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The modern world has one weakness: a weak cellular signal, and one strength: a signal amplifier


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The world has become global. Digital technologies allow people to be accessible for work or entertainment through mobile communications, regardless of their location. Modern people’s lifestyle suggests that one day a person can travel thousands of kilometers. But since modern means of communication are not equally developed around the world, in remote regions because of a weak mobile signal, people can easily find themselves out of civilization. Have you also experienced the issue of a poor mobile or internet connection? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of a weak cell phone connection through which the internet connection is made. Our partner from offers a bt internet signal booster. This device amplifies a weak electromagnetic signal of a given frequency. If you find yourself between two cellular base stations, the distance from you to which exceeds 15 km, your phone is likely to lose the connection signal. But armed with a signal booster, you won’t even notice it.

Causes of Poor Cellular Communication

There are two possible reasons for a poor mobile or internet connection – 1) technical or 2) natural. In the first case, the issue can be resolved by properly configuring the mobile device, while in the second case, by increasing the received power of the device may help. The natural origin of issues with cellular communications includes the following circumstances.

Structural features of buildings  

This is the most common issue – the concrete material used in buildings and the large areas of reinforced glass. It is from this material that most urban high-rise buildings are built, namely offices, residential, and industrial premises. Cellular signal strength is reduced by 50% in such buildings. If the building structures are complex, the walls form a double, triple or more barrier, then the signal disappears completely. 

Coverage levels of 4G type of cellular communication in rural areas in the UK is about 80%.

The reason for the complete absence of a signal can also be the angle at which the load-bearing walls of the building are directed toward the cellular base stations. If the angle of the building walls is less than 45°, then the signal from the surface of such walls is reflected and does not penetrate the building.

Distance from the receiving device to the base station

If the distance from the mobile phone or portable Wi-Fi module to the base station of the cellular service provider exceeds 15 km, the signal will be reduced by 20%. The signal strength decreases by another 20% with each successive kilometer. You won’t have cellular coverage if you find yourself between two base stations that are 40 km apart.

Natural causes of a weak signal:

  1. Structural features of buildings.
  2. The distance between cellular base stations to devices receiving a signal. 
  3. Complex landscape – forest, mountains, underground.  
  4. Cloudy weather and high humidity.

If the terrain is difficult to transmit signals through due to mountains, it can be a common reason for a weak internet or mobile connection. The distance between cell towers in cities and mountainous areas is about 5 km, and on flat land between cities it is about 15 km. But in remote areas far from major roads and megacities, the distance between the towers can exceed 20 kilometers. Although stronger transmission signals are installed in these areas, the quality of the signal is still inferior to what it could be due to congestion and the fact that the software and hardware of these stations are often not updated enough.

The nature of the technical problem

You bought a new smartphone, but after leaving the city, you found you were unable to make any calls – what could have caused this? In order to avoid returning the device under warranty to the store, please open the settings for this and change the type of data transfer. The fact is that modern devices are configured by default to receive and transmit a signal in a modern 4G (LTE) format, while in areas remote from cities, mobile communication towers still operate in 2 or 3G format.

Full fiber broadband is available in 8.2 million (28%) homes of the UK.

If you frequently travel to areas without access to Wi-Fi, you may want to consider setting your device to automatically select the cellular connection. The downside of this solution is that your device’s battery will drain faster.

How to stay in touch far from civilization?

No matter the cause of poor cellular coverage, there is no perfect solution, and it is not yet too expensive. Before you find the right solution, you need to properly prioritize. Answering the following questions will help you do this:

  1. Do you need to stay connected at home (in the office) or while traveling long distances?
  2. Do you need to stay on voice, or do you need stable internet access?
  3. Are you seeking an answer for personal or corporate use?

Using the example of devices that amplify the cellular signal from our partners, your answer will affect the power of the amplifier and, accordingly, its cost. The more powerful the amplifier, the more expensive it is. Another important dependence is the complexity of the installation and maintenance of this amplifier. The challenge is related to the number of repeaters in one installation. For example, one repeater is installed on each floor, which are linked by high-wire cables. All the difficulties of the last paragraph are handled by the service provider, but cost. 

The conclusion is as one

5G is available from at least one provider in 42-57% of UK premises.

If you lead a lifestyle that includes business, leisure, and travel between these two points, you may often be far from mobile base stations. Or if your office or home is located at an acute angle to your service provider’s base station. And, finally, if you live in foggy Albion (the adjective word “foggy” is not a figure of speech, but it’s a real hurdle) and experience frequent communication issues due to any of the above reasons, we offer a solution to the problem – a mobile or stationary signal amplifier. The security questions will help you prioritize, which will help you choose the type of device and therefore the cost.

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