best Services

If you’re worried about services providing you with fake subscribers and engagements, Growthoid should be useful to you. Growthoid doesn’t use bots, so there’s zero chance of fake subscribers. They provide a dedicated manager who handles your brand on Instagram. He targets the right audience for your brand and develops it further.

Growthoid’s services are designed to provide their clients with as much growth as possible. All of the engagement and subscriptions that Growthoid brings to your profile will be authentic and organic. They have a really good standard plan that is quite affordable. At the end of the day, Growthoid provides a really fast and affordable way to grow your brand.

Price Plans:

Growthoid offers two pricing plans:

Standard – $49/month.
Premium – $99/month.

Growthoid Review:

Buzzoid is a reliable marketplace for Instagram

One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your brand on Instagram is simply to accumulate likes, views and followers. If you don’t want to wait, this is the fastest way to develop your brand. Buzzoid gives you organic likes, followers and views so your brand can grow effectively. Bots are not involved because you buy services from them directly.

The best thing about Buzzoid is that they directly sell you likes and subscribers. Buzzoid only believes in organic brand growth, so you won’t get fake subscribers. Another great thing about them is that they offer 24/7 support. If you want to buy likes and subscribers, Buzzoid is one of the best marketplaces right now.

Pricing Plans:

The following pricing plans are available on Buzzoid:

Likes – from $1.47
Subscribers – from $2.97
Views – from $1.99

SocialMeep – the most detailed progress reports

Are you looking for an organic way to grow your brand? If so, Social Meep offers you the best features designed to grow your brand. Your Instagram profile is enhanced with the cloud-based technology used by Social Meep. They use AI to determine the right type of audience for your brand.

Best of all, you can also easily see your brand growth in the form of reports. If you don’t want to manage your profile, the Social Meep team can do it for you. So, with a targeted approach, Social Meep increases your brand’s subscribers and attracts more leads.

Pricing plans:

Social Meep offers two pricing plans:

Basic – $49 per month.
Pro – $99 per month.

Stormlikes – the most detailed progress reports:

Are you looking for a one-stop store for your Instagram needs? If so, Stormlikes is right for you. Organic signups play a huge role in brand growth on Instagram. With Stormlikes, you can easily buy views, likes and followers. This allows you to expand your Instagram profile quickly.

Another great thing about Stormlikes is that they also offer services for Facebook, etc. D. With this cross-platform thing, you can very easily grow your brand across multiple platforms. The payment gateway is secure and you get the items you want instantly after payment. Overall, Stormlikes is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram profile.

Pricing plans:

Instagram prices are as follows:

Likes – from $1.39
Subscribers – from $2.89
Views – from $1.99
Auto likes – from $15.99

Kicksta – Great for more interactions

Do you need an automated service to develop your Instagram profile? With an automated service, you don’t have to put your own effort into developing your brand on Instagram. It allows you to focus on other activities. Kicksta only provides regular followers, so your brand will start getting more attention. It’s the best way to grow on Instagram.

Kicksta uses artificial intelligence technology for its automation, which only gets better over time. Paying for likes, followers can sometimes be risky, and you might only get fake followers. But with Kicksta, you get regular subscribers who help grow your brand. There are filtering and targeting features, so you can also target people who have a similar interest in your brand.

Pricing Plans:

Kicksta offers two pricing plans:

Standard Plan – $49 per user per month.
Premium plan – $99 per user per month.

SidesMedia – Affordable Prices

Want to quickly grow your brand on Instagram without fake followers? If so, SidesMedia is the only thing you need. Growing your brand on Instagram isn’t that hard if you do it right. SidesMedia makes it very easy to grow your brand because they provide you with subscribers that you can directly buy from them.

An automated service is sometimes helpful, but time-consuming. If you run a brand that needs immediate growth, buying subscribers is a better choice. The more subscribers, the more engagement and therefore your brand will grow faster.

Pricing plans:

Instagram pricing plans are:

Instagram – from $1.50

Growthsilo – outstanding audience reach

If you’re trying to grow your brand on Instagram but aren’t getting anywhere, Growthsilo can help you solve that problem. Growthsilo works through targeting, which allows them to target only people who are interested in your brand. If people are interested in your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.

Growthsilo is a fully automated platform, so you don’t have to do anything. There are real people who handle your profile and attract more people. That way, you only get organic growth. The rates are also quite affordable, especially the launch plan. It really is a great way to improve your Instagram profile.

Pricing plans:

Growthsilo offers two pricing plans:

Launch – $49 per month.
Accelerate – $99 a month.

Nitreo is the fastest Instagram interaction:

Want more contacts in your Insta profile? If so, Nitreo is one of the best platforms. Instagram interaction is essential for brand growth on the platform. Nitreo helps you by automatically creating interactions for your Instagram profile. This method can provide immediate growth for your brand and wide reach.

Nitreo doesn’t just offer you random actions, but everything is done with a targeted approach. Followers are natural and sincere, so your brand will see huge growth in a short amount of time. So, if you’re looking for instant growth, Nitreo can help you do just that.

Pricing Plans:

Nitreo offers two pricing plans:

Essential – $49/month.
Speed – $79/month.

More likes

More likes is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your profile. Developing and growing your brand is easy with More Likes. They only provide their customers with organic likes, which helps with brand growth. Since there are no bots, the number of subscribers to the brand increases much faster.

They have a huge network of users that More Likes uses to give likes to their customers. This is one of the best organic ways to grow your Instagram profile. One useful feature is that you can also control the time in which you get your likes. So, if you’re looking for a great car guy, More Likes is definitely one of the best.

Price Plans:

The price depends on the number of likes you want. So, the price:

50 likes/publication – $9.99/month.
100 likes/publication – $19.99/month
250 likes/post – $29.99/month
500 likes / post – 49,99 $/month
1000 likes / publication – $84,99 / month
1500 likes/post – $114.99/month

Free Instagram Likes Services


Likezoid started as a free likes exchange network and will remain that way forever. Likezoid system delivers 100% free Instagram likes, and you will never be charged a single cent for it. You start with a couple of free likes by just downloading it, so you can give it a try before deciding whether or not this is a suitable tool in your Instagram arsenal.


  • do you need Download and Install Likezoid on own PC


Instagram is one of the best places to develop a brand, but the high competition has made it quite difficult. Instagram auto-likers are the best solution to this problem because they provide your brand with followers and likes. This takes your brand to the next level through organic growth. All of the aforementioned platforms are really good in their own way. So, if you want to increase your brand’s reach on Instagram, then using an auto-liker is one of the best ways to do it.

How to clear iCloud: freeing up 300 GB in 5 minutes

Most Apple users use iCloud cloud storage for storing personal data and backups. For free they get 5 GB of space in the “cloud”, if not enough, we buy additional storage.

iCloud price

Contacts, notes, documents, and photos are synced through iCloud so you can access them on other devices. If you often use the power of the cloud, this article is for you.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use iCloud cloud storage as soon as you log in to your Apple ID account.

You can choose which services to use. On your phone or Macbook, open Settings and click your name and iCloud. You’ll see a bar indicating the amount of storage available to you on Apple’s servers. You can also specify the apps that will use iCloud here.

For Macs with the macOS Catalina operating system, it’s the same. In previous versions of macOS, you have to click on the iCloud icon in the system settings.

If there is a switch for apps, you can allow or deny them to use iCloud. Different apps can access iCloud for different purposes. Mail sets up your Apple mailbox with,, or addresses. Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes syncs content between your Apple devices with active iCloud. You can also use macflypro to clean your cache.

Cleaning iCloud

If you have icloud storage full, use the tips below.

Let’s start with an easy one – reboot your device. To clean your smartphone’s cache, we recommend rebooting it twice a month. This action will help you remove temporary files from the device that accumulate on it during usage and downloading content.

Clearing the mail cache and Safari. To clear the “Other” section on your iPhone, it’s worth removing the temporary files of your email client and browser. If you save pages to a reading list in Safari (so you can open them without accessing the Internet), it makes sense to periodically clear this pool of pages.

To get rid of the cached files of the Mail app, you will have to uninstall the program completely and install it again. Otherwise, even after deleting all the emails, hidden files of the application will remain and take up space in the iPhone storage. You can also use the macfly pro service to uninstall.

Deleting offline app content

Don’t download music to your iPhone. If you still download music to your smartphone, it’s time to take a closer look at music services – Apple Music. They allow you to listen to millions of songs online without downloading them to your device or taking up useful storage space on your device. And if you’re already using streaming music services, you should check to see if you’ve downloaded songs from them so you can listen to them without an internet connection. These tracks also take up space in iPhone memory and it may be time to clear them.

Deleting offline maps. Many navigation applications – Yandex.Navigator, Google Maps, and others – offer to download location maps so that you can navigate by them without access to the Internet. For travel this feature is indispensable, but if you have already returned to the native wi-fi and local 4G mobile, it might be worth clearing the storage space of your device and removing the offline maps? Especially since they require constant updates and take up more and more space each time.

Deleting photos from iCloud

Photos most often take up the most storage space. To delete photos from iCloud, you will need a laptop or computer. From it, you need to go to your AppleID account, then go to the photo section and select the files you want to delete.

Then on the left side of the screen, enter the “Recently Deleted” tab. Here, also click the “Delete All” button. Only after this action will there be more free space in your storage. Unload the photos before deleting them to another storage medium that you don’t need as much.

What is my Instagram URL? How to Find & Copy Address [Guide on Desktop or Mobile]

Getting the URL for your Instagram page can be great for many reasons. Maybe you want to link to a particular Instagram post from your page on your website but don’t know how to do this, or maybe you want to share a specific post with your friend.

  • You can find your Instagram URL by opening Instagram in a web browser or by figuring it out manually.
  • Every Instagram account has a unique URL associated with it, and it contains your username. 

Getting the URL for your Instagram page can be great for many reasons. Maybe you want to link to a particular Instagram post from your page on your website but don’t know how to do this, or maybe you want to share a specific post with your friend.

No matter what you want to use your Instagram URL for, you can effortlessly get the URL for specific posts as well as for your whole profile on Instagram.

Go to our Guide!

How to get Instagram URL?

The good news is that you aren’t limited to only getting a URL from your own Instagram profile, but you can also get the Instagram account URL for any profile – even if the account is private. For the latter, this might not be a huge surprise because just because you get the URL for a private profile doesn’t mean you can access their posts, and after all, that’s the whole purpose of a private Instagram.

What’s more, you can also get an Instagram URL for an Instagram post – both for your own posts and for others.

In order to get the link for Instagram from a post, you have to access the post first. As such, this means that you cannot grab the URL from an Instagram post if an account is private, because if you cannot access it, you can’t take the URL of a post. On the flip side, if you follow the private account, you would expect that you can get access to their posts and in that way get the URL posts that have been shared by private accounts, but if this would be possible, the whole purpose of having a private account would be lost, and so it isn’t possible.

There are three URL options on Instagram which are the following:

  1. Get URL for Instagram User Page
  2. URL for Instagram Photo
  3. URL for Instagram Video

Note: In the case of getting the URL for a photo or video, if the account is private you will not be able to do this.

How to write your instagram url?

Want to know how to write your Instagram URL? We’ll show you everything you need to know about writing an Instagram URL, including how to reduce it to make it more readable.

How to get your Instagram URL for someone’s profile or What is my URL?

1: Go to the profile that you wish to get the URL for. Open up their profile and tap the icon in the top-right corner.

2: When tapping on the icon in the top-right corner (the icon looks different on Android and iPhone), another menu will appear. You will have 6 options. The options are:

  • Block User
  • Report Inappropriate
  • Copy Profile URL
  • Turn On Post Notifications
  • Cancel
  • Share this profile

Select “Copy Profile URL“. This will copy the Instagram profile link from the page you are visiting, whether it is yours or someone else.

How to acquire the URL for a photo or video is very similar to How You get the URL for an Instagram page:

1: Once you’ve logged into Instagram, go to the photo or video that you’d like to get the Instagram URL from.

2: When you have found a photo or video, tap the icon in the top right corner and choose the button “Copy link”.

3:  After clicking the dots, a new menu will show up where you’ll have a few options.

4: Click on “Copy link”.

How to get Instagram Link from a desktop?

As you would expect, getting an Instagram URL from a desktop is even easier than using the app since the URL is clearly visible in the search bar.

