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How to Save Money with Call Tracking Software?


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Human communication is a vital part of our lives. In spite of total digitalization and online opportunities, we still seek interpersonal communication. People call various types of businesses for different reasons: to arrange a meeting, find out the conditions of becoming a client, ask about the product’s availability, or consult regarding the properties of the product.

With the right expertise and soft skills, it is possible to turn any caller into a lead and guide them carefully through the marketing funnel to become loyal customers. However, companies must employ a couple of handy tools to get the best results.

Creating marketing campaigns can turn out to be a pricey process. If you can control the costs of designing an ad, predicting the cost per lead is a difficult task. Therefore, it is better to rely on some trustworthy programs to avoid playing guessing games.

What is call tracking software?

Companies that involve phone interactions use inbound call tracking systems to monitor their calls. With the help of those systems, advertisers can purchase virtual phone numbers and assign them to all online and offline ads. Therefore, when a person dials a number, the analytical data in the call log reflects the details regarding the call. The data includes the source that generated a call, the length of the call, the customer route, and other important metrics. With those insights at hand, marketers and advertisers can easily optimize current campaigns and track the immediate results in the call log. Therefore, it opens up wide opportunities for both improving the results and saving money, as users see how much they pay for each lead and can plan their budget accordingly.

How does call tracking software help save money?

  • Detailed customer profile

Any marketer needs to know who the target customer is to be able to offer them a product or service. Call tracking software shows the location of the caller and the ad that generated the call. While listening to call recordings or with the help of conversation intelligence, it is possible to fish out the key words and add them to the ads.

Another way to learn more about the customer journey is through dynamic number insertion. It is a special method in online marketing that implies adding a short JS snippet in the settings of the ad. As a result, each individual who visits your landing page will see a different phone number to dial. By applying different attribution models correctly, advertisers will know not only the advertising source but also the request that a visitor made on Google, the pages that were opened, as well as the time spent on each page or banner. It enables the optimization of not only advertising campaigns but also the entire website, the creation of eye-catching CTA buttons, and the provision of effective usability.

  • Easier and less expensive scalability

At some point, a company may think about expanding into neighboring markets. If your business is affiliate marketing and you work as a sole entrepreneur, there are no serious costs. The bigger the team is, the pricier it is to relocate. However, call tracking providers offer virtual phone numbers, so there is no need to change anything in the way your business is run. Virtual phone numbers look like ordinary numbers, so if a company selects the area codes of the target market, the leads will think they are calling a local business. Therefore, relocation and hiring new employees will not be included in the budget. It is more important to invest in soft skill development or more robust programs and tools.

  • Advanced functionality

Call tracking usually enhances the functionality of analyzing inbound calls with other useful features. For instance, developing an IVR menu can help transfer calls to a required department in no time. Call recording makes the process of evaluating the performance of the agents fast and easy. Automated call routing enables agents to set up convenient schedules and match business hours with relevant time zones. All those functions are included in the pricing plan. As a result, users get a complete toolkit for developing advertising campaigns, monitoring their results, growing business worldwide, and attracting new agents or stakeholders if necessary.

Final thoughts

Call tracking may seem like an irrelevant expenditure at first sight, especially if your company is small and you tend to think you can handle everything yourself. Call tracking significantly facilitates the process of monitoring ads and getting better results. Besides, it provides opportunities for easy scalability and growth. Any investor or partner would prefer dealing with a business with clear analytical data and a precise long-term strategy. Call tracking is a tool that would quickly pay off and become a reliable assistant.

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