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The most Popular Problems in Apps for Traders and Investors

The main problem of brokerage applications is the conflict of interest of investors and developers. Investors are looking for a way to make money efficiently, and app owners are looking for a way to increase revenue and earn a commission.

Covid-19 Relief Bill Stimulus Checks

The U.S. Senate approved President Joe Biden’s administration’s $1.9 trillion pandemic coronavirus economic recovery package. (Source)

For most taxpayers, Biden’s plan calls for direct payments of $1,400 per person. And a family with two children and an annual income in the neighborhood of $100,000 would receive a check of $5,600.

The $1.9 trillion amount corresponds to about ten percent of annual U.S. GDP.

The broker will not know your investment goals

Our team frequently dives deep into the world of mobile apps, and a critical part of our process involves studying the target audience. Occasionally, while spelunking these research caves, we stumble upon insights that stray a bit from the product itself.

For instance, on a recent deep-dive into the sea of fintech, we surfaced with an unexpected pearl of wisdom. We discovered that, in their mad dash for new investors, bank brokers seem to be adopting the “talk more, listen less” approach. They’re busily trying to keep clients hooked by transforming them into active traders, tantalizing them with the prospect of profit.

Here’s the hitch though: most clients aren’t looking to morph into Wall Street wolves. They’re more akin to wise tortoises, preferring to go slow and steady with long-term investments on the exchange.

So, what’s going wrong with these brokerage apps, and how can they hit the ‘reset’ button? Buckle up, we’re about to delve into the details.

Now top forex brokers take care of the client and help them build a portfolio. The client answers questions about personal preferences, and the broker tells them what instruments are appropriate for investment.

What’s not? The broker finds out how much a person is willing to risk their money in the stock market and recommends securities based on that. But personal risk appetite has nothing to do with the investor’s goals, because there can be several of them. For example, to find a substitute for a deposit and to invest in bonds and at the same time to speculate in stocks. Suppose a client is given a moderate risk profile and offered to buy the most popular stocks of large companies. The investor is inexperienced in trading and buys the stocks offered by the binary options broker and they fall in value. The client understands that this is not what he needs and leaves the market disappointed. His fears are confirmed.

What to do? Such an approach is unprofitable for a broker in the long run. In order for newcomers to become loyal customers, improve their financial literacy, and, over time, make more trades, they need to be offered what they want from the beginning. To do this, instead of risk appetite, it’s better to find out the client’s goals. There can be many of them. For example, one part of the capital is for saving for retirement, another for experimenting with stocks and IPOs.

Manual trades instead of automatic ones

What’s wrong?

Beginning investors are far from financial markets. In most cases, they want a mixture of independent decisions and trust management. Part of this problem is solved by exchange-traded investment funds, which offer to buy a part of a ready-made portfolio. But this format is not always suitable for investors: they may have other goals.

What to do?

A broker can offer a ready portfolio of instruments that match the client’s goal and capital. The user may accept, reject or switch securities. The portfolio can be assembled automatically. For example, the client transfers a part of his salary once a month and the broker offers him to buy securities from the list that the user has confirmed in advance. One-click – the transactions on the list are made.

How to choose the best broker for yourself?

  • eToro™ Invest
  • Forex Broker – Axi
  • IG
  • AvaTrade

On website recommends paying attention to the following company parameters in order to choose the best broker for your needs:

  • Licenses,
  • Trading conditions,
  • Customer support,
  • Reviews of traders.

Increasing anxiety instead of calming

What’s wrong? Maybe the client will make a few rash trades and bring the broker a commission. But if the application is associated with unpleasant excitement, the user will soon not want to return to it.

How to fix it? The solution is to allow the investor to customize the interface himself. For example, remove the charts from the main screen and allow the person to disable the “rise and fall” arrows in the list of securities in the settings.


I started investing about six months ago and completely disagree with the article. The points described did not bother me at all, and they are somewhere at the end of the list.

If a person is investing, he should clearly understand what it is and be prepared for drawdowns, should make his own decision on what to buy, etc.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Macbook’s Performance in 2023

An older Macbook will not perform as great as it did when you first bought it.

An older Macbook will not perform as great as it did when you first bought it. Some Mac users go as far as not bothering anymore and buying a new computer. While that is an option, you should not be so hasty. 

  • #1 – Have Enough Free HDD Storage
  • #2 – Disable Visual Effects
  • #3 – Optimize Web Browser
  • #4 – Add New Hardware
  • #5 – Get a Cooling Pad
  • #6 – Remove Filth Inside the Computer
  • #7 – Keep Tabs on Background Applications
  • #8 – Use Reliable Antivirus

There are ways to boost your Macbook’s speed, and it does not involve replacing the current computer. Look at the recommendations below and create a strategy that helps maintain the Mac in good condition.

Recommendation #1 – Have Enough Free HDD Storage

Starting with your hard drive is a good approach. The available storage for Macbook users is not the best, and some struggle to keep all the data on the computer. 

The system accumulates temporary backups and other junk files. You can use a cleanup utility tool to remove temporary junk. You should also keep an eye on old applications, email attachments, and downloads and remove them regularly.

Getting rid of files is not the only way to free up Macbook drive storage. Transfer your data to Dropbox, iCloud, and external storage devices, such as memory sticks.

Finally, if you consume a lot of media, do so on streaming platforms like Spotify, Netflix, and Disney+. There will not be a need to keep large media files on the Macbook.

Recommendation #2 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects are a hindrance, and more pragmatic Macbook owners do not bother enabling them in the first place. While gimmicky features like a backlit keyboard or animated openings for the Dock seem like a nice addition to have, these and other visual effects are a hindrance to Macbook’s resources. If you are aiming to improve your computer’s performance, then do not hesitate and disable visual effects.