To get the Instagram URL of an Instagram profile, whether private or public, go to the account and then click on the URL which has appeared in your search bar. Now, right-click on it and select ”copy”.

If you wish to get the Instagram URL of an Instagram account, simply go to the post which you want to get the URL for, click the URL in the search bar, and then copy. With the desktop, however, you can get the Instagram URL of posts that have been shared by private accounts too. The catch is that if you give the URL to an Instagram account that isn’t following the private account, they won’t be able to view it.

“How do I copy my Instagram URL?”

When you tap “Copy link” whether you copy the Instagram URL for an Instagram post or an Instagram profile, the link will be copied when you tap copy link.

Now, you have the Instagram URL copied, which means you can paste it wherever you’d like. 

How to find a link (URL) for your own Instagram page?

Getting a link/URL for your own Instagram profile is actually very easy.

Why? Because all Instagram profile URLs follow the same pattern.

The pattern of an Instagram page is:

Simple to copy this URL:

… then add your username. Now you have the link to your own Instagram profile.

Popular Money Making Apps in 2022

Technology does not only revolutionize the world, but it also renders how to make money easier. Your mobile phone can do more than just surfing the internet and chatting ― there are apps you can install and earn cool cash for using them. 

What do you say? Catching the fun and been paid for it! It is time to make some cash. These apps will pay you for conventional things you do with your smartphone. 

Would you like to maximize your earnings on your apps?

Would you like to take your apps on the top in App Store? You need ranking boost campaign because it increases the visibility and recognition of the app, which helps attract a larger number of organic users within a short period of time. 

The mechanics of boost to the top:

  •  App analysis
  •  Calculation of required traffic volume
  •  Start of the campaign
  •  Sustaining the position


The company behind this app, Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. Prodege is known for its awesome multiple customer engagement brands. 

Swagbucks users can earn points by doing normal things they do every day. These points can be converted to gift cards that could be used at popular retail stores such as Amazon and Walmart. 

The platform gives out no lesser than 7, 000 gift cards daily. What you need to do to earn points:

  • Shop Online
  • Watch videos
  • Answer surveys

When you sign up, you will also get a $10 bonus. 


Cash pirate app pays you for downloading an app through them. Wondering how this works? Developers looking to promote their app on Google play store contact this platform. In return, the platform uploads the link to the download on their app. The more you interact with the app the higher the Pirate Coin you earn. You can convert the coin to dollar which can be withdrawn through PayPal immediately you earn up to $2.5. 

How to earn with CashPirate;

  • Interact with Ads
  • Play games
  • Answer surveys


Monetize your screen lock with Fronto. This app is designed to display adverts on your mobile phone every time you wake it. You only need to swipe to earn rewards. Swiping to the right will take you to your home screen while swiping to the left is just like clicking on the link of the advert displayed. 

The more you wake your phone, the higher your chances of earning more with the Fronto app.

How to earn money with Fronto;

  • View News, Articles
  • View Product Deals
  • Read Reviews

Get paid with Gift cards, Paypal and Coupons.


Just like the name, iPoll is mainly designed for surveys. Not only that, it is mobile-friendly. You can fill the survey anywhere ― even on your way to work. You may also come across their name as uSamp and if you are familiar with Opinion Place, it is another survey platform controlled by the company.

How to earn cash on iPoll;

  • Review product and services
  • Review Places
  • Write Diaries

Curious Cat

Curious Cat rewards you for filling out its survey and sharing your thought. Your curiosity will be rewarded at the rate of 100 points for £1. 

How to earn cash on Curious Cat;

  • Take Survey
  • Try New Apps
  • Share Opinions

Users are paid through PayPal. 

Other money apps you can install on your mobile phone include;

  • Shopkick
  • Field Agent
  • Citizen Me
  • Feature Points
  • Streetbees
  • Foap
  • Roamler
  • Toluna
  • Bookscouter
  • Sweatcoin
  • VoxPopMe
  • Qmee

This infographic by Swifttechbuy highlights the features of the popular mobile phone apps that can earn you extra cash. Check to see the best for your phone and how you can get paid.

How to Get TikTok Profile & Video Post Links?

How To Get TikTok Profile Link?

Follow these simple steps for getting TikTok Profile Link:-

Step 1: Go to your TikTok Profile/Account.

Step 2: Click on Three Dots as mentioned (Red Circle).

Step 3: Click on Copy Link (Red Circle).

Step 4: Your Link has been Copied. Now you can paste your link.

BONUS: Are you struggling to become famous on TikTok (formerly You tried a lot but still your TikTok Profile Followers or TikTok Post Views, Likes, Shares, and Comments, etc are NOT increasing.

How To Get TikTok Video Link?

Follow these 3 simple steps for getting Video Link:-

Step 1: Click on the Share Button.

Step 2: Click on Copy Link.

Step 3: Your Link has been Copied. Now you can paste your link.

How-To Unlink a Phone Number from Apple ID, iMessage and Facetime

I got a new iPhone with a new number, so I wanted to cancel my previous iPhone and number. I wanted to remove that number from my Apple ID so it couldn’t be used in iMessage and Facetime on all my devices.

After some searching on Google, there were all kinds of “how-to’s” and forum posts from people who had different ways to do this – none of which worked for me.

I finally found this article in the Apple Knowledge Base.

Scroll down to the “How to disconnect a phone number” section. I followed these steps and my “old” number was removed from iMessage and Facetime on all my devices. Now I could wipe/restore my old phone’s factory settings and not have to worry about the phone number or device still being associated with my account.

Here are the steps from the knowledge base article above that worked for me:

To remove your phone number from your Apple ID, exit FaceTime and messaging on your iPhone. Exit the following locations:

  • Settings> Messages> Send and Receive. Tap your Apple ID, then tap Exit.
  • Settings> FaceTime. Tap your Apple ID, then tap Quit.

This should remove your phone number from other devices using the same Apple ID with FaceTime and messages.

If your phone number is still available on other devices after you sign out of FaceTime and iMessage on your iPhone, you may need to sign out of iMessage and FaceTime on all your devices and then sign back in to FaceTime and Messaging on the devices you want to use. use.

Note. If you no longer have access to the iPhone using the number you want to delete, reset your Apple ID password.

8 Steps on How to Reach the Target Audience of Your Online Business

Any online business attempting to reach its niche target demographics must take several steps to ensure its success. Using a niche dating site as an example, we will show you how you can successfully aim your online business to get the best results. Consider the following concepts and learn how to reach the consumers you wish. 

Define Your Target Audience

No matter what business you are involved with, you must decide what specific elements of the population you wish to target. These factors can take many forms, you can easily expound on the target audience’s factors in such a fashion:

  • needs;
  • behaviors;
  • interests;
  • demographics (age, gender, occupation, location).

For such a popular online business as dating sites, it is very important to determine the target audience, since very often such online platforms have a clear focus. Meeting the social issues of society is also important in promoting the dating platform. 

As you can see, using one of the transgender dating sites as an example, a basic outline reveals their target audience needs to have a safe space to meet others trans people of any age and any gender online. LGBT people meet online more often than offline because of a sense of security and anonymity on the web. This means that a site for transgender people should cover as many territories and countries as possible (or city by city across the nation if focus on one country) in order to increase the chances of finding people with common interests and similar behavior.

Do Research and Get Information 

How do you get the information that is needed to inform your choices, though? That can be difficult if you have not spent time with the target demographic or if you’re not a part of it yourself. Still, you can perform research in the following ways:

  • Studying information portals – The Internet has many resources about your target demographic and business: use them. 
  • Conducting surveys – If you lack information, go to the sources and make your own.
  • Collecting statistics – Raw statistics about the overall market can tell you a lot about whether there is room for another competitor. Use that to see if you are staking out the right claim.
  • Reviewing your competitors in the market – You need to see who is in your market, how they are operating, and gauge their weaknesses. The dating market is difficult to enter, and you have to face stiff competition. 

When dealing with a transgender dating site, it may seem like the best approach to finding out more about trans people would be to ask them personally, that is not always a good solution. Many people feel uncomfortable talking to others about experiences. That is why some organizations have set up an FAQ to help people who are not familiar with trans issues learn about them differently. Just knowing basic etiquette and terminology can make a big difference when someone is going to manage transgender platform.

Optimize Your Business for Search (SEO)

People will only have the opportunity to enjoy your website if you make it ‘findable’ with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that websites put into place to make their content attractive to search engines by including an attractive layout, keyword optimization to provide context to the site, useful information, and accuracy. These elements combined can give one site an edge over another by providing traffic to the most optimized site. The SEO methodology will not differ much from site to site, but the difference is in the niche in which you work.

Interact on Social Media

Social media interactions have completely changed in the last half-decade. Now, social media brands are speaking directly to the customers to inform them about the various products they offer. The social media brand operators can also take suggestions from customers, promote outreach, and solve problems for their clients. 

Use Visual Content and Infographics

Websites do best when they have easily digestible information that can be shared around the Internet. Continuing to use our example, a trans dating service has a problem: they need people to learn about their site and trans dating in general. Thus, they create an infographic that shows the number of trans people looking for dates, the few sites that serve them, and other valuable information. This graphic will then get passed around on social media, acting as customer recruitment and information. 

Start Tracking 

You have to learn where your customers are coming from. Not only will using Google Analytics help you find out where you are getting traffic, but it will also show you the success of advertising campaigns, whether you are getting successful backlinking, and what days of the week you should issue new blog content. The bottom line is you need to track everything that you can. 

Collect Customer Feedback

You need to know about your customers’ mindset. You can only do that when you know how they feel about your site, and there is no better way than asking them directly. You can provide a contact form on your website to find specific feedback or implement chatbots on the site to give people a method of reaching your workers to solve issues or give kudos. 

Targeted Advertising

Advertise things and events that directly affect your audience. If your transgender dating site is only operating in New York City or San Francisco, then that is where we need to advertise. We must also consider the age groups and where they hang out on social media sites and advertise there, too. Many avenues exist for advertising, and you can find very specific, effective ways to reach your audience. 


Reaching out to your audience is the most important thing you will do as an online business operator. You need to learn the ins and outs of the suggestions we have made here. Apply every one of them to your own business, and you will have the valuable insights required to make it as successful as possible.

How to Convert Your Website Visitors Into High-Quality Leads

Potential clients are people who have not yet decided on the place of making a purchase or concluding a deal on obtaining certain services.

Do you know how converting visitors to your site or another to your regular customers is going on and how the visitor tracking toolworks? This process is called a Sales Funnel. It is the most effective in marketing. Using it you can analyze the audience. You can understand what attracts the audience, what service is interesting to potential customers, and then turn them into regular ones. 

How does it work?

To understand how this process takes place, you need to imagine a funnel. There are people in the upper part. These are those potential people who heard about your service somewhere and went to your site to check everything personally. Out of 100 people who visited your site, only 1 can become your regular customer. Having an effective sales funnel will allow you to transfer people from just promising to pay customers.

Let’s inspect the processes of a common online sales funnel to better understand the prospects for converting leads and make the clients who are ready to pay for your services, or buy your goods.

Let’s look at using website visitor tracking software to understand how to turn a potential customer into a visitor.

Web traffic =/= Visitors

We have already talked about the funnel. At its top is traffic, the number of times people have viewed your site. Traffic can contain various media sources, advertisements, links to other pages, search engines, and more. By analyzing traffic, you will understand which web traffic strategy works for your business. You can track Internet traffic using Google Analytics or other services. Such services allow you to analyze traffic for a certain period.

Converting Leads into Customers

A lead is a potential customer who can become your regular customer. By collecting a lead, you get all the information about the client, his name, email address. This information helps to contact the client. By using the right marketing language, you can turn your website visitor into a lead.

LeadRebel – lead generation solution

Lead generation serves many purposes, but in terms of sales, it’s your best opportunity to convert a lead into a customer. This will allow you to understand the needs of the prospect. You can show that you are ready to help the client achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

The more leads the site collects, the more effective lead generation is, which means you will promote leads along the sales funnel, and these customers are likely to become your potential, and in the future, regular customers.

Online Communication Industry for Geeks, Nerds, and more in 2021

Making friends in real life is always a challenge for those who prefer to indulge themselves into the online world. Reality becomes second best to us, and many prefer to make and meet friends virtually. The internet is full of ways to meet people. Thousands of platforms, websites, chat rooms, online gaming chats exist today. 

