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The Dos and Don’ts of Asking for Likes on YouTube


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YouTube, a well-known social media platform created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, explicitly known for the videos, has a good role in this digitalized era. From simple videos to YouTube shorts to monetization, it is developing and providing the audience with a reason to use it. The videos are available almost in every field, whether education, business, promotional videos for brands, entertainment, or others.

With monetization’s advancement, people earn significantly just by creating videos and uploading them according to YouTube’s algorithms. One of these algorithms includes engagement for recommending videos with high visibility to the audience. The engagement can be done in several ways, such as an increase in likes, dislikes, views, or comments. This article will elaborate more about the likes and how to get them.

Before knowing what one should do and what not, let us first understand the reason for asking for likes on YouTube videos:

Why do YouTubers ask for likes?

People misunderstand that YouTubers ask for likes just to get paid based on their videos. Clicking the like button doesn’t make them earn money directly. They do not get paid according to the number of likes on their videos.

Clicking the “like” button does help them by showing their videos in search results, which will further make more views and ad visibility, providing revenue for that YouTuber. Another reason to ask for likes besides leading in the search results is to go ahead with the recommended videos on the side of your video and your YouTube homepage. Those videos are all based on engagement. If a video has lots of likes, dislikes, views, or comments, it will go to the feed of random people and appear on people’s home pages; that’s why all the YouTubers are hoping to get likes on videos.     

After knowing why they ask for likes, let us understand the dos and don’ts of asking for likes on YouTube.

Dos and Don’ts of Asking for Likes on YouTube

You must have noticed that the creators generally ask you to like their videos and subscribe to their channels. This practice is common in almost all the videos on YouTube. Whether we talk about YouTube shorts or long videos, people ask in the middle or at the end of their videos to give a thumbs up to their content. It sometimes becomes annoying to both the creator and the viewer. 

Today, with the help of this article, let us understand how to ask for likes on YouTube videos without annoying the audience.


  • Ask at the end of your video:

The most important thing to consider while asking for likes on YouTube is asking for a genuine review. One can analyze only when they have watched the video till the end. So always ask at the end of the video so that the audience gets the reason to push that button.

  • Be polite

The audience has the choice to give a review. You cannot force them digitally to press the like button. If you want them to be a part of increasing engagement of your video, then the only means is using polite language that attracts them and indirectly makes them push to provide likes on your videos.

Additionally, to increase engagement, you can take the help of They provide a real audience by delivering likes, views, and comments, positively impacting YouTube algorithms. Get YouTube likes from them in a blink of an eye after choosing the right package. Pay for it, and you are good to go!

  • Offer incentives

Offering rewards or gifts in exchange for subscribers or likes started during COVID-19. It had an impressive effect in increasing engagement, and you can also use the same practice now. You can start giveaways in a way that offers to the lucky users, the first 5 people commenting on the video, the first 10 likes, or any other offers. Motivating people can work for you and provide genuine likes and comments to your video.

  • Explain its importance

As I already discussed, we do not know the value of likes on a particular video. If you explain to them while asking for a liking for what purpose we need, they can understand and provide you with a thousand likes. You can fulfil your aim to get more and more likes after being acknowledged. So start telling them pressing the like button, which does not take more than two to three seconds, can provide you engagement. It also provides motivation and power to you to make more interesting videos.

  • Ask for feedback

You can take an indirect action without asking them to like the videos. You can ask them for feedback on the video and what scene you like the most. Additionally, you can also ask a question at the end, which will increase comments, and the person ready to comment will probably press a like button too.

  • Encourage sharing

Sharing videos with your friends and family is also a good idea to increase likes on YouTube videos. People generally share with those people who they know will enjoy watching the video and probably the chances of having more likes. And in the matters of family and friends, they take it seriously too. You can only take the help of your friends and family to provide likes and engagement to your video. So add some content about sharing at the end of your video to increase likes on the videos of your channel.

  • Sharing your video on other platforms

If you are active on different social media platforms, then sharing the content on other platforms published on YouTube can be a good way. As it is unimportant, the person subscribing to you on YouTube is also a part of Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media family. You can transfer your audience, which was not a part of the YouTube family, and ask them to provide likes. It will indirectly increase your subscribers and views also.

  • Adding animations

It is another method for asking for likes on YouTube videos. People love watching animated videos made with cartoons of some human characters. You can take advantage by showing the animations of clicking on the like button and some beautiful things happening after that. It can give them a direct version of what you want and perform indirectly. This can be a unique and creative idea.


  • Obsess over likes

You must always keep in mind that you must not get stuck significantly on likes. Thinking of having just likes, whether there are fewer views, can negatively impact your channel. Likes are to provide engagement, which you can do in other ways, like increasing views or comments, so promoting some practices that can increase the number of comments can also be done.

  • Ask too often

You must not always ask in all your videos to press the like button. It sometimes seems annoying to the audience and can cause them to lose interest in your videos. Moreover, repeatedly asking in the same video, i.e., starting, middle, and end, to just tap the like button is wrong. It is genuinely affecting your channel negatively. Just for likes, you can lose your audience too. 

  • Buy likes

One common thing is buying the likes. To increase engagement, people have made a business of providing likes in exchange for money. And people also believe them. Generally, fake reviews and likes can negatively affect your channel algorithm. So don’t prefer having instant results. Work with some patience and grow your subscribers and increase likes organically. It can lead to a perfect height as a creator in the future, but if you take the aid of FBPostLikes, it can be a complete game changer for likes on YouTube videos.

Back to you

If you are a YouTuber or a creator, you must never forget the above points. As you know, YouTube is software based upon some algorithms inserted by humans only. And the person who has made YouTube has also mentioned how YouTube works. You can do the encoding part of those points only by having practical exposure to publishing the content. We have made it easy for you. All the hit and trial methods are here, and from that above information is made.

The manner of asking for likes on YouTube videos is a small part of learning YouTube algorithms. And all the maximum possible interpretations are listed above. So if you are making high-quality and unique content and still suffering with the number of likes that should come, you must read this article once. It is self-evident that you’ll learn something new from this. If you like this content, comment below your favorite part of the article.

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