Recommendation #3 – Optimize Web Browser

A poor internet browser performance can get on your nerves quite fast. After all, we rely on the internet for work and entertainment, and if the browser crashes, freezes, and fails to load sites, getting to the bottom of the problem should be a priority.

First, check the browser. It may be that you have installed too many extensions. Clearing the cache helps as well. 

If there are no issues on the browser’s end, look at the computer. Clearing system junk, decluttering the desktop, and simply resetting the Mac should help.

You also have the option to try a different browser. There are multiple available options, and all the popular browsers are free. 

Read also

Recommendation #4 – Add New Hardware

New hardware is cheaper than spending money on another computer. The most popular pieces of hardware are RAM and solid-state drives. The latter is an excellent way to boost the performance by replacing your current hard drive.

It may be worth waiting for the holiday season and sales if you are not in a hurry. On the other hand, if you want to change the way your Mac runs right now, buy new hardware at your earliest convenience.

Recommendation #5 – Get a Cooling Pad

Overheating is a common issue for older Macbooks. The internal fans cannot keep up, and it does not take too long before your internal hardware starts to overheat. And this particular issue becomes even more apparent when you are stuck in a poorly ventilated room. 

A cooling pad is a neat accessory that relieves the pressure from the Macbook fans and prevents potential threats to the internal hardware. The accessory is relatively cheap and is a good investment considering what it provides.

Recommendation #6 – Remove Filth Inside Computer

Dust and dirt inside the Mac are another problem that can lead to internal hardware problems. If you hear a loud noise coming from the Macbook, or if the computer starts to overheat even when the system is not overloaded with processes, it may mean that there is too much filth inside the computer.

If you are not that keen on taking the Mac apart and removing the dust inside yourself, look for a local service store and leave the work in the hands of professionals. The bottom line is that all the filth that accumulates inside the Macbook should be removed regularly.

Recommendation #7 – Keep Tabs on Background Applications

Your Mac has a finite amount of resources. Keep closer tabs on the Activity Monitor and check which processes are consuming the most memory and CPU. If you do not need to use these applications, then there is no real point having them consume the system’s resources, right?

Recommendation #8 – Use Reliable Antivirus

The threat of malware and viruses exists even if Macbooks are known for their security. Do not put yourself at risk and leave everything to chance. Get reliable antivirus and run in the background all the time to detect and eliminate potential threats before these threats infect the Macbook.

Got More Time? Reinstall macOS

These quick steps may help rectify some of the issues that reduce your computer’s performance, but they can only go so far. To really improve performance, consider reinstalling macOS for a squeaky-clean Mac.

Rick and Morty Text to Speech Generator

Can you create Rick & Morty voices? Yes!

What is it?

The text-to-speech generator is a handy program for creating and delivering audio files from text. It uses the same technology used for reading out comic books and e-books our yours SMS by Siri.

You can even choose which characters you’d like the speech generator to produce. Some of the most popular themes and voices on the show are nihilism, love, and family. However, there are some limitations, and this program is a great way to test its effectiveness.

The text to speech generator will allow you to change the words and phrases in your favorite episodes of the show. For example, you can easily change the words in the text to create funny messages that are guaranteed to make people laugh. It is also possible to add your own text and add a voice, too. The Rick and Morty meme captioner will generate the texts for you. You will be able to generate all the memes that feature the characters.

TTS generator is an online tool that converts written text into speech. It uses a voice synthesizing technique to generate natural-sounding audio. Using it, you can create text in a variety of languages. This software works well with both English and non-English language versions. It is free and you can use it to make audio files of various genres. This program also helps you produce different tones.

The Rick & Morty text-to-speech generator

The Free Rick and Morty Voice Generator Online Websites are:


The Rick and Morty text-to-speech generator is a convenient tool for transforming any text into a meaningful text. This tool can even be customized and created with your own text. It will allow you to choose the text and add your own voice. There are over 250 different voices for the character of the popular cartoon. It is a fun and easy way to convert any text into a speech recording.

The Rick and Morty text to speech generator allows you to translate any text into speech. It is an indispensable tool when it comes to creating a script and speaking with people. You can also use the program to record a speech recording. It will work well with both text and audio formats. You can record your own custom messages. You can customize the scripts and use them as your own. The software is very easy to install and the results are excellent.

Among the many other features of the Rick and Morty text to speech generator, the most popular is the ability to convert any text to speech. By entering the text, you can create a customized audio file. You can also use the Rick and Morty voice to speak the words. Then, all you have to do is input the text and click “speak” to get the audio. You can change the voice and add your voice.

The Rick and Morty Text to speech generator lets you record a speech or audio file. It also has the ability to record your speech and create an audio file of any text. When you enter the text, you can choose the words you want to have spoken. For example, you can enter a word and have it read as a speech. You can also insert any other character you want to add. If you’re trying to produce a script, enter the text. You can even write your own sentence if you prefer. If you’d like to make your own, but remember to make sure to have the right one.

Rick and Morty TTS generator

The Rick and Morty text to speech generator is a great tool for fans of the cartoon. It transcribes your text and makes it sound like a speech. This is a great way to make a speech. The robot can also read the words of the TV show. The robots don’t understand the texts, but you can still use the audio to speak. You can also translate the messages by using the keyboard or the mouse.

Bottom line

The text-to-speech generator is a useful tool for those who want to create a speech. The voice in the text will be created by a human’s voice. In addition to being able to produce a speech, the generator can also convert text to speech. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create a funny and memorable message. You can customize your messages with the word and sentence that you choose.

