How to find and buy a virtual number for Whatsapp? Hottelecom Service

You may be wondering how to get a WhatsApp number for your business. Well, it’s actually pretty easy. You can buy a virtual number for WhatsApp, which will allow you to use the service for your business purposes. Here’s how to do it.

Why do businesses need a Whatsapp number?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with over 1.5 billion active users. It’s a convenient way for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects, and it can be a powerful marketing tool.

A Whatsapp number is a virtual phone number that you can use to communicate with WhatsApp users. You can use it to send and receive messages, make calls, and even set up group chats. Whatsapp numbers are perfect for businesses that want to reach a global audience or for those who want to keep their personal number private.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a Whatsapp number. First, you need to make sure that the provider you’re using offers virtual numbers in the country where your customers are located. Second, you need to decide whether you want a dedicated or shared number. Dedicated numbers are more expensive but they offer more features and flexibility. Shared numbers are less expensive but they’re less customizable. Third, you need to decide how long you want your number to be active. Some providers like Hottelecom offer monthly plans, while others require yearly commitments.

Once you’ve found a provider that meets your needs, you can sign up and start using your new Whatsapp number right away!

How to get a Whatsapp number for your business?

A virtual number is a phone number that allows customers to call and text you from their mobile phones. This is a great way to stay in touch with customers, as it allows them to reach you on a medium that they are already comfortable with. You can use virtual numbers for Whatsapp to give your business a professional image and make it easier for customers to reach you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for a virtual number for Whatsapp. First, you want to make sure that the provider you choose offers coverage in the countries that you want to target. You also want to make sure that the provider offers reliable service and has a good reputation. Finally, you want to make sure that the provider offers a variety of features that will be useful for your business, such as call forwarding and voicemail.

a. Buying a Whatsapp number

You can buy a virtual number for Whatsapp in a few different ways. You can either purchase a SIM card with a virtual number already assigned to it, or you can buy a virtual number from a provider that offers them specifically for Whatsapp.

If you purchase a SIM card with a virtual number already assigned to it, you will need to make sure that the provider offers compatible coverage in your area. You also need to make sure that the provider offers service for the country or region where you want to use Whatsapp. For example, if you want to use Whatsapp in the United States, you will need to find a provider that offers U.S. coverage.

When buying a virtual number from a provider specifically for Whatsapp, you will need to make sure that the provider offers service for the country or region where you want to use Whatsapp. The provider should also offer plans that include minutes and/or unlimited texting so that you can use Whatsapp without incurring additional charges.

b. Renting a Whatsapp number

There are a number of companies that will rent you a virtual phone number for Whatsapp. This number will then be yours to use for as long as you want. You can use it to verify your account and to receive messages, just like a regular phone number.

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a Whatsapp number. First, you’ll need to make sure that the company you’re renting from supports Whatsapp verification. Not all companies do, so be sure to check before you commit to anything.

Second, you’ll need to ensure that you have access to a working SIM card to activate the number. Most companies will require this, as it’s necessary in order for the verification process to work.

Finally, keep in mind that rented numbers can be expensive. Prices vary depending on the company and the country where the number is located, but expect to pay at least a few dollars per month for most numbers.

c. Using a WhatsApp number from a VoIP provider

WhatsApp can be used with a VoIP number, as long as the provider supports it. You will need to have a compatible phone and VoIP plan to use this method. This is how it works:

  1. Purchase a VoIP plan from a provider that is compatible with WhatsApp. Examples of such providers include, but are not limited to, Ring2Skype, iPlum, and Telzio.
  2. Set up your VoIP plan on your phone. This will usually involve downloading an app from your provider and inputting your account information.
  3. Once you have set up your VoIP account, you will need to configure it to work with WhatsApp. This involves going into the settings menu in WhatsApp and selecting the “Account” option. From there, select “Add Account” and then select “VoIP.” You will then be prompted to input your VoIP account information.
  4. Once you have inputted your VoIP account information, you should be able to start using WhatsApp with your new virtual number!

The benefits of having a WhatsApp number for your business

A WhatsApp number can do wonders for your business. It can help you connect with customers, promote your brand, and stay in touch with employees.

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone line. Virtual numbers can be used to make and receive calls and texts, just like a regular phone number.

Virtual numbers can be used just like a regular phone number.

There are many benefits of having a Whatsapp number for your business.
1) makes it easy for customers to contact you.
2) can be used to promote your brand and build customer loyalty.
3) makes it easy to stay in touch with employees.
4) can be used to make and receive international calls at low rates.
5) is easy to set up and use.

How to use your Whatsapp number for your business?

If you’re using Whatsapp for your business, you may have found that you need a virtual number for your Whatsapp account. Here are a few tips on how to find and buy a virtual number for your Whatsapp business account.

There are a few different ways to get a virtual number for your Whatsapp business account. You can buy a SIM card with a virtual number, or you can use an online service that provides virtual numbers.

When you’re looking for a virtual number for your Whatsapp business account, it’s important to make sure that the provider offers good customer service and has a good reputation. You should also make sure that the provider offers numbers in the country or region where your customers are located.

Once you’ve found a provider that offers good customer service and has numbers in the countries or regions where your customers are located, you can purchase a virtual number for your Whatsapp business account. When you purchase a virtual number, you will be given a unique phone number that is linked to your Whatsapp account. You can use this phone number to send and receive text messages, make and receive calls, and even set up auto-responders.

If you have any questions about how to find and buy a virtual number for your Whatsapp business account, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

How to promote your Whatsapp number?

There are many ways to promote your Whatsapp number. You can use social media, online directories, or even traditional methods like print or TV advertising.

Whatsapp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in recent years, and it’s no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of this by using Whatsapp as a way to reach their customers. If you’re looking to promote your Whatsapp number, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Use social media
Social media is a great way to reach a large audience with your Whatsapp number. You can post about your number on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you’re active on. Make sure to include a call-to-action telling people to add your number to their contacts.

2. Use online directories
There are many online directories that list Whatsapp numbers for businesses and organizations. These can be a great way to get your number in front of potential customers who are already looking for what you have to offer.

3. Use print or TV advertising
If you want to reach a large audience with your Whatsapp number, you can use traditional methods like print or TV advertising. This can be expensive, but if you have the budget for it, it can be a very effective way to promote your number.

Whatsapp number FAQ

WhatsApp FAQ – How to find and buy a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Q: What is a virtual number for WhatsApp?

A: A virtual number is a phone number that can be used with WhatsApp. You can use this number to verify your WhatsApp account.

Q: How do I find a virtual number for WhatsApp?

A: There are many ways to find a virtual number for WhatsApp. You can search online, or you can ask your friends if they know of any good numbers. You can also buy a SIM card with a virtual number from some online retailers.

Q: How much does it cost to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp?

A: The cost of a virtual number will vary depending on the country and the provider. However, you should expect to pay around $1-2 per month for a good quality virtual number.


Finally, we would like to say that buying a virtual number for WhatsApp is not a very complicated process. There are many companies that offer this service and you can easily find one that suits your needs and budget. Just make sure to do your research before making a purchase and you should be able to find a great virtual number for WhatsApp in no time.

Text to Speech on TikTok with Your Voice Easy

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably addicted to TikTok. And if you’re addicted to TikTok, you know that the text-to-speech generator is one of the most popular features.

But what if I told you that there’s an even easier way to generate a text-to-speech voice on TikTok? And what if I told you that I’m going to show you how to do it?

Well, hold on to your hats,

What is Text-to-Speech?

Text-to-speech is a technology that allows computers to convert text into spoken words. This can be useful for people who are visually impaired or have difficulty reading. It can also be used for educational purposes, such as for children who are learning to read.

There are many different text-to-speech programs available, but they all work in basically the same way. First, the computer will convert the text into speech sounds. Then, it will output the spoken words through a sound system, such as a speaker or headphones.

There are a few different ways to create Text-to-Speech TikTok videos. You can use a free online tool like TikTok Voice Changer, or you can purchase a text-to-speech program like TextAloud.

Once you have your text-to-speech program set up, you can start making TikToks! To do this, open the TikTok app and choose the “Create” option at the bottom of the screen. Then, select the “Upload” option and choose the video that you want to use. Finally, select the “Text” option and type in the text that you want to be spoken in your TikTok.

How can I use Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a service that converts text into naturalsounding speech. TikTok offers this feature in order to make it easier for users to create videos with audio narration. In order to use TTS on TikTok, you will need to first enable the feature in the app’s settings. Once you have done this, you can activate the TTS feature by tapping the “Record” button and then selecting the “Text-to-Speech” option.

TikTok offers a range of voices to choose from, so you can select the one that best suits your video. You can also change the speed at which the text is spoken, as well as the pitch. This can be useful if you want your voice to sound higher or lower than normal.

Once you have finished recording your video with TTS, you can share it with your followers or save it to your device.

What are the benefits of using Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

There are several benefits of using Text-to-Speech on TikTok:

-Allows you to connect with a wider audience, as many people prefer to watch videos without sound.
-Great for videos that are educational or instructive in nature, as audiences can follow along without distracted by other sounds.
-Enables you to get your message across more clearly, as the text can be highlighted on screen as it is being read aloud.

How do I generate Text-to-Speech audio on TikTok?

If you’re looking to add audio to your TikTok videos that sounds like it’s being read aloud by a computer, you can accomplish this easily by using the built-in Text-to-Speech tool. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the TikTok app and create a new video.

2. Tap the “Add Audio” button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select the “Text-to-Speech” option from the list of choices.

4. Type out the text that you want to have read aloud in the text box.

5. Select a voice from the choices provided. You can preview each voice by tapping on it.

6. When you’re satisfied with your selection, tap “Done” to add the audio track to your video.

How do I change the Text-to-Speech voice on TikTok?

There are many voices that can be used for the text-to-speech feature on TikTok. To change the voice, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the main screen, then tap on “Settings.” Under “General,” select “Text-to-Speech.” From here, you can select from a list of available voices.

How do I adjust the speed of the Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

There are two ways to adjust the speed of the Text-to-Speech on TikTok. The first is to go to Settings and then tap on Accessibility. From there, you can tap on Speak Selection and then on the slider, you can adjust the speed of the Text-to-Speech. The other way to adjust the speed of the Text-to-Speech is to go to the video itself and tap on the three dots in the right hand corner. From there, you can tap on ‘Settings’ and then adjust the speed under ‘Text Speed’.

How do I add Text-to-Speech to my TikTok videos?

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into speech. It can be used to improve accessibility for people with visual impairments or reading disabilities. You can add TTS to your TikTok videos by following these simple steps:

  • 1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  • 2. Tap on the “Edit Profile” button.
  • 3. Scroll down and tap on the “Text-to-Speech” option.
  • 4. Turn on the TTS feature by tapping on the switch next to it.
  • 5. Select your preferred language from the list of options.
  • 6. You can also customize the speech rate and pitch if you want.
  • 7. Once you’re done, tap on the “Save” button to save your changes.

How do I get started with Text-to-Speech on TikTok?

Getting started with text-to-speech on TikTok is easy. All you need is a phone or tablet running iOS or Android and the TikTok app installed.

Once you have the app open, tap on the + sign in the bottom center of the screen to create a new video. On the next screen, tap on the speech bubble icon in the top right corner. This will open up the Text-to-Speech tool.

Start by typing out the text you want to be read aloud in the field at the top of the screen. Then, use the drop-down menu to select a voice. TikTok offers a variety of voices to choose from, so experiment until you find one you like.

When you’re happy with your selection, tap on “Start Record” and start speaking into the microphone. The text you typed will be read aloud as you speak. When you’re finished, tap on “Stop Record” and then “Next.”

From here, you can add additional text captions or effects before sharing your video with friends or posting it to your profile for everyone to see.

Mangago, the Japanese Manga and Anime Community: Find Endless Entertainment

Mangago is an online community for Japanese manga and anime.

Mangago is a Japanese manga and anime community with tons of manga and anime to enjoy

It has over 1 million active members, with more than 50,000 new members joining each month. Mangago offers its users the latest updates on the newest manga titles, as well as the most popular ones, so that they can stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of manga and anime.

Website link –

It hosts a variety of content including videos, reviews, discussions, forums, quizzes and much more to provide its users with an enjoyable experience. The website also has a library of over 200 books that are available for free download in PDF format.

How Mangago Provides Endless Entertainment and Support

Mangago is a free app that provides endless entertainment and support. It has games, manga, and anime for all ages and interests. The app is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian.

The Complete Guide to Mangago and How You Can Beat Your Friends in This Popular Game

Different Ways to Earn Points in Mangago

In order to earn points in Mangago, you have to do a variety of things. One way is by completing missions. Missions are tasks that you can complete for a certain amount of points. You can also get points by reading manga and doing other things on the app.

The Secrets Behind the Success of Mangago

Mangago is a Japanese anime and manga portal that has been around for more than a decade. Mangago has seen a lot of success in the past few years thanks to the work of their AI writing assistant.

Mangago was founded in October 2005 as an online manga site with an easy-to-use interface and a large collection of manga content. The site was created by four people who wanted to make it easier for people to find and read manga online. They quickly realized they needed help from other people, so they started hiring more staff members, including an AI writer.

The first AI writer at Mangago was introduced in December 2007 and it had an immediate impact on the company’s revenue stream. The company saw its first $1 million month just one year later.

What Mangagos Features Include?

Mangago is a web-based application that helps businesses create, manage and publish compelling content.

Mangago offers a suite of features to make content creation easy for businesses. Some of these features are:

  • – Content Management System (CMS)
  • – Blogging Platform
  • – Publishing Platform
  • – Social Media Integration
  • – Inbound Marketing Tools
  • – Chatbots

Mangagos’ Goals and Future Plans

keywords: what does mangago want to do in the future)

Mangagos’s goal is to be the world’s largest mobile gaming company. They want to do this by expanding in Asian markets, and by building a sustainable business model.

Mangagos has a strategy in mind for the future: they want to be the world’s largest mobile gaming company. To do this, they plan on expanding in Asian markets and finding a sustainable business model.

Conclusion: Mangago’s future looks very promising; we’re excited to see where they go from here!

Mangago is a company that provides an AI writing assistant to help people with their content writing. This article will focus on the use cases of this AI writing tool and how it can be beneficial for both writers and consumers.

There are many benefits to using an AI writing assistant like Mangago. It can help writers who don’t have the skillset to generate content ideas at scale and it can also provide assistance when writers are experiencing writer’s block. It can also be used by digital agencies when they need to generate content for their clients in order to save time and resources.

AI assistants like Mangago will be very important in the future of copywriting because they will provide a way for copywriters to put their skillsets to use more efficiently, rather than wasting time on skills.

Another naming:

  • Mangagi
  • Mangaho
  • Mangogo

What is the Starbucks employee discount?

The Starbucks employee discount is one of the many perks that come with working at Starbucks. Employees get a discount on Starbucks food and beverages, as well as merchandise. This discount can vary depending on the location and position of the employee.

What is the Starbucks employee discount?

The Starbucks employee discount is a great way to save on your daily coffee fix. Employees of Starbucks can get a discount of up to 30% off on Starbucks products. This discount can be used on ANY Starbucks product, including food, drinks, and merchandise.

Their employee discount comes in at a very solid 30% off.

How do I get the Starbucks employee discount?

In order to get the Starbucks employee discount, you will need to present your employee ID when you make a purchase. This discount can be used on most coffee and food items at Starbucks locations.

What are the benefits of the Starbucks employee discount?

The Starbucks employee discount is a great way for employees to save on their favorite coffee drinks. With the discount, employees can get up to 30% off of their total purchase. This discount can be used at any Starbucks location, including both company-owned and licensed stores. In addition to the discount, Starbucks also offers other benefits to its employees, such as free or discounted coffee beans, free drinks on their birthday, and occasional free food items.

Starbucks Employee Perks

From tuition reimbursement to stock options, Starbucks offers a variety of benefits to their employees. They also offer a discount on Starbucks products, which can range from 10% to 30% off. In addition to the employee discount, Starbucks also offers other discounts to their employees, such as a discount on publications, cell phone service, and more.

What are the Starbucks employee perks?

Starbucks offers great employee perks and benefits. Some of these include a free pound of coffee or tea each week, 50% off all food and beverage items while on shift, and 30% off Starbucks branded merchandise. Starbucks also offers health, dental, and vision insurance for eligible employees as well as a 401k plan. Lastly, Starbucks provides tuition reimbursement for eligible employees who wish to further their education.

How do I get the Starbucks employee perks?

In order to get the Starbucks employee perks, you need to be a current Starbucks employee. The Starbucks employee discount is available for all full and part-time employees, and gives you a 20% discount on all Starbucks products. This includes food, drink, and merchandise items.

What are the benefits of the Starbucks employee perks?

The Starbucks employee perks are great! Employees get a free drink or food item on their break, a discount on Starbucks products, and access to the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

The free drink or food item is a great way to recharge during a long shift. The discount on Starbucks products is also a great perk, since Starbucks coffee can be pretty pricey. And the Starbucks College Achievement Plan is a great benefit for employees who are working toward a degree. The plan provides full tuition reimbursement for eligible online courses at Arizona State University.

Bad “Write for us” or where shouldn’t you put your guest posts?

I’ll tell you how to know in just a couple of seconds of visual evaluation of a donor that you shouldn’t place your text there.

More and more often you see “Write for us” offers, where in fact you stumble upon donor offers that are not of the best quality. It’s not outreach, it’s bullshit.

Guest posting should justify its cost and name, at least on the basic criterion of donor quality.

You don’t need to plug in a huge checklist to evaluate the donor, it’s enough to limit yourself to a standard visual evaluation, which would sift out the slag at the first glance.

Two lightning tips on how to weed out bad donors

All niches websites

✔️1. The menu section has categories for all niches (lifestyle, business, health, cars, and the like).

How are the categories related? They don’t. Why do they do this? To sell to a larger pool of customers for guest posts.

The value in placements on such donors is miserable, and for white niches you can find really good niche options whenever, instead of this. Since Outreach is bound to be niche!

There are also normal resources with this structure, such as news resources. But if it’s a blog about everything in the world then you need to look closely.

Gray niches on the home page

✔️2. There are articles about gambling and other gray niches on the home page, and links to casinos, etc. in the sidebars/footer.

Another indicator that the webmaster sells links to everyone and everywhere) And accordingly – selling links there may be far over a thousand. Easy availability = not good.

Comments from experts:

Andrew: “In my opinion on a quick visual assessment – thematic and content quality. Immediately visible when the site one advertising and posts written on the knee.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Good Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing allows you to increase your audience, create awareness about your products, and improve your sales. Plus, nobody would know who you are if you don’t invest in some form of marketing.

So, marketing is the backbone of brand success. But what if your marketing team is unsuccessful at making your customers choose your products over your competitors? What if they’re having trouble writing copy and content for your blog and website? What do you do?

Hire a marketing agency. 

A well-established and experienced marketing agency will help you market your products to a broader audience by using several tried-and-true techniques. They’ll simplify the campaign process and let you focus on your business while they increase your reach. 

But is that all marketing agencies do for you? Let’s look at five other benefits of hiring a good digital marketing agency.  

5 Benefits You Get From Hiring a Good Digital Marketing Agency 

Can’t decide between keeping an in-house marketing team or a digital marketing agency? Here are five benefits of signing up with a marketing agency: 

  1. You Get to Work with Experts

As a company, you may hire specialists for SEO marketing campaigns to content marketing when you need help. But marketing agencies employ full-time specialists for every aspect of marketing they work on. 

For instance, you may use a content writer to write copy because hiring a content writer is cheaper than hiring an experienced copywriter. As a result, the copy may not look very good, so you’ll spend more money getting it edited. 

In contrast, marketing agencies have access to expert copy and content writers. So, if you want to have a blog post written, the agency can have an expert content writer do it for you. But if you’re going to have landing page content written, they’ll have someone for that too. 

  1. You Get Access to Years of Marketing Experience

Running a marketing campaign is an art. It takes years of practice to find out what works and what doesn’t. Most marketing teams don’t have access to this experience, so they take several tries before understanding how to work your angle. 

An experienced marketing agency, in contrast, consists of experienced marketing professionals who’ve seen and done all. They have created content and campaigns for every kind of company under the sun. So, chances are, they’ll already know what to do about your situation once you sign-up with them. 

For instance, they’ll know exactly how to approach email marketing for startups and experienced companies. So, if you’re having a problem with your email marketing, they’ll fix it instantly. You won’t get that kind of service with an in-house marketing team. 

  1. You Can Easily Make Your Campaigns More Efficient

As mentioned in the previous point, marketing agencies with years of experience have access to expert marketers. These people know what to do for you. For instance, let’s say you’re running a marketing campaign that isn’t paying back anything. 

When you sign-up with an experienced marketing company, they’ll talk to the campaign designers, look at the analytics and conversion rates of the campaign, find out what’s working and what isn’t, and then implement those changes without you needing to lift a finger. 

Since marketing agency professionals know what they’re doing, they’ll improve your campaigns quickly, allowing you to see increased traffic and conversions in just a few weeks. 

In contrast, a less experienced marketing professional might take a few months to find out what works, decreasing your efficiency and ROI.  

  1. You Get Access to More Resources

Tools can make or break a job. For instance, if you need to create 100 pay stubs, you’ll use a pay stub creator instead of writing out every paystub yourself. It’s more efficient. 

Similarly, an experienced marketing agency will have access to the right tools and resources because they’re crucial to running marketing campaigns smoothly. 

So, if you need keyword-optimized content, the agency will already have access to paid marketing products like SurferSEO, Ahrefs, or SEMrush, making the wiring process much easier. 

They’ll also have access to exclusive guides and company-specific resources that your in-house team wouldn’t be able to access.  

5. You Save Thousands of Dollars

You may be thinking that signing up with a top marketing agency may be expensive. 

Working with an experienced marketing agency can provide access to a team of expert marketers and marketing professionals with suites of tools backing them up. Why is that significant? Let us explain. 