Solutions for People Who Find It Easier to Start Chatting Online Before Going Offline

One of the biggest problems for nerds when trying to communicate with people is confidence. Being online gives them chance to think about what they say before they type out a message. And this is what makes them feel more comfortable and confident speaking over messaging services online rather than in person, as well as other online features, for example, games that can show skills in the gaming world. Being behind a screen means that people can slowly reveal their true selves to someone over time as they get to know them. 

All of the above is also true for those nerds who want not only to communicate, but also to meet for a romantic relationship. Thanks to common interests, communication is fast and easy and this is exactly what you need when looking for a partner. We’ve divided online chatting sites for nerds into three main categories depending on the ultimate goal of communication. 

Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds

Start your quest for love and find someone with online dating sites specifically for those who consider themselves to be more on the geeky side. Whether you nerd out over cars, games, or computers, the best nerds dating sites are full of people who share the same interests. These dating platforms match people according to their own chosen categories, so the chances of meeting someone you’re interested in building a connection with are very high! Usually, a nerd dating site uses location services to find other singles using the site closest to you. Plus, there is the ability to create a detailed profile about what you’re interested in and people that view your profile can message you directly. This is a great fun, new and quirky way to meet people who share the same passions, rather than swiping through only faces and feeling more rejected than connected. 

Nerd dating is very inclusive and makes it suitable for geeks of every kind, and its number of users holds a 50/50 split of men and women. As popularity of gaming and the quantity of female gamers are growing, this ratio can quickly change. 

Nerd Chat Rooms

All you have to do on a free nerd chat is sign up and create an account, then you can chat away to nerds and geeks all over without spending a penny on memberships or upgrades. There are different chat rooms and ways to direct message others on the different sites, as well as a webcam feature, and groups that you can join to find new users! 

These platforms can be used by nerds to establish new friendships and internet connections with others who are as geeky or nerdy as themselves. And the advantage is that your identity can be kept secret. This means that you can be anyone with your hidden identity. But it should be understood that not everyone will do it in a safe and friendly manner. However, thanks to such chat rooms and its vast amount of users, you can meet new geeky people from all over the world.

Geek Forums and Community

These sites have endless virtual communities and endless possibilities. It’s great for geeky people to make online connections in order to get not only new acquaintances, but also help and support with all kinds of questions, as well as to learn something new in the field of IT. The regulars of such forums and Internet communities are interested in creating a useful and friendly online field, so discussions and content are filtered and become popular thanks to the activity of the users themselves. Usually, by participating in threads and creating useful topics for other forum members, you can earn achievements and a trust pool, which will help raise exactly what is interesting and relevant to you to the top.

If the online community has the opportunity to become an admin or moderator, then your hobby can also become a pleasant job. And along with this, in addition to meeting new like-minded people, the skills of resolving conflict situations will also develop.

As you can see, the online communication industry for geeks and nerds and other is quite developed, and people with common interests have the opportunity to communicate not only by playing online games. Whether it’s finding new nerdy friends online or dating partners, these sites are perfect for those users looking for someone who loves geek culture as much as they do.

SEO Features for Promoting Dating Site in Germany

Swiping right or left on other people’s profiles has made it easier to find romantic partners worldwide, and Germany is not an exception, either. It seems that more and more Germans are now moving away from traditional dating and embracing the idea of online dating to enjoy romantic flings. Reputable sites are making a lot of money in the process. Because of this growth, it is natural to think of starting your own dating business. But, you need to understand that even if you manage to create a quality dating site, it only works when people know about it. And to promote your site, you will have to resort to the best SEO practices.

Heading to the Dating Market in Germany

Germany is among the hotly contested markets for online dating sites, and new dating sites are appearing every day to shake up the sector. They are making every effort to be seen. Each site is trying to occupy its own niche and stand out from competitors with quality services to meet the desires of the clients. 

In particular, the niche of finding casual dating and sex encounters requires a closer look. Popular dating sites presented on seem to understand how Google controls search engine optimization in Germany and use good keywords and optimization techniques to make their presence felt. The adult dating portal gathers different sites aimed at different groups of people of different orientations and ages, but united by a common goal – to give people a platform for finding sex contacts and affair dating. Thanks to this focus on the quality of services and targeted promotion strategies, they are gaining popularity.

Today, it is easy to design and maintain a dating site with turnkey dating solutions. But, to make it work, you need to promote it aggressively, and that is possible only when you understand your target audience, what they like, and how to make them appreciate your services. As adult online dating in Germany is already saturated industry, so the competition is fierce. The quality of services matters, but getting traffic through Google will always be the deciding factor. 

Getting near the top of search engine results pages will never be easy, considering Google produces about 780 million results for common keywords in no more than 0.5 seconds. In Germany, Google considers your internal and external optimization efforts to rank your site. They even use metrics and search algorithms to evaluate the quality of your links. They consider the trustworthiness of the link, the popularity of your linking page, the relevancy of the content, the quality of the anchor text, and the ownership connection between the source and target domains.

It is obvious how challenging it is to adopt the best strategies to get some link juice from Google and increase traffic to your dating site. If you are not sure, outsourcing your SEO campaigns will always be a good bet. Professionals learn about your business, perform the audits, and then share the best promotional strategies to help your dating site grow exponentially.

How to Promote a Dating Website in Germany?

Working with professional SEO companies will always be a better option, but you can still handle the SEO campaign on your own to spread the word about your dating site. The process can be tedious and demands a lot of time.

  • You will have to create an original site and ensure that you target a German-speaking audience. It is where opting for the “.de” domain makes a lot of sense. There are other options too, but .de is the official German Top-Level Domain and is extremely popular. It also inspires trust and ensures that people take your site seriously. 
  • Devote enough time to collect the semantic core. It is a list of all words on your project’s topic that help create a common structure and site pages. You need German semantics when creating a site, but it is vital to optimize it and eventually launch an advertising campaign. Be sure to use the semantic core of your competitors, collect keyword intersections, and utilize similar key phrases whenever possible. 
  • Pay special attention to technical optimization, which is mainly about optimizing your website as well as the server to ensure search engine spiders crawl and index your dating site more efficiently. Some technical characteristics are a responsive design, a secure connection, and a fast loading time.
  • Make use of internal optimization to ensure your site delivers the best user experience. It should be easy to navigate, not just for your visitors but for web spiders too. For internal optimization, you will have to find the best keywords, use them in website content, text, titles, and HTML coding. Do not forget Meta tags and descriptions when handling on-page optimization. You may even have to create pages in German and use keywords to target those who cannot speak English for better rankings.
  • External optimization is just as important because it is an important ranking factor. External links are placed on authority sites and point back at your homepage. The quality of these links can work wonders for your search engine rankings. For this, create quality content using your targeted keywords. Using content is a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and attract search engine spiders too. Guest posting on authority sites with links back to your site is always a great idea, but you can also create viral content for social media with your collected keywords. Similarly, create your blog in German and update it regularly. 
  • The peculiarity of dating review sites is that in addition to direct keywords related to the topic of sex dating, you will also have many brands on your site, so the growth and promotion of these brands will have an impact on the review site too.


Every third German is taking advantage of an online dating service, statistics show. It seems that Germans are willing to cough up quite some money to find romantic partners, but they want to ensure that they are on an authentic site. That is exactly when getting your site reviewed by top dating site reviewers in the industry will improve your credibility and inspire potential members to go ahead with a buying decision. 

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    But if permanently blocked they just don’t give your account back, forget about it, no shit works even if you begin email hundred times, but there are other ways if you have option in your phone settings called dual apps, parallel space, it works or you can download parallel space app from Google Play Store and use a New Bigolive account.

    Do you need an App like Bigo?

    We understand how important it is for you to restore a bigo account. Our experience says that this is real. But you need a great desire on your part. Your account is your opportunity for the enormous potential of this social network. To do this, try hard. You are ready? We can help!

    Now there is a large queue of pending accounts on our list. Use this button to go up.


    We do not give guarantees for the result of the unblock. But we can guarantee that your application will be considered.

    The Complete Guide to Email Verification Services in 2021

    Email verification service is provided to ensure your letters reach inboxes of real customers.

    Email verification service is provided to ensure your letters reach inboxes of real customers. It helps you to increase the results from your email marketing campaigns as you get updated data on the actuality of your mailing list. Below you will find everything you need to know about email address verification.

    GROUNDING TO Email verification services

    If you make sales with email marketing then getting actual information about the validity of your client’s email addresses is very important for your business. Of course, mainly for subscribing to news or registering for your service, you have a valid e-mail address that belongs to your client. However, it is figured out that 22% of emails get deleted or abandoned yearly. Thus, without email verification service you cannot really define the efficiency of your email marketing campaign.

    Why? The fact is that you get damaged data about deliverability, conversion rate and other indicators. Moreover, when bounce rate decreases you are at risk of getting sanctions from mailing service which may lead to the inability of your letter to get to the user’s inbox in the future. Read how to increase deliverability of your mails. On the other hand, using email address verification service can let you avoid all of these problems.


    Email address verification consists of three stages:

    • domain confirmation
    • email formatting and syntax check
    • mailbox validation

    It all takes seconds for the service to accomplish each stage, however, verification can take even several hours if you have a big mailing list. Below we will tell you more about each of the stages taken.


    After the first step is completed, it is necessary to check the validity of DNS records for the specified domain name. Email verification service checks whether the mail exchange is able to accept letters.


    Some large e-mail providers have special requirements for e-mail addresses.. For example, the Yahoo e-mail address should start with a symbol, not numbers. In addition, there may sometimes be errors on your mailing list (e.g., no @ email address)..

    Thus in order, to make sure all of the emails in your base correspond to the approved syntax and formatting verification service provides a check. This is the first action to be taken from the beginning.


    The last step of email address verification considers enforcement of SMTP protocol in order to validate the mailbox and make sure it exists and able to receive letters. The best services make it even without sending test letters.

    It can take more time to complete all of the three stages if the email address belongs to the outdated mailing service or if there are busy servers.

    You also may be interested in:

    X ways to increase emails deliverability

    P.S. You may want to develop your own SaaS service, the team behind could help you with that. is an IT Outsourcing company in Ukarine, with good expertise in building SaaS solutions, that follows best practices in software development and product management.

    Top SEO Ways to Improve Your Dating Site

    Any kind of website that you use as a source of income needs to have SEO outcomes built into it. Without proper SEO elements included in your site, it will have a much lower chance of being discovered by the right clients. We’re going to show you various ways to improve the SEO on your dating site so that you can do everything you can to get the best results that will lead to success.

    Why Do You Need SEO?

    Before we look at the ways to improve your SEO, we have to consider the reasons that you need SEO to begin with. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compels a website to take part in certain actions that make the site easier to find for people that are looking for the service. For example, SEO uses keyword optimization as one of the seminal elements of the process. These keywords are carefully placed throughout an article or page that is then indexed by search engines. Thus, when someone looks for “dating sites near me,” they’ll see your page because that is a keyword you used. Of course, there are much deeper elements, such as the amount of white space on a page and other things, but this gives you an idea of why you need SEO—it’s a way to prepare your site for indexing and ranking according to search engines.

    Top SEO Ways to Improve Your Dating Site

    Now we are going to look at the ways that you should go about optimizing your website for the sake of SEO. In most cases, the site owner can impact the elements without having to do extensive research or taking classes. Other elements of SEO might require some professional help owing to the need to use special tools and to know what to look for in terms of keywords.

    Target keywords

    The first thing you need is to implement target keywords in the important parts of your content. You will need to perform keyword research to determine the best words to put on your site. However, you need to ensure that they are properly placed in areas such as:

    • In the headings
    • URLs
    • Title
    • Subtitle
    • Meta description

    These areas need the keywords, but they also require them to be put in the right places so the site is indexed properly.

    Target keywords in the content

    The same concept goes for the content itself. Of course, you don’t want to overload your content with keywords as others have done in the past. Search engines will actually punish your rankings if they find that you are trying to game the system in some way. Using keywords in the content means you need to research the words and carefully insert them to show that your site is authoritative and helpful to readers. An example of well-optimized content with suitable keywords aimed at the interest of the audience you need for the dating site can be checked here.