The modern world has one weakness: a weak cellular signal, and one strength: a signal amplifier

The world has become global. Digital technologies allow people to be accessible for work or entertainment through mobile communications, regardless of their location. Modern people’s lifestyle suggests that one day a person can travel thousands of kilometers. But since modern means of communication are not equally developed around the world, in remote regions because of a weak mobile signal, people can easily find themselves out of civilization. Have you also experienced the issue of a poor mobile or internet connection? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of a weak cell phone connection through which the internet connection is made. Our partner from offers a bt internet signal booster. This device amplifies a weak electromagnetic signal of a given frequency. If you find yourself between two cellular base stations, the distance from you to which exceeds 15 km, your phone is likely to lose the connection signal. But armed with a signal booster, you won’t even notice it.

Causes of Poor Cellular Communication

There are two possible reasons for a poor mobile or internet connection – 1) technical or 2) natural. In the first case, the issue can be resolved by properly configuring the mobile device, while in the second case, by increasing the received power of the device may help. The natural origin of issues with cellular communications includes the following circumstances.

Structural features of buildings  

This is the most common issue – the concrete material used in buildings and the large areas of reinforced glass. It is from this material that most urban high-rise buildings are built, namely offices, residential, and industrial premises. Cellular signal strength is reduced by 50% in such buildings. If the building structures are complex, the walls form a double, triple or more barrier, then the signal disappears completely. 

Coverage levels of 4G type of cellular communication in rural areas in the UK is about 80%.

The reason for the complete absence of a signal can also be the angle at which the load-bearing walls of the building are directed toward the cellular base stations. If the angle of the building walls is less than 45°, then the signal from the surface of such walls is reflected and does not penetrate the building.

Distance from the receiving device to the base station

If the distance from the mobile phone or portable Wi-Fi module to the base station of the cellular service provider exceeds 15 km, the signal will be reduced by 20%. The signal strength decreases by another 20% with each successive kilometer. You won’t have cellular coverage if you find yourself between two base stations that are 40 km apart.

Natural causes of a weak signal:

  1. Structural features of buildings.
  2. The distance between cellular base stations to devices receiving a signal. 
  3. Complex landscape – forest, mountains, underground.  
  4. Cloudy weather and high humidity.

If the terrain is difficult to transmit signals through due to mountains, it can be a common reason for a weak internet or mobile connection. The distance between cell towers in cities and mountainous areas is about 5 km, and on flat land between cities it is about 15 km. But in remote areas far from major roads and megacities, the distance between the towers can exceed 20 kilometers. Although stronger transmission signals are installed in these areas, the quality of the signal is still inferior to what it could be due to congestion and the fact that the software and hardware of these stations are often not updated enough.

The nature of the technical problem

You bought a new smartphone, but after leaving the city, you found you were unable to make any calls – what could have caused this? In order to avoid returning the device under warranty to the store, please open the settings for this and change the type of data transfer. The fact is that modern devices are configured by default to receive and transmit a signal in a modern 4G (LTE) format, while in areas remote from cities, mobile communication towers still operate in 2 or 3G format.

Full fiber broadband is available in 8.2 million (28%) homes of the UK.

If you frequently travel to areas without access to Wi-Fi, you may want to consider setting your device to automatically select the cellular connection. The downside of this solution is that your device’s battery will drain faster.

How to stay in touch far from civilization?

No matter the cause of poor cellular coverage, there is no perfect solution, and it is not yet too expensive. Before you find the right solution, you need to properly prioritize. Answering the following questions will help you do this:

  1. Do you need to stay connected at home (in the office) or while traveling long distances?
  2. Do you need to stay on voice, or do you need stable internet access?
  3. Are you seeking an answer for personal or corporate use?

Using the example of devices that amplify the cellular signal from our partners, your answer will affect the power of the amplifier and, accordingly, its cost. The more powerful the amplifier, the more expensive it is. Another important dependence is the complexity of the installation and maintenance of this amplifier. The challenge is related to the number of repeaters in one installation. For example, one repeater is installed on each floor, which are linked by high-wire cables. All the difficulties of the last paragraph are handled by the service provider, but cost. 

The conclusion is as one

5G is available from at least one provider in 42-57% of UK premises.

If you lead a lifestyle that includes business, leisure, and travel between these two points, you may often be far from mobile base stations. Or if your office or home is located at an acute angle to your service provider’s base station. And, finally, if you live in foggy Albion (the adjective word “foggy” is not a figure of speech, but it’s a real hurdle) and experience frequent communication issues due to any of the above reasons, we offer a solution to the problem – a mobile or stationary signal amplifier. The security questions will help you prioritize, which will help you choose the type of device and therefore the cost.

How to Fix Delayed WhatsApp notifications on Android?

We all use WhatsApp messaging service quite frequently and stay connected with our friends. Many times we reply to the WhatsApp messages from just the notifications. But, due to some reasons, these notifications don’t come timely and hence we miss getting them.

Almost every one of us has experienced this issue that delays the messages and the only way to see whether you’ve received any message is to open the WhatsApp application. Opening the app to check if any message has come is really annoying. There could be important messages that need to be replied on time but due to this issue users miss out reading and responding to them at the earliest.

Now, before you read the solution to it or how to fix WhatsApp delayed messages. You should know why these delays actually happen.

Why are my WhatsApp incoming messages being delayed?

Well, there can be many reasons that prevent WhatsApp messages to be delivered on time. So, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s causing your messages to come or send on time. But, the first and foremost reason could be a poor internet connection that is causing your message to be delivered and received on time.

Also, not receiving the WhatsApp notification on time could be due to the restriction of background data use. This setting stops the app to sync data in the background over the mobile data connection.

How to ensure the prompt delivery of WhatsApp messages and notifications

So, I am writing here several troubleshooting ways that you can try and bring those timely WhatsApp notifications pop-up on time back for you.