If you hired an in-house marketing team that had to access the tools like SEMrush and SurferSEO, you’d need to spend thousands of dollars per year to access them. So, by going with an experienced marketing agency, you save money that you can use elsewhere. 

Aside from that, you also save money by getting access to experts who only have to fix things once instead of marketing professionals who constantly have to tweak campaigns to make them run more smoothly. 

The Bottom Line

A marketing agency can help you increase your ROI, website traffic, and sales, allow you to reach wider audiences, and gain insights into your customer base, aiding you in improving your products. 

They know what works and what doesn’t. And if they don’t know, they’ll do a mountain of research to make their efforts as impactful as possible. 

So, if you want to increase your marketing reach, go for a marketing agency. They’ll help you reach audiences and conversion levels you only dreamed about before.

What is Bitcoin core and who runs it?

The Bitcoin Core is the forefront implementation of a program that enables users to communicate with the Bitcoin community. It isn’t owned by any individual organization or business but is kept up to date by a community of global developers and examined. The application was at first released by Satoshi Nakamoto, just being renamed Bitcoin Core afterward to avoid misunderstandings.

About Bitcoin core

Bitcoin is a system of numerous users known as nodes that follow the Bitcoin process and observe its terms and conditions. Bitcoin is additionally the application that operates each node to sign up for the network and also to maintain the security of the user’s assets with this QUANTUM-CODE.APP. Bitcoin Core may be the major model of this particular software program, and also it runs nearly all nodes on the Bitcoin system, enabling them to adhere to the same rules as well as come to a consensus.

What does bitcoin core mean?

Bitcoin Core is an open-source program. This implies that anybody can look at the code, leave comments on it, or suggest modifications. Furthermore, anybody can alter the code as frequently as they need.

Who controls the bitcoin core?

Even though anybody could modify it, only a few suggested code modifications are incorporated into Bitcoin Core. Rather, the community thoroughly looks at every suggested change and talks about it then resolves to accept or disapprove of the switch. Participation in these conversations is open to anybody, along with decisions made by agreement, not by vote.

As soon as the community provides the approval for the code, several people who perform as the code’s maintainers incorporate the modifications. These folks are backed by the community to not arbitrarily incorporate code which hasn’t been accredited by the community.

In the event the maintainers violate their trust, they are going to not compromise anybody’s pre-existing node and also the outdated Bitcoin Core code could be restored quickly by disregarding the malicious modifications.

Who established the bitcoin core?

Bitcoin Core may be the initial implementation of Bitcoin and was established in late 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto worked as the initial user of Bitcoin Core till he vanished in late 2010, and since that time many other people have assumed the reins of the task. Maintainers are voted voluntarily and when they lose the trust of the neighbourhood, they can be dismissed.

Who is the developer of bitcoin core?

Bitcoin’s code has become completely functional since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. You will find bugs to be repaired and updates to be implemented, just like virtually any software task.

A lot of folks are actively focusing on the Bitcoin Core challenge. These people are known as Core developers and there are no requirements or maybe limits to being a primary developer. The number of creators has grown considerably since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first Bitcoin edition.

The primary developers are not a central group of individuals. No project or leader manager instructs makers in regards to what to construct or how. Core designers are rather people from around the globe that determine exactly how they wish to help with Bitcoin.

Is bitcoin controlled by bitcoin core?

Bitcoin Core is an open-source undertaking. Every node operator decides what version of Bitcoin they wish to operate in the Bitcoin community. What this means is that the Bitcoin Network is made up of tens of a huge number of nodes operating many various versions of Bitcoin.

Additionally, whenever developers and maintainers make modifications to the Bitcoin Core, not every part of the Bitcoin system incorporates those changes instantly. A lot of them disregard updates and continue to make use of outdated software.

Data Recovery after a Full Hard Drive Format

Here is an unpleasant yet rather mundane scenario. One day you go looking for an important file — and alas, you discover that the hard drive, which contains it, has been formatted. Maybe you formatted it along with other disks, maybe you decided that those files were obsolete, or mistakenly hoped that you have a backup somewhere safe. Whatever the reason behind this scenario, the grim reality is that instead of having an important file, you find yourself essentially file-less.

Nonetheless, you should not panic. There are numerous ways to deal even with such an unpleasant situation. We tend to think that formatting destroys all traces of data on the disk. However, it is not necessarily true. On the contrary, you can attempt to recover formatted hard drive data with specialized recovery utilities. Armed with versatile utilities and useful knowledge, you may be able to restore necessary data even.

Formatting: How Does It Work?

Firstly, we need to understand its exact consequences. How does it erase your files? In most cases, quick formatting does not transform the files themselves. It merely manipulates the referencing system, deleting the labels of the files. Hence, the files themselves remain on the very same disk, unchanged yet forgotten by the system.

Therefore, should you be able to restore those labels, which provide the system with the links to the files stored on the hard drive, you would also recover the said files. Now we know that formatting does not always erase data from the disk: instead, it often merely destroys the map, which contains their exact coordinates, especially when we are talking about the quick formatting process.

However, we also delete such files by overwriting them with new ones. In this case, the system actively changes the configuration of the hard drive, creating new structures. Because of this, you should immediately stop using the hard drive with lost data. You may have a decent chance to restore valuable data but the complexity of such a task will increase manifold after overwriting old files with new ones.

Specialized Tools for Data Recovery

Hence, how to recover files after formatting hard drive? You will have to use a specialized software tool capable of scanning your hard drive and finding traces of seemingly destroyed files. Choosing such a program is quite a task, which requires careful planning and consideration. Here you can find a detailed guide on the best available programs that may help you recover files from a formatted hard drive. Some of these tools allow you to restore entire partitions whereas a few of them come with a targeted scanning option, which makes it possible to look for specified files while also ignoring all others.

However strange it may sound, it is typically easier and faster to restore an entire partition instead of one single small document. Why does it happen? When you are looking for specified files, the program has no other choice but to scan the entirety of the disk. On the contrary, when dealing with entire partitions the program may skip long scanning: it only has to find both the beginning and the end of the partition. By recovering it, the program will also restore all the files located inside. Of course, it works only if all the files remain on the disk.

Complicated Scenarios

Fortunately, the contemporary market can boast of a great number of various utilities for formatted hard drive recovery. Although such an abundance creates its problems (it may be difficult to find the best option among dozens), you may also look for guides on how to choose the most finely tuned hard drive data recovery software.

However, it also happens that the hard drive resists all attempts to obtain access to valuable data. Such situations are not as common as they may seem, and in most cases, powerful recovery tools provide users with optimistic chances of restoring their data. Regrettably, your chances to restore important files remain minimal in the following situations: 

  • Extensive damage. Hard drives, possibly except for specialized models, are very fragile. Extreme temperatures, hits and smashes — all these factors directly decrease the safety of your data. Once your disk has been physically damaged, your chances of restoring data from it drop to almost zero. If such is the case, you may want to contact experts in the sphere of data recovery. Nonetheless, the chances of successful restoration remain minimal.
  • Secure formatting. Instead of the standard approach, this process not only erases the pointers, which tell your operating system about the location of all files in the partition but also overwrites the disk with new random data. Hence, it deletes files not only from the reference system but also from the disk.
  • SSD TRIM. TRIM is a wonderfully convenient feature, which greatly increases the performance of your SSD. The sad reality is that it also wipes out all erased files from the disk. This option is active by design: once you enable TRIM, you can forget about all deleted files on the disk. As it often happens, better performance comes at the price of data safety.

In Conclusion

As we can see, a patient user with a necessary set of software tools may successfully recover lost data from a formatted hard drive. However, it does not mean that you can forget about backups and diversification of crucially important materials. The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening. Advanced data security protocol requires a multilayered approach, which balances both the application of modern data recovery tools with regular backups.

How To Solve Issues With Email Checker API

An email checker API allows you to validate email addresses effortlessly. So, you can reach real customers. But can it really stop spammers effectively? Your database contains a huge number of email IDs. Can the API keep your mailing list clean with authentic IDs efficiently? There are lots of other problems, including potential security threats.

Can you really solve all these issues effectively with an email checker API? In this post, you will find all the details.

What is an email checker API?

An email checker API is a tool for verifying the email addresses on your mailing list efficiently. It helps identify IDs owned by real people. So, you can get access to genuine clients and grow your business effectively. It utilizes advanced features, like typos check, SMTP check, and disposable email ID detection, to ensure the deliverability of your mailing list.

Why should I use an email checker API?

  • Effectively improve email deliverability
  • Significantly reduce bounce rate
  • Protect your sender reputation so that your emails will never end up in the junk folder
  • Save time and money by automating the validation process
  • Keep your mailing list clean with authentic and genuine email addresses

How can I solve issues with an email checker API?

Which issues can you solve with the email verification API? Let’s take a look at some practical examples.

Prevent typos on registration and sign-up forms

One of the most common uses of an email checker API is to prevent typos in sign-up forms. New users are required to enter their email addresses. By enabling the API during the registration, you can help the form spot typos instantly. The users will receive an alert about their mistakes. So, they can make necessary corrections immediately.

If you are using Mailboxlayer for detecting typos, you will get an alternative email suggestion within the API result. Here is an example:

  "email": "",
  "did_you_mean": "",

Here, the given email address is As you can see, the ID has a typo, which is “gnail.” It should be “gmail.” So, Mailboxlayer suggests an alternative email address with the correct spelling through the “did_you_mean” field.

Identify disposable email addresses easily to stop spammers

Disposable email addresses are widely abused by spammers. They get temporary email IDs from different providers, like Mailinator. Spammers use the addresses for fake sign-ups and to perform fraudulent activities. By utilizing an email checker API, you can identify the disposable email address effortlessly. Let’s try verifying this email address:

Let’s make an API request by passing the email address and the API access key:
    ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
    & email =

You will get this response:

  "email": "",
  "did_you_mean": "",
  "user": "support",
  "domain": "",
  "format_valid": true,
  "mx_found": true,
  "smtp_check": true,
  "catch_all": false,
  "role": true,
  "disposable": false,
  "free": false,
  "score": 0.8

As you can see, the disposable field is set to false. So, the given ID is not from a disposable email address provider.

Also, you can use Mailboxlayer to check the roles of email addresses. You can find the details right here.

Validate a large number of email addresses

The email checker API allows you to perform bulk email address validation. So, you can easily verify a large number of IDs.

If you are using Mailboxlayer, you simply need to append multiple comma-separated email addresses to the API’s base URL. Here is an example:
        ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
        & email =,,, ...

As you can see, Mailboxlayer makes it very easy to validate many email IDs. There is no hassle. So, you can perform the bulk email address verification effortlessly.

The API marketplace by Apilayer also provides a suite of highly efficient APIs. It can help you to boost your productivity significantly. Try it now for free. 

Verify email IDs in real-time

The email checker API supports the real-time email address validation feature. It allows you to verify email IDs as they are typed into the registration form. In this way, you can prevent spammers from signing up to your website in real-time.

Mailboxlayer utilizes MX-record lookup and SMTP verification technologies to perform real-time verification. The API checks whether the domain of the given email address is configured to receive emails. If Mailboxlayer finds it in the MX records, you will receive this response:

  "mx_found": true,

mx_found field is set to true. So, the email address is valid. If it was invalid, mx_found would have been set to false.

Next, Mailboxlayer performs the SMTP check. If the given address is valid, you will get this response:

  "smtp_check": true,

If the email ID was invalid, the smtp_check field would have been set to false.

Securely validate my mailing list

An email checker API features a variety of technologies for protecting your mailing list from potential security threats. For example, Mailboxlayer comes with the industry-standard 256-bit encryption technology. It prevents hackers from intruding on your system while establishing the connection between the API. You just need to attach an “s” to the HTTP protocol. That means you will have to type https://, rather than http://. It will allow the system to utilize SSL for encrypting normal HTTP requests and responses.

Can Mailboxlayer efficiently solve my issues?

Mailboxlayer is a powerful email checker API. It can help identify typos during the registration. It can perform the validation in real-time. Also, Mailboxlayer can verify a large number of email addresses effortlessly. You will never have to worry about potential security threats, thanks to the 256-bit encryption technology. Additionally, it can identify disposable email addresses to stop the spammers. So, you can definitely rely on Mailboxlayer for solving your issues efficiently.

Mailboxlayer is a simple REST API for performing email address validation. It is powerful, secure, and very easy to use.
Try it now for free!

What is my Instagram URL? How to Find & Copy Address [Guide on Desktop or Mobile]

Getting the URL for your Instagram page can be great for many reasons. Maybe you want to link to a particular Instagram post from your page on your website but don’t know how to do this, or maybe you want to share a specific post with your friend.

  • You can find your Instagram URL by opening Instagram in a web browser or by figuring it out manually.
  • Every Instagram account has a unique URL associated with it, and it contains your username. 

Getting the URL for your Instagram page can be great for many reasons. Maybe you want to link to a particular Instagram post from your page on your website but don’t know how to do this, or maybe you want to share a specific post with your friend.

No matter what you want to use your Instagram URL for, you can effortlessly get the URL for specific posts as well as for your whole profile on Instagram.

Go to our Full Guide!

See how much time you’ve spent on Instagram?


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


Drag the slider and make your voice heard.


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up to 1 per month

avery hour

Check it on your devices:

How to get Instagram URL?

The good news is that you aren’t limited to only getting a URL from your own Instagram profile, but you can also get the Instagram account URL for any profile – even if the account is private. For the latter, this might not be a huge surprise because just because you get the URL for a private profile doesn’t mean you can access their posts. And, after all, that’s the whole purpose of a private Instagram.

What’s more, you can also get an Instagram URL for an Instagram post – both for your own posts and for others.

In order to get the link for Instagram from a post, you have to access the post first. As such, this means that you cannot grab the URL from an Instagram post if an account is private, because if you cannot access it, you can’t take the URL of a post. On the flip side, if you follow the private account, you would expect that you can get access to their posts and in that way get the URL posts that have been shared by private accounts, but if this would be possible, the whole purpose of having a private account would be lost, and so it isn’t possible.

There are three URL options on Instagram which are the following:

  1. Get URL for Instagram User Page
  2. URL for Instagram Photo
  3. URL for Instagram Video

Note: In the case of getting the URL for a photo or video, if the account is private you will not be able to do this.

How to write your Instagram URL?

Want to know how to write your Instagram URL? We’ll show you everything you need to know about writing an Instagram URL, including how to reduce it to make it more readable.

How to get your Instagram URL for someone’s profile or What is my URL?

1: Go to the profile that you wish to get the URL for. Open up their profile and tap the icon in the top-right corner.

2: When tapping on the icon in the top-right corner (the icon looks different on Android and iPhone), another menu will appear. You will have 6 options. The options are:

  • Block User
  • Report Inappropriate
  • Copy Profile URL
  • Turn On Post Notifications
  • Cancel
  • Share this profile

Select “Copy Profile URL“. This will copy the Instagram profile link from the page you are visiting, whether it is yours or someone else.

How to acquire the URL for a photo or video is very similar to How You get the URL for an Instagram page:

1: Once you’ve logged into Instagram, go to the photo or video that you’d like to get the Instagram URL from.

2: When you have found a photo or video, tap the icon in the top right corner and choose the button “Copy link”.

3:  After clicking the dots, a new menu will show up where you’ll have a few options.

4: Click on “Copy link”.

How to get Instagram Link from a desktop?

As you would expect, getting an Instagram URL from a desktop is even easier than using the app since the URL is clearly visible in the search bar.

To get the Instagram URL of an Instagram profile, whether private or public, go to the account and then click on the URL which has appeared in your search bar. Now, right-click on it and select ”copy”.

If you wish to get the Instagram URL of an Instagram account, simply go to the post which you want to get the URL for, click the URL in the search bar, and then copy. With the desktop, however, you can get the Instagram URL of posts that have been shared by private accounts too. The catch is that if you give the URL to an Instagram account that isn’t following the private account, they won’t be able to view it.

How to find URL for Instargam Logo?

You can download instagram logo by this link – url:

“How do I copy my Instagram URL?”

When you tap “Copy link” whether you copy the Instagram URL for an Instagram post or an Instagram profile, the link will be copied when you tap copy link.

Now, you have the Instagram URL copied, which means you can paste it wherever you’d like. 

How to find a link (URL) for your own Instagram page?

Getting a link/URL for your own Instagram profile is actually very easy.

Why? Because all Instagram profile URLs follow the same pattern.

The pattern of an Instagram page is:

Simple to copy this URL:

… then add your username. Now you have the link to your own Instagram profile.

4 Simple Steps to Building Authority Online

You’ve probably heard that building authority online is important for your business – and it’s true. It not only affects your website rankings but also how many people come to your website. And since your rankings and the number of visitors directly impact each other, building authority is essential for success. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that difficult if you follow the steps below. 

Trustworthy and Engaging Content 

It’s hard to become an authority on any subject or industry if you can’t get people to your site in the first place. This is where content marketing comes into play in a major way. Content is what brings in organic traffic. Think about it. When you decide you want to do something like make banana nut bread, do you search for a company that sells baking products? No, you search for “banana nut bread recipe.” Once you land on that recipe, you might become interested in the affiliate links or the products that the company sells. However, at first, you just want to find a recipe. 

This is how most website visitors land on a website. They search for information. When a company provides content that gives them that information, that’s the webpage they’ll go to. If you want people to come to your website, you need to provide that type of content. However, you need to be strategic about the content you provide. You should be trustworthy at all times and make the content as engaging as possible. It should also be relevant to your business. 

If you run an advertising company, for instance, writing content like “How to DIY Your Porch Remodel” isn’t going to work out very well. You could always do that on a separate website, but it shouldn’t be on your advertising website. 

Be True to You and Your Brand 

Always be authentic. Whatever you choose to blog about, be sure you stay true to your brand. This is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your brand tone and strategy constant across all channels and ensure that your readers trust you. If you’re not authentic, it will show through and your audience will feel that you’re not trustworthy. They’ll then move on to someone else. 

Utilize Inbound Links 

When you have other websites linking to your content, it does a few things. It improves your SEO rankings, which is really important. It also shows readers that you are a source that others look to for information. This alone builds authority. 

There are a few good ways to generate inbound links. The first is by providing the content mentioned above. When you do this, other people will want to link to your blog posts. The second is through guest posting on other websites. You can then link to your content and have your content exposed to an audience you might not normally reach. 

Another is through an option like Vazoola’s white hat link building service. Such companies help create content relevant to your company and then link to your pages. This is different than black hat link building, which is basically spamming comment sections or adding links that are not relevant. White hat link building is completely legitimate.

Build Your Social Presence 

If you’re not a fan of social media, you’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t have to create personal pages if you don’t want to. However, your business needs a social media presence. This provides a great way to not only get your name out there but also share your content and increase your website rankings. 

SEO tips for small businesses companies

No doubt, SEO really matters. It causes big conversions, huge sales, and a perfect reputation for your website. Below you can read about 10 SEO tips for small businesses that can help you in your business journey and make your website visible to everyone on the Internet.

Find Your Keywords

With the selection of keywords, the internal optimization of any site begins. Using keywords, search engine algorithms understand which category your site should be categorized to make offers more relevant to users. Let’s say you need to buy roses in New York, then Google will show only those queries that match the keywords. For this reason, you will not see an offer to, for example, “buy an electric drill in Oklahoma” – only roses and only New York.

Keyword search is an art that relies on the most frequent search queries from users. We recommend using Google Planner to find out what people Google the most and, based on that, select keywords for your site.

Focus on Your Selling Proposition

Focusing on your unique selling proposition is the key to any successful business. Pay special attention to your product—describe it well on your website, tell people about the benefits, and also why they should buy it. Provide non-intrusive content on the page so people can appreciate your product and its benefits.

Do Not Overload Your Website

One of the things that Google hates is when a site is spammy, especially with useless keywords. Therefore, the search engine bans such sites forever, leaving no chance for their owners to find new customers. So if you want big sales and higher conversions, just get rid of everything unnecessary on your site. Analyze which keywords are redundant, which pages can be removed, and which elements no longer work and clutter up space. The site should be concise, but at the same time informative and solve all the problems of your potential clients.

Create Links for Your Website

When ranking sites, search engines pay great attention to hyperlinks, so you should take care of creating them in advance. Through hyperlinks, users get to your site through other resources. The more clicks on hyperlinks, the more profitable your site is considered by Google algorithms. However, keep in mind that you should not neglect links, because search engines react negatively to this, which can ruin your ranking.

Post Quality Content Only

Quality content, after all, affects how interesting your site will be for other users. For example, if your site is loaded with interesting, high-quality articles, videos, and photos, then most likely it will be frequently visited by users. This is what Google focuses on when it ranks sites—the more interesting the site is for users, the more profitable it is for algorithms. Therefore, you should analyze how good your content is on the Internet and find ways to make it more interesting. For instance, find new copywriters to write high-quality and interesting texts, or collaborate with creative agencies who will create engaging and interesting content for you regularly that will attract new users to your site.

Run Socials

It is impossible to imagine a modern business without social networks. Most people find it much more convenient to write to you on Instagram or read about company news on Twitter. Do not focus 100% on your site-promote and develop your social networks in parallel. You can hire people who will be in charge of your online accounts while you are in business. So you will not lose customers but, on the contrary, expand your audience.

Improve The Usability of Your Website

Perfect SEO is not only about working with keywords. Whether your site shows up in searches is also affected by how long regular users stay on your page. Google does not disclose the exact algorithm, but in general, the logic is clear-the faster a potential client leaves your site, the more uninteresting it seems to the search engine algorithms. So the way to optimize a site is to make people want to stay on your website for as long as possible. And this is facilitated by a nice font, colors, unobtrusive pop-ups, the speed of the site, and its information content. Make sure you don’t scare away potential customers with your website.

