20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Where to send press releases for free, What Every Marketer Should Use.

I updated Sean P. Aune script at Mashable and added SEO metrics. And for some resources, my personal experience and results will be added over time. Take a look later.

Finding the Best Free PR Distribution Service Ranking in 2019

There are several free or part-time free press release distribution sites that help your business expose its message through the right channels. The list will be useful to both marketers and SEO-ninja to get more referral &organic traffic to the site.

pr.com website

#1. www.PR.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 89070, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▴ 328.24K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week.
TOP3 January cost-effective PR distribution outlet is PR.com — press releases Free distribution and also set up a full company profile.

#2. www.prlog.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 78710, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▾ 252.16K visits
* More than 600 PRs per week.

PRLog.org — Free distribution your texts to search engines like Bing and Yahoo or Google News Feed. The distribution aspect has social media integration and custom content alerts, along with your very own ‘Press Room’.

Premium Plus for $349 per PR

Our Paid Experience

#3. 24-7PressRelease.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 210879, Monthly WebTraffic: ▴ 94.2K
* More than 150 PRs per week.
24–7 PressRelease.com — Free and paid release distribution.

I used this site once a paid publication and we got only two visits to site and 68 backlinks (5 dofollow SEO links) from unique domains with owr press release.

My experience

#4. einpresswire.com Web monthly Traffic:  ▴ 64576

We consider EIN Presswire to be one of the most advanced central sources for communication professionals whose time is valuable. EIN Presswire likePRWeb and PRNewswire is Paid press release site.

I buy Basice Package for $49.95 for 1 PR, and this is my experience: Own SEO Results for the site in the category of IT:
Google Analytics data: Direct traffic drop -5%, Organic growth + 16%
Data on Arefs: +90 backlinks with 45 unique domains.

#5. free-press-release.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 156634, SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: ▾ 32867
* More than 700 PRs per week.
Free-Press-Release.com — distribution network helps you reach your target audience and maximise publicity. With this free service, you’ve also got the option to include SEO tags and your release will be search engine indexed.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 498136, Similar Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 28301
PRLeap.com — Distribution to Search, Newswires and RSS feeds.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 233852, Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 28152
* More than 100 PRs per week.
1888PressRelease.com — The FREE press release distribution service used by countless businesses and individuals every day!

Alexa Traffic Rank: 555040, Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 25,970
PRUrgent — distributes your PRs and even offers downloadable samples for you to work with.

Note: Do not send out press releases to everyone. It is better to choose those media and authors that are most relevant to you, and write them personalized letters. First, make sure that the journalist or editor in principle covers such topics.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 344752, Similar Web monthly Traffic:19942
PressBox is utilized by media professionals to collate, distribute and maintain quality news to inform targeted UK-audiences.

Web monthly Traffic: 15013
ClickPress.com — have $7 per day Unlimited Plan.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 689961 Monthly Traffic: ▾ 10637

PR-Inside.com — EU-based distribution site offers services for journalists, agencies as well as other opinion makers for the publication of press releases.

Under Bottom of Trust:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 845021, Web monthly Traffic: 8548
Free-Press-Release-Center.info — If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful press release distributor, this option is great for small to medium-sized businesses.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 790199, Web monthly Traffic: 8396
NewswireToday.com — free distribution tools.

www.prbuzz.com Alexa Traffic Rank: 3374381 Web monthly Traffic: ▴ 8232
PRBuzz.com — Target Customers, Journalists, Investors and Prospects that are looking for Your News through Free press release. Select any of 18 topics.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 914258 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 6259
!!! The free press release package has been discontinued.
TheOpenPress.com — Gives free distribution for plain formatted releases for $80, fees for HTML-coded releases.

SimilarWeb monthly Traffic: 4886

PR Fire is a leading online public relations and marketing service that will help you to spread your press releases and news by reaching customers and media.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 1651784 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 2018
PR9.net — PRs Submission, Distribution Service.

Alexa Traffic Rank: 3888652 Similar, Web monthly Traffic: 1207
PressAbout.com — A free PRs service formatted as a blog.


Link. Traffic: 764.9K

We appreciate your interest in openPR and hope that you are satisfied with our service.

Conclusion — Top Free Press Release Services

As you can see, there are several free news distribution sites that can be used to increase exposure for your business and its’ content, along with provide SEO-value (links still work). Now, it’s up to you to start writing, submitting and see the benefits!

How to check how many press release the site published per week or day?

I’m using not most accurate but useful Google tools (Search operator site:). Search the site domain and add a time limit.

That is what I found after reviewing a 100+ pr-sites.

I did not review tens of thousands of sites because I only saw 100 and I am a human, so maybe some of the data providers will do a bigger marketing analysis.


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