  • First off, Reboot your device
  • Check your internet connection, if it’s unstable then try switching to Wi-Fi
  • Go to Settings > Tap Data Usage > Tap Mobile data usage > Select WhatsApp > Tap Background data (demoed on OnePlus 3T running Android 8.0 Oreo)
  • If you still find the issue in getting app notification timely then try deleting the app cache, which you can do by following the steps – Settings > Apps> WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache (this can take some time).
  • You can also reset the app preferences by going to your phone’s Settings app > Apps > Menu Button > Reset app preferences. (When you relaunch the WhatsApp, it will show you only contact numbers. Don’t worry, just click, little icon present on the right-hand side of the app, this will refresh your contact list )
  • WhatsApp also tells you to log from WhatsApp Web by going to WhatsApp > Menu Button > WhatsApp Web > Logout from all computers if you face delaying of messages.

Do let us know if any other solution worked for you.

Hometech Roof Tiles

Are you searching for the right type of Roof tiles? Do you want to know which one will be the best option? Roof tiles are the most common and essential things while making your house roof. It will prevent water from seeping into the roof. This system of tiles on the roof has been used since ancient times. Here is all the information about various kinds of tiles and which will be the best option for your house. Read on!

  1. Metal Roof Tiles

Metal Tiles are extensively used these days. It is made of copper, zinc, aluminum, and other strong products. The ones made up of steel and aluminum are preferred the most. They are crafted perfectly to look exactly like wood or slate tiles. They come in different varieties of patterns and shapes.

It will be a good choice to go for these tiles! They are lightweight, and installing them is not a hassle.

Young technician master in workwear bending over solar panel on the roof while adjusting handle
  1. Stone Roof Tiles

Stone tiles are one the tiles with beautiful patterns and designs! This tile variety comes in a wide range of color options in its natural form. This is a classic type of Roof Tiles. It is very durable and is not easily harmed by fire.

You can go for it as it is considered one of the best types of roof tiles. However, due to its high demand in the market, it costs more than other types.

Solar panels on suburban Italian home. Photovoltaic power plant. Regenerative energy system electricity generation.
  1. Composite Roof Tiles

These are unique forms of tiles that have layers in them. The layers are metal, acrylic, and stone. Unfortunately, the designs of these tiles are not so natural, so they are less popular among customers.

If you want to go for a lightweight option, then this is this! It is also available for a lower rate in the market.

  1. Concrete Roof Tiles

These tiles are very strong and durable and don’t break easily. You are made up of a strong mixture of water, sand, and cement. Its hardness comes with very heavy weight but has a low rate compared to the slate ones. Therefore, it is a great alternative to ceramic roof tiles.

  1. Solar Roof Tiles

These Roof tiles don’t catch your eye but definitely greatly depreciate your electricity bill. Installing it on your roof connected to a battery inside your home can generate electricity naturally from the sun.

This is more costly than other roof tiles and needs professionals to install, maintain or repair. But in the long run, it can save more money by saving your monthly electricity cost. In addition, you can go for different brands of solar tiles like Volt Solar Tiles and others.

  1. Bituminous Roof Tiles

If you want the lightest weight tile, then this is the best for you! The tile is made of fiberglass, and the upper layer is coated with granite or basalt chips. The installation of these is extremely easy. It only requires an adhesive to stick on your roofs.

Due to its installation, no holes are made on the roof. By this, there is a zero chance of water seepage into the roof of your house.

  1. Ceramic Roof Tiles

These tiles are well known for their ability to protect from fire. It is also known for its durability. Ceramic roof tiles are found everywhere as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence it becomes ideal for all types of houses.

  1. Polymer Sand Tiles

It is considered the best alternative for ceramic roofs. It is made with a mixture of sand and polymers. It somehow looks similar to ceramic roof tiles but is more durable than it. In addition, it is fireproof and weighs less than many other roof tiles.

  1. Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are very common and also used in the past. This is because the material required to make this is just clay and sun. So people used to make it, give it a shape with their hands, and keep it dry in the sun.

Nowadays, the hands of the people are replaced by machines, and huge blast furnaces replace the sun. These tiles are readily available at a low price. However, clay tiles are extremely heavy. Hence it would help if you made the foundation of the house strong to hold them easily.


Now that you know the different types of Roof Tiles available in the market, you can choose the best one for your house. Clay and Concrete are the best ones you can pick; they are the best version that will be the most beneficial for your house. Buy the tiles which will suit your house type, budget, and climate.

Connect with Elderly People: 5 Wonderful Technologies and Konnekt Videophone

How often do you video call your loved ones who live in another city or country and chat with them? Often, right? With technology, the distances are less as you can virtually be part of every celebration and not feel isolated. But how often do you connect with older seniors? Not so often, especially if they live alone, seniors often have trouble accessing technology. It is one of the primary reasons why seniors often feel lonely and their health worsens. In addition, social isolation can affect their mental health, which leads to other health complications.

Virtual connections are needed because it becomes challenging to regularly keep up with social engagements for seniors. Thus, it is imperative to ensure they connect with their loved ones virtually or on call through technology. Fortunately, this is possible now with new advanced technology that makes connecting with seniors easy, as they can use these technologies without much trouble.

There are many ways to connect with elderly people, and technology can break this barrier.

Hearing Impaired phones

As your grandparents or even parents age, they experience hearing loss. It becomes challenging for them to listen to a conversation in which they are physically present. Thus, video or regular calls are even more challenging for them. It can make them socially isolated. But not anymore. With a hearing-impaired phone, like Konnekt Videophone, you can check in on your grandparents even if they are losing their hearing power or have dementia. This hearing-impaired phone allows you to check on every senior with a two-way video call. It connects with iPad, laptops, and other devices.

Once you set it up, the seniors can use it well, as it has large font, big buttons, and more. Thus, your grandparents can call you up and have a friendly chat even with shaky hands. It is a perfect device to stay connected while checking on them daily.