    Link building

    Every website is also ranked based on the way that it builds links with other sites. If you link to high-quality websites and they link back to you, that shows your sites are authoritative. Internal link-building is when you connect your website to other pages on your site. These links on your own site create context and will help with the indexing issue. Moreover, you can link to other authoritative sites and get other sites to backlink to you if you have authoritative content.

    Indexing profiles’ pages

    Indexing profile pages allows the search engine to check out the information contained in online dating profiles. That can get viewers on the site by bringing them in via searching for specific keywords on a search engine, but it can have a negative impact on your site if too much nonsense is indexed. Consult a specialist before taking part in this.


    A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a group of sites that place links on another site. While there are white hat ways of using a PBN, the most frequent use of them is black hat and can result in your site suffering lower rankings. It’s best to avoid anything that can compromise your site’s searchability.

    Use SEO Tools to Analyze and Optimize the Process

    Several tools exist to help you with SEO aspects on your website. For example, you can use tools that are designed to help you generate keywords for your service with Moz or Ahrefs. It’s also possible to use tools to discover what keywords are being searched for, the volume they have, and the difficulty that it would be to rank for those keywords. It is also a good idea to get tools for on-page SEO. That way, you can add meta descriptions and titles that are most likely to help you gain the rankings that you desire. 

    You can even call on the professionals to use their SEO tools to help you get a foot up in the world of optimizing. The right tools in the hands of professionals are much better than random tools in the hands of inexperienced site owners.

    When you are trying to find new ways to get your online dating site prepared to gain traffic, you need to consider the different tools at your disposal. Using the proper SEO tools and techniques can be the difference between your site gaining a few visitors a day or exploding on an app store. Learn how to do better SEO, and your site will generate more revenue.

    How to Find and Join Telegram Channels

    As far as messaging apps go, Telegram is quite unique (especially compared to Signal). You get access to third-party clients, bots, drop-in audio chats, and more. Telegram’s public broadcasting channels are one such feature. Here’s how to find and join Telegram channels.

    What Are Telegram Channels?

    Telegram channels are different from Telegram groups, though they do appear to be similar. For instance, Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 users, and they can be open to the public.

    Channels, on the other hand, are specifically designed for broadcasting messages to a large audience. Unlike groups, they are not designed for conversations.

    You can have an unlimited number of subscribers to a public or private channel. Public channels get their own “” URL.

    Only the channel owner or the admin can post to the channel, each message has a view count and details of who shared the message, and channels can include rich media like video, audio, polls, and more.

    Find Telegram Channels Online

    You’ll find Telegram channels for anything and everything, from news organizations to sports updates, to books and movies.

    While you can search for a keyword directly in Telegram, there’s a better way to find Telegram channels. And that’s by using organized online repositories.

    The Telegram Channels website is an online repository of channels that are organized based on topics and interests. You’ll find a list of channels for movies, books, technology, and more.

    From the site, you can explore multiple channels, see their latest posts, and view the number of subscribers.

    When you’re ready, simply tap the “Subscribe” button to open the channel in the Telegram app.

    From the Telegram app, just tap the “Join” button to join the channel.

    Search and Join Telegram Channels

    If you know the name of the Telegram channel that you want to join, you can do so directly from the Telegram app. The process is slightly different for the iPhone and Android app.

    On your Android smartphone, open the Telegram app and tap the search button from the top-right corner.

    Now, type in the name of the Telegram channel that you want to join and select it from the search results.

    This will open the Telegram channel. You can browse around to see the latest updates.

    When you’re ready to join the channel, just tap the “Join” button.

    If you’re using an iPhone, open the Telegram app and go to the “Chats” tab. Here, tap the search bar from the top of the screen. Scroll down if you don’t see it.

    Here, type in the name of the Telegram channel that you want to join. Then, select it from the search results.

    To join the channel, simply tap the “Join” button.

    You are now subscribed to the channel. You’ll find the channel in the “Chats” tab, along with all your other conversations. When a channel shares an update, you’ll be notified about it.

    Mute Telegram Channels

    Telegram channels are a great source of the latest information on any topic. But if you have too many channels, your notifications can go haywire. Muting channels can help. And if it gets to be too much, you can always leave a Telegram channel.

    The process of muting and unmuting a channel is the same on both the Android and iPhone apps. From the Telegram app, open the Telegram channel in question, and from the bottom, tap the “Mute” button to mute the channel. You can come back and unmute it from the same place.

    Leave Telegram Channels

    The steps for leaving a Telegram channel are different depending on your device. On your Android smartphone, open the Telegram channel that you want to leave, then tap the channel’s name from the top.

    Here, tap the three-dot menu icon from the top-right corner.

    Then, choose the “Leave Channel” option.

    From the pop-up message, tap the “Leave Channel” option to confirm.

    On your iPhone, go to the Telegram channel that you want to leave and tap its name, which is found at the top of the screen.

    Tap the “Leave” button.

    From the pop-up message, choose the “Leave Channel” option.

    Instantly, the channel will disappear from the Telegram app.

    (original post here

    How to Promote Your Blog

    If you want to run an online business, a blog may still be at the heart of that business, and you need to promote your blog in order to be successful. But how do you stand out in a crowded internet landscape? The tips below can help you spread the word.

    Open Up Your Wallet

    Sure, there are a lot of ways to promote your blog for free, but the fact of the matter is that if you really want to get your brand out there, you’ll probably need to spend money to do it. That could mean needing to cut back on your expenses elsewhere. One way to do this is by consolidating your student loans. If you have already been considering this and you want more details, you can review a guide that will help you understand the options available and what you need to know. With the money that you save each month from your student loan consolidation due to only one servicer each month, you can put more to promoting your blog.

    Lay the Groundwork

    Before you throw yourself into promotion, you need to have the right elements in place. Your blog needs to have a focus, and you need to have an idea of who your audience is. You also need to have engaging content that your readers will want to return for; the best promotions in the world will not help if there is nothing of value once people get to your blog. Be sure that there are no barriers to people visiting your pages, such as long load times or a lack of responsive design. You should also have the right tools in place to track engagement so that you’ll know what works best with your audience.

    Use Social Media

    Social media is one of the best ways to promote your blog, but this is not just about putting up posts with a link on it. You need to establish an ongoing relationship with your audience and a social media presence that is consistent with your blog. Here’s where you may want to spend some money. A consultation with an SEO or social media expert or just paying for promoted posts can help you significantly boost your profile.

    Start Emailing

    While email may seem virtually old-fashioned these days, it is still an excellent marketing tool and has a high return on investment. Your email marketing strategy can range from something as low-key as including a link to your blog in your email signature to creating and maintaining a subscriber’s list. A newsletter can be a great way to let your readers know what is new on your blog and to give them special offers that aren’t available to others.

    Network Effectively

    There are many different ways to network and promote your blog. One of the easiest is simply reading and engaging with other bloggers, putting comments on their sites. Some bloggers offer the opportunity to guest post, and you can write these as well as reciprocate. There may also be seminars, workshops and conferences for bloggers in your field. Look for opportunities to be a panelist or do a talk about your area of expertise.

    Best 5 free Online Video Editing Software for PC

    Top software for online video editing on Windows or Mac. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are sure that you will be able to choose something for yourself.

    It goes without saying that video editing is a top trend today. We live in a digitized world with social networking sites where tons of cool videos are uploaded every day. Some of them are funny whereas others are superb marketing tools that allow brands to promote their goods or services online. But how to choose the right online video editing software? What tools have more features and allow you to make touching videos? Whether you are an amateur or a professional video blogger, you won’t create the best videos until you use the best video editing programs. In this insightful post, we’ll take a closer look at the most powerful video-making software that can be used for creating family, marketing and travel videos.

    Get comfortable and have a look!


    It’s a free but powerful animation-making tool that features more than a million media assets, including sound effects and music and even motion graphics. The greatest benefit of this solution is that all these assets are free for users. Thanks to Moovly, you can easily create stunning animations that won’t leave the audience indifferent. You can choose available templates and customize your videos. As a result, you’ll create your own animation.

    On top of that, Moovly also features a built-in tool kit that also enables users to integrate with Shutterstock to get access to more features. This will surely make the animation process smoother. 

    Even if you are new to video editing, you’ll easily understand how to use this tool as it has a user-friendly interface. There’s a 30-day free trial version. That’s enough to check the functionality of this tool. By the way, no credit card is required!

    However, Moovly has two shortcomings:

    • There’s a watermark on all free videos;
    • You can’t download videos that you’ve created.


    When it comes to choosing a superb tool for making simple marketing videos, we couldn’t pass by Fastreel – a reliable online video editing program that comes with a plethora of templates and tools. The greatest benefit of Fastreel is that you are allowed to use this program’s free version for a long time. But beware that all free videos will have a watermark.

    You can also create your videos in Fastreel and quickly export them to Facebook or YouTube. Overall, Fastreel is very easy to use as there’s a detailed explanation to absolutely every feature.


    Eager to find a tool that allows you to make creative videos? You’ve come to the right place as PowToon can meet the requirements of the most demanding users. Thanks to this cloud-based solution, you can make professional animations. All in all, the whole design process is quick and smooth. On top of that, PowToon is integrated to many top websites. This means that you can choose content from a huge database that includes a big collection of files, available for free.

    This tool supports MP4 and enables you to create GIFs, crop and cut videos, and turn your creative ideas into reality. 

    Unfortunately, there’s one shortcoming – you can make only a 3-minute video for free! Besides, you are also limited in storage space.


    It’s a powerful and multi-featured solution for making animations. The greatest benefit of this tool is that you can make animations without a watermark on them. Moreover, Biteable, also features a wide array of ready-to-use templates and live-action scenes that enable you to make exciting animations.

    Besides, you can also add music, text, and other incredible effects that allow you to customize your video. After you make a video in Biteable, you can easily share it online, on YouTube or Facebook. All users of Biteable also have a free 1 GB storage space. Overall, this program allows you to make superb promotional content for your business needs.

    However, there’s one disadvantage – you can make only five free videos per month. You are also limited in functionality until you buy a subscription.


    If the above-mentioned tools aren’t for you, you can also opt for Animatron – s superb solution for making videos online. Google, Disney and other industry leaders are already using this platform for building exciting promotional videos. On top of that, Animatron also features a wide array of mind-blowing options. With this platform, you’ll surely have the right tool for creating various videos. Simply put, you can make catchy animated banner ads and educational videos in a few clicks. There are more than 500,000 free media clips that can be incorporated to your video for free. On top of that, Animatron is also used for making a whiteboard animation style; this will undoubtedly help you save money on too expensive video editing software.

    However, Animatron also comes with a few shortcomings. Firstly, you can make only 5 videos per month for free. Secondly, the free version allows you to make only 3-minute videos.

    After All:

    In this post, we’ve brought together the best tools that have the highest rating online. All these programs have millions of positive testimonials that prove their impeccable reputation on the market. Some of them have similar features whereas others have something different to offer. They allow you to make cool promotional videos, make a slideshow from photos, create videos for your family archive, ets.

    We recommend trying a few tools, checking their functionality, making a few videos, and gradually, you’ll choose the best one for yourself. Remember that your success on the market partially depends on the software that you use.

    Choose only reputable solutions and the result won’t belong incoming!

    Free Social Network Analysis Software – Who is Watching You?

    You spend a lot of time on social media, don’t you? Don’t worry, most of us do. And if you are like us, you have probably been at least a little bit curious about who is actually looking at your profile the most. Maybe a former friend or someone you like is secretly lurking your profile? Well now there is a mobile app that can show you your top profile views.

    Check out the mobile app Social Network Analyzer.

    SNA screenshot

    Social Network Analyzer was created by Bilal Raad. This innovative app retrieves a full list of your social network profiles – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then it goes on to work analyzing your top interactions like comments, likes, and chats – it even goes as far as showing you your profile views. In order to find out who views your profile you have to interpret the list a little bit. But don’t worry, it is easy. All you have to do is exclude the people that you normally interact with, the rest will be your viewers. There is a free version and a paid version. Check out the free version first and try it out, if you like what you see you will have the option to switch to the paid version. The free version shows you a part of the list but for a complete list you will have to purchase the full version. If you do not want to pay, there are still bonuses that allow you to unlock the top spots. All you have to do is share Social Network Analyzer on your Twitter or Facebook profile.

