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Connect with Elderly People: 5 Wonderful Technologies and Konnekt Videophone


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How often do you video call your loved ones who live in another city or country and chat with them? Often, right? With technology, the distances are less as you can virtually be part of every celebration and not feel isolated. But how often do you connect with older seniors? Not so often, especially if they live alone, seniors often have trouble accessing technology. It is one of the primary reasons why seniors often feel lonely and their health worsens. In addition, social isolation can affect their mental health, which leads to other health complications.

Virtual connections are needed because it becomes challenging to regularly keep up with social engagements for seniors. Thus, it is imperative to ensure they connect with their loved ones virtually or on call through technology. Fortunately, this is possible now with new advanced technology that makes connecting with seniors easy, as they can use these technologies without much trouble.

There are many ways to connect with elderly people, and technology can break this barrier.

Hearing Impaired phones

As your grandparents or even parents age, they experience hearing loss. It becomes challenging for them to listen to a conversation in which they are physically present. Thus, video or regular calls are even more challenging for them. It can make them socially isolated. But not anymore. With a hearing-impaired phone, like Konnekt Videophone, you can check in on your grandparents even if they are losing their hearing power or have dementia. This hearing-impaired phone allows you to check on every senior with a two-way video call. It connects with iPad, laptops, and other devices.

Once you set it up, the seniors can use it well, as it has large font, big buttons, and more. Thus, your grandparents can call you up and have a friendly chat even with shaky hands. It is a perfect device to stay connected while checking on them daily.

Voice assistant apps

Voice assistant apps, like Amazon Echo, are another technology that is quite useful for seniors. Most households nowadays have one or two of these intelligent voice assistant devices. However, you are wrong if you think that only the young generation uses it for listening to songs or as a wake-up alarm. Even seniors can use it for multiple things. For instance, connecting the voice assistant app with smartphones, screens, or speakers makes it easier for them to place a call. They don’t have to touch their phone to call anyone, which is perfect for seniors with shaky hands or other disabilities. It also helps in times of emergency. Moreover, they can use different devices, like climate control or intelligent lights with voice assistants, like Alexa. Lastly, it helps combat loneliness as they can use it to listen to songs, podcasts, and news.

24/7 Activity tracker

Known activity tracker apps offer details about fitness, like how many miles you walk in a day. However, you can use it for other things too. Seniors can use it to track their heart rate, blood pressure, and more. It can come in handy when they need to see a doctor as they can use it for a rapid diagnosis. Moreover, as a concerned loved one, you can use this data to keep a check on your seniors by linking the device with your smartphone. Finally, it will help prevent accidents for a pretty active senior with walks and a health regime.

Facebook Portal

The Facebook Portal is incredible, allowing seniors to join a call using a voice command. Your grandparents can use it to chat with their loved ones. Also, they can use it to share photos, videos, and video calls as it has a big screen. It allows all the seniors to stay connected with their closed ones without scrolling through FB daily. Lastly, you can set it to turn off the monitor, camera, and microphone when not in use to give the seniors privacy.

Smartwatches & clocks for seniors

Intelligent clocks and watches are available for seniors, which help them connect with people and use them for other benefits. For example, desktop smartwatches are perfect for seniors with dementia, as you can set them up to remind them about medication. It also allows them to take calls without having their phone nearby.

Help seniors in your family stay connected with you and healthy by using these technologies. 

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