Voice assistant apps

Voice assistant apps, like Amazon Echo, are another technology that is quite useful for seniors. Most households nowadays have one or two of these intelligent voice assistant devices. However, you are wrong if you think that only the young generation uses it for listening to songs or as a wake-up alarm. Even seniors can use it for multiple things. For instance, connecting the voice assistant app with smartphones, screens, or speakers makes it easier for them to place a call. They don’t have to touch their phone to call anyone, which is perfect for seniors with shaky hands or other disabilities. It also helps in times of emergency. Moreover, they can use different devices, like climate control or intelligent lights with voice assistants, like Alexa. Lastly, it helps combat loneliness as they can use it to listen to songs, podcasts, and news.

24/7 Activity tracker

Known activity tracker apps offer details about fitness, like how many miles you walk in a day. However, you can use it for other things too. Seniors can use it to track their heart rate, blood pressure, and more. It can come in handy when they need to see a doctor as they can use it for a rapid diagnosis. Moreover, as a concerned loved one, you can use this data to keep a check on your seniors by linking the device with your smartphone. Finally, it will help prevent accidents for a pretty active senior with walks and a health regime.

Facebook Portal

The Facebook Portal is incredible, allowing seniors to join a call using a voice command. Your grandparents can use it to chat with their loved ones. Also, they can use it to share photos, videos, and video calls as it has a big screen. It allows all the seniors to stay connected with their closed ones without scrolling through FB daily. Lastly, you can set it to turn off the monitor, camera, and microphone when not in use to give the seniors privacy.

Smartwatches & clocks for seniors

Intelligent clocks and watches are available for seniors, which help them connect with people and use them for other benefits. For example, desktop smartwatches are perfect for seniors with dementia, as you can set them up to remind them about medication. It also allows them to take calls without having their phone nearby.

Help seniors in your family stay connected with you and healthy by using these technologies. 

USA single ladies WhatsApp Numbers

If you’re trying to find someone’s phone number on Whatsapp, one of the first things you might do is search on Facebook. But there are other ways to find someone’s Whatsapp phone number besides Facebook. You can use the following methods to search for Whatsapp numbers so that you can start chatting with your friends and family members on this popular platform.

How to Find Whatsapp Phone Numbers in the US – The Ultimate Guide

As more people move away from traditional texting apps like SMS, so has society’s need for finding people’s Whatsapp numbers. There are a variety of ways that an individual or company can find out a person’s WhatsApp contact information, but it usually boils down to two different strategies: seeking it out on social media, or taking matters into their own hands by digging through their contact list.

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The Complete Guide to USA Single Ladies Whatsapp Phone Numbers and How to Use Them

Top 6 car diagnostic software for Windows and Mac in 2022

An OBD auto scanner is used to receive data codes and other information about the car’s general conditions. We’ve gathered 6 best automotive diagnostic software solutions that provide a simple and acceptable way to monitor your car’s health.

A smart vehicle is able to adjust its performance to reduce fuel consumption, show the best direction based on road and weather conditions, detect engine errors, and collect data to lower insurance rates. Most vehicles are equipped with on-board diagnostics or an OBD2 port that provides access to engine control unit (ECU) data. An external device must be connected to obtain the information.

An automated OBD scanner is used to retrieve data codes and other information about the general condition of the vehicle. You can buy diagnostic software that will allow you to connect a laptop computer to the vehicle’s OBD system, but knowledge of automotive repair is also usually required.

As usual the automotive application consists of two components:

The device, an equipment configuration interface that connects to the vehicle’s onboard computer and the application itself on the computer.
The car diagnostics application analyzes the records and works as a smart assistant when the car owner drives the car. It analyzes many aspects of the trip and gives the user useful tips: how to behave more carefully, how to reduce fuel consumption and how to extend the life of the car. The main purpose of apps is to give the driver more information about their car. Vehicle maintenance apps usually help keep track of vehicle maintenance and gasoline fill-ups.

With a vehicle monitoring app that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and customers, you can make sure your drivers are following best practices.

We’ve compiled 6 of the best vehicle diagnostics software solutions that provide an easy and acceptable way to monitor your car’s condition.



AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool is a great automotive diagnostic software for your Windows computer or laptop (iOS and Android). Owners of ScanTool by AutoEnginuity claim that coverage is a major feature of the app. The app supports coverage options for 48 automakers.

And there’s also the matter of the depth of that understanding. The app provides access to the ABS, airbag, advanced transmission, instrument cluster, transmission and dozens of other body and chassis controllers and consists of online data, bi-directional controls, adaptive reset and learning, system tests, and fault code search and clearance. .

AutoEnginuity has a great user-friendly interface without sacrificing ease of use, as well as the ability to pan, zoom and display multiple graphs on a single graph.

Other features include printing DTC and IM / Mode 6 data in a separate report format. These reports help customers set up needed repairs and additional repairs.

The application allows data to be displayed in a convenient manner instead of raw data. The data is logged in two formats: XML for browser use and CSV for spreadsheets with the ability to change the format and view the logs offline.

Customizable sensor data. You can change the way sensor sampling rate data, ranges, set sound trigger points, measurement units, and scaling value can be displayed. With ScanTool AutoEnginuity, you can be sure you are getting a full-featured scanning tool and professional-level coverage.


  • Windows® 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10 operating system
  • 400 MB of free drive space
  • 100 MB of memory
  • 1 USB Port


The ProScan is considered one of the most user-friendly PC-based OBD scanners available. The ProScan is often sold with hardware and software and contains all the necessary cables, hardware and software to turn any PC into an OBD2 code reader.

