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Redesign of Call Tracking App: Ways to Get More App Downloads


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The main purpose of call tracking software is to help business owners track existing and potential customers, strengthening their relationship with them. Since it gives you complete background information on callers (how they found out about your company, for instance), you are more likely to get your sales pitch right.

Among other things, a quality call tracking app provides information about the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, allowing you to assess the return on your investment and overall strategy. Nevertheless, business owners are faced with a drop in the effectiveness of such software from time to time. When this happens, there are not too many options on the table. You have to decide whether you want to rebuild the software, throw it away, or try to redesign it. The latter seems more appropriate.

In this article, you will find the best call tracking app solutions which will increase the number of its downloads. Besides, it will positively affect your interactions with existing and new customers. There is so much to learn about how to redesign your product.

Reasons for the Call Tracking Apps Redesign

No matter how perfect your product is, it needs to be updated in due time. So, if you are thinking of a phone call tracking app redesign, it should be done for one or more of the following reasons.

  1. Customers express dissatisfaction through support requests and/or feedback.
  2. You are going to add new features and solutions that may break the existing design.
  3. The call tracking metrics are dwindling down.
  4. You haven’t updated the software in months and want to do so to attract potential customers.
  5. You have a call tracking app for Android and/or iOS and want to use the latest OS software updates.

There are enough reasons to update the app. However, each of them entails a different amount of work and investment, so you should answer yourself why you want it and what results you expect.

Simple Steps to the App’s Redesign

Depending on your lead management, strategy and goals, a redesign can range in scale from logo replacement to significant changes in call tracking software functionality. Obviously, the process can be quite extensive. Here are a few steps to update your app, increase its downloads, attract new customers, and achieve other goals.

Step #1: Analyze the Existing Design

Having decided to change something about your call tracking metrics app, focus on the existing UX design. What’s wrong with it? What part of it do users complain about most? What solutions exist? Processing users’ feedback from the App Store and Play Store is a must. By analyzing them, you will identify the most critical problems. Moreover, users can even point out details you didn’t know about.

How to make it more effective? When launching a call tracking app, make sure it includes analytics, be it Mixpanel or Google Analytics. This is necessary to find out at what point users abandon the software or what their overall experience is.

Step #2: Think of the Solutions

Having identified the weaknesses of your phone call tracking application, it’s time to think about the solutions you want to use. At this stage, you should keep in mind all the things that will make your product more popular, convenient, and visually appealing.

  • App’s icon. This is the first thing users see before they get to know your business. As they scroll through the store page, your product should be attractive and recognizable.
  • Name and description. With these two, you can get the user to download your app or close the page. Take care of the title and description beforehand.
  • UX/UI design. By offering a user-friendly and visually appealing call tracking app iPhone/Android devices, people will download it regularly. No matter what service you offer, the content should be structured, and the information should be tangibly accessible.
  • Additional features. This list can include popups and various notifications if you want users to be informed about all updates. But it’s important to keep a balance. Your app must not turn into a spam sender. Otherwise, it will be quickly removed from the user’s device.

Following the recommendations above will greatly improve your software, leading to more downloads. You will see positive dynamics and results every time you go through the call tracking metrics login. As Steve Jobs once said, “People never know what they need until you show it to them.” Give them a quality product, and they will download it.

Step #3: Implement the Redesign Solutions

Once you’ve approved the details you want to change and the solutions you want to add, it’s time to move on to the next step. Now your team of experts can implement them in your call tracking software. Depending on the tasks at hand, the process might involve programmers, a UX/UI designer, a QA tester, and others who will make your product better.

Once the last detail is tested, and you are sure the product works smoothly, offer it to users. If it is a call tracking iPhone app, add it to the App Store, while the same software for Android devices should be added to the Play Store.

And while most of the work is done, you should track users’ behavior and feedback after launching the redesigned app. Check out Mixpanel and similar tools to stay informed. This allows you to gauge your progress by the number of downloads and deletions of the software.

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about business results or just want to make your product more recognizable, you’re on the right path. By taking three simple steps, you’ll dramatically improve your results by updating an app that will be downloaded thousands of times. The most important thing is to detect current problems and offer effective solutions. After that, any sales call tracking app will become popular on the App Store or Play Store platforms.

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