Measure Your Website’s Performance Occasionally

You need to measure the effectiveness of your website regularly. Performance refers to how user-friendly your page is considered to be. When calculating efficiency, data such as the average user stay on the page, the number of transitions to the page, the number of purchased products, the conversion rate, and many other factors are measured. All performance indicators depend on each other, so to improve one, you will have to improve others in parallel. However, this work perfectly optimizes your site and displays it in the search box in the first place.

Find SEO professionals

No matter how obvious it may sound, turning to professionals is the most profitable option for optimizing your site. These SEO companies for small businesses know everything about and how search engine optimization should work to attract thousands of new customers. Their work includes a range of services, including analytics of your site and competitor sites; searching for page weaknesses (broken links; keyword spamming). Trust SEO professionals, and then your business will reach a new level.

Be Patient

Most businessmen make the mistake of expecting perfect results in just five minutes. This does not happen—it can take months before Google realizes that your site has perfect optimization. If you did not get a quick result, this does not mean that all the optimization work was in vain. Be patient and it will pay off.

How to Delete my Parler Account? [30-sec Video Guide]

Learn how to Delete Account on Parler. This is the best method of how to Remove Account in Parler.

To be brief: First off, yes, you cannot delete your Parler account with a push of a button. There is one mention of an email you have to contact in their Privacy Statement.

Step-by-step Video Guide:

How do I deactivate a Parler account permanently?

First, open the Parler app. Afterwards, click on the 3 dashes icon. Then, go to the Settings and Privacy tab. Now scroll down to the Legal tab and choose Delete Account.

iOS App (on iPhone or iPad)

  1. Select the Side Navigation Menu in the top left corner of the screen. 
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Scroll down to Legal Section.
  4. Select Delete Account.
    1. Mobile Browser Opens to
  5. Select Delete Account.
  6. Enter Username.
  7. Enter Account Email for this account.
  8. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  9. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.

Android OS

  1. Navigate to on your Android browser.
  2. Select Delete Account.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Enter Account Email for this account.
  5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  6. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Delete Account.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Enter Account Email for this account.
  5. Enter Message about why you are deleting account.
  6. Select Submit.
    1. Your account will be processed for deletion.
    2. There is no way to recover accounts, so be ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete.


How to clear iCloud: freeing up 300 GB in 5 minutes

Most Apple users use iCloud cloud storage for storing personal data and backups. For free they get 5 GB of space in the “cloud”, if not enough, we buy additional storage.

iCloud price

Contacts, notes, documents, and photos are synced through iCloud so you can access them on other devices. If you often use the power of the cloud, this article is for you.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use iCloud cloud storage as soon as you log in to your Apple ID account.

You can choose which services to use. On your phone or Macbook, open Settings and click your name and iCloud. You’ll see a bar indicating the amount of storage available to you on Apple’s servers. You can also specify the apps that will use iCloud here.

For Macs with the macOS Catalina operating system, it’s the same. In previous versions of macOS, you have to click on the iCloud icon in the system settings.

If there is a switch for apps, you can allow or deny them to use iCloud. Different apps can access iCloud for different purposes. Mail sets up your Apple mailbox with,, or addresses. Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes syncs content between your Apple devices with active iCloud. You can also use macflypro to clean your cache.

Cleaning iCloud

If you have icloud storage full, use the tips below.

Let’s start with an easy one – reboot your device. To clean your smartphone’s cache, we recommend rebooting it twice a month. This action will help you remove temporary files from the device that accumulate on it during usage and downloading content.

Clearing the mail cache and Safari. To clear the “Other” section on your iPhone, it’s worth removing the temporary files of your email client and browser. If you save pages to a reading list in Safari (so you can open them without accessing the Internet), it makes sense to periodically clear this pool of pages.

To get rid of the cached files of the Mail app, you will have to uninstall the program completely and install it again. Otherwise, even after deleting all the emails, hidden files of the application will remain and take up space in the iPhone storage. You can also use the macfly pro service to uninstall.

Monthly price from $4.82 to $13.95

Deleting offline app content

Don’t download music to your iPhone. If you still download music to your smartphone, it’s time to take a closer look at music services – Apple Music. They allow you to listen to millions of songs online without downloading them to your device or taking up useful storage space on your device. And if you’re already using streaming music services, you should check to see if you’ve downloaded songs from them so you can listen to them without an internet connection. These tracks also take up space in iPhone memory and it may be time to clear them.

Deleting offline maps. Many navigation applications – Yandex.Navigator, Google Maps, and others – offer to download location maps so that you can navigate by them without access to the Internet. For travel this feature is indispensable, but if you have already returned to the native wi-fi and local 4G mobile, it might be worth clearing the storage space of your device and removing the offline maps? Especially since they require constant updates and take up more and more space each time.

Deleting photos from iCloud

Photos most often take up the most storage space. To delete photos from iCloud, you will need a laptop or computer. From it, you need to go to your AppleID account, then go to the photo section and select the files you want to delete.

Then on the left side of the screen, enter the “Recently Deleted” tab. Here, also click the “Delete All” button. Only after this action will there be more free space in your storage. Unload the photos before deleting them to another storage medium that you don’t need as much.

Best 20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites – TOP Ranked

Where to send press releases for free, What Every Marketer Should Use.

I updated Sean P. Aune script at Mashable and added SEO metrics. And for some resources, my personal experience and results will be added over time. Take a look later.

Familiarize Yourself with the Press Release Structure

There are many benefits of press release for your online business such as business exposure, acquire backlinks, traffic, leads, get media attention, and many more. Consider the general press release structure before you begin writing. It will assist you in obtaining all the relevant information and give you further instructions.

  • Heading – Concise and catchy to grab the attention of the reader
  • Intro/Lead – Summarize the major points of the release writing within the first few lines.
  • Include Sources – To back up your claims and add credibility.
  • Body/Essentials – Why is the article relevant and add more details
  • Quotes – Coming from CEOs, spokespersons, partnering firms, regarding the announcement
  • Be creative and add any other important detail regarding the announcement
  • Current Contact information– to reach out to the author/company
  • End with Boilerplate – similar to about Us on company details – includes nature of the company, products, and services

Finding the Best Free PR Distribution Service Ranking in 2022

There are several free or part-time free press release distribution sites that help your business expose its message through the right channels. The list will be useful to both marketers and SEO ninja to get more referrals & organic traffic to your site.

TOP one:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 78710, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▴ 496.5K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week. — Free distribution of your texts to search engines like Bing and Yahoo (or Google News Feed in Paid Package). The distribution aspect has social media integration and custom content alerts, along with your very own ‘Press Room’.

Premium Plus for $349 per PR;
Premium 10 Bundle for $469.

Our Paid Experience Platform Press Release Comparison

Summary for Free PR PackageSummary for Premium Package for $49Premium+ PR Package for $359
Compare Packages

Alexa Traffic Rank: 89070, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▴ 157.1K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week.
TOP3 in 2022 cost-effective PR distribution outlet is — press releases Free distribution and also set up a full company profile.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 210879, Monthly : ▴ 110.3K visits
* More than 150 PRs per week.
24–7 — Free and paid release distribution.

I used this site once a paid publication, and we got only two visits to and 68 backlinks (5  SEO links) from unique domains with press release.

My experience

#4. Web monthly traffic:  ▴ 200K
We consider EIN Presswire to be one of the most advanced central sources for communication professionals whose time is valuable. EIN Presswire like PRWeb and PRNewswire is Paid press release site.

I used this site once a paid publication.

Link here. Traffic:  ▴ 404K
We appreciate your interest in openPR and hope that you are satisfied with our service.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 156634, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▾ 37.98K
* More than 700 PRs per week. — distribution network helps you reach your target audience and maximise publicity. With this free service, you’ve also got the option to include SEO tags and your release will be search engine indexed.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 689961 Monthly Traffic: ▾ 25.11K — EU-based distribution site offers services for journalists, agencies as well as other opinion makers for the publication of press releases.
Online PR Media offers affordable multimedia press releases that achieve high search engine visibility — putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time.

Sign UpEasy 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 498136, Similar Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 13.9K — Distribution to Search, Newswires and RSS feeds.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 233852, Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 19.03K
* More than 100 PRs per week. — The FREE press release distribution service used by countless businesses and individuals every day!
Alexa Traffic Rank: 555040, Web monthly Traffic: ▾ 8.09K
PRUrgent — distributes your PRs and even offers downloadable samples for you to work with.

Note: Do not send out press releases to everyone. It is better to choose those media and authors that are most relevant to you, and write them personalized letters. First, make sure that the journalist or editor in principle covers such topics.

Another Free but Under Bottom of Trust:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 344752
PressBox is utilized by media professionals to collate, distribute and maintain quality news to inform targeted UK-audiences.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 845021, Web monthly Traffic: 8548 — If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful press release distributor, this option is great for small to medium-sized businesses.
Alexa Traffic Rank: 790199, Web monthly Traffic: 8396 — free distribution tools. Alexa Traffic Rank: 3374381 Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 8232 — Target Customers, Journalists, Investors and Prospects that are looking for Your News through Free press release. Select any of 18 topics. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 914258 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 6259
The free press release package has been discontinued! — Gives free distribution for plain formatted releases for $80, fees for HTML-coded releases.
SimilarWeb Monthly Traffic: 4886

PR Fire is a leading online public relations and marketing service that will help you to spread your press releases and news by reaching customers and media. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1651784 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 2018 — PRs Submission, Distribution Service. 
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3888652 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 1207 — A free PRs service formatted as a blog.

Conclusion — Top Free Press Release Services

As you can see, there are several free news distribution sites that can be used to increase exposure for your business and its’ content, along with provide SEO-value (links still work!). Now, it’s up to you to start writing, submitting and see the benefits!

Paid Press Release Services

PRNEWS.IO is an online store that offers sponsored online media content. Over 60,000 media outlets from more than 200 countries worldwide can be reached through the catalog. There are a wide variety of forms that you can handle: news, articles and reviews; press releases; online surveys; and more.

PR Newswire by Cision

Gain access to thousands of print and broadcast outlets, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites and content syndication channels to help you reach your target audiences.

What happens once I publish a press release onto a submission site?

Your press release will appear ‘as is’ (i.e. a carbon copy of what you wrote) on the platform that you submitted it to. It’s then distributed to relevant news and media organizations. This is when the magic happens.

If a journalist and/or publication is interested in the story, they’ll pick it up and run with it in one of two ways:

  • Publish it ‘as is’ on their own publication. This is literally a copy-and-paste of the press release that you wrote.
  • A journalist will write it up into an article, using quotes and other information contained in the press release.

How to check how many press release the site published per week or day?

I’m using not most accurate but useful Google tools (Search operator site:). Search the site domain and add a time limit.

I use this tool to test the popularity of news portals.

That is what I found after reviewing 100+ pr-sites.

I did not review tens of thousands of sites because I only saw 100 and I am a human, so maybe some of the data providers will do a bigger marketing analysis.


Tips on Choosing a Pie Chart Maker for Data Presentation

When it comes to data presentation, a pie chart is one of the most commonly used charts. This is due to its ease of use and simplicity of understanding. Pie charts are also very cost-effective as they can be automatically generated without requiring additional expenditure on costly software or hiring an expensive graphic designer.

However, generating pie charts manually could be rather time-consuming and tedious, especially if you have lots of numbers to present or wish for your graphics to look more professional. Fortunately, there are many online tools currently available which allow users to create their own customized pie chart easily online without too much hassle.

Here are some tips that may help you choose the best website offering the services that you need:

1. Compare different websites based on the functions that you need.

Before making a decision, it’s important to first research and compares what other similar websites have to offer so you can determine which one offers the best value for your money. The most important thing to consider is the chart features that each website provides. A good example would be the ability to create customized sparklines. Sites offering this feature will allow users to easily generate simple and effective charts, thus maximizing data presentation efficiency.


2. Consider online community feedback and reviews about available tools.

A great way to find out whether a site offers high-quality and reliable services is by reading through the comments and feedback left by other users on online communities such as Reddit or Yahoo Answers. This allows you to read different opinions from those who have used these tools before, helping you determine which one is best for your needs.

3. Check the reputation of a company before choosing its product as yours

It’s important that you check the credibility of the company offering the services before you make a purchase. Be wary of sites that don’t provide much background information about themselves such as their location and whether they are registered under any business agency. These are signs that they are likely not to have been around long enough, or perhaps to be a scam website.

How to check the reputation of a company?

You can reach the G2 or Better Business Bureau (BBB) online or by phone to do a reputation check.

4. See if the site offers free trial services or downloads

This is useful for determining whether or not you like how the formatted chart appears. If you wish to check out different pie chart templates without having to make your decision straight away, try signing up for a free trial version instead. This gives you access to test all of their available services before making any purchase decisions.

5. Make sure the interface is user-friendly and easy to understand

The quality of service provided also depends on how intuitive the website’s features are. It’s important that their online interface is easy enough for anyone with little to no computer knowledge or graphic design skills to understand and use. Sites with convoluted menus or instructions may be difficult to navigate, which could lead to frustration and poor final results.


6. See how many options are available for customization of your template or chart

This is an important aspect that provides you with the flexibility to generate customized pie charts according to your own unique needs. A good example would be if you wish to color-code certain segments in order to differentiate between different data categories, the website must provide the option of creating user-defined colors for each segment so that they can easily be distinguished when displayed on the final chart.

7. Check for customer support before finalizing your decision

An important factor to consider is whether or not you will be able to get in touch with customer support when you need help or have questions. This is especially important if the website doesn’t have a FAQ page where users can find answers to common problems easily online without needing to leave a message on its contact page. It’s also advisable to choose a site that offers reliable email communication, phone call assistance, chat boxes, or interactive live chat options so you can quickly receive help when needed.

8. See if they offer customized charts and graphs

If your business or organization requires complex statistical data that cannot be represented by the usual pie chart, bar graph maker, line graph, etc., it might be a better idea to look for websites that specialize in customization of complex charts and specialized graphics such as safety plans, logistics diagrams, process flowcharts, sales forecasts, technical drawings, network & systems analysis diagrams, etc.

Venngage offers a wide selection of pie chart template that will surely help you in all your data presentation needs. So if you’re looking for a pie chart maker? Be sure to check it out!


When it comes to data presentation, pie charts are one of the most popular types of graphics used. They are easy to understand and can convey a lot of information in a small space. But not all pie chart makers are created equal. In order to get the most out of your data, it’s important to select a pie chart maker that is right for your needs. So, whether you are a business owner looking to create graphs for presentations or an individual wanting to better understand your monthly budget, be sure to understand all tips on how to make the most effective and informative pie charts!

Things You Can Do On Your Computer

The latest edition of the Windows operating system is jam-packed with features, some of which are new and others of which are upgrades over previous versions. Nonetheless, you might be shocked at how many of these features are underutilized. Some may be difficult to locate or are merely unnoticed features. Others may have been created for a specific reason, but they also provide value in other areas. Here are seven things you didn’t realize your computer could do:

Focus Assist to Reduce Interruptions

You’re probably distracted by continual notifications when you’re working (or playing). Windows Focus Assist is available to aid with this. The tool is designed to help you focus by filtering the kind of notifications you get. 

You may change its settings by navigating to Start, Settings, System, and then Focus Assist (or just search for it). This section will allow you to select priorities and make rules, such as when you don’t want to be disturbed.

You Can Pin Contacts to the Taskbar

You’re probably aware that you can pin various items to the Windows 10 taskbar. Did you know one of these is a quick method to get to your favorite contacts? To do so, go to the Taskbar’s People icon and select the Get Started button. This will offer up choices for pinning connections via email or Skype.

Screen Recorder for Video Games

This secret recording tool was designed to record gaming sessions. Still, you can use it to record other activities/applications. You can make a how-to video for putting on a blog, an easy way to give instructions to someone, and so on. Go to the Game Bar (Windows key + G) and click the red button to begin recording.

Optional Start Menu

For those who remember the older versions of Windows, there is a way to create a Start menu that resembles those from the past. Right-click the Start button to bring it up (rather than the standard Start menu). It will display a menu with things more familiar to experienced Windows users. This is a quick way to access stuff like the Run command or Task Manager.

Hidden Show Desktop Button

There are usually some hidden features in Windows that you were unaware of. If not hidden, at least difficult to locate. The Show desktop is ‌on the far right edge of the Windows taskbar and because it’s thin, discovering it isn’t easy. 

When you do, all open windows are minimized to display the desktop. You may also enable the peek option by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Taskbar settings. When you enable the option, you can hover your cursor over that small area/button to see a desktop preview.

You Can Save Websites to the Start Menu

You can adjust the Start Menu in Windows 10 to help you discover what you’re looking for quickly. While you may be used to moving and resizing tiles, there is another item you may add that isn’t a program – a favorite website. Do you have a preferred online casino Australia real money website? You can save it to the Start Menu to make it effortless to access.

To do so, open the Microsoft Edge browser, navigate to the selected website, click the three-dotted menu, and then choose Pin this page to Start. A tile will show in the website’s menu.

Cortana’s Amazing Abilities

Cortana is similar to Siri or Alexa and responds to voice commands. The moniker (and voice) are based on a well-known AI (hologram) character from the popular Halo video game series.

Cortana can help you with various tasks, like searching, creating reminders, controlling smart home devices, and checking the weather.

You can even download skills for your Alexa device, enabling it to launch Cortana (and vice versa). Though it’s not exactly a hidden treasure – it’s a well-publicized feature – there are many ways you haven’t considered using Cortana. Don’t be frightened to try new things!

Best Hashtags for photographers on Instagram

Some photographers believe that there is no need in the promotion and they should devote all their time to photography. However, you’ll be surprised when you learn about all the opportunities that social media has to offer. One of the most effective social networks for photographers is Instagram. You can sell your photos, attract clients, find sponsors and affiliates there regardless of your niche.

Why you should use hashtags

Moreover, Instagram refers your account to a special niche according to the hashtags you use.

It’s also a good opportunity for free advertising, as many pages feature photographers they like. There are thousands of such pages and they are devoted to different topics, so if you have an aim to be featured, keep working and they will post your images and mention your page in the description.

How to choose the right hashtags for Insta

We’ve already mentioned the importance of niche hashtags in the Guide to Instagram hashtags. Of course, you need to include different types of hashtags, however, niche hashtags would attract an audience that really cares about the content they find. So try to find as many niche hashtags as you can.

If you include only the most popular hashtags, your content would quickly disappear from the top and would attract bots and spammy pages. And it’s really hard to rank in the top results as you compete with pages with millions of followers.

How to get featured on a popular Instagram account

First, create a list of the accounts that feature photographers. Then start making photos that fit the style of these pages, add hashtags they use and tag their accounts. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work on the first try, keep going, be consistent and your pictures would definitely be featured.

Here are several accounts that feature photographers:

Best for Street Photography

@streetdreamsmag – 215k followers, hashtag – #streetdreamsmag
@streets_oftheworld – 6572 followers, hashtag – #streets_oftheworld
@streetlife_award – 26.4k followers, hashtag – #streetlife_award
@ig_street – 6915 followers, hashtag – #ig_street
@vivostreet – 1111 followers, hashtag – #vivostreet

Travel photography

@huntgramcuration – 19.4k followers, hashtag – #huntgram
@igshotz – 50.7k followers, hashtag – #igshotz –
@worldplaces – 133k followers, hashtag – #worldplaces
@instagood – 843k followers, hashtag – #instagoodmyphoto
@travelandlife – 220k followers, hashtag – #travelandlife

Wedding photography

@inspiredbythis – 187k followers, hashtag – #everydayIBT
@dreamweddingshots – 9011 followers, hashtag – #dreamweddingshots
@stylemepretty – 718k followers, hashtag – #SMPShareYourStory

Black and white

@world_shotz – 105k followers, hashtag – #theworldshotz_bnw
@blackandwhiteisworththefight – 134k followers, hashtag – #blackandwhiteisworththefight
@bnw_planet – 105k followers, hashtag – #bnw_planet
@flair_bw – 47.8k followers, hashtag – #flair_bw

Popular Hashtags for photographers

You can use online tools to find the right hashtags, such as DisplaypurposesHashtagify or However, we decided to help you and selected the hashtags you can use depending on the photography style.


#photographyislife #photography #photographyeveryday #nikonphoto #photographyoftheday #agameoftones #photographyislifee #photographer #justgoshoot #ig_myshot #photographylover #master_shots #photographysouls #photographyprops #photographyoftheday #photographyaddict #photographylover #canon_photos #cpcollectives


#outdoors #hiking #trees #naturelover #wildlife #instanature #skyporn #cloudporn
#mothernature #landscape_lovers #nature_shooters #beautifulplaces #landscapelovers #welivetoexplore #awesome_earthpix #nature_seekers #landscapehunter #nature_shooters


#petsofinstagram #petstagram #instapet #weeklyfluff #petscorner #petoftheday #ilovemydog #puppylove #animalsofinstagram #dogsofig #catstagram #petsofig #cutepetclub #puppies #instapets #furbaby #instacat #animals #dogsofinstaworld #bestwoof #kitten #dog_features #catoftheday


#portraitphotography #portraitmood #portraits_ig #portraitphotographer #makeportraits #portraitoftheday #portraitpage #rsa_portraits #bestportraits #portraitstyles_gf #ig_portrait #top_portraits #postmoreportraits #life_portraits #bestphotogram_portraits #pursuitofportraits #instagram_faces #profile_vision #featurepalette #discoverportrait #portraits_universe #ftmedd #2instagoodportraitlove #majestic_people #makeportrait #tangledinfilm

Street photography

#streetart #building #streetphoto #buildings #town #graffiti #architecturelovers #cities #architexture #lines #urbanart #archidaily #skyscraper #citylife #composition #archilovers #geometry #arts #streetlife #architectureporn #abstract #perspective #people #minimal #bnw #lookingup #road #geometric #photos #picture #everybodystreet #streetphoto_bw #lensculture #lensculturestreets #streetlife_award #urbanphotography #ig_street #streetview #street_photo_club #streets #streetphotography_bw #streetshot #SPiCollective #street_photography #magnumphotos #documentary #wearethestreet #streetportrait #beststreets #monochrome #hikaricreative #blackandwhitephotography #documentaryphotography #streetbwcolor #bnw_life #bnw


#astrophotography #milkyway #astro_photography_ #nightscaper #astronomy #nightsky #nightscape #milkywaychasers #starrynight #natgeospace #astrophoto #stars #universetoday #milkywaygalaxy #longexposure #nightphotography #nightimages #nightshooters #ig_astrophotography #skymasters #space #stargazing #longexposure_shots #fs_longexpo #galaxy #longexpo #nightpics #rsa_night #longexpoelite #night_shooterz

Wedding photography

#weddingphotography #weddingplanner #weddinginspiration #weddingideas #greenweddingshoes #instawedding #theknot #bridal #destinationwedding #bridetobe #engaged #prewedding #junebugweddings #dugunfotografcisi #weddingplanning #brideandgroom #engagement #weddinginspo #instabride #destinationweddingphotographer #weddingstyle #stylemepretty #ido

Black and white

#bnw #bw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #bnw_society #bnw_captures #bnw_life #bw_lover #blackandwhitephoto #bnw_planet #monoart #blancoynegro #bw_photooftheday #noir #bw_society #instablackandwhite #igersbnw #monochromatic #bnw_demand #insta_bw #bnw_rose #bnw_globe #white #bw_crew #bnwmood #bwstyles_gf #noiretblanc #irox_bw #monotone #rsa_bnw


#fashionshoot #fashionstudy #fashionoftheday #fashioneditorial #fashionphotographer #fashiontrends #fashionforward #fashions #fashionkilla #fashioninspiration #fashionkilla #fashionworld #fashioninspiration #editorialshoot #fashiontrends

These hashtags will help you with more reach, attract new followers and get featured on other accounts. However, don’t limit yourself only to these tags. Add location hashtags, geotag places, follow popular photographers and learn their ways of self-promotion.