This software has several important benefits, and here they are:

  • Fuel Saving Tool. This automotive diagnostic tool helps you adapt your driving behavior to reduce your car’s fuel consumption. This tool could be run during the test drive when you purchase the car. Analysis will be available after a quick drive, and it will be possible to see actual fuel consumption data for the car based on each driver’s habits. This feature can help you make the right choice when buying a car and prevent big expenses.
  • Vehicle Connection Manager. The Vehicle Connection Manager is the interface you see when you start the program. To connect a PC to a vehicle, the user needs to select a vehicle profile and connect through the program. It will show the connection status and view a report if there is a failure.
  • Stop Frame Data. This tool allows you to track any data in any period, storing all previous information. It also shows any problems detected and helps you solve them.
  • Oxygen Sensor Tests. This tool allows you to display all of your vehicle’s tests for all individual oxygen sensors. If your vehicle has a problem, this tool will help you determine if your oxygen sensors are failing and determine which one.
  • Diagnostic Report Generator. ProScan allows you to generate a diagnostic report for your vehicle at the touch of a button. Check Engine Light Detector. When the vehicle’s check engine light comes on, the vehicle stores a code that recognizes the detected problem (DTC). And the tool will provide a list of these trouble codes stored with their descriptions so that the user can locate the problem.


This tool is a universal automotive diagnostic scanner and diagnostic tool that supports a wide range of OBD2 hardware interfaces. It allows you to view, chart, log, and playback diagnostic data currently from the vehicle’s OBD2 diagnostic data slot. It also allows you to see trouble codes, freeze frame data and other vehicle information. It supports all American, Asian and European vehicles built after 1996.

Key benefits:

  • Customized Information Panels,
  • Drag Strip and Dyno function,
  • Data logging,
  • Fault Codes,
  • Test results and other useful features such as full report printing support, customizable alerts and more.



Users can run car diagnostics using the Mac OS and find out the cause of the engine indicators without the manufacturer’s package. The connection is simple, and after that the user can diagnose and see the results in real-time.

The main functions of the EOBD Facile OBD software:

  • View engine trouble codes and learn their meaning
  • Clear engine check indicator
  • Keep track of special manufacturer error codes
  • Make trip records and save them to your iPhone / iPad, then retrieve them using the EOBD Facile app.
  • Create and view GPS data records


OBD2 Auto Doctor is an advanced OBD2 car diagnostic tool. It is one of the best OBD programs for the OS X platform. Auto Doctor allows the user to check and reset warning codes. Using this OBD2 diagnostic software, the user can easily interact with the vehicle’s OBD2 system and turn the OS X computer or laptop into a very smart car scanner.

The OBD2 Auto Doctor is a great tool for people who want to understand more about their cars. If someone wants to track vehicle data in the current time period or turn off the engine check indicator, this can be very important.

The main benefits of this OBD2 software are:

  • The user can see if the vehicle is ready for emission testing, and decode fault codes, freeze frame, MIL.
  • View fuel consumption and emissions
  • View real-time OBD2 indicators for breakdown detection
  • User can switch between numeric or graphical representation of all OBD2 data in British and metric units.
  • Ability to send this data via email
  • The tool helps to read VIN, calibration identification data and ECU calibration check numbers.
  • This vehicle diagnostic software supports a built-in DTC database of over 14,000 alarm codes.


Every failure (DTC) in a vehicle is stored in the engine control module (ECM). Reading this information can help professionals identify the problem and repair the vehicle. Movi™ automotive diagnostic software helps you see these fault codes, retrieve the vehicle’s freeze frame information, and clear it so you can turn off the check engine light.

The Movi tool has the following features compared to other software for laptops:

  • The user can view real-time data to help diagnose numerous engine faults.
  • Read or clear fault codes
  • Determine if emission tests have been completed after repairs to ensure their success in emission testing.
  • View and delete freeze frame data
  • User can monitor passing and average fuel consumption and fuel economy
  • Driver can see battery voltage for battery and charging system status.
  • Monitor virtual power
  • Monitor virtual torque
  • Monitor and graph 4 engine indicators simultaneously
  • Tool saves driver sessions so you can review them after
  • Audio tips

FEX.NET: Cloud Storage Review 2022

First, let’s go back a few years

For me as a regular user, file storage services have several stages of development. Some services stop developing. And some of them constantly surprise users with new functionality.

Let’s look at the main stages of evolution of such services and what the creators of FEX.NET Project have come to.

At the dawn of the Internet era, data transfer speeds were very slow and we used simple storage facilities to exchange files. These services allowed you to leave a file to download overnight and start using it in the morning. Let’s call this period of “Primitive storage”. From this time torrent trackers gained popularity.

The second stage of evolution I will distinguish from the moment when such services began to offer users full-fledged offices to manage their files. Since the subscription-based monetization model was not yet popular, the services were mostly earned through the integration of banner advertising. And some lousy services even limited the download speed. Let this stage be called “Meta Trackers”.

Then there was a leap in the speed of our Internet and most of the files became easy to share through messengers or our social networks. During this period, file-sharing services began to be actively used by all kinds of professionals to share content. Engineers, architects, artists, marketers, and photographers. It was convenient to share a temporary link with the customer and hand over the project. At this time Dropbox and other cloud solutions from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon were gaining popularity. Cloud Services offer some space for free and the rest on a monthly subscription basis.

These days, data-sharing services have moved to a new level of development. Solutions like FEX.NET are harvester with great functionality that gives you access to your files anywhere in the world from any device for a small monthly subscription. This is the period of Omni Storage Portals – comprehensive solutions that have become competitors to Google Drive or your iCloud with more favorable prices.

What do we have today?

