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Rick and Morty Characters as Developers: What Languages Would They Use


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In the multiverse of Rick and Morty, the characters encounter countless technologies, dimensions, and cosmic conundrums. But have you ever wondered what programming languages they would use if they were developers in our world?

Let’s embark on an interdimensional exploration to find out!

  1. Rick Sanchez:
    • Languages: All of them, but likely prefers Python for its simplicity and C++ for its power.
    • ????‍???? CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or Lead Developer
    • Reason: Rick is a genius scientist and inventor, so he would likely know multiple programming languages. He might prefer Python for quick and dirty scripting and automation, and C++ for building more complex and performance-critical applications. He might also be familiar with obscure or experimental languages given his penchant for exploring the unknown.
  2. Morty Smith:
    • Languages: Scratch or Python.
    • ????‍???? Junior Developer or Intern
    • Reason: Morty, being a high school student and not particularly academically inclined, might have basic knowledge of Scratch from a school project, or Python as an introductory programming language. He would likely not be as proficient as Rick, but could have a basic understanding for personal use or simple tasks.
  3. Summer Smith:
    • Languages: HTML/CSS, JavaScript.
    • ????‍???? Social Media Manager or UI/UX Designer
    • Reason: Summer might have a basic understanding of web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from personal interest in creating websites or web applications, or from school projects.
  4. Jerry Smith:
    • Languages: None or very basic HTML.
    • ????‍???? Customer Support Representative
    • Reason: Jerry, not being very tech-savvy, might not know any programming languages, or at most, have a very rudimentary understanding of HTML from trying to create a personal website or online resume.
  5. Beth Smith:
    • Languages: None.
    • Reason: Beth’s focus on her career as a horse surgeon leaves little room for technological pursuits. Her absence of programming knowledge underscores her dedication to her medical practice and her disinterest in the digital realm.

In the whirlwind adventures of Rick and Morty, the characters’ potential programming languages reflect their personalities, skills, and interests. From Rick’s masterful command of all languages to Jerry’s humble HTML attempts, each character brings a unique flavor to the coding multiverse. As they navigate the realms of technology, their programming choices offer a humorous and hypothetical glimpse into their digital alter-egos in our world.

So, next time you watch Rick and Morty, imagine them coding away in between their intergalactic escapades, each in their own distinctive style!

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