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ChatGPT AI for Marketing: 18 Use Cases


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Here is a list of examples of how ChatGPT can be used in marketing that I found useful and actionable.

– ECommerce Hacks: Create a revenue-driven eCom machine with the help of ChatGPT by Louis Smith

 – Generated 625 post ideas in less than 5 min by Ruben Hassid?

✓ 15 slides to save countless hours.
✓ 15 slides to ideate like a full-on team.
✓ 15 slides to be an AI copywriter expert.

-Use ChatGPT to generate a Facebook ads campaign strategy by Jon Loomer

– Generate TikTok video script for influencer by Andy Gray

–Generate Keywords clusters by ☀️ Nico Bortoluzzi

 – Creating compelling LinkedIn content by Sam Szuchan

– Write Facebook ads headlines and descriptions by Bram Van der Hallen

5 prompts you can steal to 10x your email copywriting results by Chase Dimond

Creating Content with ChatGPT – The Scripts & Experiments by Dean Seddon

*ChatGPT for SEO: 20 Ways to Leverage ChatGPT in your SEO Activities by Aleyda Solís

*50 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts by Ariel Levin – SDR As A Service

*How to create LinkedIn hooks that take your LinkedIn posts from 0 to hero by Filipa Canelas

*Market research done in minutes by Andy Gray

*13 Ideas for using Open AI ChatGPT in PPC by Alex Velinov

*Automate writing eCommerce product descriptions with OpenAI by Elliott Davidson

*Using AI for writing your Facebook ad copy by Bram Van der Hallen

*How to write highly converting ad copy for pmax without using your brain (in <2 minutes) by Miles McNair

*ChatGPT sorting Google Search Console keywords into clusters by Tobias Willmann

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