FEX.NET is safe cloud storage. Using the cross-platform app, you can:

  • Safely store your photos, videos, audio, documents in the cloud;
  • View files online;
  • Have access to all your files using the application, your PC and even Smart TV;
  • Quickly share files and folders with friends and colleagues;
  • Have offline access to files;
  • Get the best deal among cloud storage and buy an account with a capacity from 10GB to 3TB.

Even if something happens to your PC, your files will always be safe.

Project FEX.NET has survived the history of the Internet taking over our world and has been developing its cloud file storage service since 2016.

The audience of the portal today is more than 2 million people monthly (by Similarweb).

Visit the site to try this service for yourself today!

Why is my WhatsApp message taking so long to Deliver

The following are the most common reasons why WhatsApp is taking too much time to send messages.

1. You are using a slow network connection

2. You have too many photos or videos to send

3. Your phone is old and can’t keep up with the new technology

4. The person you are sending the message to has a slow connection too

Whatsapp Taking Too Long to Send Videos? Here’s the Fix

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reason behind a slow or stuck video upload on WhatsApp is a sluggish internet connection. So, make sure you have an active internet connection and check if it’s working fast enough by opening or in your browser.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data to see if it works and vice versa. There could be a significant delay in sending videos and messages if you’re having network issues or are traveling, which often causes network fluctuations.

2. Reboot Your Phone, Force Stop WhatsApp & Clear Cache

A simple reboot usually solves most temporary glitches. However, if your WhatsApp is still having issues despite a fast internet connection, we’d suggest you force stop it once and clear the cache memory.

On Android, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp. Here, click on Force Stop. Then, click on Storage and tap on Clear Cache. If you’re on iOS, open the recent apps screen by swiping up from the bottom (on iPhone X & later) or double-tapping the home button. Then, swipe to remove WhatsApp.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. If not, update it from the Play Store or App Store.

3. Compress the Video File

Before sending any video, WhatsApp compresses it so that it takes less space. However, if WhatsApp is taking too long to send a file, there may be issues with the video itself. In that case, you can compress the video manually using third-party apps.

You can use apps like Video Compressor, Proton Video Compressor, and Video Format Factory to compress videos or change their format and resolution.

Is WhatsApp Getting Killed in the Background?

Apart from the tips given above, do check if WhatsApp is being killed in the background. IF it is, then you may experience delayed video uploads as well as incoming messages.

To fix it, you can dd WhatsApp to the memory whitelist on your phone manager app (if your phone has one built-in). Furthermore, add it to the “Do Not Optimize” list in Settings > Apps & Notification > Special Access > Battery Optimization > All Apps> WhatsApp > Do not Optimize. The steps may vary based on your phone’s make and Android version.

What is the best OBD2 Android/IOS apps for your car?

Modern cars have the capacity of a few computers, are tooled with software that contains millions of lines of programming code and produce gigabytes of data, but they are still different from connected cars.

An intelligent vehicle is able to optimize its performance to reduce fuel consumption, show the best path based on current road and weather conditions, detect engine errors, and gather information data to negotiate lower insurance rates.

Most cars and light trucks are equipped with onboard diagnostics or an OBD II port, which provides access to data from the engine control unit (ECU). An external device must be connected to obtain the information.

The OBD-II specifications provide a standardized hardware interface – a socket 16-pin (2×8) J1962 connector, so a single external device can be used for most vehicle models. It must also have an internet connection to transmit the collected data. To process all the information collected from the OBD2 device, you still need an on-board vehicle diagnostic application.

Such a tool is ideal for industries such as cab and limousine services, general transportation, and hazardous goods transport. With a vehicle monitoring app that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and customers, you can make sure your drivers are following best practices.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of 7 automotive diagnostic apps to keep your car performing, which we believe to be the market leader at the moment.



Torque Pro, one of the most popular OBD2 apps for Android readers in the Play Store, shows a wide list of supported functions and detectors, as well as numerous widgets and plug-ins that use it as a base, providing great functionality: real-time monitoring of vehicle activity, OBD code error collection, vehicle performance, sensor information, etc.

Torque is a vehicle diagnostic/performance tool that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter connected to an OBD2 engine/ECU. You can make a customizable control panel with widgets in the app.

The app uses GPS to allow the OBD engine log tracker to see your vehicle’s activities and conditions over any period of time. It also shows and resets DTC / CEL / trouble code like a scanner. Torque will help you repair your vehicle and reduce repair costs.

Dynamometer and power / l.
Transmission temperature monitoring
Speed measurement more accurate than GPS CO2 indicators
User control panel
User profiles
Tweets automatically flagged by GPS
Large database of fault codes and fault code history
Different color themes
Ability to send logs directly to web or email for analysis
HUD mode for nighttime driving
Real time GPS speedometer and compass
Turbo Boost for MAP and MAF enabled vehicles
Voice alerts
Car dock service
Sending screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc. Д.
Easy developer interface AIDL API for third party apps
Compatible with tablet devices and cars using OBDII Bluetooth adapters (almost all cars made after 2000)

  • High battery consumption
  • Incompatible with some vehicles

Every software development team should pay attention to the impact their products have on the environment. From our point of view the battery consumption is a very important obstacle for using this application.

When creating specialized automotive diagnostic software for our customers, always make sure that they do not harm the environment. We advise you to read our 5 things you need to know before you develop an automotive application.


You should try this one of the most underrated OBD apps in the Play Store, especially if you own a hybrid car.

HobDrive is a smart on-board computer and OBD2 diagnostic software. HobDrive uses your ELM327 adapter and GPS sensors to measure trip information. The ELM327 (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) is recommended, but can only use GPS.