    Ready to find out who is secretly viewing your social media profiles? Go download Social Network Analyzer. The app is currently available on iOS and Android devices. Head to your app store and search for “Social Network Analyzer” to download it today.

    4 Apps Like Social Network Analyzer

    • InstaGhost is a great application which lets everyone to get noticed with the interactive users who have just stopped posting anymore and who is fed up with using Instagram.
    • Crowdfire is an all in one solution for managing your social media concerns under one platform.
    • Wish to get a huge number of Likes on Instagram? Need to be well known like VIPs like Kim Kardashian, Dan Bilzerian, and others? Utilize a final application – Get Likes for Instagram.
    • SocialViewer for Instagram is another intuitive app for Instagram users which enables its users to calculate all their account activity and access data for each user who is interested with your profile freshly.

    Meet Free Social Network Analysis Tools


    Socilab is an online tool that lets you visualize and analyze LinkedIn network using methods derived from social-scientific research. It displays a number of network measures drawn from sociological research on professional networks, and percentile bars comparing your aggregate network measures to past users. Also, there is a messaging feature that allows you to type and send a message to the selected LinkedIn contacts.


    JUNG stands for Java Universal Network/Graph Framework. This Java application provides an extendible language for the analysis, modeling and visualization of data that could be represented as a graph or network.JUNG supports numerous graph types (including hypergraphs) with any properties.

    It enables customizable visualizations, and includes algorithms from graph theory, social network analysis and data mining. However, it is limited by the amount of memory allocated to Java.


    Netlytic is a cloud-based text analyzer and social network visualizer that can automatically summarize large dataset of text and visualize social networks from conversations on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, online forums, and blog comments. The tool is mainly developed for researchers to identify key and influential constituents, and discover how information flow in a network.


    NodeXL is an open-source template for Microsoft Excel for network analysis and visualization. It allows you to enter a network edge list in a worksheet, click a button and visualize your graph, all in the familiar environment of the Excel window.

    The tool supports extracting email, YouTube, Facebook. Twitter, WWW, and Flickr social network. You can easily manipulate and filter underlying data in spreadsheet format.

    How to Delete my Parler Account? [30-sec Video Guide]

    Learn how to Delete Account on Parler. This is the best method of how to Remove Account in Parler.

    To be brief: First off, yes, you cannot delete your Parler account with a push of a button. There is one mention of an email you have to contact in their Privacy Statement.

    Step-by-step Video Guide:

    How do I deactivate a Parler account permanently?

    First, open the Parler app. Afterwards, click on the 3 dashes icon. Then, go to the Settings and Privacy tab. Now scroll down to the Legal tab and choose Delete Account.

    iOS App

    1. Select the Side Navigation Menu in the top left corner of the screen. 
    2. Select Settings and Privacy.
    3. Scroll down to Legal Section.
    4. Select Delete Account.
      1. Mobile Browser Opens to
    5. Select Delete Account.
    6. Enter Username.
    7. Enter Account Email for this account.
    8. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
    9. Select Submit.
      1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
      2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.

    Android OS

    1. Navigate to on your Android browser.
    2. Select Delete Account.
    3. Enter Username.
    4. Enter Account Email for this account.
    5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
    6. Select Submit.
      1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
      2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


    1. Navigate to
    2. Select Delete Account.
    3. Enter Username.
    4. Enter Account Email for this account.
    5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
    6. Select Submit.
      1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
      2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


    B2B Instagram Statistics For 2021

    Instagram is a powerhouse when it comes to social media marketing.

    But what makes Instagram attractive for B2B marketers in 2021?

    The aesthetics and ease of use make Instagram one of the most engaging social platforms for consumers and companies alike, and that in turn makes it valuable for marketers. It is important to understand how Instagram works so you don’t miss a golden opportunity to target, engage and sell to customers.

    If you haven’t invested in Instagram, the time has come. If you’re not convinced, or you’re unsure how Instagram could work for your business, keep reading. I’m going to share with you 33 statistics that every B2B marketer should know about Instagram – everything from demographics to usage to posting frequency. This data comes from HubSpot, Pew Research Center, eMarketer, L2, Instagram, and Simply Measured to name a few.

    How to transfer Google Photos to my iCloud

    I like Google Drive Services and use iPhone. I need move my Photos and Videos from Google Photos to iCloud.

    Google Photos’ free unlimited storage has been such a lucrative offer that even many iOS users have opted for the service over Apple’s own offering. But as per a recent announcement, this particular feature will be available only until June 1st, 2021 after which all “High” quality photos will also be counted against the storage space.

    This is the main reason iOS users could be considering the option of moving back to iCloud storage.

    If you are one of those and wondering how to transfer Google photos to iCloud, you have opened the right article. In this tutorial, we will first tell you how to export Google Photos’ photos within a few clicks. The next phase will be to move that exported data to Apple’s iCloud service without any hiccups. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

    Steps to download all Google photos in one go:

    • Visit Google Takeout ( website on your desktop or mobile web browser.
    • Click the “Deselect All” option and then select Google Photos service from the list of all Google apps and services.
    • Scroll to the bottom and click the “Next” button.
    • Set your preferences for download frequency, file type, and file size.
    • Click the “Create Export” button to proceed further.
    • This will begin the process of exporting photos in your chosen file type. It will take time depending on the size of the data that you are exporting. Google will send you an email with a download link once the process is complete.

    Here’s how this looks:

    Steps to download select Google photos:

    • If you want to download only a few select photos, visit Google Photos ( website on your desktop or the app on your iOS device.
    • On a desktop, select the photos that you want to download and use the “Shift + D” keyboard shortcut to begin the download process. You can also click the three-dot icon in the top right corner to click on the Download option.
    • On the iOS app, tap and hold on a photo to get into the selection mode.
    • Choose all the photos that you would like to download and tap on the sharing icon at the top.
    • Next, tap the “Share to…” option and choose your preferred sharing destination like AirDrop and Save to Device. The latter option is meant for storing photos on your iOS device and is recommended only if you have enough storage space available.

    Now that you have downloaded Google photos, it is now time to proceed to the second half of the tutorial i.e. to make them available on your iCloud storage.

    Steps to transfer Google photos to iCloud:

    • Visit the iCloud ( website and choose the Photos option.
    • Click the cloud icon in the top right corner with an upwards arrow. This is the upload option.
    • It will open a dialogue box for you to navigate your desktop’s file locations. Choose the Google Photos folder(s)/file(s) that you downloaded through Google Takeout or Google Photos website and they will start uploading.
    • If you used the iOS app to store photos locally on your iOS device, simply visit Settings->Photos to ensure that the iCloud Photos toggle is turned on. This will automatically sync your photos with the iCloud storage.

    How to copy Instagram captions

    Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to stay updated on what your friends and favorite celebrities are up to. And if you are a regular user of the platform, you must have come across captions, comments or a bio which you would have wanted to copy to share somewhere else or to save for yourself but because of the way app works, it does not let you copy anything. The developers of the app have disabled the native copying functionality in the app which would have left you disappointed.

    This is the reason we will tell you how you can copy Instagram captions, comments and bios directly from your smartphone with ease. There are two methods and you can use any of them based on your preference. So, let’s get started.

    Using web browser:

    The first method to copy any Instagram caption, comment or bio is to open the same in the web browser of your smartphone. To open any post in a web browser, you simply need to visit that particular post and tap the three dot icon. Now, tap Copy Link option to copy the post URL which you will need to paste into the web browser (we are using Google Chrome for this tutorial). Once you will do that, you will be able to copy the post, caption, and any of the comments like you copy any other thing on your smartphone. As for copying bios, all you need to do is to open that particular Instagram profile in the web browser and start copying.

    Using a dedicated Android app:

    The second method is to make use of a dedicated Android app which will make it possible for you to copy anything from any app including Instagram. We will talk about it step by step which you can read in detail below.

    Step 1: Download and install Universal Copy on your Android device. Launch the app and tap the first option to enable the app. It will ask you for some accessibility settings permission which you need to grant to proceed.

    Step 2: Open the Instagram app and visit the post/comment/bio you would like to copy. Tap Universal Copy notification from the notification bar to enter the Universal Copy mode on your device.

    Step 3: Tap the text you are interested in and select Copy option at the top right corner to copy all the text. In case, you want to select only a particular portion, tap the edit icon at the top before tapping the copy icon.

    This way, you can copy any Instagram caption, comment or bio from your smartphone within a matter of few seconds (or minutes depending on your internet connection). If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

    Copy Instagram and comment are the best thing you tell us thanks for telling this


    Social Security Number (SSN) Generator

    This class can be used to generate and validate United States social security numbers.

    It can generate random numbers for testing purposes based on the social security administration specifications. The numbers do not exist but are well-formed, so they could be valid.

    The class can also validate given social security numbers verifying whether they correspond to number ranges that have really been issued by the social security administration.

    Social security numbers are often used by United States institutions to identify individuals.

    A site that needs to accept from the users this kind of identity information usually needs to test it with valid identity information.

    This class can be used to generate valid United States social security numbers that can be used for testing sites.

    How to Search on Tiktok

    This Guide How will teach you how to search for videos on Tiktok on the mobile app only since the search feature is not available on the web.


    1. Open Tiktok. This app icon looks like a black, red, and green music note that you’ll find on one of your Home screens, in the app drawer, or by searching.
    2. Tap. You’ll see this magnifying glass along with “Discover” at the bottom of your screen.
    3. Tap the search bar. It’s at the top of your screen.
    4. Type your search. Before you press “Enter” or “Search” on your keyboard, you’ll see a list of recommended search results appear in a drop-down below the search box. You can tap one of these to see that search, or you can press “Enter” or “Search” on your phone’s keyboard to see all your search results.
      • Your search results will be sorted between “Top,” “Users,” “Videos”, “Sounds”, and “Hashtags.”

    Find Trending Songs

    Because Tiktok is a dance- and music-based app, trending songs are also an important part of a successful strategy on the platform. The most common way to do this is by scrolling through your For You Page, as the algorithm will be showing you some of the most popular videos right now.

    However, if you took our earlier advice and followed TikTok influencers, you can also go to your Following page to see what the influencers you’re following are posting. From there, you can click the small spinning circle in the bottom right corner of the video. That will take you to a page that shows all of the videos that were created using that audio. This is a great way to see which songs are trending.

    Many users will do just that. When they find a song or audio clip that they like, they’ll want to see what other videos were created using that same clip. So, they click through to see the rest of the videos. If you create a video using a popular song, you can increase the chances that your video will be seen.

    Successful E-Learning Strategy

    According to’s 2019 Learning and Development Report, e-learning is the top technology chosen by L&D departments in 2019, and yet the same report states that face-to-face training is still more engaging for employees.

    So, what’s the issue?

    Technology today offers possibilities in the learning industry that were unimaginable a few years ago. For example, in some industries, theory will only take you so far and practical training is needed to get the job done, which implies putting untrained recruits in what might be uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. Understandably, this is unacceptable for most and so what typically happens is that trainees never see the actual conditions in which they’re going to be working in until after they finish their training.

    To solve this, some companies are applying VR and artificial intelligence training to simulate the exact same hazardous conditions or dangerous situations of real work environments to prepare trainees for any eventuality, without ever putting them in harm’s way. And this is only one of the many possible and innovative way in which digital learning is being applied in L&D today.

    So why is face-to-face training still more engaging for employees than e-learning programs? While there exist many successful and innovative cases of e-learning in L&D (Learning and Development), that’s not every case, and how you apply a digital learning strategy is just as important as the learning programs themselves. 

    Developing a successful L&D strategy that makes use of e-learning’s potential is easy, but its success relies almost entirely on how it’s carried out and this will vary according to where it’s applied, who creates the programs and who the learners are. Regardless, there are factors that are essential to all learning strategies. Here are the three most crucial steps to consider in your e-learning strategy to be successful.

    Have clear goals

    Having clear goals is important in any project, whether it involves learning or not, and it should not be underestimated. Whether envisioned for the long-term or the short-term, it’s always preferable that goals be tangible and measurable, otherwise success will be hard to gauge.When implementing a digital learning strategy, goals can be determined in countless ways. You may want to help employees develop specific skills to better their performance, such as communication or leadership, or maybe your goal is to implement a greater cultural shift towards learning and development in your company. In either case, goals give any project a sense of direction, something to aim for, and this will help you drive your L&D efforts and ultimately achieve success. As a matter of fact, Leadership and Management courses were the most requested type of training according to the UK 2019 L&D Report.

