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First and foremost, we all have to agree that online casinos were created for entertainment and fun. We should never see them as primary sources of profit. That said, they can become rather profitable ventures if you can play responsibly. You can enjoy any arcade slot machine, especially if you know the possible payouts.

Gambling games are mostly made with mathematical models and probability theory. They have no memory or mind. If you’re not playing with real people, your statistics and winnings are determined by math. That’s why we are here today. Let’s see how you can calculate possible payouts and RTP of any slot machine or other gambling games. 

Interesting Fact: offline casinos have lower RTP than online casinos because the costs of running an offline business are much higher.

Math Behind Online Casinos and Arcade Slot Machines

As we have already mentioned in our introduction, gambling games are based explicitly on mathematical models. Mathematicians and game designers approach each game from a statistical point of view. Probability theory dictates how much you can win and how often. Even though we do normally say that it all depends on your luck, the aforementioned luck is determined by math. That is why when you are searching for the highest paying online casino out there; you should rely on the rules of your preferred arcade slot. Suppose your casino is actually licensed and trusted. 

In that case, they are obligated to reveal all information about RTP that we will discuss later. Therefore, once you open your favorite arcade slot machine game, you should follow its rules first. This is the only way to determine whether the mathematical models behind it will offer high payouts. In later sections, we will focus on payment options, volatility, RTP, and similar notions connected with high payouts. 

RTP and Volatility of Any Arcade Game Slot Machine

Suppose you have played slot machine arcade games before. You know such notions as RTP and volatility. Precisely they determine how much and how often the game is going to pay you. It is not as straightforward as it might seem on the first try. Let’s review an example together.

You are opening a slot game with 96% RTP. To make the situation clearer, let’s pretend that you have $100 over your budget. Does 96% of RTP mean that you will get $96 back? The answer here is both negative and positive. Nothing stops you from getting these $96 back. However, RTP depends on random number generators and even on the number of people who are playing this game. 

In simpler words, one day you can get $1000, while another time you will lose your budget. Sadly, there is no ideal way to predict whether the next day will be lucky. What you can do is find a game with RTP higher than 96%. This will help you to increase your odds. Additionally, choose volatility depending on your budget. The higher the budget, the higher you can choose your volatility. 

Link Between Payment Options and Payouts 

Another good trick to increase your Casino winnings is to choose an appropriate payment option. Interestingly enough, when playing arcade slots games, not everything depends on probability. Let’s go back to our previous example. You have won $100. What are you getting as your winnings? 

If you use traditional banking options like bank transfers, you are likely to receive around $80 or $90, depending on fees. At the same time, digital wallets require fewer fees. Thus, you get to keep almost everything from the cash arcade slots. However, there is also a notion of cryptocurrency and its frequent crashes. Nowadays, more and more online casinos are opening specific games that are reserved for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. 

Even though this seems like a good idea, we would still recommend you to use digital wallets more than anything else. They have a perfect balance of tradition behind them and stability that cryptocurrency or credit cards do not possess. Besides, it is always in your best interest to choose a platform with all payment options. Keeping your options open with a digital wallet, debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and even SMS deposits doesn’t hurt. 

Bottom Line: Choose Pokies Arcade Games with Highest Payouts

All gambling games are based on mathematical models. If you choose a licensed platform, they are obligated to use random number generators. It means that no matter how much you play or who you are, the game cannot pick and choose. Everything will depend on simple math and statistics. One day you may lose, and another day you may get a major jackpot. Precisely this probability makes certain games popular. We advise choosing titles with high RTP; 96% or more would be preferred. Additionally, choose volatility depending on your budget. The smaller the budget, the lower volatility should be. It will indicate how often you will see the winnings.

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