Top Android Applications to Download in 2019

With more than 2.7 million applications on the market, you can find an Android app for any purpose. On the other hand, you can easily get confused in this endless stream of new apps and services popping up every day. The memory of your device is not unlimited, so you need to manage your free space wisely.

In order to help those who are getting lost in these dark woods, we have compiled a list of top Android applications to download in 2019. Enjoy it.

Google Assistant


Downloads: 10,000,000+

And we’re starting with Google Assistant, an absolutely universal application. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Google Assistant is your personal helper in all matters related to your phone — navigation, cleaning up disk space, archiving data, creating photo collages, communication and so on.

This application allows you to fully control your smartphone using voice commands. Ask any questions, set up alerts for your applications — all this in a single agile app. Since the developers from Google worked on this product, Google Assistant is fully optimized, and constantly updated. It is compatible with almost any smartphone if its operating system is Android 5.0 or later versions.



Downloads: 1,000,000+

We all love to read and listen to audiobooks on our phones. Libby is a great free app that makes the process easier and more enjoyable. The trick is that the application takes books from your local library. All you need to do is add your library card number to your app and see which books the library offers to its visitors online. It is a very convenient application for regular visitors of local libraries, who don’t always have time to come over and read books offline.



Downloads: 100,000,000+

It is one of the top rated apps on Google Play. Xender is a universal tool for exchanging files with your PC without using USB wires. Generally, the application doesn’t need a connected PC for file sharing. A fully cross-platform app allows you to significantly speed up the process of receiving and uploading files. In addition, Xender is many times faster than Bluetooth. Therefore, if you haven’t yet downloaded this app for some reason — do it now.



Downloads: 5,000,000+

Sometimes, it is not easy to cope with the endless flow of information and news that a modern person receives. That’s why Feedly will become your indispensable assistant if you still want to stay up to date with all global events. The application takes the RSS feed to a whole new level, allowing you to receive all the news from the sources that you have selected and, at the same time, customize the news feed to your liking. Feedly also has a top news section for each category, including politics, sports, entertainment, etc. 

Adaptive design makes the application fast and easy to use on any device. You can fine-tune Feedly so that you can either enjoy the full-featured user interface or view a simple text version of the news — nothing extra.

Google Duo


Downloads: 1,000,000,000+

Another application from Google, but what’s so surprising? Indeed, Google provides its users with the best applications in any segment. Google Duo is the most popular service for short video calls. With more than a billion downloads, the application doesn’t need any other arguments for use — 1/7 of the world’s population have already appreciated the app.

Go through quick authentication with your number, and you’re ready to make video calls with the same speed and quality as if it were a casual telephone conversation. A video mail function is also available, so you can send video messages to your friends, who are currently offline.



Downloads: 5,000,000+

The wide selection of Mobile-Taxi applications cannot always solve the transport problem, especially when you are unfamiliar with the city. The fact is that popular services like Uber do not work in every country. Secondly, it isn’t always safe to travel by a local taxi being in a foreign place. And don’t forget about the language barrier. Transit solves all these problems.

All public transport of the cities in North America, Australia and Europe is in your hands — buses, trains, trams, and trolleybuses, with all the routes and the estimated time of arrival. Who needs Uber? Just take the nearest bus that follows the route you need.

Habit Tracker


Downloads: 1,000,000+

People tend to procrastinate and this problem has a truly cosmic scale. There is a large number of different trackers that are designed to help us set small goals and meet them, gradually achieving success in more extensive matters. Habit Tracker is, perhaps, one of the best applications in this segment.

The app has an intuitive interface and allows you to assign any tasks, ranging from “today I will have cottage cheese for my breakfast” to “today I will launch a nuclear reactor.” Advanced customization and encouraging quotes really help people set clear goals and increase their self-confidence. Detailed reports in the form of graphs and the opportunity to discuss your problems and goals with other people on the forum make this application a universal tracker that will definitely come in handy in 2019.



Downloads: 5,000,000+

In the information age, there is nothing better than constantly expanding your knowledge base with new axioms and facts. However, with the fast pace of life, it is sometimes hard to find time for self-education. Curiosity, named after the famous Mars rover, will certainly not be superfluous.

It is a huge knowledge base with beautiful design. The ability to listen to podcasts and set the “read later” marks on articles allows you to gain new knowledge while performing routine tasks like cleaning. Read about topics of your interest such as history or chemistry. You have the opportunity to choose the most interesting areas and the application will send new articles every day. And most importantly, don’t forget to allocate time for this on a daily basis, while traveling to work, or waiting in line. It’s the perfect time to learn something new.

The list goes on… 

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, the mobile application market is really huge. Therefore, developers and innovators from around the world are striving to come up with something new or improve the existing service, in an attempt to take their place in this market. This is a great success and something akin to art – to make an application that will take its place in Google Play and become popular. Trying out new applications is an exciting experience, so stay tuned for new announcements and keep abreast of the most recent updates.

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