    Keep it learner-centric

    Second to having defined and measurable goals is knowing your audience. Both the content and delivery of training programs must be taken into consideration and designed with a specific group of learners in mind so as to make learning as effective as possible.

    In this case there’s a lot to be learned from fields such as UX and UI which are both user-oriented and focus on how to optimize the user experience. In e-learning, Learner Experience Mapping (LEM) tries to analyze a learner’s journey through a course or learning program with the goal of creating the best possible experience for the learner.

    To achieve the greatest impact with your learning strategy, it’s best to align your overall business goals with the professional development goals of your employees and using LEM to better know your learners and their goals can greatly aid your engagement rates.

    Measure your progress

    Finally, you can’t possibly know if your learning strategy is successful if you can’t measure its progress and the tools you use for this will vary. Many learning management systems have built-in measuring and analytics tools that will allow you to analyse your strategy, but it’s also possible to set your own structure or initiatives to asses the impact of your digital learning strategy and see if it’s aligned with the goals you set beforehand. 

    This could be in the form of measuring employee performance in terms of the knowledge you want them to acquire by setting specific performance goals or KPIs that align with your programs’ content, or you could have a more direct approach and ask for feedback from learners. 

    It’s important to keep in mind that this step might also include having to reassess and recalibrate both your goals and content based on the results of your analysis. Being able to learn from and adapt your strategy is common practice for successful businesses and should never be considered a failure or setback, but as yet another step towards growth.

    Louisa Garcia Moreno is a content editor for the professional development portal Based in Stockholm, she has written articles on a wide range of subjects about trends within education and professional training, such as L&D, cultures of innovation and leadership.

    Easy Way to Download Video from Twitter

    What to Know
    Downloading Twitter videos on a PC or Mac is the easiest method. Copy the tweet’s URL and head to sssTwitter Tool.

    How to download videos from Twitter from Chrome, Safari or another web browser?

    The easy way to download videos from Twitter, ready to watch offline whenever you like

    How to download videos from sssTwitter tool online

    With twitter downloader, you can download both videos (since you can already save images natively) and here are the steps involved:

    1. Open Twitter in your phone app or browser.
    2. Copy the URL of the video/GIF-containing tweet.
    3. Paste the link in the URL field on sssTwitter and click “Download”.

    You can select your preferred resolution for the video clip and download it. For example, a 960×720 px video in mp4 format will take only 744 kb. But the file name consists of random characters, which makes it difficult to identify it in a folder.

    Whatch this video guide:

    Alternative way

    To be honest, even though I work in digital marketing, I very often download videos from Twitter. If you do it more often, catch another way. It’s much easier than the aforementioned way.

    Install Chrome Extention – Link

    1) After installation, Extention added a “Download” button under every Tweet with a video embed.
    2) Press the “Download” button and choose a desirable quality.
    3) Your video will be downloaded quickly.

    How to download videos from Twitter to an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

    As an iPhone owner, it is important for me to be able to use this tool on my phone. Unfortunately, it is more complicated and requires 5 steps to save the video:

    1. Open the tweet with the video you want to download. You can use the Safari browser or the official app.
    2. Copy the link of the Tweet.
    3. Launch the installed file manager app and find a Browser tab in the bottom right corner. Open it.
    4. In the browser address bar type and hit Enter. You should see a field where you can paste the copied link and then tap the Download button.
    5. In a couple of seconds, you will get several links for the desired video. Chose the quality of the video. That is it!

    How to download videos from Twitter to an Android

    Users of Android devices are in luck. Just 4 steps and the right video is in your pocket:

    Step 1. Open the video you want to download. You can do it with a web-browser or official Twitter app.

    Step 2. Copy the link of the Tweet.

    Step 3. Go back to and paste the link at the top.

    Step 4. Press the Download button and choose resolution.

    Bottom line

    You can also install apps on your phone for easy access, but I find it safer to run web app from my browser instead of giving more permissions to third-party apps on my device.

    What tool do you use to download videos from Twitter and usually use it from your phone or computer?

    Here’s When to Say ‘Happy Holidays’ Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’

    It’s that time of year… when you dread every interaction because you don’t know whether to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” or maybe some secret salutation you don’t even know yet. So what are you supposed to say?

    In general, “Happy Holidays” is accepted as the broadest and most inclusive greeting at this time of year. If you know someone celebrates Christmas you can go with “Merry Christmas,” but tis the season for interacting with strangers (selling to them, buying from them, bumping into them on your way out of Target). You’re also likely to express holiday wishes to folks you might not know very well, like a colleague or your child’s teacher. And when the time comes to wish them well, it’s usually best to go for general.

    Why does the “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” debate exist?

    In the US, the period from late November until early January is lumped together as “the holiday season.” You’ve got your biggies like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s, plus dates that get not quite so much attention, like Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, Boxing Day, and Festivus. With that many holidays crammed into a few weeks, it makes sense to go for the general holiday wish.

    True, there aren’t too many people who celebrate all of those holidays. But the point is to acknowledge that different people celebrate different holidays

    Also, this debate isn’t just about words: it’s about being politically correct and inclusive of diverse beliefs and traditions across the country.Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing always looks great? Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.

    “Holidays” are more inclusive

    Although Christmas has been the most widely celebrated holiday in the United States for decades, the US is more diverse than it’s ever been before, so not everyone celebrates Christmas. Some people get a Christmas tree, but don’t have any traditions associated with Christianity. And plenty of people who live in the US have a different religious tradition, or no religious tradition at all.

    If you say “Merry Christmas” to someone who celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, you could make them feel marginalized: like their own beliefs aren’t valued or respected by society. And that’s not a good way to feel around the holidays.

    What about saying “Happy Holidays” to someone who celebrates Christmas—won’t that make them feel bad, too? Unfortunately, there’s a chance of that, especially because Christmas is still so widely celebrated. But one holiday being more popular than the others doesn’t mean you should ignore the other ones.

    Think of it this way: “Happy Holidays” includes Christmas as one of those holidays, and “Merry Christmas” leaves out everything other than Christmas.

    If you live in an area with mostly Christians, or if you know someone has a Menorah and not a Christmas tree, you can generally feel safe with a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah.” But if you don’t know, or aren’t quite sure, it’s probably best to stay general rather than taking a guess and potentially making someone feel bad.

    So, “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”?

    A good rule of thumb: if you don’t know what someone celebrates, use the broader term. It’s as easy as that.

    It’s not an insult to Christmas. It’s an inclusive way of wishing someone well and showing that you respect and value whatever tradition they observe. Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg agrees:

    ″‘Happy Holidays’ allows everybody to be included…When you’re walking past somebody, you don’t know what their religious beliefs are or whether they have them. If they have religious beliefs and you can’t tell what they are, say ’Happy holidays.”

    If Whoopi says so, there’s got to be something to it.

    In a time of year that’s already hectic, wondering what to wish people can be yet another stress. But don’t forget that even with all the errands, tasks, and projects that need to be finished up by the end of the year, this is also a season that’s supposed to be happy or merry. You’re wishing someone a positive time of year. What matters most is the sentiment, not the specific holiday they celebrate.

    Sure, there’s the occasional stickler who demands specificity—“What holidays do you mean?” Still, most people will see your attempt at sharing seasonal cheer and shoot you a smile, rather than insisting you clarify exactly which holiday you have in mind. Even if you celebrate one holiday and the person you’re talking to observes another one, by using the inclusive term, you’re doing your part to make sure everyone’s holiday actually is as happy as it can be.

    4 Types of Social Proof to Build Trust on Your Website

    In this day and age, when the market is saturated and there’s a new business every day, it’s crucial to create a positive brand image and identity that will help you separate your business from others in the same niche, get the recognition you need for success, and evoke trustworthiness in your target audience. Since we live in a digital age where social media channels have gone above and beyond when marketing is concerned, it’s no wonder that businesses today do their best to utilize the concept of social proof in order to create the connection and trust with their potential customers.

    The importance of social proof

    It might come as a surprise to you but almost 70% of customers online will first check out the product/service reviews before they make a decision to trust your business. In that respect, you can’t ignore the power of social proof. In the age of digital media, it’s easier than ever for people to find evidence of the quality of the product/service they’re interested in, and businesses that fail to understand this will be the ones setting themselves back. After all, there’s no other way for an online business to prove their trustworthiness than to provide their target audience with social proof. In that respect, turning to your existing customer base could be crucial for continuously growing your business.

    Boost your reputation with the following social proofs

    1. Customer testimonials

    Using customer testimonials is one of the most popular types of social proof to build trust on your website. After all, people are more inclined to believe their friends and family if they get a recommendation from them. What’s more, even customer testimonials from complete strangers can boost your conversion rate considerably compared to not having anything to show in this regard.

    It’s important to gather your customer testimonials in order to use them on your business site. This isn’t that difficult to do with the right approach. Essentially, you want to make sure that your testimonials contain the problem that the customer had, the adequate help they got to solve that problem thanks to your product/service, and the benefits they experienced overall.

    You don’t even have to go through this process manually thanks to the comprehensive social proof tool options available. With this kind of tool to back you up, you’ll get to increase your conversion rate, boost ROI, and mark a notable rise in your site visits. Integration that picks up data is quite easy and can save you a lot of time.

    2. Online features and mentions

    Even in the world of online marketing, getting mentioned and featured means a lot. It’s not uncommon for businesses to hire PR specialists to help them widen their reach on the Internet through the positive mentions and features in other online magazines, social media and blog posts, YouTube videos, and so on. Actually, combining traditional with digital marketing, in this case, works exceptionally well, as being featured on TV or newspapers still looks rather good in the eyes of the consumers.

    So, if your brand has been mentioned, featured or otherwise reviewed favorably on the Internet or traditional marketing sources, don’t hesitate to utilize that fact to your advantage and turn it into the social proof on your own business website. Doing this is a great way to boost credibility and authority in the industry, and stand strong against the competition.

    3. Notable customer brands’ logos

    In case your main target audience consists of other businesses, showcasing the most notable brand logos that have already put trust in your products/services is a great way to build up your social proof and grow the credibility of your business.

    However, you won’t be able to showcase every single logo of every brand that has purchased from you. That said, it’s important to focus your attention on your target audience once more, and choose those brands that perfectly represent your ideal customer.

    Read: 5 Dollars Logo vs AI-Generated for $7M

    4. Number of customers (sold products)

    If you have a large customer base that’s in the hundreds or even thousands, you should definitely make the most out of this number and showcase it on your business website as social proof. The same goes for a product or service that’s been selling really well. After all, when people go to your website and see the counter that shows this huge number of customers who already trust you or the number of products/services sold, they’re bound to think you must be doing something right (and better than your competitors).

    When numbers are concerned, you can spread your wings freely and use the statistics to your advantage. For instance, aside from the number of customers and/or sales made, you can also showcase the number of your blog readers, subscriptions, social media followers, and so on.

    Great website design, meaningful content, exceptional customer service, and admirable SEO are all essentials for putting your business on the map and improving your rank. However, the way to the consumers’ trust is through social proof. 

    RefaceAI: How to build Affordable deepfake App

    In 2019, the Ukrainian IT-company Neocortext (current RefaceAI) released the Doublicat mobile app (now Reface), with which the user can replace the face on the gif with his own. Six months later, the application was already changing faces to video, and by August the number of its installations exceeded 20 million.

    About RefaceAI

    Category: Entertainment
    Initial Release Date: Dec 23, 2019
    Size:84.4 mb
    Company HQ:Ukraine
    Content Rating:Rated 12+

    According to the analytics service App Annie as of August 15, Reface is among the ten most popular apps on iOS in 15 countries, and on Android – in 19.

    source: sensortower

    How the user interacts with the service?

    To insert their face into a GIF or video, the user takes a photo in the application and selects a template, for example, a fragment from a movie. After that, the algorithm changes its appearance in a few seconds. The result can be downloaded immediately or shared on social networks.

    How does the technology work and where is it used?

