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How Social Media Marketing Drives Digital Connections


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Digital Connections are when people are drawn to make contact, even if it is only one-way contact. Marketers use social media connections to gather a larger following, to sell products, to promote their brand, and to make business connections they can exploit over the long term. So, here are four ways to get people to contact you because of your social media profiles.

1 – People Follow What They Love

There is the very true notion that celebrities get a lot of attention on social media. They get a lot of people contacting them offering them everything from a night of passion to a cake in the shape of a Bugatti. However, Britain has sort-of shown us that content creators are also getting a lot of love, even if nobody knows who they are.

British people have been quick to embrace the makers of “Don’t Hug Me I Am Scared,” and the makers of Smiling Friends in Australia are seeing a lot of people contacting them from Britain. This is helping to show that you don’t need to put yourself front and center in order to create good content. People will contact content creators they admire, even if it is only the content they admire because the creators have no known online identity.

2 – Buy Popular Social Media Profiles

Taking the points made above, do we really know who creates the content on social media? When people contact content creators, they have no idea if they are talking to a kid in his/her bedroom or a data center full of marketing experts. That is why some companies buy social media profiles from other people. The followers of said profile have no idea that account has changed hands, and so will continue to contact the content creator. Some companies use Fameswap to buy social media profiles and then use its influence and connections to promote their products and educate people on their brand.

3 – LinkedIn Was Built For This

It is hard to create an article on this subject without mentioning LinkedIn. Everybody knows that if you market and promote your LinkedIn profile, then you are going to make connections with other powerful marketers, influencers and businesspersons. The key is to make people come to you, and you do that by marketing your content correctly. It is no different to marketing your other social media profiles, except that LinkedIn gives you a very clear way of communicating with other people. There is a lot of content online about being able to prove your value, your expertise and your worth with social media. This is based on the idea that social proof is just as valid as actual proof. When you use LinkedIn, you can also offer a smattering of real proof to go along with your claims (because people can see your resume/CV).

4 – You Can Contact Other People

The communication doesn’t have to go both ways. You can create a very powerful profile through social media marketing, and then you can start using your influence to contact other people. When somebody is contacted by another person, and that person has a failing social media profile, it is very unimpressive. It isn’t that online influencers are snobs, it is that they are contacted by a lot of people and it is hard to differentiate the good from the bad, the useful from the useless. If you are good at marketing your social media profiles and you have a fair amount of influence yourself, then the people you contact will sit up and pay attention. They know you have something to offer. This is an attention economy, and those who can draw attention and keep it have value to other people who are doing the same.

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