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Why IBM pushing fully encryption


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As enterprises shift more workloads to cloud computing, security and data are almost synonymous. Next-generation security is required to unlock new uses of that data, including richer AI and machine-learning.

Companies have been creating confidential computing to ensure that data is encrypted as it is processed. After a long gestation period, fully homomorphic encryption, which is a security method that encrypts data while it is being processed, is finally coming out of the labs.

Homomorphic encryption is preferred by researchers because it allows data to be tracked across multiple systems. Confidential computing, on the other hand, is more dependent upon powerful hardware that may be limited in certain respects.

Microsoft and Intel are strong supporters of homomorphic encryption.

VentureBeat reports about a “next generation security” method that allows data to be encrypted even as it is being processed.

“A security technique known as fully homomorphic encrypted is on the verge to make its way from the labs into the hands early adopters. It took a long gestation period. Homomorphic encryption has been a big advocated by companies like Intel and Microsoft. IBM made a splash last December when it launched its first heteromorphic encryption services. This package provided support and educational materials, as well as prototyping environments to allow companies to try out new technologies. Eric Maass, IBM’s director of strategy and emerging technologies, spoke out about why the company is so excited about “fully homomorphic encryption (FHE ).

Maass stated that IBM has been working on FHE more than a decade and is now at an apex. The next challenge is widespread adoption. FHE is currently only available in a few organisations. IBM Research released open-source toolkits to accelerate this development. IBM Security launched its first commercial FHE services in December…

Maass stated that FHE is attractive to highly-regulated industries such as health care and financial services in the short term. He said that while they have the ability to unlock the value of data, they also face severe pressures to protect and preserve the privacy information that they are computing on.

According to Wikipedia, homomorphic encryption is “an extension or symmetric-key and public-key cryptography.”

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