Berlin startup jobs jump to 78,000 – an increase of 19,000 in two years

Today we’re releasing a new 18-page report about the rapid growth of startup jobs in Berlin. But first, these three industry landscapes were recently co-created on the platform:

⚡ Energy startup landscape: carbon capture, smart grids, lithium battery enhancements and more

🛒 Retail tech landscape: from point-of-sale to warehouse robots, startups are innovating the global $26 trillion retail industry

Robotic Process Automation: $1B+ software market (mainly banking & insurance clients) expected to grow to $10B by 2027, according to Grand View Research. UiPath did $360 million ARR in 2019 which implies 36% market share(!)

Key stats

  • Startups are the fastest-growing job creating engine in Berlin
  • More than 78,000 people are now employed in Berlin startups
  • Berlin’s 10 biggest startups employ 17% of startup workers
  • After the big names, huge pool of lesser-known companies employ majority of workforce
  • Youngest cohorts of startups produce overwhelmingly the most *new* jobs