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What I Learned About People From Delivering UberEats For 1 Month



Problems and Ways of their Solution when Studying the Course "Engineering and Computer Graphics"

Being on the job hunt is basically a full-time job. You go on interviews, hoping that they lead to something. When you’re not working though, what do you do to pay the bills?

You could apply for unemployment, but that usually takes weeks to begin, and that’s if you’re even approved (I was denied both times I needed it). Thanks to what is called the “gig economy” you can now become an independent contractor and use your car to give people rides (Uber, Lyft), loan your car out (Zipcar), or become a food delivery driver (Glovo, Doordash, Bite Squad, UberEats). I chose the last one.

In between applying for what felt like 100 jobs, some that were not what they seemed, I decided to use my car and my cell phone data plan to deliver food for UberEats. I did this for about one month before starting my current job and I learned a lot about people in my city.

1) Most People Don’t Tip

When I started delivering for UberEats I had a goal of earning $100 per day. If I went out 5–6 days each week, I would make up for the money that I was missing out on from not working based on this goal.

I figured a few trips here and there added up, plus I would receive tips on most trips.

I was mistaken.

I completed at least 4 trips each time I went out and some days more. For 29 deliveries in my first week, I received a tip on 15 trips. Roughly 50% of the time. I strategically went to certain areas of the city where I knew people are more apt to have money based on their housing and driving situation.

Some of these people tipped and some did not. There’s also a college in one of these areas where affluent families send their kids. Don’t go to those areas; college kids don’t tip either.Part of my first and second days of delivering and the tips received

I understand that on top of ordering your food, you have to pay the service charge to use the app and the delivery fee. Depending on what you’re ordering, and your money situation, it’s easy to spend $15 on a meal through UberEats.

However, if you go to a restaurant and spend $15 on a meal you’ll tip, let’s say $2 at least. I believe people who use UberEats think that the drivers earn all of that delivery fee so they don’t see the point in tipping. You’ve earned $5-$10 for picking up the food and taking it to their home. That’s not the case. I’m grateful for the people who tip though(special thanks to the man who tipped me in cash one night. That was a nice gesture).

2) People Look Down On You

I worked in the restaurant industry from my sophomore year in high school until my final semester of college. I made a little over the $5.15 minimum wage at the time but barely hit the $6 mark before I left. I know what these drivers, servers, and cooks go through on a daily basis and it’s not an easy job whatsoever. Working in the restaurant industry taught me to treat these workers with respect and appreciate them. If it wasn’t for them, you would have to cook a meal every morning, afternoon, and evening.

This didn’t happen too often but I did feel disrespected during one of my final trips on a Thursday night. I couldn’t find the entrance to a patron’s downtown apartment and circled the block on foot trying to find a way to get in. On top of that, I had parked on another street because downtown has terrible parking at night.

From the moment I accepted the delivery until I reached the door, it was almost 30 minutes. I understand the frustration that comes with not having your food when an app tells you it will be there in 10 minutes. Humans make errors and when you depend on someone to find where you live, when it’s not an actual house, it can be difficult to enter an apartment.

I finally figured out where the entrance was located. I was also greeted by another delivery driver who couldn’t figure out how to get in the building either. After searching through the list of both of our patron’s names, his patron finally sent the access code. We were in!

I made my way up to the 5th floor in a hurry to deliver. Upon knocking on the door I was greeted by a less than happy man who took the food and didn’t want to hear my explanation for not being able to find his apartment. “It’s cool”, he said in a very passive voice before shutting the door on me.

I understand if he was hangry but a lot of these people who order food don’t respect the person delivering it. This makes me wonder if these people ever had to work for anything in their lives.

3) Demographic

Earlier I mentioned that I go to a certain part of the city to do deliveries. While this sometimes works, it also has not worked on several occasions. However, there’s a trend that I noticed in my first week as an UberEats delivery driver.

Many of the people using the app to order food are in fact better off than most people. They’re usually white, 30’s-40’s, and have a couple of cars parked in the driveway of their $400,000 home.

This doesn’t only breakdown for home deliveries. When tasked with office deliveries, these people are usually wearing suits or some form of dress clothes. They were almost always white.