Get more inspiration and ideas from some of the top photographers on Instagram, and dig into the ins and outs of social media and digital marketing for photographers.

4 Easy Ways to Digitise Your Drawings

Many artists spend a significant period of time learning not only how to draw, but practicing drawing well. So what happens when you’ve put in the time to do this, come up with a cool hand-drawn concept, and are happy with the finished product? Time.

If you’re an artist who wants to make more money, or a creative person looking for ways to share your art on Instagram – digitising your work is a great idea. Here are 4 easy ways to do it.

1. Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture is a handy mobile/tablet app for laptops which links up to Adobe programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. You can use it to take pictures of drawings and adjust its settings so that you can get a vectorised digital copy of your artwork.

Vectorising work can be helpful if you want to adjust the size and make the original look as good. This however can be challenging to do when your drawing is made on paper instead of on a screen. If you just want to post an image to social media, then vectorising your work quite isn’t as necessary – it really all depends on your artistic style!

The new Adobe Capture CC is a powerful and intuitive app that allows you to easily create and edit images on your phone. With this program, you can select colours, add text, crop an image and more.

Load on android here

2. Image Trace on Adobe Illustrator

The image trace tool on the Adobe Illustrator is another way you can vectorize your artwork with the help of Adobe Capture.

Begin by taking a high-quality photo of your drawing, or otherwise scan it into your computer. I would recommend editing the image so that the tool can more easily identify parts of your drawing, as well as distinguish it from the background (I often increase the brightness and up the contrast).

After this, open up the image in Illustrator. Navigate to Window > Image Trace to bring up the advanced toolbar. Make sure your photo is selected, then click ‘Trace’. Select ‘Preview’ to see what different settings look like as you adjust them. Your image will automatically turn black and white once it’s traced, however you can change the settings to incorporate colour as well. I usually have to play around with the threshold and advanced setting sliders until I find something that works.

Once you are happy, press ‘expand’ on the top toolbar to turn your image into lots of little paths and anchor points you can edit!

3. Procreate for iPad

Graphic designers have been struggling with the evolution of technology and Procreate has given them a way to stay relevant and competitive. This app is especially great for illustrators as it allows them to work in a detailed and artistic way.

The program features layers like in all other Adobe programs, so you can place an image and create a new layer over it to draw on top of it.

I personally find Procreate to be an amazing tool for digitising my drawings. While it’s a big investment to buy an iPad, Apple pencil, and the app itself which costs $14.99, I use it enough both for fun and at work to justify it. The app includes features such as a symmetry tool (which is the most visually pleasing thing to use ever), along with a library of different brushes where you can also import extra ones if you want to buy more.

Once you have drawn up your work in Procreate, there are a few different ways you might like to export it. If you want to continue working with your illustration on your computer, you can export it as a PNG with a transparent background. If you have a Mac you can airdrop it straight to your computer, otherwise email it to yourself!

If you want to use the artwork as it is, you can export it as a JPG and upload it to the socials right away. I sometimes use a combination of drawing in Procreate, then image tracing ­it on Adobe Illustrator if I need it vectorised to use how I please!

4. Remove the background from a photograph

For some drawings that don’t require much editing, you can simply take a high-quality photo and let Photoshop remove the background. There are some styles of art that have yet to be properly represented by AI such as dot-work, where vectorisation may not pick up all the details.

You can either use the ‘Magic Eraser’ tool if the background is plain and easy to remove, or create a mask. A quick way to select at least most of the illustration is to navigate to Select > Subject and add a layer mask to the image. You can then use the brush tool to add or subtract parts of the image in this layer.

This method is perfect for small-scale social posts. You could add text, a coloured background, or even make a collage with other drawings. Just be aware that the image won’t be made in vector format so it might not have the same quality as your other creations. ­

With so many different options of how to go about digitising your artwork, there’s no single correct way to do it. Have fun experimenting with the different methods that are out there and find the one that best suits your personal artistic style!

Resume Tips for IT Specialist

IT specialists ensure that every automated method of human communication functions correctly. It includes everything from computer software and hardware components to servers and networks. Such individuals require a remarkable resume to prove their qualifications. Here is an example of the perfect resume for IT specialists:

Amy Sanders



Certified IT Specialist with more than 10 years of experience. Proficient in computer and software systems, privacy, and security. Excellent organizational and troubleshooting skills. Looking for a job that will help me boost my capabilities every day. 


High School Diploma

Modern High School

2008-2010  Stamford, CT

Bachelor of Information Technology

Slastes University

2010-2012  Herndon, VA


IT Specialist

Spilstech | 2017-2021 | Herndon, VA

Spilstech is America’s largest organization focusing on all types of IT projects. 

  • Designed 20 significant projects in Autocad
  • Supported more than 300 staff members
  • Executed global hardware upgrade plan for over 800 computers
  • Decreased UMI stack installation time via scripted automation 

IT Specialist

Cralberg | 2015-2017 | Herndon, VA

Cralberg is a leading contractor of high-specification offshore rigs and deepwater drilling services. 

  • Conducted IT support for both hardware and software
  • Supported more than 200 employees’ help desk issues every day
  • Assisted vendors in decreasing the cost of equipment
  • Modernized the infrastructure and virtualized workload


  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Access Points
  • Setup
  • DOD


  • EC-Council: Certified Information technology Professional (CITP)
  • AICPA: Security 5 Certification 


Awarded with the ‘Top Tech Specialist Award’ in 2020 by Spilstech CEO for exemplary contributions to the company

Selecting the ideal resume format

The chronological format is the best option for organizing your resume information. This format is the most straightforward way to view employment history. However, you may opt for a functional resume format if you are an independent IT specialist. It will help you display your relevant qualifications based on skills, projects, and clients. You can also choose a combination of both of these formats. 

Resume summary tips

You can indicate your focus on results through your resume summary, profile, or personal statement. This synopsis describes why you are the perfect fit for the job. Incorporating action verbs will establish a clear link between your primary qualifications and the client’s requirements. 

Writing an excellent employment history

The more diverse work experience you have, the greater your chances of landing the job. You must frame your work experiences as outcome-based achievements. Quantifying measurable results such as savings with outstanding facts will help you stand out from the other candidates. 

Including proper information in the education section

It is the place to enlist your educational degrees in reverse chronological order. You can also mention on-the-job training and IT skills programs you have pursued independently. In other words, all learning activities show your career growth. 

Adding the skills

You must select unique technical abilities to help you outshine the other applicants. Adding an adverb or adjective will create a difference. In addition, include some soft skills in your resume

Based on the nature of the job role, customize your resume to suit the company’s requirements. It will help you compete for the best jobs in a severely competitive job market. 

Japanese Text-to-Speech Online Tools

What is Text to Speech?

Text to speech is a technology that converts text into audible speech.

The use of text to speech is increasing day by day. This technology has been around for decades but has only recently become more prevalent with the rise of voice recognition and voice synthesizers.

Text-to-speech systems are used in many different fields, including education, language learning, journalism, publishing, law enforcement, and entertainment. It can be used to provide audio descriptions for people who are blind or have low vision. Text-to-speech can also be used as an interface for automated telephone services and digital assistants.

Why Text To Speech Is Important?

Text to speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into speech. This technology has been around for years and it has been used in various industries such as education, advertising, and business.

It’s a great way to make content more interactive and engaging. It also makes your content more accessible because it can be read aloud by people who have difficulty reading or have dyslexia.

In the future, we can expect TTS to be used in many more ways than just converting written text into spoken words.

How TTS is Changing the World of Content Creation and Distribution in the Near Future?

The world of content creation and distribution is rapidly changing with the introduction of TTS. The next generation of chatbots are able to adopt the voice and tone of the speaker, which creates a more personal experience for the user. These chatbots are able to read short stories, poems, and even novels.

TTS software is free to download and can be used for anything from creating podcasts, audiobooks, or even digital books.

What are the Best Tools for Converting Japanese Text Into English Pronunciation?

The Japanese language is a difficult one to learn, but there are some tools that can help you with translations.

Google Translate is the most popular online translation tool and it has an option for converting Japanese text into English pronunciation. It also offers a variety of other languages, so if you know how to speak another language, you can use it to translate Japanese text into that language as well.

Japanese Text to Speech online tools try for Free

Use Japanese text to speech AI voice generator. Convert text to voice in Japanese using AI and download as MP3 or WAV audio files.


How To Use a TTS Platform Properly and Maximize Its Benefits When Creating Content?

The following are some of the most important tips on how to use a TTS platform properly and maximize its benefits when creating content:

  • – Remember to always record your voice in a quiet space.
  • – Ensure that the microphone is placed at least six inches away from your mouth.
  • – Speak clearly and at a normal volume level.
  • – Avoid using jargon or technical terms, as this will make it difficult for the automated system to understand what you are saying.
  • – Keep sentences short and simple, as this will allow the automated system to process everything more quickly.

Alternatives to Videovor Downloader

Video streaming is a vital part of our life and we don’t know how to act without it. However, VideoVor successfully converts files from social media platforms and lets you download your favorite videos even if your internet connection isn’t working.

One of the best things about travelling is the music. And where there’s no WiFi, there can be some really good offline radio stations. But now Spotify has emerged as a Millennial trend too and it might not be reliable on your older phone. In that case, we have something easier and more compatible with your old device – you can enjoy videos & music offline.

What is Videovor?

Videovor is a solution for converting your media files, mp4 and YouTube videos. Not just Youtube, you can download audio and video files into your device from any website.

So, what’s stopping you? Videovor supports different formats and lets you download online videos in your optional quality of music. Here, everything is free?

Believe me, you can download free-of-charge YouTube Videos in both Audio and Video formats. Talking about the stats and trends, more than 5 minutes are spent on Videovar by most of its users.

But which keywords can help you to discover this majestic site? If you are a beginner just type “youtube to mp4” or “youtube mp4”, and on your search engine, and you will be able to locate it.

Otherwise, we have a small tutorial that will help you in finding Videovor:

Step 1: Enter the URL: on the search bar.

Step 2: After entering the URL, you will be welcomed by the User-friendly interface.

Step 3: There will appear a search bar saying “URL of the video you want to download”. Enter the YouTube video’s link.

Step 4: Press enter and you will be offered two format options, Video Format (MP4) and Audio Format (MP3). The formats are followed by the size of the files. Here you can choose, either you want to enjoy its audio or video.

Easy right? Videovor is a super-easy online application that doesn’t just allow you to download YouTube videos but audios as well. It enables you to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. This app Swiftly downloads your file to your device in high quality.


  • Direct download
  • Free and unlimited
  • View video in offline mode
  • High speed

Videovor isn’t just a download but also has earned popularity for being an amazing online converter. It allows you to convert video into different audio and video formats of different video resolutions. Videovor is an all-in-one place and it supports nearly every audio and video format.

It does not have any boundaries. It can be accessed from all around the world. It will offer the best service, no matter you are from Australia or Africa. Furthermore, it recommends you trending videos you can download. This feature can save a lot of your time and effort IMO.

We guess you have learned enough Videovor. Let us take you on a tour of the best alternatives of Videovor on the web.

1. Grab Any Media

Grab Any Media is an Italy-based website but it has grabbed the attention of all around the world Just like Videovor, Grab any media is a well-known online platform for downloading the video file.

Grab Any Media has decided to take Videovor Launcher and all its functionality to a new level to make it bigger and better for the future!

This website lets you download any video at any destination. Are you crazy about Video Streaming? Then Grab any media will make you love it more. It’s accessible on every search engine including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Above all, it’s free of cost. Without buying a subscription, you can access your favorite videos and download them.

2. YouTube Video Downloader

It isn’t just an extension that lets you download unlimited YouTube Videos. It’s an easy to use and accessible Google extension that appears when you open the YouTube Video page. It will show a mini Download Button on it.

A single click on that download button will save that file on your device permanently. You can keep a record of 1000s of your favorite and all you have to do for it is “CLICK”.

3. Video Downloader

Since many people are getting into the trend of downloading videos and keeping them on their phones. We found a special place which you can call Heaven for music as well. Video Download is an online extension which without any hassle download videos and other media files into your computer.

What’s so special about it? Video Download has the slogan “Get Them All”. It indicates that this website does not just let your download videos but all kinds of media files through your browser. It’s like all entertainment under one roof. However, many other people are hopping into the same deal of features but just stay where the quality belongs.

4. Video Downloader All

Not just on a search engine, Video Downloader All is available on Google App Store. Isn’t it just wow? The experience of best-in-class video downloader is accessible on your PC’s Google Chrome internet browser and your phone.

Video Downloader All doesn’t restrict by imposing strict usage rules and subscriptions. Sounds like so much fun. You can use an array of features offered by the website and download online videos with literally no limits.

If we talk about Video Download All, it isn’t someplace where you would be disappointed. It lets you enter into the arena of famous media files. But let us tell you its downside. It can download videos from every side except for YouTube. It restricts you when it comes to YouTube. Don’t know the reason, but have another alternative that can make your YouTube video download easy.

5. FlashGot

If you are looking for them which is not just a video downloader or converter, then FlashGot will get you covered. The whole long process of a client “Save link as” for multiple files is super boring. And we all are tired of it. FlashGot let you do it all with just a single click.

Just click on your favorite movie, music files, pictures, programs or anything. You’ll get it to download within a few seconds (we said it metaphorically, it mainly depends on your internet quality (LOL).

The best feature of FlashGot is its capacity to download multiple files with just a single client and having a large collection of everything.

6. Keepvid

Keepvid Downloader, a well-known extension available on the Google Chrome browser. It enables you to download a huge collection of media files. It makes it simple for users to download video and audio documents, including sound, streak, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Keepvid Video Downloader & Converter makes it simple to download information from the Internet. No something over the top is required. However, Keepvid Video Downloader will not permit you to download any copyright-secured media records.

What is the best/fastest way to download videos from Youtube by Keepvid?

  1. Access the Youtube URL you need to download, copy its URL.
  2. Visit keepvid, paste URL in the input box, press Enter
  3. Select the file format you wish then click to “Download” button.

7. Video Download Helper

The hero of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Video Download Helper is a famous extension that lets you download video and picture documents from different sites. It’s mainly for those people who hate giving details to the internet before downloading anything.

Video Download Helper is an ideal downloading platform online which lets you find your favorite media file quick as a sprinter.

8. Y2mate

This website is not a very new name online, it can be considered the most famous online application for YouTube fans. People who want to download and play their favorite videos and sounds from YouTube can access them in a couple of minutes.

No matter where do you live! This website works on every gadget all around the world. Not just YouTube, you can convert videos from Facebook and other social media platforms. You convert it into either Mp3 or Mp4 but the constant thing will be High-definition quality. It upholds all videos including Mp4, 3GP and FLV just as Mp4 and Mp4 in HD.

9. Qdownloader

Qdownloader has even a bigger game. It has dual features of downloading full feature movies and videos online from one place. It’s just a WOW! This online platform helps you save and recover your favorite movie and let your download HD videos at the same time.

But don’t a thing, it’s gonna make you bankrupt. It is free and that makes it even a better deal. You can download your whole long playlist without investing a single penny.

It’s easy to use video and movie downloader which does not ask for too much technical stuff. We all get a bit off guard if a website asks for too much info. But that’s not the case in Qdownloader.


TubeNinja will make you nostalgic for millennials’ childhood cartoons Ninja Turtles. They saved the country from crime and Tube Ninja saves you from your time. It helps in quickly downloading streaming audio or video. It works effortlessly on your computer and smartphone.

If you are way too suspicious about downloading plugins and extensions to get access to a file, then Tube Ninja is made for you. It supports over 80 streaming sites. Even if there is some site that is not supported by TubeNinja, you can simply put its link on the website’s system and it will find your file anyway. Magical, no? If you wanna download it while watching a video or listening to some music, use the bookmark technique. Just add out the “Ninja it”-button from our top menu to your bookmarks bar.

Click it every time you want a hassle-free experience. YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Vine are securely supported by TubeNinja.

11. Vaporous YouTube Downloader

Vaporous YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos through plenty of sources on your Windows or Mac PCs. It lets you appreciate YouTube videos without even being connected to the internet. It supports HD and Ultra HD videos. It lets you download a YouTube video in MP3 or MP4 format hassle-free.

It’s pretty easy to use. Just copy the YouTube URL and CLICK on the download button to save your video. Videos can be saved as MP4, 3GP or FLV.

12.  H2converter, an easy to access YouTube converter, helps you in converting YouTube videos over to sound (mp3) or video (mp4). Don’t worry! You can download them too.

Every converted video and audio are compatible with all gadgets, including tablets, cell phones, workstations, and personal computers. It converts all your favourite most videos over to the best quality. What else? It is amazingly free.

You can download your YouTube video by copying the YouTube URL and choosing the desired format. When the conversion is finished, you can also easily download the video.

13.  Pointmp3

It’s a hub of mp3. Pointmp3 is an online tool that converts over YouTube tracks to mp3 format. It is easy to use and famous among online users. It responds away at every significant stage and is extremely responsive. You don’t have to copy the URL in this case, just mention what you want and Pointmp3 will serve it hot and tempting.

It is known for being the best site to change YouTube videos over to MP3 and free downloads. It offers a free service and let its users download as many audio files as they want!

14.  Video Downloader for PC by Fast

As its name suggests, you can quickly download and combine different videos on the quickest video downloader. This downloader is super easy and offers the quickest downloading speeds.

This video downloader is basic and clear. It offers overall similar capacities and components like the video downloaders for workstations and PCs. Quickest Video Downloader has a browser so clients can explore the videos easy from their browser, besides opening multiple sites.

Our Verdict

Videovor App and the big list of alternatives have similar features and capacities. All of them are based on what you would love. This list is made to make you an MP3, MP4 converter and downloader’s good experience. A few of them might support ads but most of them are relevant and easy to use.

So tell us which one is going to be your go-to video downloader/converter?

Online Communication Industry for Geeks, Nerds, and more in 2022

Making friends in real life is always a challenge for those who prefer to indulge themselves into the online world. Reality becomes second best to us, and many prefer to make and meet friends virtually. The internet is full of ways to meet people. Thousands of platforms, websites, chat rooms, online gaming chats exist today. 

Solutions for People Who Find It Easier to Start Chatting Online Before Going Offline

One of the biggest problems for nerds when trying to communicate with people is confidence. Being online gives them chance to think about what they say before they type out a message. And this is what makes them feel more comfortable and confident speaking over messaging services online rather than in person, as well as other online features, for example, games that can show skills in the gaming world. Being behind a screen means that people can slowly reveal their true selves to someone over time as they get to know them. 

All of the above is also true for those nerds who want not only to communicate, but also to meet for a romantic relationship. Thanks to common interests, communication is fast and easy and this is exactly what you need when looking for a partner. We’ve divided online chatting sites for nerds into three main categories depending on the ultimate goal of communication. 

Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds

Start your quest for love and find someone with online dating sites specifically for those who consider themselves to be more on the geeky side. Whether you nerd out over cars, games, or computers, the best nerds dating sites are full of people who share the same interests. These dating platforms match people according to their own chosen categories, so the chances of meeting someone you’re interested in building a connection with are very high! Usually, a nerd dating site uses location services to find other singles using the site closest to you. Plus, there is the ability to create a detailed profile about what you’re interested in and people that view your profile can message you directly. This is a great fun, new and quirky way to meet people who share the same passions, rather than swiping through only faces and feeling more rejected than connected. 

Nerd dating is very inclusive and makes it suitable for geeks of every kind, and its number of users holds a 50/50 split of men and women. As popularity of gaming and the quantity of female gamers are growing, this ratio can quickly change. 

Nerd Chat Rooms

All you have to do on a free nerd chat is sign up and create an account, then you can chat away to nerds and geeks all over without spending a penny on memberships or upgrades. There are different chat rooms and ways to direct message others on the different sites, as well as a webcam feature, and groups that you can join to find new users! 

These platforms can be used by nerds to establish new friendships and internet connections with others who are as geeky or nerdy as themselves. And the advantage is that your identity can be kept secret. This means that you can be anyone with your hidden identity. But it should be understood that not everyone will do it in a safe and friendly manner. However, thanks to such chat rooms and its vast amount of users, you can meet new geeky people from all over the world.

