How to make own Uber for Barbers App?

How to make own Uber for Barbers App?

Simple Service App to Make Barbers Appointments for Haircut

Haircutting service is on-demand all year round. It is a stable business and its market grows along with the cities’ population. Still, life is speeding up. People are constantly moving from one city to another and don’t have much time to find a suitable barber to make a haircut. The times when a man visited one barbershop for 30 years is gone.

Making an uber for hair cutting is a great idea if you’re a modern entrepreneur that keeps an eye on trends and feels the pulse of life. Connect barbers and clients in an easiest and straightforward way – through the mobile app. Uber for barbers is a simple and straightforward example of an on-demand mobile app. Surely, it won’t become a billion-dollar venture but can become a stable revenue stream.

App idea:

I would like to create an app similar to the app “Shortcut” which is only located in New York. I would have our local salons and barber shops register with the app creating their unique profile with services offered, prices, and credentials.

John, Build a barber app

Booking App Features

  • Barber Portfolio – Let users select the best barbers by checking their portfolios. This feature can be also used for monetization of the app. Barbers can promote their portfolio through the app and find clients with similar tastes in style.
  • Appointment Scheduling – This is a core feature that will save customers’ time and let them book a haircut in advance or in an hour.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrate PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method you prefer.

The list of functionality:

  • Registration/Sign Up
  • Authorization/Log In
  • Service Supplier profile
  • Service Customer profile
  • Static Screens (About, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy)
  • Payments and Subscriptions (through to meet your business goals.)
  • Add Service Request
  • Search Service Supplier and Service Request
  • Hire for the job
  • Reviews and rating
  • Chat
  • Notifications

Don’t Know Where to Start? Check the Demo and Project Specifications here:

On-Demand Barbershop Cost

The rough cost of it is near $10k – $15k. Be sure, that the app will be fully custom and unique.
And pieces of code will be used to save your budget.

How to start Development process?

To start development with an outsourcing team, you must give yourself the answer to such questions:
1) Would you like to have the same functionality as Shortcut App has at the moment? Or you are comfortable to start with less for 1st release?
2) Do you have any access to the admin panel of Shortcut?
3) How would you like to monetize the app?
4) Do you have any limited budget or deadlines for this project?


  1. Rohit

    Appointment booking app for barber shops/spas/salons.

    Shops/Businesses (Desktop/iOS/Android) :

    – Would be able to list themselves on the platform. Manage staff, services, prices, reporting, finances, working hours schedules.

    Staff (iOS/Android):

    – Would get to see his upcoming appointments (iOS/Android)

    Customer (iOS/Android) :

    – Customers can discover shops with standard filters/sort(nearest,pricing etc) map view/ list view
    – Book available appointments with preferred staff member
    – Rate service

    For Reference: (shop side)
    Fresha App (customer size)

    Design preferences: minimalistic

    Preferred hosting: AWS

    Would love to hear feedback and open to suggestion.

    Cost will be discussed and negotiated upon discussion.

    Clarity on Hosting service pricing (AWS) approximation (monthly/annually) would be a plus.

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