Best food delivery service in the US: Uber Eats vs GrubHub vs DoorDash

There was a time where you could look at a particular delivery and known what platform would have paid because the pay formula was transparent. That’s gone now, other than Postmates anyway, but that’s probably just a matter of time. I could use the average profit per hour. I track every delivery and here’s how it works for me:

  • Postmates: $22.48/hr
  • Grubhub: $21.61/hr
  • Doordash: $20.37/hr
  • Uber Eats: $17.87/hr

Understand – that’s PROFIT – after expenses. But that’s not the total picture because total earnings with Postmates is a fraction of what it is with Grubhub. So let’s talk about each one.

The App4321
Compare US Delivery Services

So what does all of that mean? Your average person who uses UberEats to order food is out of touch with why people are delivering food in their spare time.

Nobody wants to give up their spare time to go pick up your food and take it to you. People are doing ride-sharing and food delivery because they may not have a choice. They may not be getting hired so this is a small way to try and pay the bills. Or maybe they’re so far in debt that they have to work a part-time job in order to pay their bills.

The next time you call an Uber, make sure you tip your driver. Treat them with respect. You never know when this could be you someday.

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How can you Protect your Business from Fraud?




How can you Protect your Business from Fraud?

Financial fraud has been on the rise in the U.S. and affecting even small businesses. It occurs when someone deprives you or your business of money that financially harms your venture, small or big. Generally, this is through deceptive, misleading, and other illegal undertakings.

The back office is one of the common types of financial frauds and includes unaccounted for expenses, an indirect transfer of wealth, fake checks, and undertaking illicit business upgrades. Fraud experts cite the lasting effects of cutback and recession that have reduced financial balances, checks, and self-satisfaction as the key contributing factors. 

According to Joseph Wells, who is the founder of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, there are a number of risk factors that contribute to fraud in small businesses. They include:

  • Insufficient financial control concerning how cash is used, improper record-keeping, and bank accounts are handled.
  • Inadequate selection of workers during the hiring process. Employers are not doing enough background checks before hiring.
  • Trusting the wrong person. What makes small businesses succeed is also the home of fraudulent people who will do anything to harm the business.

A recent study by TD Bank of small businesses owners shows that 75% are taking specific steps to protect their ventures against financial fraud. However, a good number aren’t doing enough to excel in their endeavors.

According to Robert Dunlop, head of Corporate Security and Investigations at the bank, they have to be cautious. With the advent of and surge in new technologies that small business owners settle for, it is important to be well-acquainted with the latest technologies in use. They have to be wary of techniques criminals use and be careful in keeping their businesses safe from fraud.

There are incredible tips to protect businesses against financial fraud they should be well-versed with. And they include:

Make Use of Financial Balances and Checks

Business owners should take time and conduct an internal review of their finances on a monthly basis. Amount used to make payment should match what they have in recorded invoices, and checking for missing documents should be mandatory. Undertaking random audits or hiring professional auditors will help keep employees alert about the consequences of any form of financial fraud. These will keep away would-be fraudsters in the business premises.

Secure Computer Systems and Practice Website Awareness

Business owners need to be well-versed with cyber protection. Many small businesses have fallen victim to cybercrime. The computer system you use should be well-protected with the latest antivirus software and firewalls.

Phishing is a common technique used by fraudsters to obtain business private information. It’s a technique that uses a form of an email to obtain confidential data. Most of them are easy to notice as they appear to contain legitimate addresses or certain titles, but they are all fraudulent.

Protect Sensitive Hard Copy Documents

The digital area is not the only area that is prone or exposed to information breaches. Employees or competitors can still use important data and use it against your business. These will include things like checks, credit card information, or emails.

Mr. Dunlop emphasizes business owners should be wary of the documents they leave behind with photocopiers as they might get into the wrong hands. If you have to sell a copier they have to make sure no important documents are saved in the hard drives.

Opt for Safe Online Banking Platform

Online banking offers a means to safely undertake transactions and keep your financial details safe. Major and reputable banks use numerous security options to keep their customers information safe. Security options that online banking offers include real-time information, better customer care on 24/7 basis, secure payment, and account transfers.

Invest in Proper Insurance 

Businesses need to invest in top-notch insurance policies that protect them from losing money due to back-office fraud. Go for an insurance policy that protects your business against theft, forgery, embezzlement, and credit card scam.