    Usually, when creating a deepfake, it takes a lot of time to train a neural network. At the same time, a separate network must be trained for each person.

    However, RefaceAI has created a universal Artificial neural network to replace any human face, thanks to which a deepfake is obtained in seconds. The developers have trained the network on millions of images from open libraries (the company does not disclose the name), so it can change faces in both photos and videos.

    Having received the user’s photo, the network “translates” it into face embeddings – an anonymized set of numbers. According to it, the machine determines the facial features and transfers them to the template.

    Deepfake turns out to be more realistic thanks to machine learning, including a GAN-type neural network – its peculiarity is that it includes two networks that train each other. In the case of Reface, for example, they “adjust” the color of the user’s face to the lighting of the original video or picture.

    Startup Success Story

    RefaceAI, the company behind Reface, was founded in 2011 by:

    • Roman Mogilny – CEO.
    • Oles Petriv – Technical Director.
    • Yaroslav Boyko – Chief Operating Officer.

    Before the face-swapping app, entrepreneurs had been involved in various projects for seven years: developing websites, collaborating with post-production studios for Hollywood films, where machine learning technologies were needed. For example, they converted a video from 2D to 3D format.

    In 2018, the company came up with the idea to create an app that would replace faces in photos. At that time, RefaceAI employed six people.

    RefaceAI has raised 1 round. This was a Pre-Seed round raised on Dec 5, 2019. Adventures Lab has invested in the startup between $300,000 and $500,000. &

    In March 2019, Elon Musk posted photos on Twitter with his face instead of Dwayne Johnson’s. The image featured the Reflect watermark. Due to this publication, application traffic has grown tenfold, entrepreneurs noticed.

    By September, the co-founders realized that simply changing faces in photos was not enough. At that time, product manager Ivan Altsibeev joined the team. He will suggest switching to gifs. The idea turned into a Doublicat app. It was presented at Product Hunt in January 2020.

    According to Mogilny, Petriva and Boyko, Doublicat received about 600 mentions in the media, including Forbes and Mashable.

    post on Forbes

    Six months later, the company added face-to-video to the app and renamed Doublicat to Reface. With the new feature, the service has grown in popularity, with Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and other celebrities sharing their videos.

    Reface currently has 20 million installs and continues to grow. How quickly, the company does not specify. Her spokesperson added that 65% of users share content created in the app.

    The basic version of Reface is free. The company receives income from advertising and paid subscriptions, where you can turn off the watermark: 199 rubles per week, 299 rubles per month and 1990 rubles per year. The company does not disclose the total revenue from the service.

    To replace faces in photos, developers use images with open licenses, and for gifs they partner with sites like Tenor.

    tenor website screen

    In the case of the video, the company adheres to the advice of lawyers:

    • Content falls under US copyright fair use and therefore does not require licensing.
    • Limits the length of the videos, their quality and the rest of the content.

    If the copyright holder wants to exclude their materials from the application, Reface App will remove them.

    What’s next?

    In an interview Mogilny, Petriv and Boyko explained that the popularity of such applications is usually short-lived, so they use mechanics to retain users.

    According to entrepreneurs, Reface will move forward not only the appearance of new content, but also its localization – so that the user can insert his face into a clip with a popular star in the country.

    Since 2018, RefaceAI has grown to 40 employees. She is currently conducting closed beta testing of the Reface Studio web platform. With its help, creators of entertainment content will be able to insert faces into any video. In the future, the company plans to replace bodies as well.

    As conceived by the founders, the new service will work in the b2b segment as well: it will be useful for creative agencies, filmmakers and computer game developers.

    One of the problems that Reface Studio can face is using the service to create fake news and replace the faces of famous people. To prevent possible harm to the public, developers will apply two approaches:

    1. You cannot use the service anonymously.
    2. The video created in the “studio” will have an invisible mark that the project was created using Reface Studio.

    App Monetization

    Top In-App Purchases from AppStore

    • Weekly $2.99
    • Annual Plus $27.99
    • Monthly $4.99
    • Annual $27.99

    Original post

    AI-powered Smart Webcam for your PC and Mobile

    Yesterday, the NeuralCam team dropped NeuralCam Live, an AI-powered app that turns your iPhone into a smart webcam.

    It’s simple to set up. Download the iOS app, install a Mac driver, and you’re good to go.

    They built a machine learning engine to make you look better, even in your pajamas.

    The Style framework edits video similarly to a professional colorist (think Instagram filters).

    With the Enhance framework, well, you can enhance your video.

    Finally, with the Recognition framework, you can automatically locate your face and remove everything around it. It can also detect and instantly blur facial touches (looking at you, nose pickers) and nudity (there are other apps for that).

    Rapidly developing AI and ML tools will inevitably bring serious innovation to live photography and videography. NeuralCam Live is one of the examples among others (CamoAround, and mmhmm).

    The company is gaining momentum in the growing smart camera space. A year ago, they launched low-light and photo enhancing NeuralCam and NeuralCam Pro.

    The growing number of smart camera apps and video tools (LoomZoom for HomeFacebook PortalRemotion, and Krew) can make working from home a lot more interesting.

    NeuralCam Live is free to download with and has a premium subscription with better features. It works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Sadly, it doesn’t support FaceTime or Safari browser.

    How to send GIFs through text Android or iOS?

    Sending GIFs is a much easier way of expressive emotions without even saying a word. However, not all of us are fully aware of the art of sending GIFs, with a little fault of our own. Every operating system keyboard comes with its own method of sending GIFs in a chat, and we are going to teach you exactly how you can send GIFs on some of the most popular platforms.

    So how to text a gif?

    Texting a GIF is easy. Once you have opened up a messaging app of your choice, such as iMessage or WhatsApp, or the default messenger installed on Android phones, the keyboard would probably give you a GIF option. Simply clicking on it will reveal GIFs, and you can send one by selecting and clicking whichever you like.

    Apart from the inbuilt apps on smartphones that allow you to send GIFs, there are specialized apps such as GIPHY (iOSAndroid ), which have a vast collection of GIFs categorized according to context and geographical culture. Users can also search for the most appropriate one as per their needs by typing in keywords that best describe the emotion they wish to express.

    How to Add Gifs on iMessage (iOS)?

    Adding a GIF to iMessage is simple as the default keyboard provided by the operating system contains a vast collection of GIFs. To use the default keyboard feature to add GIF on iPhone text, follow these steps:

    1. Open the default messaging app to compose a message.
    2. On the left side, tap the icon with an A on it, depicting apps.
    3. Search for the app called #images, which contains all the GIFs included in the database.
    4. Select the #images app, and then choose the GIF of your choice.

    How to Text a Gif on Android OS?

    All Android OS phones come with a designated messaging app. However, they all may look and operate differently. But, all of them come with GIFs for texting. There isn’t much difference between Android and iPhone GIFs, however the way to sending GIFs through both the operating systems slightly varies. If you are using the Google keyboard by default, then sending a GIF over a text message can be done through the following steps:

    1. To send GIF in text message android, open your default messaging app.
    2. Look for a smiley face emoji on the keyboard, and tap it.
    3. Look for the GIF button among all the emojis and tap it.
    4. Use the search field to find your desired GIF or browse through the collection.
    5. Tap your desired GIF to preview it, and then tap the Send button.

    How to Add Gif on Keyboard?

    Although the default keyboard is likely to have a GIF option, in case you are looking for a GIF keyboard that has a more extensive collection of GIFs, then you can add a specialized one on your own as well. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Go on your phone’s app store and search for a GIF keyboard.
    2. Install the one which seems the most suitable for your needs.

    This keyboard would not replace the default keyboard available in your phone’s messaging apps but will be available as a standalone app. To add a GIF, simply open this keyboard and select the GIF of your choice to send as a message through your preferred messaging app.

    How to Add Gif Keyboard to iPhone?

    Since GIFs have become universally popular among iPhone users, Apple has included the texting GIF feature as part of the default iMessage in iOS versions ten and later. Third-party options are also available, in case the default iPhone typing GIF collection is not adequate as per your needs.

    You can also get third-party GIF apps to work with your iMessage app. The most popular one is called GIPHY, and also another one called GIF Keyboard. To download either or both of these apps, there are two options. First, you can use the App Store, available on the iPhone. Second, there is an option to download the app through iMessage.

    To add a GIF keyboard through the iMessage app, follow these steps:

    1. Access the App Store in the iPhone messaging app by clicking the + icon. Downloading an app through this store would not only install an app on your messaging app, but likely show this app on your iPhone’s home screen as well.
    2. Once installed, these apps would become part of the messaging app and can be accessed through the default keyboard.

    How to Use Gif Keyboard on Android

    To use the GIF keyboard feature, all you need to do is follow these steps:

    1. Click on the messaging app and tap on the compose message option
    2. On the keyboard that is displayed, click on the icon that says GIF at the top (this option may only appear for users operating the Gboard). In case this icon is not visible, click on the smiley emoji on the keyboard and then find the GIF icon and tap it.
    3. Once the GIF collection is displayed, find your desired GIF and tap send.

    Another way to use the GIF keyboard on Android phones is through third-party applications. In the Android world, just like the Apple world, GIPHY seems to be a very popular app for an extensive GIF collection. Follow these steps to use the GIPHY (or any other third-party GIF app) on your Android phone:

    1. Launch the app after having installed it through the Google Play Store.
    2. Choose the GIF of your choice by either searching for it or browsing through the collection.
    3. Select any option that allows you to share the GIF on another app, and then tap the icon that represents your phone’s messaging app.
    4. The GIF will now be incorporated within your messaging app’s compose message section. Also, note that your message would have automatically converted to an MMS rather than an SMS to allow for graphical content to be sent.
    5. Select your recipient and send the GIF.

    Unlike the iPhone’s default messaging app, the Android messaging apps don’t contain an in-built app store, and hence you cannot embed third-party GIF keyboards into your default keyboard. However, the collection of GIFs available to you remains the same, regardless of the operating system you use.

    Fitness GYM safety Protocols Checklist App

    Some gyms in the Atlanta and Texas areas begin reopening its centers this week after instituting new hygiene protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Reopening is a step in the right direction.

    One of the gym owners

    We collect all Safety Checklist to one App. You can load it free here:

    This checklist is a management tool to implement practical actions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic at the gym. The successful implementation of the tool is dependent on the cooperation between employers, supervisors and workers to make positive changes in the gym to improve response to and preparedness for COVID-19.

    Responsive Instagram Widget For Website Free and Paid

    Why? – Save time with insta widgets to boost your Website

    Embedding Instagram Feed on your website using a social media feed wall is relatively simpler than you might be hyping it all about. It can be divided into four simple steps:

    • Step-1: Sign Up on Widget.
    • Step-2: Turn on your Instagram account for Service or Add your Insta URL
    • Step-3: Generate The Instagram Widget Embed Code From Service
    • Step-4: Embed the feed widget on your website or Landing page

    Compare and find the right Widget for you

    Free Widgets
    Pro Widgets
     Photos link to SnapWidget
     Supports Instagram photos and videos
     Supports Facebook photos
     Supports Twitter photos and videos
     Twitter filters by hashtag
     Supports HTTPS websites
     Refreshes every 15 minutes
     Photos link to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
     Supports Instagram photos and videos
     Supports Facebook photos
     Supports Twitter photos and videos
     Supports YouTube video widgets
     Username and Hashtag filtering
     Supports HTTPS websites
     Refreshes every 5 minutes
     Create Welcome and Announcement Banners
     Create Instagram Carousel Post Widgets
     Create Hashtag Widgets *
     Priority Customer Support
     Widget Analytics
     Increase sales with Shoppable Images
     Add Your Own Custom CSS
     Display photos in a lightbox
     Previous / Next buttons to display older content
    Check FreeFind Paid

    TOP Free:

    • SnapWidget
      Embed your photos with a responsive Instagram widget. SnapWidget makes it easy to display Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube content on your website.
      Free plan

    Paid with Free Trial:

    • Taggbox
      A Powerful User Generated Content (UGC) Platform to curate and display earned UGC everywhere.
      Start 14 Days Free Trial

    Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    See what some of the best customers on the planet have to say about Widgets and how we’ve helped them grow their business.

    How Apps Can Help You to Grow Your Personal Brand

    Ways To Grow Your Personal Brand in Less Than a 7 Days

    If you want to promote your name and your company online, you have to begin by building your personal brand. You have to begin thinking of yourself and your name as a brand. If you start there, everything else is easy.

