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How to Use Social Media To Grow Your Tech Business


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If you’re running a tech business right now, you’re likely to be in demand as the industry is set to grow by 5.4% in the US this year. 56% of organizations say they’re prioritizing digital infrastructures that will help to scale up their businesses. But to really make your mark in the technology industry, you need to give your company a helping hand. Social media is an effective way to do this. So, let’s find out how to use it to grow your tech business as fast as possible.

Prioritize the channels you use

Not every social media channel is going to work for your tech company. Do your homework and utilize the ones that are used by your target market. For example, Facebook and Instagram are most popular among 18 to 29-year-olds, LinkedIn is mainly used by 25 to 34-year-olds, and just 7% of Twitter users are aged 65 and above. Research has found that tech companies typically favor Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you’ve decided on the social media channels you’re going to use, become an expert in them. Learn what does and doesn’t work, etiquette, hashtags, and so on. It’s best to really know what you’re doing with a couple of social media channels than to haphazardly post things from all of them.

Get involved with trending topics

One of the biggest tech trending topics this year has been AI and, in particular, ChatGPT. Trending topics are easily found on social media and you should talk and post about them to raise awareness of your business. When posting about trending topics, make it relevant to your business.

For example, if a big company’s customer data has recently been compromised and it makes headline news, explain how your product can stop this from happening to other businesses. Some social media channels, including Twitter, let you narrow down their trending topics so you can see what’s a big deal in your town or city. This is ideal if you want to focus on expanding your local clientele. 

Use it as a marketing tool

If your tech business isn’t already registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), now is the time to make it one. As an LLC, you get tax benefits which include being able to write off marketing costs. A review of Legalzoom LLC reveals that LLCs can be registered from $79, plus fees. Your tech company to become an LLC in just 7 business days. At this point, you can start using social media to market your company in as many ways as possible. If you’ve had an article printed about your biz online, share it with your social media followers. This will get people talking and make more people interested in you. You could also drum up business with competitions where the terms state entrants must follow you on social media, and by engaging with users. Look out for consumers who post that they have a problem, contact them quickly with details on how you can help, and you should find they’re eager to hire your services.

Become a go-to expert

Once you’ve been on social media for a while, you’ll see that there are some users who others always want advice from. These much-loved individuals aren’t being extra helpful out of the goodness of their hearts, they’re doing it because it’s good for their business. Being well-respected in your field is something that takes time to build. Your knowledge needs to be top-notch and you need to be able to explain things in layman’s terms. When you start sharing your help and tips with your followers, they’ll start tagging you in their posts when they need extra support. This is how you know you’ve made it as an expert. Helping someone with something simple on social media can soon turn into an order for technical help on their website, or similar, which is when you’ll start making cash.

Be available around-the-clock

42% of consumers say that when they contact a brand on social media they expect a response within one hour. Around the world, people are using technology 24/7. To grow your business, you need to be prepared to help consumers out at any time of the day or night. Hiring freelancers from other time zones is a great way to do this. You can even use social media to find them and suss them out as most tech freelancers will use their social media channels to highlight their technical knowledge and skills.

There are lots of tech businesses out there, so you need to be able to stand out from the rest. If yours is still small or you want to upscale it as quickly as possible, follow these social media growth tips and you won’t go wrong.

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1 Comment

  1. Sains Data

    2023-03-24 at 20:45

    Not every social media channel is going to work for your tech company. Do your homework and utilize the ones that are used by your target market.

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