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4 Working Tips to Focus More on Core Business


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As an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, you often get lost in the sea of other tasks, and your core business takes a backseat. This is where your business starts seeing a downfall. But if you don’t want that, here are some working tips to help you focus on your core business.

1. Invest in new strategies

Investing in new strategies is called optimization. Optimization is required if you want to conquer a new market or are interested in transforming the whole business strategy. This is also important to stay ahead of your competitors.

Start by experimenting with unique models all across support functions, supply chains, and front office operations. Then focus on improving the relationship with external organizations and collaborate with them to make your strategy more effective and gain secret market insights. Finally, outsource the HR, IT, and Finance services to reduce costs.

Also, invest in research to find innovative ways to level up your primary product offerings.

2. Find out why your customers prefer your product

As an entrepreneur, you need to know everything about your ideal customer. The data can also be used to create effective marketing strategies.

There are many ways to collect this data, including…

A. Engage with your customer through messenger or chatbot to know what questions your customers are asking. You can also use the drift tool to talk with your customers while browsing your site.

Talk to the customer service agents to find out about patterns. Reach out to your customers daily to learn about their lifestyle, problems, the reason behind liking your product, etc. Don’t forget to ask them what you can do to improve your product or service.

B. Use the Acquisition tab on google analytics to find out which social media platform, blog, or professional forum brings the biggest number of traffic. Then, after pointing it out, study it further to gain more information on the buyer’s persona.

Also, check which keywords drive people to your site. Use the google webmaster tool to create this list. Then, put these keywords into website copy, content marketing, and online advertisement.

C. Use Google Analytics to gather information on your customers’ time on your site and the bounce rate. This behavioral data can greatly help you in improving your website experience. For example, if customers spend more time on one page, try to figure out why and level up your other pages depending on it.

D. Consider using Rapidminer to identify cyclical patterns and trends in customer decision-making. It will assist you in creating realistic future models. You can also look for the current market trend and analyze what you can take from it to benefit your business.

E. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to easily understand their reasons behind purchasing your product or service.

3. Apply adjacent growth strategy

An effective growth strategy helps you use existing assets and capabilities to extend the boundaries of your business.

The easiest way to apply an adjacent growth strategy is to upgrade your product or service. Add some new features and optimize your marketing plan accordingly.

Other than that, you can also build new sales strategies to expand your customer base or even plan for campaigns that can do some brand-building.

4. Outsource freight management services

Logistics is often one of the most important elements, especially for product-based businesses, and if you plan to keep it in-house, it is bound to interrupt your core business. So, instead, outsource it to a trustworthy delivery solution nearby, like Ontime Group.

Other than the shared load, they are also extremely cost-effective. Further, you don’t need to face the logistical challenges as the outsourcing company takes care of it on your behalf. As a result, the liability on your shoulder reduces.

Remember, logistics is extremely tough to handle. So, you don’t want to hire a company that will not live up to its promises and eventually damage your brand value.

Over to you…

Now you know all the tips, start applying them one by one. In the process, build formulas that you can repeat numerous times and gain profits.

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