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Types of NYC DOT Permits



What is DOT Revocable Consent?

DOT permits are issued by the NYC Department of Transportation to allow contractors to perform and work on NYC’s sidewalks and roads while utilizing construction equipment. DOT Permits are commonly used to enable the use of specific tools, occupation of roadways and sidewalks, closing of roadways for repairs, and many more operations. They are divided into two groups: building operations and street opening.
Building operation permits allow during varying types of construction.

Street openingBuilding OperationsSidewalk Construction
100 – Open sidewalk to install foundation
106 – Transformer vault – in roadway
107 – Transformer vault – in sidewalk area
110 – Major installations – cable
112 – Rapid transit construct/ alteration
116 – Fuel oil line
117 – Vault construction or alteration
118 – Reset, repair or replace curb
119 – Pave street-w/ engineering & insp fee
120 – Tree pits
121 – Construct or alter manhole &/or casting
124 – Repair electric/communications
125 – Leader drain under sidewalk
126 – Test pits, cores or boring
127 – Conduit construction and franchise129 – Install street furniture
130 – Land fill131 – Private sewer
132 – Install fence133 – Install traffic signals134 – Repair petroleum leak
138 – Installation of fire alarm box
139 – Installation of bus shelter
151 – Installation public pay telephone
153 – Install test pit/monitor well/pipe
154 – Install traffic street lights
155 – Regrade/replace street hardware/casting
156 – Repair traffic street light
157 – Repair traffic signals
165 – Install newsstand
166 – Pavement cores
167 – Restoration re-dig
168 – Core re-dig
172 – Micro trenching
173 – Regrade hardware
180 – Tree pit/storm water inlet
181 – Installation of poles
182 – Removal of poles
183 – Relocation of poles
201 – Place material on street
202 – Crossing sidewalk
203 – Place crane or shovel on street
204 – Place equipment other than crane or shovel
205 – Place shanty or trailer on street
208 – Temporary pedestrian walkway
210 – Install temporary decorative light on street
211 – Occupancy of roadway as stipulated
214 – Place container on the street
215 – Occupancy of sidewalk as stipulated
218 – Install bike rack on sidewalk
219 – Place temporary security structure
221 – Temporary construction signs/markings
401 – Repair sidewalk
402 – Construct new sidewalk
403 – Replace sidewalk
404 – Construct new sidewalk with heating pipe
405 – Construct new sidewalk builder’s pavement plan

What DOT Permits do I need?

DOT permits are primarily different than DOB permits because they are issued per street, as opposed to DOB’s style of per address permits. This means that work taking place at 123 Fake St, will require DOT permits for each street work will take place on. Essentially that requires 4 permits of each type! An example would be replacing the sidewalk, so occupation of the sidewalk is required, as well as repair sidewalk. These two permits would be required for each street the sidewalk is being replaced on.

Get DOT Permits Now!

Companies that are registered with the NYC Department of Transportation can file for permits. General contractors and other contractors cannot apply for permits until they are registered with the DOT.Β DOT permits before, you will need to register. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. The NYC DOT has the most stringent insurance standards in the city, exact wording, specific types, letters are all required before the contractor even registers with the DOT.

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