Geek Forums and Community

These sites have endless virtual communities and endless possibilities. It’s great for geeky people to make online connections in order to get not only new acquaintances, but also help and support with all kinds of questions, as well as to learn something new in the field of IT. The regulars of such forums and Internet communities are interested in creating a useful and friendly online field, so discussions and content are filtered and become popular thanks to the activity of the users themselves. Usually, by participating in threads and creating useful topics for other forum members, you can earn achievements and a trust pool, which will help raise exactly what is interesting and relevant to you to the top.

If the online community has the opportunity to become an admin or moderator, then your hobby can also become a pleasant job. And along with this, in addition to meeting new like-minded people, the skills of resolving conflict situations will also develop.

As you can see, the online communication industry for geeks and nerds and other is quite developed, and people with common interests have the opportunity to communicate not only by playing online games. Whether it’s finding new nerdy friends online or dating partners, these sites are perfect for those users looking for someone who loves geek culture as much as they do.

Tips to Become a Successful Social Media Influencer

How to become a social media influencer? This article will help you find your target audience and build relationships with brands. It will also show you how to make your posts mobile-friendly and use hashtags to extend your reach. The tips in this article will help you grow your audience in no time! So get started today! Do not forget the most significant rule; Have a Good Internet Connection! If you are looking for one, contact Mediacom through their official Mediacom phone number and start on your road to success.

We have compiled our best tips for you to become the next big thing in social media! Let us have a look. 

  1. Finding your target audience

As a social media influencer, you can help a brand to reach its goal of making a sale by creating content that highlights its brand. By promoting their brand through their channels, they can engage with their loyal following and influence the purchase decisions of their audience. However, you should know your target audience before you start promoting a brand. Deliberate what your target audience is interested in and what type of content they would enjoy reading.

The first step in becoming a social media influencer is to find out what type of content your target audience enjoys. This may require conducting a survey or asking your existing customers for their preferences. If they prefer social media to traditional marketing, then using Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook may be the best option. However, if your target audience comprises older people, you can use a social network that appeals to them.

  1. Getting in touch with brands via social media

The importance of connecting with consumers is clear. Consumers use social media to involve with brands and stay updated on the latest products. By providing meaningful interaction and support, establish trust, and ultimately, loyal customers. While many people may see social media as an impersonal platform, brands can take advantage of the power of these channels to establish a personal connection with their audience. Here are some tips for achieving these objectives.

Create several social media profiles for your brand. This will allow customers to choose the form of communication that suits them best. Social media engagement encourages customers to invest time and energy into your brand. It also helps build brand recognition and improves the company’s image. Using several social media accounts is highly recommended, as it allows you to engage more customers and build a larger brand presence. However, there are also risks to using social media for brand engagement.

  1. Using hashtags to amplify your reach

Using hashtags for marketing purposes can help you tap into new audiences. Popular hashtags are crowded and competitive, and the ones that are not trending are less likely to be used by your target audience. It’s imperative to research your target audience and the influencers in your field to find the right hashtags. Here are some tips for creating effective hashtag campaigns for your social media accounts.

Hashtags allow you to contextualize your content. Make sure to use relevant hashtags, as these aren’t wasted characters or repetitive captions. For example, BTP Lancashire, a British transport police force in Lancashire, UK, used #StopAsianHate to mobilize the public to avoid getting close to train tracks.

  1. Optimizing your posts for mobile

To become an efficacious social media influencer, you should optimize your posts for mobile. Not everyone uses desktop computers to browse the web, and many people access the internet on mobile devices. Your content should be easy to view on any device. Social media influencers need to build a large community to succeed, and the following is essential. The following of your account will determine how popular you become.

The best way to optimize your posts for mobile is to keep them short. People prefer videos and images, and long-tail keywords do not generate as much engagement as shorter titles. Also, make sure that you know your target audience and share content related to their interests. Users appreciate authenticity, and they are likely to engage more with a post if the influencer shares the same interests as their audience.


The social media influencer market has been growing rapidly. Now it’s time to make this hobby a full-time career. These aforementioned expert tips will help you become an influential figure in your field. 

Disposable Mobile Numbers – What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?

Did you know that your phone number can disclose much more about you than you assume? As with any other Internet user, you may be one of those who exercise caution when dealing with confidentiality.

Even so, there seems to be one thought you may overlook to do, and may continue to do, each time you sign up online: give or share your phone number. While there is nothing wrong with websites requesting your phone number for authentication purposes, having to share your number exposes you to danger.

What is the Purpose of a Temporary Phone Number for Verification?

The majority of online articles provide a disposable mobile phone number of Germany or a throwaway Germany phone number for SMS. Regrettably, they neglected to address why enterprises use disposable mobile numbers online. We will not only explain the benefits of using a temporary mobile number in this blog, and we’ll also discuss why it is essential for companies trading online.

You can select which devices receive calls from the virtual number and change them as necessary. This adaptability is why they are occasionally referred to as “secondary” numbers. Additionally, virtual phone numbers provide greater anonymity than landlines, which you can find in online directories.

The popularity of virtual phone numbers has increased. Businesses use them to accept calls from customers worldwide, regardless of the location of their offices. It enables them to communicate with their customers in real-time. They are unable to differentiate between a virtual and a regular telephone number.

Why Do People Get Disposable Mobile Numbers?

The pandemic hastened the adoption of several technologies. These include video calls, virtual events, and online education. Additionally, you can add virtual phone numbers to that ever-growing list. While they have been there for some time, they have exploded in popularity over the last year and a half.

As remote work became more prevalent, an increasing number of firms and individuals began using virtual phone numbers. The main motivation for having a second phone service for work would be to isolate their work and personal lives.

Disposable Phone Number: What Is It?

Phone numbers in the traditional sense are associated with a physical device, such as a landline or a mobile phone. In the context of the mobile smartphone, calls and messages are forwarded through the device’s Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. A virtual phone number is distinct from a physical phone number. It is not associated with a physical device.

This implies that a virtual phone number is not geographically restricted. You can use it to make and receive calls on phones and other devices. Additionally, it enables the user to configure it. As a result, you can specify which devices are capable of receiving calls and when. It is one of the reasons that having a virtual phone number is advantageous for your business.

What are the Distinctions Between Virtual and Regular Phone Numbers?

You can choose from millions of phone numbers. They are classified as virtual or disposable and regular phone numbers. What is the distinction between the two? And how do you determine which is the best option for your business?

Let’s begin with standard telephone numbers. Typically, the local telephone company installs and provides traditional phone numbers. The majority of people are unaware that they own their phone number, not the telephone company. Typically, telephone companies assign phone lines to the street address where they are installed.

Traditional phone lines necessitate the installation of phone lines throughout the building to connect to each desk phone. Installing telecommunications lines is not always simple or feasible in all offices.

On the other hand, a virtual phone number is location independent and is not tied to a specific location. It works for both in-office and remote employees because they share the same cloud PBX.

It means that your in-house or virtual team members can answer calls from the virtual number from their office, home, or cell phone. Additionally, you can select who receives incoming calls from the virtual phone number based on the availability of your staff.

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Disposable Phone Number

Here are the reasons you should acquire a disposable number for your small business.

1. There is no need for another smartphone

It is one of the primary benefits of using a virtual phone number. You are not required to buy a separate smartphone or SIM card. You’ll instantly receive a new digital phone number that you can use on your mobile phone, computer, or other gadgets. 

This frees you up and the inconvenience of carrying another device.

2. Accept calls from any location

Due to the fact that it is not physically connected to a device, you can accept calls from anywhere in the world. For example, you could obtain a virtual phone number to serve as your toll-free customer service line. Your customers or clients can now call you from any location, unaware that they are dialing a virtual phone number.

It is an efficient method of increasing your team’s efficiency when working remotely. 

3. Adaptability in call routing

Additionally, you can use Direct Inward Dialing to route incoming calls to specific individuals or teams (DID). Assume you own an auto service and repair shop. You can route all incoming repair and maintenance calls to a single individual.

It is a very practical method of increasing customer and client satisfaction. Now, anyone contacting your business will be able to receive a response.

4. Monitor your marketing efforts

You can test different phone numbers in other ads to determine which one performs best on which platform. You can invest in whichever advertisement performs the best.

5. There are no missed calls

Now, your work phone will always be answered. When a customer calls, you can configure a virtual number to ring on all business phones simultaneously, allowing multiple employees to take the call.

Therefore, if you’re preoccupied with something else, have no fear. Someone else will deal with it. There will be no more missed calls or missed opportunities.

6. Take advantage of value-added features

Additionally, a second-line phone app provides additional features that boost productivity and promote work-life balance. A virtual phone number obtained via a second line application may enable you to:

  • Configure voicemail for your second work phone line. When customers or clients call you, they can be professionally addressed and directed toward the concerned team member.
  • Create lists of various customer types and send them group messages
  • Import your existing customer base with ease.
  • Maintain a distinction between professional and personal contacts.
  • Solicit online reviews from customers.

7. Can be used for verification work

With the advancement of technology, particularly in the field of communication, it is a more prudent course of action for business owners and regular individuals to utilize cloud-based telephony systems, particularly virtual numbers. Temporary phone numbers are virtual phone numbers that conceal your identity from scammers and fraudsters. It is primarily used as a disposable mobile number for verification purposes when registering online.

Final Thoughts

Once you begin using a virtual mobile number, you will quickly realize its effectiveness for your business. It gives effective, competent perks at an extremely affordable price. Notably, it will enable you to keep your work, and personal lives isolated and prevent one from intruding on the other.

If you want to take your business to a higher level, Telnum can definitely help you. Visit our website or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Setup Assistant on iOS

The fundamental factors you need for setup assistant in iOS are

  • First, update your iOS.
  • The strong connection of WIFI.
  • Apple ID and Password if you don’t have can create a new account.
  • During setup, you may need the debit or credit card information for Apple Pay.
  • Backup of your previous device data, if you don’t have storage on your device iCloud /Quick Start/ iTunes app, it will help you make a backup.
  • But in the Mac series, there is a slight difference in accessibility features like hearing, vision, cognitive, motor, and system preferences.
  • In the Apple watch, there is a slight difference in that it can’t be accessed without the iPhone 6 or later series.
  • To backup, your Android, follow Android settings or turn on Google Assistant in Android.

Steps for Setup Assistant on iOS

Every device has some methods to make it process. Use according to your preferences. You can use a wire connection between 2 iOS devices and follow the instructions to transfer data.

Another method is to connect it wirelessly by placing 2 iOS devices near each other to transfer your data. So there are a few steps to restore data of iOS devices, which are explained in the next section.

Restore Data (iOS to iOS)

Step-by-step instructions are given below on how to transfer data between iOS.

  1. Press and hold the Power button first on your iOS, depending on your model, until the Apple logo appears on your screen.
  2. After turning it on, the HELLO word will display in a different language.
  3. Choose your language by sliding anywhere from left to right.
  4. Now select your country.
  5. Once you select the country, proceed to a new step by choosing “WIFI or Cellular connection”.
  6. A new screen will appear to enable “Location“. It’s up to you to enable or not your location.
  7. Now it’s time to backup your data from iCloud / and iTunes /QuickStart.
  8. Finally, you can sign with your Apple ID; create it if you don’t have an account.
  9. To agree with the terms and conditions, click “Agree“. Otherwise, choose the “Send by Email” option for later.
  10. Use the “Find My iPhone” option from the iCloud account.
  11. On your device, set up iMessage and Facetime, Touch ID for fingerprint, or Apple ID password to place your Passcode.
  12. To secure your data, you need to use Passcode; you don’t need to click the “Don’t Add Passcode” option.
  13. Set iCloud Keychain for your device, whether by using iCloud security code.
  14. You can use “Siri” to help access the iPhone by asking anything in your voice.
  15. With app developers, allow Apple to share “App Analytic data”.
  16. Choose the view of your iPhone from Standard and Zoom, which makes it convenient to view icons, text, and controls.

Why You Should Use Instagram Templates and How To Get Started

Using stunning visuals is one of the strategies to engage your social media followers. However, creating the perfect content is a time-consuming process. If you still want to provide refined content for your network, there are still ways to do it. With so many instagram templates free, creating a solid social media presence is pretty straightforward. Why should you rely on Instagram templates, and what are the benefits? In this post, we share everything you need to know! 

Instagram templates

Engaging through stories is one of the most common ways to build an audience. Instagram templates leave plenty of space for sharing information in a statically pleasing way. The templates contain amusing questions, letting your audience get to know you better. You can share your answers in the form of text, emoticons, or gifs for a better visual experience. 

You will create a customized template using free Instagram templates. Then you can watermark the visuals with your branded logo. Your followers will be happy to share the content of their stories and answer the questions. You can also add the templates to your highlights for easy aces. 

The benefits

As we already explained, you can easily customize the templates with a branded logo. What does this mean for your business? First, the step will enhance your online presence and increase brand awareness. Also, this practice will engage users and make them want to share the content. With this, you will get more tags and increase your exposure. Thus this is an excellent practice to gain new followers and expand your network.

Many would agree that Instagram feels rather one-sided. Influencers can share their thoughts and tips in the form of photos and posts, but the followers have limited options for participation. The Instagram templates emphasize the follower and their opinions. The result is enhanced interaction and establishing a stable relationship with the followers. 

In addition, creating content in line with your feed aesthetics can be challenging. However, keep in mind that your followers will love to see more of your signature style. That’s why Instagram templates are available in so many options. Whether your feed is moody and dark, bright and lively, refined and muted, there is a fit for every style. The Instagram templates allow you to create stories in line with your brand identity as an influencer. 

The popularity of Instagram templates

The polls and questions are one of the ways to engage with your followers. However, these will only reach your current followers and not new ones. Templates allow you to engage with your current followers and gain new ones. 

The traditional Instagram posts might not get the exposure you wanted. With stories, it is more likely that your content will reach more people. Connecting in real-time with your flowers is very simple with this feature. Since stories disappear in 24 hours, followers will urge you to check yours before it vanishes. 

Strengthen your brand

Every successful Instagram influencer knows that consistency is the key. Keeping all of your content within your defined aesthetics will strengthen your brand. With templates, sharing your signature aesthetics is very simple. You don’t need to use any other tools to create visuals. Also, you don’t need to have any graphic design experience to have attractive templates. Although there are tools that make it easy for you, opting for free templates is a better solution. 

With the Instagram story templates being the hottest social media trend now, influencers shouldn’t overlook this trend. It makes sharing information easy and fun, allowing your followers to get to know you better and share their thoughts.

Bigo Live Banned Request Free Tutorial

Please I’m banned for one month and can I please open for me I’m permanently banned never join to friends only message I messaged only please unbanned me I will never do a mistake again

I mean Bigo live streaming I’m banned permanently so. Can I open it for me??

Why My BIGO LIVE Account is Banned?

Your account will be banned if you violate the Community Convention of BIGO Live. Please read the detailed Community Convention before you go live >>> “Me” -> “Settings” -> “About Us” -> “Community Convention”.

If you see violations, please report to us so that our censor can investigate the issue at once.

Bigo Clips That Got Streamers BANNED

How to Unblock Bigo Live Banned Account?

Bigo Live Banned Account

If your BIGO LIVE account got banned/blocked (Class A permanent or Class B temporary) due to breaking bigo live community rules. You can request this free service to unblock your account as soon as possible.

First Free Unblock Form

    If you’re permanently blocked on Bigolive then you may never get your account back on the same phone, you need to make another account and buy new phone, if it is not permanently blocked but you’re having problems with account then you can write them at

    But if permanently blocked they just don’t give your account back, forget about it, no shit works even if you begin email hundred times, but there are other ways if you have option in your phone settings called dual apps, parallel space, it works or you can download parallel space app from Google Play Store and use a New Bigolive account.

    [yop_poll id=”1″]

    We understand how important it is for you to restore a bigo account. Our experience says that this is real. But you need a great desire on your part. Your account is your opportunity for the enormous potential of this social network. To do this, try hard. You are ready? We can help!

    Now there is a large queue of pending accounts on our list. Use this button to go up.


    We do not give guarantees for the result of the unblock. But we can guarantee that your application will be considered.

    Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps/Tools

    Auto likes on Instagram:

    Do you want to grow your brand on Instagram?

    If so, stay tuned as we introduce you to some of the best auto likes on Instagram. In this digital world, companies have moved more online, and because of this, there is a lot of competition in the online space.

    To increase sales, brands are prioritizing promoting their brands on social media. Instagram is the best place to promote a brand, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    So, for brand growth and development on Instagram, car enthusiasts play an important role. With a car enthusiast, you can attract more people to your brand and possibly more potential customers. Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best Instagram Auto Likers currently available.

    What is an Instagram Auto Liker?

    Instagram Auto Liker is an app that is designed to automatically add likes to your content without your effort. The main goal is to attract more people to your profile and increase engagement. If your profile has more interactions, it will become more popular and you will have more customers. Developing a brand on Instagram is difficult, and it becomes relatively easy to build a brand with these motorists.


    Quick way to develop a brand
    Artificial intelligence technology evolving over time
    Reach more people
    Better engagement
    More potential customers


    Can be scammed or blocked

    11 Best Instagram Auto Likes in 2022:

    Some of the best Instagram Auto Likes in 2021 and 2022 are listed below:

    • Likegrowers – Best overall
    • UseViral – Best cross-platform network
    • Growthoid – Best services
    • Buzzoid – Reliable Instagram marketplace
    • SocialMeep – The most detailed progress reports
    • Stormlikes – The most detailed progress reports
    • Kicksta – Great for more interactions
    • SidesMedia – Affordable prices
    • Growthsilo – Outstanding audience reach
    • Nitreo – Fastest interaction with Instagram.
    • More likes – great dynamic likes system

    Likegrowers – #1 auto likes on Instagram

    If you’re looking for an auto-liker for Instagram, you won’t find anything better than Likegrowers. It’s the best choice for auto lovers. It provides many features aimed at growing and developing your brand. Likegrowers only provides organic followers, so the brand can grow more effectively without using any bots.

    Likegrowers also provides targeting features with geolocation and hashtag targeting. On a platform like Instagram, you have to have a lot of followers because it’s the only way to expand your reach and grow your brand. Likegrowers use a cloud-based service that doesn’t limit them to a physical device. You can continue to use their services even if your device is turned off.

    Pricing Plan:

    Likegrowers offers three pricing plans below:

    9 days – $15.99
    30 days – $42.99
    45 days – $54.99

    UseViral – The best cross-platform network

    Developing a brand on Instagram seems simple, but some brands can be very difficult. Only then will you feel the need for a service like UseViral. They focus on providing brands on Instagram with organic interactions and subscribers. Organic signups make it easier for brands to grow on Instagram. Their services are not limited to Instagram, but there are other platforms as well.

    So you can grow your brand on multiple platforms at the same time with UseViral. This cross-platform feature is really a game changer for brands because it opens up a lot of possibilities. If you want to take your Instagram profile to a whole new level, UseViral is a great choice.

    Pricing plans:

    There are many other platforms on UseViral as well, but the Instagram pricing plans:

    Instagram – starting at $2.99.

    Growthoid – Best Services

    If you’re worried about services providing you with fake subscribers and engagements, Growthoid should be useful to you. Growthoid doesn’t use bots, so there’s zero chance of fake subscribers. They provide a dedicated manager who handles your brand on Instagram. He targets the right audience for your brand and develops it further.

    Growthoid’s services are designed to provide their clients with as much growth as possible. All of the engagement and subscriptions that Growthoid brings to your profile will be authentic and organic. They have a really good standard plan that is quite affordable. At the end of the day, Growthoid provides a really fast and affordable way to grow your brand.

    Price Plans:

    Growthoid offers two pricing plans:

    Standard – $49/month.
    Premium – $99/month.

    Growthoid Review:

    Buzzoid is a reliable marketplace for Instagram

    One of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your brand on Instagram is simply to accumulate likes, views and followers. If you don’t want to wait, this is the fastest way to develop your brand. Buzzoid gives you organic likes, followers and views so your brand can grow effectively. Bots are not involved because you buy services from them directly.

    The best thing about Buzzoid is that they directly sell you likes and subscribers. Buzzoid only believes in organic brand growth, so you won’t get fake subscribers. Another great thing about them is that they offer 24/7 support. If you want to buy likes and subscribers, Buzzoid is one of the best marketplaces right now.

    Pricing Plans:

    The following pricing plans are available on Buzzoid:

    Likes – from $1.47
    Subscribers – from $2.97
    Views – from $1.99

    SocialMeep – the most detailed progress reports

    Are you looking for an organic way to grow your brand? If so, Social Meep offers you the best features designed to grow your brand. Your Instagram profile is enhanced with the cloud-based technology used by Social Meep. They use AI to determine the right type of audience for your brand.

    Best of all, you can also easily see your brand growth in the form of reports. If you don’t want to manage your profile, the Social Meep team can do it for you. So, with a targeted approach, Social Meep increases your brand’s subscribers and attracts more leads.

    Pricing plans:

    Social Meep offers two pricing plans:

    Basic – $49 per month.
    Pro – $99 per month.

    Stormlikes – the most detailed progress reports:

    Are you looking for a one-stop store for your Instagram needs? If so, Stormlikes is right for you. Organic signups play a huge role in brand growth on Instagram. With Stormlikes, you can easily buy views, likes and followers. This allows you to expand your Instagram profile quickly.

    Another great thing about Stormlikes is that they also offer services for Facebook, etc. D. With this cross-platform thing, you can very easily grow your brand across multiple platforms. The payment gateway is secure and you get the items you want instantly after payment. Overall, Stormlikes is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram profile.

    Pricing plans:

    Instagram prices are as follows:

    Likes – from $1.39
    Subscribers – from $2.89
    Views – from $1.99
    Auto likes – from $15.99

    Kicksta – Great for more interactions

    Do you need an automated service to develop your Instagram profile? With an automated service, you don’t have to put your own effort into developing your brand on Instagram. It allows you to focus on other activities. Kicksta only provides regular followers, so your brand will start getting more attention. It’s the best way to grow on Instagram.