    How do I know? I’ve spent years building my own brand, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

    8 Reasons a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful

    • Opportunity finds you.
    • Online networking power.
    • In-person networking power.
    • Build your business.
    • Get hired.
    • Make new friends.
    • Serendipitous success.
    • Confidence.

    1. Do a little preliminary research.

    Before you can build a positive personal profile online for yourself, you need to know what is already out there about you. Did you write a mean op-ed in college that has now made it into Google’s cache? Do you have some unsavory photos floating out there in the world wide web?

    Set up Google alerts using your name. Try to clean up any negative press or posts. You may even want to consider changing your name slightly — such as by using your middle initial or dropping our your nickname to build your new profile. Get your name as clean and professional as possible before you begin building your brand online.

    Apps List:

    2. Get a website.

    If you’re going to make a name for your brand online, you need a site where your audience can visit so they can learn more about you. So, get a personal website with an “About me” page. There are lots of tools that you can use and websites you can visit to help you build your own website. Some of them are free. Some are paid, but remember,  you get what you pay for.

    If you want your website to be dynamic and professional-looking, make sure that you allot enough time, effort (and even money) into it. Use high-resolution photos of yourself and keep your copy short and engaging.

    Apps List:

    3. Think about your audience.

    Who are you trying to reach? This is called your target audience.

    If I’ve learned anything in my years of marketing, it’s that you need to define your audience early on. Are you trying to direct people to your personal website so they can learn something from you? What do you have to offer them?

    By answering these questions, you’ll be able to get a better picture of your audience, and this will give you direction on how you communicate with them on your website and on social media.

    Apps List:

    4. Make friends with influential people online.

    Influencers are some of your best assets as you build your personal brand. Over the years, I’ve made friends with people online who have big audiences in my industry. By building these relationships, my influencers are more willing to share or retweet my social posts to their audiences.

    If you get free exposure to an audience that you are already trying to target, it’s a win-win for both parties. Try out this technique to see if it works for you. If you have the right influencers in your circle, you’ll get more traffic to your website and more engagement in your social posts.

    Apps List:

    5. The more people you meet, the better.

    When you are building a personal brand, the people you know can help promote you. You can’t limit these relationships to online. Perhaps you will reach out to some influencers online, and that is perfectly acceptable. I do that all the time, and it is rewarding to see these friendships form. But, you also need to do everything you can to meet influencers in other ways. Go to local events related to your industry. Network at happy hours.

    Tell everyone what you do everywhere you go, from the waiter at your favorite restaurant to the people you sit beside at church. Expand your circles — and your personal brand — simply by being present with others.

    Apps List:

    6. Be you and only you.

    I’m offering you this advice because I learned the hard way. When you are building a personal brand, you do want to put your best face forward. But you also don’t want to create an online presence that isn’t true to who you really are. Social users are savvy about honesty — and they can tell when marketers are not being vulnerable and genuine.

    So make sure you are putting forth an honest profile of who you are. When you do this, you’ll effortlessly build trust.

    Apps List:

    7. Capture information.

    Once you have started building a relationship with your online audience, it will be time to collect some of their information. This will be useful in building an email list, for example, so you can communicate more directly with your target audience.

    You can test this using creative ways. For example, once you have proven yourself as an established, trusted voice who offers valuable content, you can ask your audience to sign up for your monthly newsletter. You can also create videos to share your brand story. Incentivize this by offering a free giveaway or running a contest to generate excitement around free prizes. Make it fun for your target audience to participate.

    Apps List:

    It can feel overwhelming as you get start building your personal brand. But, it takes less than a week to try out these tips. It’s easy to try one new strategy, and it won’t be long before you have a great target audience listening to you and looking to you for advice. That’s what a personal brand is all about.

    Build own Marketing Team

    About building an online marketing department.

    Internet Marketing.

    We are already working with two

    What are we doing:

    We reveal the business objectives of the company
    Iru Analyze the product and competitors
    Mi form the basic strategy
    We determine the standard design and functions
    Personnel We help to select personnel or companies for outsourcing to perform tasks.

    These are performers. We close the tasks of developing and implementing simple sites with the help of our agency (Onpage). Other services need reliable partners.

    If you are interested in cooperation, write about what it takes and links to a social network or website. If the company, indicate who is the contact person.

    Who is needed:

    • Internet marketer (inhouse)
    • SMM specialist (inhouse)
    • SEO (inhouse)
    • Design Web Designer (outsourcing)
    • Complex Development of complex sites (outsourcing)
    • Food Social networks (outsourcing)
    • Advertising Facebook advertising (outsourcing)
    • Google Advertising Advertising (outsourcing)
    • Email marketing (outsourcing)

    Have a nice day, everyone!)

    Disney Emoji Keyboard

    With the new Disney Emoji keyboard we’ll finally be able to send all of our favorite Disney characters when we text or e-mail. Which is perfect because I’m running out of emojis to use when I’m looking fab. I’m going to use the heck out of this Cinderella icon.

    You’d think by this point Disney would already be knee-deep in emoji waters but that’s not the case. This is the first time we’ve seen Disney characters on a keyboard. They have everything from the classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to other classics like Ariel and Simba. They even have newer characters from Finding Dory.


    • COLLECT thousands of Disney, Pixar and Star Wars emojis and items
    • CHAT with Disney, Pixar and Star Wars emojis
    • POWER UP and blast the board
    • CHALLENGE friends and rule the leaderboard
    • SPECIAL EVENTS and new challenges every day

    But if you thought it was going to be as easy as installing the keyboard and typing away, it’s not. You have to play to unlock characters. To do that just download the Disney Emoji Blitz app on your iOS or Android device and get started with the first couple tutorial games.

    The game is relatively easy, modeling itself after popular match-3 games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz. You’ll unlock the first couple pretty much right away and they’ll be added to your keyboard.

    Once they’re added you have to do the following to add them to your iPhone keyboard:

    Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Select “Emoji Blitz” under the Third-Party Keyboards heading.

    This will be added to your list of keyboards. Now all you have to do is tap on it and allow full access. After that you’re ready to go.

    Try it out. Open your keyboard in a text message and tap and hold the globe icon to select the Emoji Blitz (Disney) keyboard. Choose whichever emoji you want to send and hit the copy icon. Now just paste it in your message and hit send!

    Currently there are over 400 emojis from 33 Disney films including some of the most popular Pixar films like Toy Story. They have plans to stack this keyboard with more and more characters and items from their vast archive of films.

    Executive Producer of the app, Nacia Chambers, explained their approach to Mashable, “We looked at how all of those known platforms were expressing all of these different expressions and then we went and said, ‘Ok, what’s the Disney take on these?’”

    As a sucker for anything Disney I’m happy to see a piece of my childhood represented in my keyboard. So while everyone else is jumping on board with the Pokemon Go craze, I’ll be over here blowing up my friends’ phones with Goofy and Bambi. That’s just how I roll.

    How do you feel about finally being able to use classic Disney emojis?

    How To Find Someone Who Doesn’t Use Social Media

    We all know the fact that this is the age of social media and we have all heard and read it in various places that almost all the people of the world are on social media now. However, that is not the truth and there yet is a big population of the world that is not a part of the social media. Now if you are wondering that how can someone not be on such an entertaining platform then well, let’s say that everyone has his likes and dislikes and some people just find these social media websites to be a waste of time.

    Also, there are people who are not yet aware of what social media is and they don’t have much knowledge of IT technology, etc. So, in a nutshell, those who are not on social media have their own reasons but again, know that there is a big figure of people who aren’t on this platform.

    How to find someone on social media without knowing their name?

    Now, coming back to the topic of today that how exactly can you find someone who doesn’t use social media. Well, if you are someone who is looking for an answer to this question, then you need to stick a little longer because today in this article we are going to jot down a few ways that can help you find people on platforms other than social media. So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can be pretty useful for you.

    #1 Google Search Engine

    There are high chances that google search engine will have the information you need to find a person. You see what actually happens is that if the person you are trying to find has ever used Google or entered his number or name on any website or blog then yes you will have the results that you want. This is the place where you can make an online search and if this won’t work then don’t lose heart because there are several other ways to find a person.

    #2 People Search

    You can use people search platforms such as where you just have to enter the information you have regarding the person you want to find. It is as easy as it seems. Just go to the website, type in the first and the last name and then enter the state where the person lives, there are high chances that you will get your desired results here. This site is currently being used by thousands of people, and till now almost all the customers and users are happy with the results of this site. So, yes you can also try your luck here.

    #3 Phone Number Directories

    The other possible place where you will get the information regarding the person you want to find is the phone number directories. These directories can be your best friend if only you know the number of the person or the full name of the person. Just enter whatever information you have and then click on the search button to get the results.

    These are a few basic ways through which you can find a person who isn’t available on any social media platform. Try the above mentioned three ways, and we assure you that you will get the results you want.

    5 Essential Steps to Successful Lead Ads

    Lead ads are an easy and effective way for potential customers to reach out to you on Facebook and Instagram. In just a few clicks, your leads can complete your lead forms, and you can get accurate information to follow up with them.

    Start getting new customers with lead ads in just 5 steps

    1. Target the right audience
    2. Set your bid and budget
    3. Select your text and images
    4. Create an effective lead form
    5. Follow up with your leads

     more about each of these tips and learn best practices for each step.

    The Outsource IT Team

    Generate new leads by providing value for people.

    Just a few taps can lead to great things.

    Lots of people want to hear from your business, but filling in forms can be difficult on mobile. Facebook lead ads makes the lead generation process easy. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up – it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you. With just a few taps, they can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business.

    Make the most of mobile.

    Pre-populated forms means people can submit their contact information with ease, even on the small screen.

    Reduce drop-offs.

    Our lead ads do most of the work of filling in contact forms, so people are more likely to complete them.

    Find leads that matter.

    Reach the right people by pairing lead ads with our audience selection and optimisation products.

    Ask the right questions.

    To get higher-quality leads, customise your forms to ask for the most important information first.

    Integrate with your CRM.

    Newly generated leads can be synced directly with your CRM, so your sales team can take immediate action.

    Give people what they want.

    Lead ads can take many forms: quote or demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and more.

    In this course, we’ll go over:

    • The benefits of lead ads and how they can be powerful for your business.
    • How lead ads can provide a seamless experience for your potential customers.
    • How you can access lead data in real time, allowing you to follow up with prospects immediately.
    • How to create lead ad campaigns in Ads Manager.

    How To Spy on Your Competitor’s

    Wouldn’t it be great to know what your competitors are doing to rank so well in Google and appear for almost every keyword you want to rank first for?

    What if I told you that you can find your competitor’s marketing strengths and weaknesses using a little Google Fu and a handful of tools?

    In our latest video I take you through some of the first checks I do when I spy on competitor websites.

    If you need someone to check your website for strengths and weaknesses (and how to make use of them), then don’t forget that you’re entitled to a free website reviewvideo recorded by our Digital Marketing Ninjas.

    GRAPHICSTOCK — Unlimited Royalty-free Downloads for $4/mo

    If you’re a designer, whether you’re a freelancer, or small business, then you know exactly how expensive stock images can be.

    If you’re a designer, whether you’re a freelancer, or small business, then you know exactly how expensive stock images can be. GraphicStock can be a wallet-friendly option for high-quality stock images.

    This fantastic service is subscription-based, so no matter how much you download, you’ll never pay more than the cost of the subscription.

    GraphicStock’s library of over 350,000 files includes images in categories like business, people, and nature. You’ll also find illustrations, abstracts, textures, and more!

    After you sign-up, you’ll have instant access to the entire GraphicStock library. As a subscriber, anything you download is yours to keep and use forever, even if you cancel your subscription.

    GraphicStock is continually adding new content. With fresh assets every day, it’s worth keeping your subscription current just to see what will be available next.

    Like the sound of GraphicStock? Well now’s your chance to try it. GraphicStock is offering a 7 day membership trial. Simply signup, and start downloading. Even if you cancel at the end of your trial, anything that you download during the 7 days is yours to keep and use forever, free of charge.

    Choose a plan that fits your license needs

    For cost-conscious designers, GraphicStock is a fantastic addition to the toolbox.