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Leveraging ChatGPT in Miro for Enhanced Collaboration


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ChatGPT is a sophisticated language model capable of augmenting collaboration and productivity in several ways. A notable platform that greatly benefits from this integration is Miro, a virtual whiteboard facilitating real-time team collaboration. This tutorial delves into the methods of using ChatGPT alongside Miro to elevate your team’s productivity and collaboration.

Guide: How to use ChatGPT with Miro

Step 1: Set up a Miro Board

To kick start your journey with ChatGPT and Miro, establish a Miro board. If you haven’t registered for a Miro account yet, this is the time to do it. After logging in, select “Create a new board” and assign it a suitable name.

Step 2: Integrate ChatGPT

With the board ready, proceed to incorporate the ChatGPT integration. This can be done by clicking the “Apps” button, located in the toolbar on the right-hand side of your screen. Search for “ChatGPT” in the ensuing dialogue box and add it to your board by clicking “Add to board”.

Step 3: Enable ChatGPT

Once ChatGPT is integrated, your next task is to activate it. This can be accomplished by selecting the ChatGPT app from the right-hand side toolbar and clicking the “Activate” button.

Step 4: Harness ChatGPT for Idea Generation

With ChatGPT active, it’s time to put it to work. Access it from the toolbar and input a thought-provoking question or prompt for ChatGPT to brainstorm on. For instance, “What strategies can enhance our customer service?” or “What are some potential product ideas?”

After submitting your prompt, ChatGPT generates a series of ideas. You can seamlessly drag and place these ideas on your Miro board for team consideration.

Step 5: Fine-tune the Ideas Collectively

Having populated your Miro board with fresh ideas courtesy of ChatGPT, it’s now time for your team to step in. Utilize Miro’s robust collaboration features such as voting, commenting, and editing to fine-tune these ideas.

You might want to leverage Miro’s voting feature to shortlist the most liked ideas or use the commenting function to discuss each idea’s merits and drawbacks.

Step 6: Put the Ideas into Motion

Once the ideas have been thoroughly discussed and refined, it’s time to translate them into action. Use Miro’s functionality to allocate tasks to team members and keep track of progress by creating timelines and setting milestones.


The combination of ChatGPT and Miro can significantly boost your team’s productivity and collaborative efforts. Utilizing ChatGPT’s idea-generation capability coupled with Miro’s collaboration features enables you to achieve your objectives more efficiently. Try out this powerful duo and experience the difference in your team’s performance!

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