    Kicksta uses artificial intelligence technology for its automation, which only gets better over time. Paying for likes, followers can sometimes be risky, and you might only get fake followers. But with Kicksta, you get regular subscribers who help grow your brand. There are filtering and targeting features, so you can also target people who have a similar interest in your brand.

    Pricing Plans:

    Kicksta offers two pricing plans:

    Standard Plan – $49 per user per month.
    Premium plan – $99 per user per month.

    SidesMedia – Affordable Prices

    Want to quickly grow your brand on Instagram without fake followers? If so, SidesMedia is the only thing you need. Growing your brand on Instagram isn’t that hard if you do it right. SidesMedia makes it very easy to grow your brand because they provide you with subscribers that you can directly buy from them.

    An automated service is sometimes helpful, but time-consuming. If you run a brand that needs immediate growth, buying subscribers is a better choice. The more subscribers, the more engagement and therefore your brand will grow faster.

    Pricing plans:

    Instagram pricing plans are:

    Instagram – from $1.50

    Growthsilo – outstanding audience reach

    If you’re trying to grow your brand on Instagram but aren’t getting anywhere, Growthsilo can help you solve that problem. Growthsilo works through targeting, which allows them to target only people who are interested in your brand. If people are interested in your brand, they are more likely to buy from you.

    Growthsilo is a fully automated platform, so you don’t have to do anything. There are real people who handle your profile and attract more people. That way, you only get organic growth. The rates are also quite affordable, especially the launch plan. It really is a great way to improve your Instagram profile.

    Pricing plans:

    Growthsilo offers two pricing plans:

    Launch – $49 per month.
    Accelerate – $99 a month.

    Nitreo is the fastest Instagram interaction:

    Want more contacts in your Insta profile? If so, Nitreo is one of the best platforms. Instagram interaction is essential for brand growth on the platform. Nitreo helps you by automatically creating interactions for your Instagram profile. This method can provide immediate growth for your brand and wide reach.

    Nitreo doesn’t just offer you random actions, but everything is done with a targeted approach. Followers are natural and sincere, so your brand will see huge growth in a short amount of time. So, if you’re looking for instant growth, Nitreo can help you do just that.

    Pricing Plans:

    Nitreo offers two pricing plans:

    Essential – $49/month.
    Speed – $79/month.

    More likes

    More likes is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your profile. Developing and growing your brand is easy with More Likes. They only provide their customers with organic likes, which helps with brand growth. Since there are no bots, the number of subscribers to the brand increases much faster.

    They have a huge network of users that More Likes uses to give likes to their customers. This is one of the best organic ways to grow your Instagram profile. One useful feature is that you can also control the time in which you get your likes. So, if you’re looking for a great car guy, More Likes is definitely one of the best.

    Price Plans:

    The price depends on the number of likes you want. So, the price:

    50 likes/publication – $9.99/month.
    100 likes/publication – $19.99/month
    250 likes/post – $29.99/month
    500 likes / post – 49,99 $/month
    1000 likes / publication – $84,99 / month
    1500 likes/post – $114.99/month

    Free Instagram Likes Services


    Likezoid started as a free likes exchange network and will remain that way forever. Likezoid system delivers 100% free Instagram likes, and you will never be charged a single cent for it. You start with a couple of free likes by just downloading it, so you can give it a try before deciding whether or not this is a suitable tool in your Instagram arsenal.


    • do you need Download and Install Likezoid on own PC


    Instagram is one of the best places to develop a brand, but the high competition has made it quite difficult. Instagram auto-likers are the best solution to this problem because they provide your brand with followers and likes. This takes your brand to the next level through organic growth. All of the aforementioned platforms are really good in their own way. So, if you want to increase your brand’s reach on Instagram, then using an auto-liker is one of the best ways to do it.

    Why You Should Incorporate AI in Your Logo Design

    A logo defines your business, and your brand will only be as strong as the logo you create to represent it. The more unique your logo is, the better. But with so many brands in need of logos, how do you come up with something original and eye-catching?

    For centuries, designers have relied on their own ability to create the perfect logo design and brand identity. This was faced with several disadvantages, including possible copyright issues. Currently, AI has become more sophisticated, allowing anyone interested in creating logos to come up with perfect results. 

    Here are some reasons why you should use AI to create a logo

    Faster Design

    Designing a logo can be a time-consuming process. Typically, designers will create at least ten different concepts before settling on the one they feel confident with. 

    However, using artificial intelligence to create logos has drastically decreased that number by over 50%. AI saves you time and frees up space in your head so you can focus on more important tasks within your business or brand. If you are a designer working for different clients, faster designs help you fulfill their expectations on time. 

    More Types of Designs to Choose From

    Every graphic designer has a different creative process that can be limited by various conditions. However, AI relies on intelligent algorithms to create several unique designs. 

    You can look at different fonts, layouts, color schemes, and textures when you have more options to choose from, depending on what you want in your logo. In fact, more and more designers are turning to AI for inspiration and ways to improve their creativity.

    Saves Time on Revisions 

    One of the most time-consuming parts of creating a logo is revising it. Many designers charge an extra fee for revisions because it can take hours or even days to make significant changes. 

    However, with artificial intelligence at your disposal, clients will not need to worry about paying for those pricey revisions. Instead, they can focus on choosing a design they like. The results? Less money spent and less frustration for everyone involved.

    Improved Design Quality Due to Automation

    One of the most labor-intensive parts of being a designer is crafting unique designs yet still consistent with a brand’s identity. The good news is that artificial intelligence makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks.  

    Automation creates more time for other tasks that require real skill, such as developing relationships with clients and devising new strategies for selling their products. AI can also help you expand into different markets by quickly creating designs tailored to specific countries or regions.

    AI is Not a Competitor, But an Enhancer

    When someone says AI, most people’s minds will jump to robots or artificial intelligence systems. But when you start looking into it, you notice that they’re pretty different from other technology advancements. 

    In terms of logo design AI, it is not a replacement for artists or designers. It can be used as part of your creative process and help you create bolder, better designs than ever before.


    Logo design can be expensive, especially for startups. Top-rated designers charge between $25 and $75 an hour on most freelance sites. While you might find an up-and-coming designer eager to take on your project at a lower rate, they will likely compromise quality for the price. 

    However, AI makes it possible to process thousands of ideas quickly and on-demand. This gives you access to an endless stream of logos that would have been too expensive to find a few years ago. 

    Additionally, since there is no middleman needed, you can save money by paying for what you need only when you need it. No longer will you have wasted cash tied up in designs that never materialize. 

    AI Can Keep Up with Market Trends

    More and more, companies are finding it necessary to create products that will serve a particular niche. To appeal to these different groups, they need logos that are uniquely tailored toward each audience’s tastes.

    An advantage that AI has over many humans is its ability to understand market trends and how they affect logo design. In fact, some AIs are already capable of learning from their experiences and observing those trends from a unique perspective.

    Makes it Simple for Anyone to Create a Custom Logo

    Custom designs and complex logos were once reserved for only experts with a lot of time on their hands. This meant that most companies were spending a lot of resources hiring graphic designers. But with the help of AI and machine learning, anyone can create a custom logo in minutes without any experience or special skills.

    The Takeaway

    No matter what type of business you are in, a logo is critical for success. Before you even open your doors or go live with an online store, people need to know that they can trust you. Your brand identity will set you apart from competitors and win you, new clients. When creating a new logo, using artificial intelligence could be what you need to keep up with today’s competitive environment. 

    What is Data Transformation and why does it matter for your marketing?

    Marketing data is an important asset of every business. Analyzing these statistics requires well-organized and structured insights for the best possible result. This is where data transformation comes in handy. It helps businesses to transform and format their data in a way that is more appealing to them. Simply put, it is a type of process that changes the form, structure, and value of data-driven insights. 

    There are two types of warehouses that organizations use to transform data: on-premises and cloud-based. This process can be constructive, destructive, aesthetic, or structural. People involved in this tend to use specific languages, like Python or SQL to finish the task. 

    Benefits and Challenges of data transformation

    This process is very important for business for various reasons, like consolidating records, deleting duplicates, changing formatting, and a lot more. Marketing data and its transformation have various benefits. It helps companies stay better organized and is helpful for both sides, humans, and computers. It also improves the quality of the information. And most importantly, it makes it easier for applications, systems, and types of insights to be more compatible between them. 

    Like in every process, besides the benefits, there are also some challenges. This may include the fact that this process is very expensive. It all depends on the software and tools used for the data-driven insights. It can also be resource-intensive, and some businesses can use it for things that they do not need. Also, if it is done by analysts that do not have much experience it can bring problems for the company in the future. 

    How to Transform Marketing Data?

    The first step in this process should always begin with extraction and parsing. Then it should follow with translation, mapping, filtering, and summarization. When there are different sources the insights can be merged to create enriched information. That should be split into multiple columns. The next step in the process is indexing and ordering, and then obviously encryption, which is a must. Finally, the process ends with formatting and renaming everything that needs to be done, to ensure clarity. 

    The Bottom Line Here

    Data-driven insights are very important for every company. The transformation of these insights is what makes the analytics sector to be accurate, and that results in improving the business. So, it is very important to use the transformation tools correctly, and by people who know their way around them. Eventually, the success of the company depends on that.

    Top 10 Mistakes Brands Make On Instagram When Marketing

    There are always good and bad methods to achieve a goal. There are a lot of brands that have made their social media strategy strong and have achieved their targets. 

    However, there are some new brands coming up that try hard to target potential customers through social media but fail due to certain mistakes. 

    Establishing your brand online and Instagram marketing isn’t as tough as it seems. With a few common points in mind and avoiding certain mistakes, you can easily make up your brand on Instagram. 

    Here mentioned are a few mistakes brands make on Instagram when marketing on the platform.  

    1. Using Poor Quality Images

    To grow on Instagram, especially when you are marketing a brand it is important you focus on the quality of the content you are posting. 

    For instance, if you are a clothing brand and posting images of your new summer collection, the quality can decide their sales. 

    Even if the collection is top-notch but the quality of images posted isn’t as good, it may affect the outcome. Focus on making your posts look good, both quality-wise and making them look aesthetically appealing.

    If you are a new business and cannot invest in a good quality camera, at least invest in a phone that has a good camera. Invest in a photographer if you can to get good quality content for your Instagram. 

    1. Posting Very Less or Very Frequently

    Although consistency is the key, posting very frequently without focusing on the quality and value of the content can go in vain. 

    That does not mean that you should post very little, but you must keep in mind to plan your content before posting it on the platform. 

    Set a target of uploading 2-3 posts initially on a regular basis. Try to plan your content beforehand so that you have time to recheck and make sure your content is at the point. 

    Once you have a certain number of active followers decide the timeframe as well as when you would be posting so that your audience knows.

    This creates consistency between you and your followers as well. If your followers like what you are posting they may wait for your daily posts to come up. Hence, you should try to post on time on a regular schedule.

    1. Having No Strategic Plan

    Starting to post inconsistently without a proper marketing plan can lead to a decline in your followers. Certain followers are gained since they get interested in the content you post. 

    If you post anything without relevance you might lose those followers. Hence always have a strategy to market your brand on Instagram.

    A strategy is important to grow your brand and have a consistent number of followers. With a good strategic plan, you can also attract your target audience which can help you get more engagement on Instagram. 

    Hence, choose one objective, to begin with, and devise a strategy for achieving it. You’ll have things to influence each choice you make, as well as a tool to track your progress.

    1. Inconsistent Visuals

    As posted on Instagram should be consistent, so should be the visuals on your feed. Inconsistent visuals might not attract as many followers as a consistent feed might. 

    Choose a particular theme and aesthetics that go with the identity of your brand and stick to that. A feed that looks consistent gives an appealing overall look. 

    Keeping consistent visuals would help you grow your Instagram followers

    1. Ignoring Analytics

    Talking of insights, one common misstep made by marketers on Instagram is ignoring the analytics.

    You must be watching the statistics that count meticulously so that you can see patterns and progress. You would not be likely to replicate your performance if you’re attempting to increase your user interaction and are not tracking your analytics.

    Instagram provides information about interaction on postings for business accounts. People often check them, yet in the case of stories, they are generally overlooked.

    It is, nevertheless, critical to keep an eye on the story insights. This offers you a clear picture of how many people have seen and engaged with your content.

    These insights will also assist you in deciding which tales to keep to highlight and which to discard.

    Tales also reveal the number of views; if your stories have a lot fewer views than your followers, you’re not engaging your users.

    1. Inconsistent Branding

    Your Instagram profile is only a small element of a larger marketing network. You most likely have a website, various social media profiles, and possibly even a physical storefront. 

    To ensure that your identity is powerful and obvious, all of these pieces should be connected by a uniform string. Every account must have your logo. The visual design and literary attitude of each piece ought to be consistent. 

    There can be slight differences in the sort of material you post or your connections based on your market for every network. Perhaps Instagram is all about memes, yet each of your channels must seem interconnected.

    1. Not Using Instagram Stories

    Instagram stories are one of the very best features you must definitely use very frequently. If you are not using Instagram stories much this might be one of the biggest reasons that may make you lack behind. 

    If you post anything to your feed, you can share an update about it on your story so that it reaches more people since Instagram stories are binge watch kind of a thing and users watch them more often. 

    Offers with a time restriction should be posted on your stories. A few individuals may notice your stuff but choose not to follow you. Posting crucial information on your story will entice people to follow you in the future for new and interesting offers.

    There are also a variety of featured stickers, including polls and quizzes, that will keep your audience interested. You may also utilize these capabilities to communicate with your followers and find out if they appreciate what you’re posting or if they want to see something new.

    This feature also allows you to add a swipe-up link, which you should use to its full potential. If you’re a business or a brand, you may include a link to a product image in your narrative.

    This enhances your Instagram likes and growth as well as helps you attract more consumers for your business since they can instantly notice your top goods on your stories without having to look for them.

    1. Not Engaging With the Audience

    Not engaging and interacting with your followers is a big mistake. Try to connect with your audience as much as you can. Go live, respond to their DMs and comments. Share their posts that are specifically for you in your stories. 

    To maintain a consistent number of followers it is very important to make them feel valued. They must know that you value them and try to interact with them as much as you can. 

    The more you stay connected with them, the more effort they would put in from their end to help your brand grow. 

    1. Using Too Many Hashtags

    Using hashtags is one of the best strategies to grow on Instagram but using way too many hashtags can be a big mistake.

    Use hashtags on all your posts but make sure they are relevant. People search hashtags that they like, follow them to see a particular niche of content. 

    Using irrelevant hashtags might harm your brand’s identity rather than establish a good one. This might be a very basic thing but can impact your brand’s image on a large scale. 

    1. Posting Too Much Cliche Content

    There are a lot of challenges and trends that go on Instagram. But don’t follow everything that does not represent your brand. Posting uninteresting or repetitive material is the most serious Instagram mistake.

    Provide viewers stuff to interact with if you wish them to connect with your business. Don’t simply upload content for the sake of posting. Make content something they’ll be interested in, whether it’s engaging, instructive, or entertaining.

    Provide your viewers something of value in exchange for their comments, likes, and shares, and, perhaps, a closer engagement with your brand. Delivering high material will also encourage new individuals to follow you.


    These were a few common mistakes that brands make while marketing on Instagram. Keeping these basic things in mind would definitely make things easier when it concerns growing a brand on Instagram. 

    AI Nudifier Online: How it works?

    Nudifier Online is a free online photo editor that allows you to remove unwanted clothing from any photo. It is a great alternative to Photoshop for those who don’t have the budget for it or are not skilled enough in Photoshop.

    The main difference between Nudifier Online and Photoshop is that Nudifier Online can only remove clothing while Photoshop can edit the entire image.

    Introduction: What is the AI Nudifier & Why It is Beneficial

    Nudifier is a free AI-powered app that automatically applies the best effects to your photos. It also provides you with a range of filters, presets, and effects to choose from.

    Nudifier takes all the hassle out of photo editing for you and all you have to do is pick a filter or effect that suits your needs.

    Nudifier FAQs Answered

    Nudifier is an AI-powered tool that can transform any image into a nude version. It is a free online service that has gained popularity in recent years.

    Nudifier has been designed to be used by anyone and everyone, as long as they are over 18 years old. However, it may not be legal in some countries to use nudifier for this purpose.

    The legality of nudifying images online is still unclear.

    Some countries have banned the usage of this AI-powered tool, while others have not yet taken any action on it.

    How to Use AI Nudifer?

    Nudifier is an AI-powered app that uses machine learning to detect nudity in images.

    Nudifier’s algorithm can detect nudity in images. It can also identify the parts of the body that are naked and blur them out.

    Nudifier is available for free on Android and iOS devices and can be found by Browser on the Website

    Step 1: Go to website.

    Step 2: Upload photo.

    Step 3: Waiting up to 5 min.

    Step 4: Check to Result or just Fail.

    Other Deepnude AI App we reviewed in this post.

    Is Nudify Online AI tool Legal?

    Nudify is a free online AI tool that can help you to create an image of your favorite celebrity nude. It is a free online application that uses artificial intelligence to generate images of celebrities nude. The AI software has been designed to detect the face and body of the celebrity and then generates a photorealistic representation of their naked body.

    The legality of Nudify is not clear, but it does not seem like it is illegal or against any laws or regulations because it does not require any personal information from the user.

    Nudify is not Spotify!

    Conclusion: Why AI Nudifiers are the Future of Content Creation

    The last section I want to talk about is the conclusion. This is where you summarize what you have talked about in the previous sections, and make a call to action for your readers. Your conclusion should be short and sweet, and it should remind your readers of all the points that were made in the paper.

    Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

    Many people are suffering from an ongoing cough and fever caused by the coronavirus. Coronaviruses are typically spread through contact with someone who has it, or touching something they have coughed or sneezed on. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting sick, and provide much-needed assistance to those who have been diagnosed.

    It’s not always easy to thank all the people who give of themselves during an emergency; in the case of COVID-19, it includes not just doctors and health care workers but also gas station owners, truck drivers, grocery store owners and more.

    Printing Samples

    Proudly express your appreciation by downloading, printing and displaying the “Thank you to the helpers” sign below in the window of your home, business or vehicle. Other signs:

    A great way to raise awareness is by posting a photo of the sign with the hashtag #helpers. Be sure to tag @tidelandshealth on Facebook and Twitter.

    Mister Rogers says: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

    These challenging times require the commitment and skill of everyone. Folks like first responders, farmers, mail carriers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, factory workers, health care providers and service providers make all our lives easier. That’s why it’s important that we support them with our time or money to keep their communities going strong. Our safety, our health, our information and the ability to lead normal lives are all dependent on the work of people like you.

    It’s a great day to thank our writers and let them know how much they mean to us!

    Google Doodle thanks health workers and researchers

    How to Market a Niche Service for Polyamorous Dating

    How you choose to market your polyamorous dating service is a very important decision to make. After all, this niche does not have the widespread appeal of others in the realm of dating, so you might lack marketing capabilities available in other niches. With that in mind, we will show you ways to market a niche service for polyamorous dating using atypical yet effective methods.

    The 9 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps You Can Download in 2022

    • “Traditional” Apps Like Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, etc.
    • Feeld
    • Downdating
    • #Open
    • Ashley Madison
    • MoreThanOne
    • BiCupid
    • OkCupid
    • PolyFinda

    Free Trials Can Help Gain Interest

    The first way to market your niche polyamorous dating service is by offering your users a free trial. If you look closely at the free polyamory dating sites that exist today, you will notice they have a high number of users. The reason is simple: people want to experience new things, but they do not always wish to pay for them until they’re sure of their efficacy. Offering a free trial to a new service can convince people that you have something worth pursuing. You’ll generate buzz, and you can still earn money by offering paid benefits on the site, like gifts or special types of connections, as well as advertising space. 

    Outsource Your B2B Marketing to Experts

    You must realize that building and marketing a niche dating service is not something you must do alone. Instead, you can bring in the experts by outsourcing some of your marketing efforts. Your team might have perfectly acceptable skills at marketing in general, but an extra push from specialists can help your website reach new heights. For example, outsourced teams can be used to focus on a singular element of marketing that you need help with, like social media or affiliate marketing. In those realms, they can build trust and credibility for your website, adding value to your website. That way, your team can remain focused on building other elements of the site’s marketing campaign. 

    Build Networks Within the Dating Site Community

    Niche services require support because they often do not have the sheer number of users to give the website a strong start. To counter this issue, you should consider trying to build connections with the dating site community. One great option you should try is to partner with other tangential dating services. For example, people in polyamorous dating situations tend to be more adventurous and willing to try new things. As a result, you could partner with a service that offers counseling for couples or sells intimate items that improve the interactions between multiple people at a time. You simply have to find the situation that works best for your service, such as obtaining backlinks to your business or getting your business featured on another website. 

    Create a Presence on Valuable Social Media Platforms

    Another way that you can market your niche service is by going onto social media platforms and trying to build a viewership that will later translate to your business. You can attempt to create a page or group just for people that enjoy polyamorous relationships and then funnel potential customers to your dating site. You could also use less common social media services to identify your market and advertise your business. Forum-based websites like Reddit can help you gain followers, talk about your services, and even do AMAs about how you plan to help your users. It’s also a great place to mention your other marketing efforts, like free services.  

    Reddit thrives on anonymity, but it’s kept in check by transparency.

    Sponsor Events for Poly People

    Niche services are unique in the sense that they tend to have relatively few followers compared to mainstream websites. You can leverage this to your benefit by creating real-life events for people that are polyamorous. Host a meetup in a city for people to meet and mingle or have a digital meeting where you offer freebies for your site. This will require some serious coordination, but it could become newsworthy and attract a lot of people to your site. 