Why Business Should Rely on Spokeo Protect

When undertaking background checks, you will need a platform or options that will ensure you undertake an efficient process. Spokeo is a standout that has transformed many companies. With Spokeo Protect you can safely undertake social searches without any worries.

It makes it easy and effective to use phone number search features that make it easy to search people’s backgrounds stress-free. 

You will rest assured that you have the right information about an individual using phone number, email, name and address. With Spokeo connection among other features, you get a chance to get connected with all your friends’ social media profiles and in one place.

There are incredible ways to curb business fraud. Many business owners trust their employees and associates that they don’t even protect their confidential data. But why stress where there is an incredible way to check the kind of people you are working with and their records. Spokeo is a one-of-a-kind option that organizes every information you need about a worker, business or consumer you deal with each day.

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How to Find and Rent a Dedicated Server?




How to Find and Rent a Dedicated Server?

We met on the Internet. This site you are now on is the result of two technologies: domain and hosting. In this article, I want to cover issues related to the second technology. Hosting has long ceased to be just a place to store static information. Today it is a complex of complex solutions in the center of which is the work of the server.

On the Tech market, there are two solutions for server rental – a shared server and a dedicated server.

In this article, I will talk about the details of a dedicated server rental and finding a good provider.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Dedicated Server

  1. Determine the performance requirements. Each company has its own requirements for server productivity: constant user load, computing processes, work with large files. Depending on these figures will be selected equipment configuration of your server.
  2. Take into account possible downtime. In this era of e-commerce and SaaS services, a minute of server downtime can cost a company a huge amount of money. It is worth examining the provider’s uptime figures to assess the potential risks.
  3. Check network quality. The quality of the signal between the server and your users depends directly on the bandwidth of the Internet channel and the distance. If your users are in Europe, then choose a server in the Netherlands or Germany.

What factors are crucial for server rent?

Security remains a major concern for most businesses in this age of technology. Due to the significant amount of customer information on the line, security features are a priority when choosing a dedicated server. You should only consider working with service providers that consider security a service.

Stable security features

When choosing a dedicated server, security should come first, given that there is personal information that you are likely to share with your customers. You need to consider all possible mitigation measures taken by the dedicated server provider in the event of an unexpected data security breach.

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing concern about the number of data privacy breaches at the corporate level. The impact of data breaches is so great that nearly 60 percent of hacked businesses shut down within six months of such incidents. Your data is most vulnerable when downtime occurs on dedicated servers.

You should be passionate enough to question your potential hosting provider’s own physical and virtual security considerations. Your provider should make sure they always have the right firewalls, intrusion protection, malware, and virus protection measures in place. Such hosting providers should also have robust spam filtering techniques to ensure data security.

Technological advancements

Change is the only constant in this age of technology. It would help to consider all the potential technological dynamics in the future when choosing a dedicated server. First, think about the compatibility of the operating system with your server. You also need to make sure that your potential server has enough RAM to cover all of your future tasks and needs.

What should be paid attention first?

When choosing a new provider, I always focus on budget and service. The budget is important for any start-up project when the turnover has not yet grown. And the level of service is very important because it directly affects the desire to use the provider’s services.

In the world of technology solutions, there are many examples of projects with good service. They all win the hearts of their users.

Why do you need to choose server rent from Deltahost?

I found a good solution for renting a dedicated server. Deltahost has its own equipment in many data centers around the world. Technical support boasts fast response times and 24/7 support.

dedicated server rental by deltahost

How much does it cost to rent a dedicated server?

The average cost of renting a dedicated server for a small business is $100 to $200 per month. You can also install a cloud server for as little as $5 a month, but most businesses will spend about $40 a month to have enough resources. If you want to buy a server for your office, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for a small business.

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Main Features of Trading in the Future




Main Features of Trading in the Future

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is higher than the budget of some states. This opens up great opportunities for making money on virtual money. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most promising ways to make a profit, along with mining.

The Future of Trading Technology

Cryptocurrency has been promising to change the way the world does finance for over a decade. However, only now has the technology really caught up to expectations. Trading is now done all over the world using blockchain technology. More importantly, it has now gone beyond just trading cryptocurrencies and extended to traditional assets trading too. 

Here’s an overview of the future of trading technology that’s being built right now and the features you can expect to rule trading. 

