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Mobile App Development Trends



Now, everyone uses a smartphone to browse the internet, checking emails, surfing social media platforms, managing events, listening music, playing games, watching videos, taking photos, reading news, writing messages and of course making phone calls. Today all activities can be performed using one single device, but these things were not even in our mind if we think back some 10 years ago.  As a result, smartphones have clearly changed the way we live and perform our daily routine.

Recent research shows more than 3 billion people around the globe own a smartphone. Now we are all connected to our phones in a different way and this usage helps drive innovation, new ideas, and thrilling app development trends.

Here are the most important Mobile App Development trends shared by Moshe Strugano to keep an eye on in 2018:

Apps based on Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has created a great buzz in recent years. Cloud apps are considered as a combination of usual Web applications and desktop applications. Cloud apps offer offline mode, rich user experience and immediate replies to user actions. In addition, cloud apps don’t require installation on a computer, every data is stored in the cloud.  It’s all regarding dipping the blow on an internal memory of mobile devices. For e.g. Dropbox or Google Cloud.

Apps based on Artificial intelligence (AI):

AI is a prevailing personalization tool that provides business users some extremely delectable insights through user’s information, browsing, and buying habits. AI access superior analytics, cognitive boundaries to multifaceted systems and machine learning tech. Consider Quick Response (QR) codes as its example, which includes location, prices, and online links to content, and videos users normally browse. Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound are some of the best examples of powerful AI tools in the mobile app room.

Wearable apps:

Wearables are contemporary and speedily developing class of devices bringing high mobility, live access to data, and content-awareness to the users. A large number of devices such as from wristbands to chest sensors are developing and giving free access to the wearer for surfing in many different ways. Wearable apps mostly focus on sports and fitness to count your calories, assess your sleep quality and evaluating other fitness constraints.


The Blockchain is the technology that follows cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is an imperishable digital ledger of financial transactions that can be programmed for recording financial transactions and virtually keep everything according to its value. Blockchain apps are useful in everyday life and business.


We have always prepared for the next big thing in the industry. Tech moves at huge speed and creates innovation and excitement among users. Every new application can resolve big problems and change daily lives on a big scale.

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