    Use Viral Marketing to Get the Word Out

    Lastly, you can use viral marketing efforts to help get the word out for your website and bring viewers. For example, you could make and distribute stickers that feature your site along with some provocative imagery. These can generate a lot of buzz and bring interested parties (or devilishly curious people) to your service. Direct advertisements on social media or resources for polyamorous people can also help boost your initial population numbers. Your goal should always be to get the conversation started about your company!

    Getting people to join your website is going to be a lot of work. However, you have to remember that the polyamorous niche is filled with people who need a good resource for finding romantic partners. Your website can fill the void for them, but you need to get the word out about your website. Using these niche marketing ideas listed here, you can get good roles. Even if you have to outsource your work, it’s possible to get significantly beneficial results.

    Picuki, the Instagram Editor to Simplify Your Content Creation Process

    Website –

    Introduction: The need for a better Instagram editor is real

    It’s no secret that Instagram is a powerful social media platform. It has been the go-to place for many people to share their lives with others.

    But, one of the major complaints from users is the lack of editing tools on the app. Instagram limits what you can do to enhance your images and videos.

    This means that you have to use third party apps, but it also means that you have to pay for them too.

    How can Picuki Help You Edit your Instagram Photos?

    Picuki is a free iphone app for editing photos. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to create beautiful and professional looking pictures.

    Picuki has all the tools that you need to edit your photos with just a few taps of your finger. It also has a ton of filters that will help you create the perfect photo every time.

    You can use Picuki to edit your Instagram photos, or even your Facebook profile picture if you want to. You can also use it to make funny memes, or just change up the colors on an old picture so it looks more modernized.

    What are the Features of Picuki’s Instagram Editor Software?

    Picuki is a photo editing app for Instagram that has all the features of an Instagram editor software.

    Picuki is a photo editing app for Instagram that has all the features of an Instagram editor software. It lets you edit your photos in-app before uploading them to your Instagram account. The app also provides you with full control over every aspect of your photo’s appearance, including color, contrast, brightness, and more.

    There are many other features that Picuki offers that are not available in other apps like cropping, rotating, text overlay and more.

    Picukis Top Four Features That Make it a Better Photo Editing App for Instagram Than Other Similar Apps on the Market today.

    Picuki is a new app on the market that has been designed to offer a better experience for users. The four features that make it a better application than other similar apps on the market are:

    • It offers an easy and quick way to edit photos
    • It is available in both Android and iOS platforms
    • It has a user-friendly interface
    • It offers various editing tools for enhancing your photos

    The Picuki app is the best photo editing application you can get for your Instagram account.

    9 Picuki alternative Instagram Viewers

    Many people are looking for the best Picuki alternatives on the Instagram viewer market. With so many choices, it can be difficult to find the perfect one.

    The most popular one is Instapic, but it has a monthly fee of $4.99 and doesn’t offer a lot of features. It is also not very user-friendly and doesn’t have a lot of customization options.

    Another option is InstaViewer which does not have any monthly fees and offers more features than Instapic, but it does not have as many downloads as Instapic.

    There are also some other Picuki like sites such as AppyPic which has an in-app purchase for $9.99 and allows you to download the pictures you want in high quality without any water.

    • Inflact
    • SmiHub
    • StoriesDown
    • Gramhir
    • Instaxyz
    • Fullinsta
    • IGLookup
    • Watchinsta
    • InstaDP

    How to Boost Your Account and Business Image Before Start to Sell on Instagram

    When it comes to building a business image, there are crucial steps to take to succeed. Many times, businesses tend to skip steps, which ultimately leads to reduced reach and profits. That is why it’s essential to focus on specific aspects of a company before attempting to market products or services.

    The most important strategy is to focus on user engagement and building a brand account. Without these two aspects, a business will likely fail to be marketed on Instagram. Hence, it’s essential to know what factors can influence a company before it even starts.

    After a business builds a core brand image, it can continue to boost that image on social media. For Instagram, there is a set method of steps that can help boost a company’s image, gain many followers and boost engagement similar to FollowersID. This article provides a detailed breakdown of what elements impact a brand image and how they can affect engagement and get real followers.

    Why is Building a Brand Important?

    Building a brand is vital to do before marketing its products or services. How else will potential clients be able to find what they’re looking for if a business doesn’t even know its brand? A brand and a niche are necessary as they also ensure that a company is advertising to the right consumers.

    Building a brand is crucial because it can help do the following:

    • Help find a niche
    • Attract a target audience
    • Gets picked up in Instagram’s algorithm
    • It helps create a brand aesthetic 
    • Narrows down which market to advertise in
    • Draws attention to the brand
    • Becomes sustainable 
    • Improves advertising
    • It is cost-efficient

    Not building a brand image causes a business to lose consumers. Consumers generally look for products or services in niches. So, not having a brand image or direction can cause potential consumers not to find your product or service.

    Why Is User Engagement Important?

    User engagement or product engagement is a term that describes how consumers interact with your product, service, or brand. Engagement via Instagram is slightly different from user engagement on other platforms. There are limited ways a user can interact with a company. However, 

    User engagement is crucial to understanding how to boost a business account on Instagram. Before setting up a shop and selling, it’s best to do an in-depth analysis of the business’s current following. Once that analysis is completed, a company can then move on to improving its user reach.

    Engagement is crucial to any business because Instagram uses an algorithm that prioritizes what it pushes to users. If a company has poor user engagement, it’s less likely that Instagram will display a business on a user’s feed. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in spreading business engagement.

    How to Boost Account and Business Image

    Building an account and the business image is vital to success, especially when Instagram has over 1 billion users. Without it, a company can get lost in the many other start-up brands. Each company should focus on adjusting the following if they want to succeed in Instagram’s business marketplace:

    1. Analyze and Track User Engagement

    Instagram has a built-in free analytic tool so that a business can track its analytics. The tool is called ‘Instagram Insights’ and provides valuable information about interaction data. 

    Insights provide vital data about interactions such as:

    • Comments 
    • Profile shares
    • Total impressions
    • Number of follows
    • Etc.

    Tracking user engagement can help map out how a business is doing. The engagement score will also determine a company’s place in Instagram’s unique algorithm. Knowing the numbers can help a business track its progress throughout the year.

    2. Learn When to Post

    The time of day is also another crucial aspect for getting the most attention to your brand. Posting during ‘down-times’ can lead to less traffic on a profile and minimize a business’s reach. Brands that want to excel at its post-time should consider their target audience and when users will likely be online.

    For example, if a target audience is young Americans, it’s best to post in the evening. It may be more beneficial for college students to post on weekends, early morning, or night. Changing up and experimenting with the posting time can help a business expand its reach to the right audience.

    3. Prioritize Captions

    While a picture or video post can speak a thousand words, a caption also helps boost user engagement. Instagram allows businesses to write up to 2,200 character words for each post on their account. Not taking advantage of this can likely reduce user engagement such as shares, comments, or messages.

    Captions shouldn’t be full of emojis but also shouldn’t be redundant. A simple call-to-action post can help entice users to share their opinion or views on a product or service. This alone is an excellent way to get publicity and spread a company brand by word of mouth.

    4. Optimize Profile

    A profile draws in potential customers by providing users with a breakdown of a business’s ethics, morals, products, and services. Without a completely filled-out profile, a business can expect to get fewer followers due to the business’s mission or goal being unclear. Consumers need a reason to follow a company that aligns with their interests.

    Using Instagram’s business profile, a company can create a 150 character description on their main profile page. In this description, a company can also embed one link and a few action buttons. Using the linking feature link to the product or service webpage.

    Listed below is the following information a profile should include:

    • A brief description of the business’s mission or goal
    • What niche the company is trying to cater to
    • Contact information 
    • A link to the store webpage

    Taking advantage of the linking feature in the bio is the most crucial part, as you can’t post active links anywhere else. The link will direct users to the business homepage and allow them to shop in-app. It’s been found by the Facebook Earnings Report that more than 50% of users use the Explore tab to make purchases.

    5. Create a Visual Aesthetic

    One underrated tip of advice that businesses don’t take advantage of is creating a visual aesthetic associated with the brand. Imagine Mcdonald’s and what colors are representative of their brand. Anyone would easily be able to distinguish them based on their aesthetic alone.

    Creating a unique brand image can help users identify a brand without much thought. It also sets the business apart from competitors and allows the company to shine. However, brands should not copy another brand’s aesthetic.

    A brand does best when it takes inspiration from other companies but doesn’t copy—copying a brand aesthetic only crowds the market, which leads to less publicity and traffic. If the goal is to get a brand to stand out, it’s crucial to avoid being similar to others.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that a brand can’t follow a trend. Following trends are encouraged and will help reach more users. However, a brand still needs a primary aesthetic that follows branding guidelines.

    6. Start Posting Consistently

    Consistent updates to an Instagram profile can help ensure that more users see the business’s content. Not posting can cause a business to miss out on potential followers and lose current followers. No one wants to support an inactive company, which is why it’s crucial to keep updating on a regular schedule.

    Users want to see not only updates but consistent updates. Plan a schedule for posting regular updates. Updates can include information about services or products. But they also can consist of call-to-action posts or shoutouts to current customers. 

    Instagram has a special algorithm that uses machine learning similar to Google or Ads. Users will be displayed 

    7. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags are essentially a ‘tag’ or search term that a company can use to attract new consumers. These tags are a method to categorize content posted on Instagram and allow users to search through posts that use specific tags. If a business uses tags in their post, there is a higher chance for a new user to see the company’s post. 

    Spreading a business’s reach is critical for its success, especially on Instagram. So, utilizing as many sources to get a business more publicity is a must. Hashtags often have trends or top trending phrases. For example, posts with the word ‘meme’ in 2020 had more user reach than ones that did not. 

    To utilize a hashtag, find one that corresponds to the business’s niche. From there, a business can also include trending hashtags that relate to the company. For example, suppose a brand is a makeup company that creates vegan products. In that case, they can then use a ‘#vegan” or “#crueltyfree” hashtag.

    The more relevant hashtags a company uses, the more likely they will appear in users’ feeds and searches. Potential customers will see the product and service and will likely engage with the company by appearing more frequently. Even creating a business hashtag can help boost reach.

    8. Be Genuine

    Instagram is a bit different from other social media applications as, according to Business of Apps, more than 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. The users appreciate authenticity more so than they do great marketing pitches. Of course, a company should still create a brilliant marketing pitch. However, the pitch shouldn’t be the main focus.

    Instead, show users a genuine side of the brand. Be a bit more personal and showcase what goes on in the business. Honesty and authenticity will draw in users and strengthen a connection with them.

    In the long run, creating an authentic brand will gain more followers than a sales pitch. There needs to be a good balance between promoting products and user engagement. Showing followers a ‘behind the scenes’ or sneak peek can also be an excellent way to establish authenticity.

    9. Get Creative

    A brand that molds to the times is much more successful than one that sticks to one marketing method. As an Instagram shop, the market will always have an influx of new businesses trying to follow the ‘standard’ or ‘popular’ trends to sell. What can set a company apart from others is to experiment and see what users enjoy.

    On Instagram, there are a few different types of content a business can post. Consider using a few of these methods as limiting a brand to only one can do more bad than good. 

    Here are a few methods company’s can use:

    • Posting videos
    • Add story quizzes
    • Include polls
    • Post carousels
    • Use IGTV
    • Host giveaways and coupons
    • Use Instagram Ads

    See which styles work best for the audience and adjust accordingly. Even if the results are good, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with what posts attract different audiences. The reason for this is that it expends and deepens its reach.

    10. Utilize Carousels

    Carousels are Instagram’s way of describing a slideshow with multiple videos or images stringed together in one post. The audience is allowed to swipe left and view numerous pieces of content in a post. The maximum amount of content in one post that is permitted is up to 10 images or videos.

    Using carousels is an excellent way to get more user engagement and is more effective than regular picture posts. EMarketer has found that the average Instagram user only spends 29 minutes a day on the platform. A carousel can advertise multiple products and services in one go rather than just detailing what’s available in the captions. 

    Furthermore, the more a business shares with its followers, the more time it takes to look at its content. The longer a user looks at content, the more likely it will boost the user engagement score. That’s why companies should focus on utilizing carousels when they post on their timeline.


    Instagram has a straightforward platform that allows businesses to sign up and make profits. However, the minor technicalities are where many companies fail because Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing. Companies will need to adapt to the algorithm to keep up with trends and keep user engagement boosted.

    Using Instagram insights and pairing that with user engagement, a business shouldn’t struggle that much to keep relevant. As long as a company tracks its scores each week, it’s possible to stay consistent and grow its following. Hopefully, you’ve found this helpful in learning how to manage and set up a brand image.

    Organize PDF Files Online

    Many people use PDF editors to add or remove text or design elements from their PDF files, but PDF editors can do much more. The best PDF editors have an array of different tools and features that allow users to manipulate the text in several ways. Not only can online PDF editors help users add or remove text or change the design layout, but they can also help users rearrange the page order, merge two files into one, and split a single file into many. There are several easy PDF editors online that are available to users that can perform these tasks and many more. 

    Main Features of PDF Editor Tools

    The main features of PDF editor tools include the following: 

    • PDF viewing and reading 
    • PDF editing (text, text, and dialog boxes, fillable form creation, adding design elements) 
    • PDF compression 
    • PDF conversion (from multiple file types) 
    • Security features (passwords, watermarks, digital signatures)
    • PDF templates 

    Every online PDF editor will have its own unique features as well, but these features are among the most popular and sought-after. PDF editing software can also help users manage and organize their PDFs when it comes to storing or exporting them to different users or cloud-based storage servers like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

    Another feature to consider when looking for a PDF editing tool is price. Many of the best PDF editors are free to use on a trial or one-time basis. Users can then sign-up for a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription based on their usage and/or individual or organizational needs. Price ranges vary among the different PDF editors out there, but they are all reasonably priced based on the services they offer. 

    Best PDF Editor Tools

    There are dozens of different online and downloadable PDF editing software programs out there that it is hard to pick one. Some of the best, or most well-known, are some you may have already heard of, like Adobe Acrobat, PDFElement, and SmallPDF. But there are always new PDF editors coming out. 

    One of the newer programs to emerge has been Lumin PDF. Lumin is an online PDF editor that can be downloaded onto laptops, tablets, and smartphones for offline use. Lumin has many of the features that users have come to expect from text editing, design features, compression and conversion tools, as well as easy syncing with different storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

    Lumin website

    Lumin also features a wealth of different PDF templates for a wide variety of uses from legal forms, contracts, and project proposals to invitations, menus, and diplomas. Users can download these templates and then use the Lumin browser to edit them to suit their purposes, whether it is to make changes or update them completely. 

    Consider the Best Tool That Suits Your Needs

    One thing to consider when choosing the best PDF editor is your level of usage. Several PDF editors are much more advanced and have specialized tools and features that are aimed at the everyday PDF user. Someone who only occasionally uses PDFs may not need to shell out a lot of money for specialized PDF editing software. 

    This is why online PDF editors are a good alternative. They offer all the same kinds of tools and features that specialized software like Adobe does, but in a much more user-friendly interface and at a much more reasonable price point. Users can also choose their level of commitment with their subscription plan, which they can cancel at any time, depending on the PDF editor. 

    How To Promote YouTube Channel By Live Streams?

    YouTube live streams are an opportunity to connect with your audience, get to know them better, and tell them about yourself. It’s the perfect way to get to know the real you, to open up as a person. The first advantage of broadcasts is the opportunity to get to know your audience better, to get them to like you.

    Your subscribers are your loyal audience. You can identify the topic of the broadcast and present the product or service on which you’re going to make money. Another great way to monetize live streams on youtube is with donates, superchats, and superstickers.

    YouTube’s own statistics tell us that the number of subscribers, after the introduction of live streams, could grow by 40%, and viewing time by 70%. People need to be engaged all the time you’re on, which means you need to have a clear broadcasting plan in place.

    As for watch time: it’s three times faster on YouTube live stream than on regular videos. So you’ll get to the coveted 4,000 hours to start monetizing faster.

    Streaming promotion on YouTube should be separated into 3 stages:

    • Before the start of the live stream
    • During 
    • After the end

    Promotion before the stream video launch

    • Upload a teaser video to your channel days or weeks before the live event. Provide more information and the topics about stream to be covered during the live event. Also, the date, time and any other details.
    • Often streamers do not devote enough time to this stage, so they get a small coverage and all their efforts come to nothing. It is necessary to take a course on promotion even before you go online.
    • Engage additional audiences through social media. Get the audience interested, offer something that would generate interest among the audience. This could be a free version of an e-book, a master class, or another type of lead magnet.

    How to increase viewers while streaming?

    • It’s a good idea to create a collaboration with a partner on the same topic in order to provoke the interest of subscribers and to promote the stream on YouTube.
    • Buy viewers for your stream. Having many online viewers helps you to attract more and more audiences. You need to create a hype! It’s simple and fast to buy YouTube live stream viewers.
    • Interact with your audience. Go beyond just a stream video, create a poll for your viewers using the Hints section.

    Promotion after the streaming

    • Publish the broadcast not only on your YouTube channel, but also on social networks.
    • Create a separate playlist for live streams.

    Of course, launching to stream with three subscribers on the channel is a useless thing to do. So the first thing you need to do is to get subscribers. You can do this quickly with the help of SMM panel ViewsBiz. And you can also buy live stream viewers. When other users come to you, they will surely stay, because thousands of people bought from us will watch you! And this is an indicator of interest.

    How to Add a Watermark to Your Instagram Photos

    For most people, the only way to add a watermark to their Instagram photos is by using a third-party soft like Visual Watermark. Read this tutorial to learn how you can add a watermark to your Instagram photos quickly and easily.

    What is a watermark?

    A virtual watermark is a digital watermark that is inserted into the digital media.

    The word “virtual” means that it cannot be seen by sight, but may be detected by computer analysis.

    Why watermarks are important?

    Watermarks are important for photographers because they act as protection for their images. When you upload an image to the web or share it with someone, there is always a risk that someone could steal your photo and use it in their own content without giving you credit. With a watermark on your photo, you can hold them accountable for stealing your work.

    How to upload a watermark to Your Photos?

    There are a number of ways to upload a watermark to your photos. Here, we will discuss about the different methods and the pros and cons of each.

    Adding text watermarks with Photoshop.

    Adding watermarks with Photoshop is a great way to protect your work from being stolen. The process is easy and quick, but before you start adding the watermark, you need to find a picture that has a transparent background.

    Watermarks are an effective way of preventing your content from being stolen. They are often applied to logos or images that will be used in advertising campaigns. If you plan on using a logo or image for any media, then it’s best to place a watermark on it before publication.

    This process starts off by selecting the layer with the image you want to apply the watermark on and turning it into a smart object layer by right-clicking on it and going to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert To Smart Object.

    Uploading image watermarks through the desktop app.

    A watermark is the text, logo, or pattern that is added to an image to identify its copyright owner. This can be done through editing software, or with a desktop app like Visual Watermark.

    Do you need to watermark your photos? Download Visual Watermark to add a text or graphic logo to your picture. In just 1 minute, you can add 100 watermarks! Get the app now and get the job done quickly.

    There are many advantages of using the watermark app for instagram for this purpose. Here are some examples:

    • easy and convenient
    • quick and simple
    • available on all devices
    • no ads

    Watermark for Instagram

    Adding a watermark to my Instagram photos is the best way to protect them from being used without my permission.

    Have you ever had someone steal your Instagram photos and post them without giving you credit? It’s very frustrating. Fortunately, there is a simple way to add a watermark to your Instagram photos that will show on every single photo you upload.

    Should I watermark my photos on Instagram?

    While it’s important to stay true to your artistic vision, we also need to protect our work. Watermarking photos using a photo editing app or photoshop can protect your work from being stolen and used without credit.

    Responsive Instagram Widget For Website Free and Paid [2022]

    Why? – Save time with insta widgets to boost your Website

    Embedding Instagram Feed on your website using a social media feed wall is relatively simpler than you might be hyping it all about. It can be divided into four simple steps:

    • Step-1: Sign Up on Widget.
    • Step-2: Turn on your Instagram account for Service or Add your Insta URL
    • Step-3: Generate The Instagram Widget Embed Code From Service
    • Step-4: Embed the feed widget on your website or Landing page

    Compare and find the right Widget for you

    Free Widgets
    Pro Widgets
     Photos link to SnapWidget
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     Supports Facebook photos
     Supports Twitter photos and videos
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     Supports HTTPS websites
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     Photos link to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
     Supports Instagram photos and videos
     Supports Facebook photos
     Supports Twitter photos and videos
     Supports YouTube video widgets
     Username and Hashtag filtering
     Supports HTTPS websites
     Refreshes every 5 minutes
     Create Welcome and Announcement Banners
     Create Instagram Carousel Post Widgets
     Create Hashtag Widgets *
     Priority Customer Support
     Widget Analytics
     Increase sales with Shoppable Images
     Add Your Own Custom CSS
     Display photos in a lightbox
     Previous / Next buttons to display older content
    Check FreeFind Paid

    TOP Free:

    • SnapWidget
      Embed your photos with a responsive Instagram widget. SnapWidget makes it easy to display Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube content on your website.
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    • Taggbox
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    Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    See what some of the best customers on the planet have to say about Widgets and how we’ve helped them grow their business.

    What’s An Instagram Handle and To Choose The Best One?

    An Instagram handle, or “username,” is the identity you use on Instagram to connect with followers.

    What Is an Instagram Handle?

    An Instagram handle is your username on Instagram. It’s unique to you and your account, and it conveys your personality to followers.

    Why Is An Instagram Handle Important?

    With the growing trend of social media, having an Instagram account is vital. With over 600 million active monthly users, Instagram has practically become the go-to social media site for many people. Whether you are promoting your business or just want to keep in touch with your friends and family, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be on it.

    How To Choose The Best Instagram Handle

    There are many factors to consider when choosing an Instagram handle. Whether you want to use your name or your company’s name, there are many things to take into consideration.