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is simply the buying and selling of cryptocurrency tokens. It’s not too different from other forms of trading like precious metals, currencies, and stocks. The goal of trading is to buy low and sell high to make a profit. You can do this in several ways, but the most popular is to use a specially built cryptocurrency exchange. 

There is one big difference, however. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, probably the most volatile market that’s ever existed. The price of a cryptocurrency can both skyrocket and tank at a moment’s notice. That’s what makes it so exciting for many traders. 

Features of Investing in Cryptocurrency

Out of the 11,000+ cryptocurrencies in existence, Bitcoin trading is still the most popular. It’s been revolutionizing the investment world for the last decade with its groundbreaking features. 

The first is its truly limited supply. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins that will ever exist, and that’s it. Some are locked away and will be distributed to miners over time, but nobody can ever create more than that. Supply and demand determine the price, and as the demand has been growing while the supply stayed constant, the price has been going up. This is why so many investors are so excited to risk their money to invest in Bitcoin. 

On top of long-term investment prospects, cryptocurrency is great for day-trading too. There are very low costs and barriers to entry compared to other traditional markets. It means people all over the world are trading and betting on the price of cryptocurrencies day-to-day. 

There is another unique way to earn money with cryptocurrency called mining. It is the process of using the processing power of your computer to help secure the Bitcoin (or another crypto) network. It’s difficult to get into crypto mining, but it’s extremely profitable if you can get it right. 

Trading With Tokenized Assets

One of the key innovations of blockchain technology is tokens. These are unique digital assets that live on the blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are cryptographically secure, can be traded instantly and seamlessly anywhere in the world, and can represent any kind of asset in the real world. That last point is important. 

These new kinds of digital assets are being used to trade all kinds of real-world items. For example, Tether is a digital token that’s pegged to the US Dollar. One Tether token has the same value as one US Dollar. But, unlike US Dollars, Tether tokens can be traded instantly and almost free across the globe on cryptocurrency networks. 

The same principle applies to other valuable things. You can invest in gold-backed cryptocurrencies to gain exposure to the gold price on the blockchain. Many cryptocurrency startups are issuing shares as tokens. You no longer need to be an accredited investor to profit from the rise of these new companies. You simply log in to crypto exchange and buy that startup’s tokenized shares.

There are places you can even buy stocks of such companies as Tesla, Amazon, and Apple. However, this trend has caught on so quickly that regulators are getting worried it’s causing risks for the whole stock market. 

Despite the challenges, this new way of trading is extremely popular and is expected to keep growing. 

Is it profitable to mine crypto in 2021?


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Features of Trading Technologies

Tokenized assets trading can give you the same profit as traditional investment trading, but, with a few additional benefits, too. 

First, trading traditional investments as tokens allows you to trade your crypto and other assets on the same platform. You can keep track of your whole portfolio of bitcoin, crypto, tokens, gold, shares, and anything else all in the same dashboard. It makes the trading experience easy and seamless, but it also helps you keep track of everything in a uniform way to reduce your risk of bias or of missing something important. 

The second feature is security. When you buy a tokenized asset, you don’t just open a position on that asset. You receive a protected token on the blockchain. However, you do need to understand one thing. Digital tokens backed by currencies, stocks, or other assets are only as good as the organization that underpins them. For example, Tether is an incredible digital token that makes it seamless to trade US Dollars, and these tokens are safe in ways that US Dollars aren’t. However, they also rely on the trust and competence of the people who run the Tether project. If the whole Tether project were to collapse, you could own a Tether token that could be worth 0 dollars instead of 1. 

Last are the tools. There are countless crypto trading platforms and apps being developed as we speak. Many of them have advanced features built-in that only the top traders had access to a few years ago. Now, anyone can open an account and take advantage of advanced trading dashboards, statistics, charts, algorithms, and more. 

The Future Is Now

Tokenized trading has already changed the way we think about trading and investing. It’s brought the world of finance, previously limited to a select group with special access, to the entire world. Now, anyone can buy, sell, and trade almost any asset. Moreover, they can trade faster, cheaper, and more broadly than traditional investors could ever dream to. And, the technological tools being developed are helping them do it in a sophisticated way. 

This future world of trading is opening up right now. Will you take advantage of it?

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