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Here are 6 Ways you can Promote your Sports Bar on Instagram


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Social media is every marketer’s dream marketing tool. Its massive outreach and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent fit for small and large businesses. 

Despite being the 4th most commonly used social media platform worldwide, Instagram was seen to be so effective in marketing that 98% of marketers think it is the most effective social media marketing platform. From Instagram stories to reels to photograph compilations, it features various tools for advertising. Like Facebook, Instagram also offers ads that you can use for campaigns. 

With so many ways to use Instagram for marketing, you must figure out how you can utilize Instagram to advertise your business. Start by keeping these six things about Instagram marketing in mind, and then build the strategy for your sports bar

Five best yet effective Instagram marketing strategies

  1. Keep things varied

You must post content regularly, and your content is not boring and repetitive. 

One thing that should be visible instantly is your menu. Create a vibrant and eye-catching menu card and pin it on your page. It should feature all your contact details too. 

Ahead of big games, holidays, or any promotional events, create posters that mention the event’s details, date, and time. You should create multiple Instagram posts and stories to put out as reminders. You can use a few Instagram post templates that you can then tweak and reuse so that you don’t have to come up with new flyers every time. 

You should use the highlights sections to highlight the interior of your bar, photos of certain food items, and even customer reviews. 

Reels are a very interesting part of Instagram and should be used to post attention-grabbing videos. You can create videos like a tour of your bar and show its interior and overall ambiance. Just add some trending songs in the background. You can also ask customers to do viral challenges and post the result as a reel. 

  1. Share your story

People want to know the people working behind the scenes in businesses. In a place like a bar, people tend to create connections with their servers and the staff around them. Knowing the staff and your story creates a comfortable and friendly environment. 

You could initially have a campaign that talks about your bar, your journey, what inspired you to launch it, and your mission. You can post the entire thing in the highlights so everyone on your page sees it. 

You should also showcase your staff. You can post photos of the staff prepping for big events or conduct live Q&As with the staff. Even have your team do trending challenges and post funny videos of them. Another way to let people know you guys is by posting a profile of a different employee every month.

  1. Your customers are a part of the campaign

Your customers are part of your family, so you should show them that you appreciate them by featuring them on your page. 

You can ask new customers to share their experience at your bar and post it with some photos. Ask them to tag you and add your hashtag; then, you can repost it on your story. 

You can even create a set Instagram story template and use it to share the story of your regulars. Something like a “Humans of New York” post could also be a good idea where people can share their life stories. You can post this every week or every month at a set time. Just make sure you are regular with your posts.

  1. Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are a great way to get yourself out there and compile all your posts and related posts under one heading. You should create a hashtag specific to your bar and even ask your customers to post their stories regarding your bar with this hashtag.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts, so you should try to use a hashtag specific to your bar and then add a few trending hashtags related to your business, such as “bar, sports, the name of a big game.” Just make sure you use them for every post. 

  1. Host giveaways and competitions

Giveaways are a great way to enhance follower engagement and increase followers. You can host various competitions and give the winners discounts or certain free things. 

You can hold such competitions ahead of holidays like valentine’s day, father’s day, 4th of July, Christmas, etc. If you have dedicated menus for those holidays or new seasonal menus, you can send the winners some of the dishes from the menu. 

  1. Collaborate with local influencers

Collaborations are a great way to gain new followers. Local sports influencers can be your strongest collaborators, as their audience will be people who might be interested in your sports bar. You can invite the influencer to your bar on the day of a big match and offer discounts and a tour of your establishment. You can then offer discounts to people who use a code featured on the influencer’s account. If they have a podcast or create content that discusses sports, food places, or your area of expertise, you can join them for a discussion. 


Instagram is a gold mine when it comes to marketing and can bring in a lot of eyes and customers to your bar. Only some followers will be a customer, but having a large following helps as these followers then spread the word more. A large following also leads to Instagram recommending your account to more people. 

Many people also visit Instagram pages for businesses before going there, so you must ensure that your page is the best reflection of your business. These marketing techniques allow you to create an effective online presence that is interesting but also conveys all the essential information. 

Make sure you are actively creating content and responding to people’s messages and queries, as that will reflect on your customer service. 

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