The HobDrive version has the following features compared to the demo:

Continuous error tracking MPG tracking hour, day, time periods of the week
Graphical gauges
KWP protocol diagnostics
Refueling and maintenance records
Vehicle sensor indices
Engine diagnostics
Computer trip records
Performance tools
Route planning
MPG calculation
Flexible visual layouts
Unstable performance
Poor clarity (blurring) on higher resolution devices
Problems with bluetooth connection


A basic and functional application, the OBD Car Doctor, reads the data sent from your OBD adapter and reports in real time all engine and vehicle parameters: speed, angle, temperature, pressure and some other sensor data supported by your car. Allows you to draw graphs with real-time data. Car Doctor checks engine light control: reads and clears stored error codes and related data.


  • Real-time vehicle indicators: speed, angle, temperature, pressure and other gauges
  • Drawing charts with real-time data
  • Check engine light control: error codes and related freeze frame data
  • Real-time parameter records
  • Allows reading and displaying of several parameters
  • Record parameters in the background
  • View and send recorded settings
  • GPS supported
  • Fuel economy settings
  • Allows storage and exchange of DTC data
  • fuel consumption over periods of time


  • Unstable connection with cheap adapters
  • Additional step by step manipulation is needed to fix the errors
  • Bluetooth connection problems

We advise other software companies to improve stability in each version released, as we do. We think this is the key to success.


Cost: $9.99 / 1-month subscription

Carista OBD2 allows you to personalize your car by improving its electronic parameters. It also allows you to check your car for errors and remove any existing code and test emission errors. One must have an OBD II adapter that plugs into the car’s OBD2 port. Once you allow the Carista app to collect data from your car using the OBD II adapter, it will tell you if the car is bumped. If you don’t have an OBD adapter, you can enter the data yourself.


Monitor vehicle vitality and report malfunctions
Compatible with all OBD2-compliant makes and models (almost all cars manufactured after 2000)
Access to advanced manufacturer specific diagnostics such as ABS, airbag, navigation, etc. Д.
Ability to reset indicators for supported models
Advanced vehicle behavior customization: the app can set the headlights to turn on automatically when you start the engine or lock the doors when you move off, or change the type of sound made by the rear parking sensors.
Overheat warning to monitor engine temperature
Runs in the background and notifies you with a beep when the engine temperature rises to a dangerous level.


Connection error when saving changes to settings
Connection problems with some adapters



OBD II Auto Doctor is the leading OBD II diagnostic app for cars. It is considered to be the best app for iOS car diagnostics. The Auto Doctor app allows you to check and reset disease codes. Using this OBD II diagnostic app, you can easily interact with your car’s OBD II system and turn your cell phone into a very gifted car scanner.

The OBD II Auto Doctor is a great app for those who want to learn more about their car. If you want to monitor your car’s data in real time or disable the engine check indicator, this is a must-have tool.

You can see emission readiness and advanced diagnostic fault codes, freeze frame, MIL
You can view fuel consumption to save money
Timely viewing of OBD II indicators to detect anomalies
You can change the numeric or graphical representation of OBD II sensor data.
Supports engine, transmission data, etc. Д.
You can send diagnostic data via email
Allows you to read VIN, calibration identification and calibration
ECU reference numbers
Auto Doctor supports a built-in DTC database with over 14000 alarm codes.
You can choose between British and metric units.

Problems with ELM327 v2.1 marked adapters connection
Problems with fuel accuracy in diesel vehicles
These apps are designed to get more out of your driver’s cars, but some software issues and bugs may prompt your users to switch to other apps. You can read here why users might not like your app.


You don’t need to call the manufacturer to run a vehicle diagnostic or find out why the check engine light is on – it’s now available on your iPhone / iPad. Connect your OBD II device to your vehicle’s port and launch the app: it will allow you to diagnose your vehicle, turn off the lights and view your vehicle’s data in real time.


View engine trouble codes and learn their meaning
Clear the engine check indicator light
Keep track of special manufacturer error codes
Make trip records and save them to your iPhone / iPad, then restore them using the EOBD Facile app.
Create and view GPS data records.


  • Incompatible with some vehicles
  • Free version is completely non-functional
  • Occasional connection problems

This large number of bugs can occur when the development company skips or minimizes the testing and bug fixing phase. We advise choosing to outsource software development when you feel you don’t have enough staff to do the best testing and avoid problems. Learn about the benefits of outsourcing software development here.

ScanTool – Professional IOS Diagnostics

What sets the iOS mobile version apart from a proprietary hand-held or tablet–you get to use your device. Let’s face it, the handheld or tablets provided with other scan tools are always older technology and have limited application. 


Coverage includes:

  • Trouble code reading and clearing – (FFD, Fault Frequency, Odometer, etc.)
  • Report Generation – Pre- and Post-Scan health checks. Reports can be outputted in XML, PDF, JSON
  • Live data- Grid / Graph / Meter displays
  • Bi-directions / Actuations
  • System Functions / Special Functions


  • iOS 12 or later
  • 500 MB Free storage


The EngineLink app can help your iOS device become an OBD II vehicle diagnostic tool with a WiFi / Bluetooth adapter.


  • Emissions Checking
  • Real-time monitoring of your vehicle’s condition
  • Read and clear OBD II fault codes
  • Real-time vehicle performance and sensor reading
  • User data collection
  • Interaction with DTC / CEL / fault code stored or real time
  • MPG widget to monitor fuel consumption and efficiency
  • HUD mode for night driving
  • Transmission temperature display
  • Speed, rpm, load and coolant, fuel tank
  • Customizable information panels
  • Fully customizable graphical interface with different types of gauges
  • Various libraries via ECU support application
  • Ability to change back color
  • Authorization via email


  • Only ELM-compatible Wi-Fi or low-power Bluetooth adapters can be used for normal operation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Language support issues

This data visualization software can help turn your car into a connected car. When you outsource software development, you can be sure that you will get an application that has all the features you need and all the bugs fixed before the application goes live.

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