    7 Instagram Handle Ideas

    To get you started on finding the ideal Insta handle, there are some samples below. Once you have a name that works, consider marketing strategies from Instagram automation to Instagram themes. Make sure to check out all of them!

    1.  @Girlwithnojob

    2.  @Pugloversclub

    3.  @Apartmenttherapy

    4.  @TheRealJimParsons

    5.  @LushCosmetics

    6.  @FashionInFlux

    7.  Bucketlisters

    Instagram Handle Generator Tools

    Perhaps you need a blog post idea for your company blog, but you’re not sure what to post. There are a handful of “generator” tools out there which can help you come up with some ideas. One such generator is called Idea Generator Pro. This generator is free and can produce original content related to your industry and what you want to write about.

    This intelligent username generator lets you create hundreds of personalized name ideas. In addition to random usernames, it lets you generate social media handles based on your name, nickname or any words you use to describe yourself or what you do.

    Learn some helpful Brand Name Generator ideas and tips you can apply in selecting your business name in this Brand Name Creation & Ideas Guide.

    How To Change Your Instagram Handle

    If you want to change the username on your Instagram account, it’s not too hard! It can be done in a few easy steps. To avoid any confusion, make sure to remove the old username from any accounts you have linked to it.

    Easy Steps to Improve Your Ad Campaigns

    Advertisement campaigns are paid communication tools used by brands worldwide to increase exposure, awareness, and visibility and jump-start the interest and desire of potential customers.

    Every business is doing it today because they can get the word out about their products and services. All companies do this in a bid to get their cut of the over 3.5 billion interactions that occur on the internet every day.

    But unfortunately, this also means it is easy to get lost in a sea of ads, except you constantly improve upon your campaigns.

    And while ad improvement is now an essential step in dominating your niche and market, the steps are not very difficult.

    Below we consider some easy steps and tips you can follow to improve your ads and help them perform optimally.

    Why Online Businesses Need To Always Work On Developing Their Ad Campaign

    Because more and more businesses are pumping out campaigns every day, brands that overlook this crucial step often end up with underperforming campaigns.

    Below are some solid reasons why digital brands must continue to work on their ad campaigns regularly:

    Increasing Brand Visibility

    Because ad campaigns account for the largest chunk of brand awareness and visibility, it is safe to assume that not working on it could reduce how visible your brand gets.

    And working to improve every ad you send out will bring better results and increase your exposure to your target audience.

    Improving Ad Efficiency

    Creating ad campaigns is important, no doubt, but they can also quickly turn into wasted efforts.

    For instance, creating ads with prior findings can leave you with an ad that absorbs too much time and money but yields minimal results.

    Not improving the campaign can make the ad fail to keep up with current trends.

    Therefore, you must always work on improvements to improve the overall results.

    Attracting New Customers

    While certain tricks and techniques are forever green, many of the strategies used in developing ads need to change occasionally.

    This is important because new audiences are entering the market and internet now and then. And adjusting campaigns and aligning with times and seasons are the surest ways to capture the interest of these new audiences and turn them into paying customers.

    Penetrating New Markets/ Launching New Products

    One reason you also need to work on your campaigns is that selling is global. There is always an opportunity to break into a novel but profitable market or the chance to craft a new product or service.

    Both instances will require a different approach than you were used to, and working on developing new ideas for a campaign is how you win every time.

    Impactful Strategies Used for Improving Ad Campaigns

    Like we said earlier, some strategies change over time while others remain evergreen for a long time. Below are some helpful steps and strategies you can use to improve your campaigns in an ever-changing market:

    Tailoring High-Quality Copies

    Most people only respond to ads that seem personalized. They sound as if the audience was being addressed directly. Such an ad hits a pain point and allows the audience to relate to what is being said.

    Such ads are often well-tailored and crafted only after thorough research has been conducted to create the perfect buyer persona.

    This way, you have a target in mind and craft the ad to speak to an actual person. This is a vital strategy to inculcate into your campaigns as it always seems to capture the listener’s attention effortlessly.

    Audience Targeting

    Another essential step to help your ads soar is to always have a target in mind. The target is usually the person the campaign is prepared for, and, in most cases, this is your ideal customer.

    Putting this in place ensures that you are not simply creating ads for creating sake but with genuine intentions.

    Performance Testing

    Running an ad without proper testing is like driving a car without determining the capacity. In both cases, it fails.

    Before pushing out a campaign, first requires that you test its performance. This process will enable you to see how the ad will run. It will also enable you to see how the ad will be placed and displayed.

    This is very vital to prevent wasting valuable time and resources.

    Competition Monitoring

    Knowing what your competitors are doing is essential for running an ad campaign. 

    But sadly, your competition will not be pleased with this; hence, you will need a tool like scraping APIs or proxies to help you do this successfully.

    Another type of API known as SERP scraper API allows you to collect ad campaigns by different competitors from search engine pages. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started

    How Web Scraping Tools Can Help Out

    All the steps and strategies employed in making better ad campaigns can be quickly done through web scraping. The tools used in web scraping are easy to use yet very sophisticated and will help to make the steps easier to carry out.

    Using a SERP scraper API will help you monitor different ads on a SERP and collect relevant keywords. Together, these can help you devise and craft high-quality ads that surpass your competition and put you in front of your target customers.


    Businesses need customers, regardless of their size and location. With customers, any brand would wither out and collapse.

    Getting these customers can be done in several ways, including promoting and running ads. Some strategies can help make running ads easier, and you can use web scraping software such as a proxy or SERP scraper API to make the process more appealing.

    How To Delete Twitter Account From Anywhere: Quick Guide

    There’s no question that Twitter can provide a wealth of information, from breaking news to funny memes and lively debates. However, at times, it can also be overwhelming, addictive, and just plain unpleasant that you just feel like you want to delete your Twitter account.

    Whether your screen time notification says you’ve spent a horrendous amount of time on your phone today, or you just don’t feel the need to share every inch of your life on an app anymore — it might be time to finally pull the plug on your online life and delete your account temporarily… or forever. 

    This article provides you with the steps to take when you want to leave Twitter. You can either take a break or delete your account permanently.

    Deactivating vs deleting your Twitter account

    Deactivating your Twitter account is the first step to deleting your account permanently. Deactivation lasts 30 days. If you do not access your account within the 30-day deactivation period, your account is deleted and your username will no longer be associated with your account.

    • Deactivating your Twitter account

    Deactivation begins the process of permanently deleting your Twitter account. This step initiates a 30-day window that gives you space to decide if you’d like to reactivate your account.

    Deactivating your Twitter account means your username (or “handle”) and public profile will not be viewable on, Twitter for iOS, or Twitter for Android.

    • Deleting your Twitter account

    After your 30-day deactivation window, your Twitter account is permanently deleted. When you don’t log into your account during the 30-day window, it lets us know you want to permanently delete your Twitter account. Once your account is deleted, your account is no longer available in our systems. You won’t be able to reactivate your previous account and you won’t have access to any old Tweets.

    How to delete Twitter account from a desktop

    To delete Twitter account using desktop (Windows or Mac), follow the below steps:

    • Login to your Twitter account on your web browser.
    • In the menu on the left side of the Twitter homepage, click “More.”
    • Select “Settings and privacy” in the pop-up. 
    • At the top of the Settings menu, click “Your account.”
    • Then click “Deactivate your account” at the bottom of the “Your Account” menu.
    • In the “Deactivate account” section, choose a “Reactivation period.” You can select either 30 days or 12 months.
    • Click “Deactivate” at the bottom of the page.
    • Then enter your password and click “Deactivate.”
    • A pop-up should prompt you to finally finish deactivating your account.

    How to deactivate Twitter account

    To deactivate your Twitter account, follow the below steps:

    • Depending on your version of the Twitter app, click the profile icon or the hamburger menu at the top of the screen. 
    • Go into the Settings and privacy menu and tap Account.
    • Select Deactivate your account.
    • Tap Deactivate.
    • When prompted, enter your password and tap Deactivate.
    • Finally, tap Yes to confirm your decision.

    How to delete suspended Twitter account

    You cannot delete a suspended Twitter account directly. With Twitter’s strict policies, you have only two options to delete a suspended account:

    • Send a request to Twitter’s customer support
    • Unsuspend the account and then delete it

    1. Send a request to Twitter

    Twitter gives you the option of requesting to deactivate or close your suspended account. To use this option, follow these steps:

    • Visit Twitter’s Help Center
    • Select I’d like to deactivate or close my account
    • Complete the account access form that pops up and click Submit
    • Twitter will send you an email with more information about your request. They should also respond to your request with a resolution within a few days.

    You can address your request to the contacts found in Twitter’s Contact us section of their privacy policy as well, especially if you have concerns about its use of your information.

    2. Unsuspend your Twitter account and then delete it

    Unsuspending your Twitter account depends on the type of suspension, and you will need to learn how to get unbanned from Twitter first. Once your Twitter account is active again, proceed as follows to delete the account:

    • Open your Twitter app
    • Navigate to “Settings and Privacy”
    • Find the “Account” tab
    • Locate and click on “Deactivate your account”
    • Read the account deactivation details
    • Click “Deactivate”
    • Type your password
    • Click the “Deactivate account” button

    How to delete all tweets from Twitter account

    This article will guide you on how to delete all tweets from your Twitter account. You can do this by following these steps:

    Log into your Twitter account

    Select the “Settings and privacy” option

    Select “Delete Tweet” option

    You will be shown all your Tweets listed in chronological order. Just click on the Delete Tweet button to delete them all at once!

    Best Twitch Heart Rate Monitor For Streaming

    A twitch heart rate monitor is a device that allows you to track your heart rate during a particular activity. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a simple or a more complex one. A beginner may only want a basic unit or a modest device to monitor their development. But if you are a competitive athlete or a triathlete, you will likely want the most advanced device.

    Streamers have a lot of options when it comes to these devices. The accuracy of your monitor is not the most important factor, but the connection is a crucial factor. It is important to look for an ANT+ or Bluetooth connection, which means it works with as many apps as possible. You’ll also want to check whether it works with your streaming device. The best monitors for gamers support both technologies, which is recommended for beginners and experienced players alike.

    Another option is the Polar H10, which is a more advanced and expensive option. While it may be expensive, this popular device provides accurate heart rate data and is celebrity-endorsed. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to send the results to your phone. Although you have to download the app, it is free and requires only a $30 monthly payment. The Polar H10 is an excellent choice for those new to the game of streamers and those who are just starting out.

    For a more affordable option, the Polar H7 is a good choice. It’s compatible with most smartphones and uses a standard coin cell battery. This makes it easy to find. The price is a little higher, but it’s worth it for more accurate readings. And since it doesn’t use ANT+ technology, it’s compatible with most smartphones. The Polar H7 is compatible with ANT+ and is also available in Europe.

    The Polar H1o is a versatile optical heart rate monitor that can be attached to the temple with a Google strap clip. It uses ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy and can record up to 600 hours of heart rate-based training. It’s compatible with the FORM smart goggles. The H1o is waterproof, which is a plus. It has a GPS and a built-in accelerometer, and is compatible with several popular apps.

    A wrist strap is the most convenient option for many people. Some people prefer chest straps. Other people are more comfortable with a wrist strap. A heart rate monitor is a useful tool for pushing boundaries during workouts. In addition to helping you achieve your goals, it can also keep you healthy and safe. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, a twitch heart rate monitor can be an excellent investment.

    Pulsoid –

    Leverage your broadcasts with Pulsoid, a wearable heart rate monitor for Twitch livestreamers. Send your heart rate data to your Twitch broadcast and give viewers access to stay connected with you during those long-lasting gaming sessions. Safeguard your health with Pulsoid’s alerts when you are overexerting yourself so you can have a live healthy broadcasting experience.

    Whale – a big update of Facebook’s meme-making App

    Did you know that ten months ago, Facebook launched the Whale meme app? Yes, yes, and unlike many other solutions, this application lives on and continues to develop. The primary confirmation of this is the release of updates.

    The company has a practice of launching new applications for testing through its Facebook NPE (New Product Experimentation) group. Quite often, it happens that a few months after the launch, it closes the project. As happened with Hobbi, which launched in February and was shut down four months later, TikTok rival Lasso was shut down.

    The Whale is still with us, and the updates that came out the other day made it even more attractive. So what’s the innovation? The app now supports GIF memes, you can share memes in private groups, and on top of that now has a vast library of cool meme templates.

    It’s also worth noting that Facebook has signed several popular meme creators to create memes through Whale. These users can now publish their memes in their groups.

    The application features do not end there, magic filters and the ability to insert a face have also been added. According to the first to test the app, Whale’s nifty tools are the simplest they’ve ever used.

    You can download Whale from the App Store for free now, the only thing worth considering is that it is only available in the US and Canada.

    Memes are gaining popularity. We know this, this is how we developed similar applications, and even now, two applications are in development. If you want to add a little fun to your app or do something similar from scratch, we can help.

    How to find Whale App?

    Whale is available for free on Apple’s iOS App Store, but only in the U.S. and Canada. The app also has its own Instagram page where it posts (you guessed it) memes.

    How to Get TikTok Profile & Video Post Links?

    How To Get TikTok Profile Link?

    Follow these simple steps for getting TikTok Profile Link:-

    Step 1: Go to your TikTok Profile/Account.

    Step 2: Click on Three Dots as mentioned (Red Circle).

    Step 3: Click on Copy Link (Red Circle).

    Step 4: Your Link has been Copied. Now you can paste your link.

    BONUS: Are you struggling to become famous on TikTok (formerly You tried a lot but still your TikTok Profile Followers or TikTok Post Views, Likes, Shares, and Comments, etc are NOT increasing.

    How To Get TikTok Video Link?

    Follow these 3 simple steps for getting Video Link:

    Step 1: Click on the Share Button.

    Step 2: Click on Copy Link.

    Step 3: Your Link has been Copied. Now you can paste your link.

    Writing quality content – Here are a few ideas for your Marketing Strategy

    The effective marketing of the brand will help much in excelling in the competitive market. There are enormous strategies that are adopted by the companies. One of the highly eminent and useful ones is the creation of quality content. The writers must know the most amazing secrets to convert the content to the quality one. Free plagiarism checker is the online tool that must be used for all the contents. 

    Ideas to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

    The marketing strategy can be boosted and made effective with the use of the right tactics. Marketing strategies offer an extensive range of opportunities for companies to flourish. Optimize your sales and generate valuable profit by using the right marketing strategy.

    #1 Pick Topics Correctly

    The selection of the topic must be made quite keenly. The off-topic or out of trend would not lead to satisfactory outcomes. Choose the trendiest topics and then write about these. The content selected for the website must be able to engage more and more audiences. Make a list of the highly likable topics and then make a list of them. 

    The originality of the content is massively important for gaining positive outcomes. The more the quality of the content would be, the more the ranking of it would be on the search engine. It is known to be the readers-driven content that attracts the users to the optimum. 

    #2 Create Catchy Title 

    When you end up selecting the topic, then create a catchy title for it. The catchy title is often the right combination of words and numeric. It should be able to generate clickable action. If the content is optimally valuable, but the title is not catchy, then people would not be inclined towards it. It is mandatory to spend time designing the creative title. The meta title and meta description must also be crafted with care. The selection of words for it must be splendid enough that land the masses to the website. 

    #4 Creative and Informative Content 

    The marketing strategy should ensure to craft the content that comprises informative content. The informative content matters a lot. Screen the information and then represent it in an impressive manner! Indeed, information for the visuals should be presented with great care. Be creative with your words, and do not forget to use a plagiarism checker! 

    The best strategy to follow is to review the competitors and find out what kind of content they use for their audience! It will enable you to determine the ongoing trends of the competitive market. Hence, you can adapt these to become a part of the competition. 

    The detection of plagiarism is optimally necessary for the content designed for marketing strategy. Any duplication or similarity in it would lead to drastic outcomes. Check plagiarism of the content within no time using the most reliable free plagiarism checker.  

    #5 Build Structure Appropriately

    The structure of the blog content or website must be crafted properly. The font for heading and subheading must be used quite sagaciously. The font colour, font size, and font style must be chosen with care. It must have a solid introduction, main body in the form of several paragraphs. Moreover, it must have a summary of the conclusion too. 

    The use of bullets also helps much in making the readers comprehend the content. Moreover, the use of outline acts as a guide to gain the benefits. It helps readers to analyze the parts of the content even without putting in any effort. They do not have to go through the whole content to decide whether to continue reading or not. 

    #5 Focus on Visuals

    Visuals are known to be the most appealing and highly attractive part of content! People feel much inclined towards the content that has perfect aesthetic appeal in it. The visuals comprise different elements such as video, GIFs, images, infographics, and much more. Choose the most suitable visuals for your website content and present them in a professional way. Must use the image alt text, caption, etc. for the images, which must include the relevant keyword in it. The optimized visuals should be placed quite elegantly in the content. 

    In a Nutshell

    Get the SEO-optimized content and check its originality using the plagiarism checker! The detection of flaws is necessary before publishing it. Marketing strategy enhances the horizon of its reach to a wider audience. It makes the brand memorable for the users. Indeed, it is a source to build trust in the brand, and hence people make a purchase from such websites without any hesitation. Marketing strategy with the use of high-quality content ensures to grab more and more audiences in a limited time span.

    Starting Out with B2B marketing? Here’s Some Things to Consider

    There’s a whole world differentiating B2B and B2C marketing from each other. When you’re marketing other businesses, you need to have a very different approach. Do some thorough research on this before writing your marketing strategy. In this article, you can check out some of the basic things to consider when starting out with B2B marketing. You can find a long and thorough guide on how to use B2B marketing on

    Build credibility and trust

    Customer retention should be one of the primary focus points of any B2B marketing strategy. It can be a bigger risk for companies to choose a new brand, so once you’ve gained them as a customer, make sure you keep them. Often businesses keep the brands that make it work for them. The key for this is to create credibility and trust and give them no reason to replace you. 

    Another thing to be aware of is the first impression that possible customers will get of your business. Make sure that all of your digital presence is spot on and up to date. This should be a main priority. If your website isn’t looking professional, chances are they’ll never even contact you. Throw money, time and energy towards a great website. Read much more on the importance of good websites and their names on

    Keep it simple and straightforward

    One of the major differences between B2B and B2C marketing is that B2B buyers aren’t as affected by their emotions as regular customers tend to be. When you’re creating B2B marketing materials, you need to be focused on keeping it simple and straightforward. Businesses want a product or service that works for them and is financially sustainable for their business. 

    Show it, don’t tell it

    In addition to the just mentioned, you need to make choosing of your product or service a really easy decision for potential customers. Make sure that you show them results. Show it, don’t tell it. Businesses want to see results, so they can make a profitable decision for themselves. Another good idea is to prioritize and underline your flexibility. Offering your products or services with and without a package deal could be the small thing landing you the job. 

    Networking is everything

    Maybe not everything — but networking really means a lot when we’re talking about B2B marketing. Relationships are important apropos building trust and credibility. Most businesses stick to the product or service that they know. Make sure that is you. Prioritize building solid relationships with your customers and reach out to network with new potential customers. Maintaining these relationships should continue to be a main priority for you throughout your business journey. A great and recommendable platform to use for networking is LinkedIn.

    The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Live and How You Can Use It to Enhance Your Company Brand

    Introduction: What is LinkedIn Live And How Does it Work?

    LinkedIn Events that use LinkedIn Live see twice the engagement of Events that dont. To help you make the most of this benefit, we’ve granted your LinkedIn Page access to LinkedIn Live.

    Many social media users are getting tired of seeing their friends post the same photos and videos over and over again. With LinkedIn, you can stay in touch with your network without feeling like you’re being bombarded by the same posts. LinkedIn Live is a new feature which allows users to post live videos from their smartphones.

    LinkedIn Live is a live video broadcasting tool that gives businesses an opportunity to share their message with a global audience. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as delivering a keynote speech, conducting a webinar, interviewing people or providing customer service by answering questions in real time.

    It allows you to speak directly with your target audience in real time and you can listen to feedback or ask questions from your clients or customers at any point during the conversation!

    How Can You Use LinkedIn Live For Marketing Purposes?

    LinkedIn Live allows marketers to connect with people who are interested in what they have to say.

    LinkedIn Live is a platform that gives you the chance to broadcast live video content on your profile page. Unlike other live streaming apps, LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals and offers more features for professional networking.

    The benefits of using LinkedIn Live can include:

    – Increased visibility for your company

    – Improved reputation by showcasing thought leadership

    – Connecting with new audiences and prospects

    – Brand awareness

    how to get linkedin live?

    Linkedin live application

    How to Get Started With Linked In Live As a Content Creator

    Linked In Live is a new product from Linked In that can help you create and edit content on social media in real time. This article will take you through the process of getting started with this tool.

    Linked In Live is an online broadcasting service that allows you to create, edit, and distribute presentations on your social networks in real-time. The tool has been available for few months now, but it can already be used to create engaging content. Let’s see how to get started with it!

    All super and content admins on the Page can stream on behalf of this Page. Here’s how to get started:

    Choose a streaming tool
    Depending on your experience level with live streaming, you can choose from a few options. If you’re new to streaming, we recommend our Preferred Partners.
    Follow LI guidelines
    Keep your live videos professional, respectful, and safe in accordance with terms and other streaming guidelines.
    Prepare to go live
    You can choose to go live spontaneously or schedule a live event from LinkedIn or through your streaming tool.

    How to go live on linkedin?

    Conclusion: Why Using LinkedIn Live is the Ultimate Way to Grow Your Company Brand

    This article will provide you with a number of reasons to use LinkedIn Live. You will learn about the benefits and features that you can get from using LinkedIn Live and how it is the best platform for making your company stand out to potential customers.

    LinkedIn is an excellent resource for gaining insight into what your audience wants and needs. With LinkedIn live, you’re able to get instant feedback from viewers on what they want to know more about or what they find interesting. It’s also great for making connections with other professionals in your industry.