Landingfolio Tool Review

Landingfolio Tool Review

The original Landingfolio was built on a WordPress template. Everything was basically a spaghetti program. The website would crash every time I tried to add a new feature. It was now at twilight. Is Landingfolio on the horizon?

The site has received over 800.000 pageviews in the past 12 months. This is insane considering that this was a side project from 2015. These numbers and so many words about the project from others convinced me to double down.

Go all in

September 2019, I decided that Landingfolio needed to be taken to the next level. No more breaking WordPress. It’s no longer about inspiration. It’s time to create something more. I learned how to program for four days per week, weekends included.

Nuxt was the tool I used to create Landingfolio. Vue.js framework. Vue.js is a framework.

The website you are viewing is the latest version of Landingfolio. It was completed six months ago and took over 500 hours to create. I had to add a lot of features to the “later section.” Many indie hackers fear launching their products. This was something I didn’t intend to allow, so I determined what the minimum viable product for Landingfolio.

So, what’s new?

The Landingfolio used to be a common design gallery. Although my favorite designs were included, that was it. The New Landingfolio was my vision. Only curated designs would be allowed on the platform. There are no fancy examples like Dribbble. Instead, real examples.

A platform can have many features. Below, I’ll list all new features, beginning with the most obvious.


You can still find all the old landing pages. However, I have added eight new categories of inspiration.

Login, Pricing, Signup and About. Logos, 404, and Logos. You can use this information to find inspiration for your next design project.

Landingfolio currently has over 4000 designs. It can be difficult to find the right one, so I added some cool new features!

Filter-based colors

You can see the colors at the bottom of each inspiration. These links are clickable. They will only show you landing pages with the exact same color as the one that you clicked. You can also use color filters located in the menu under the header.

Mobile and desktop designs are shown

These days responsive designs are essential. All designs on Landingfolio are now compatible with both mobile and desktop designs. To switch between designs, simply click on the toggle button in the filter menu.


Do you still use Google Docs to gather URLs for designs you like? You can now stop using Google Docs to collect URLs of designs you like. With the introduction collection, you can create and store your favorite inspirations in the correct collection.

There are endless possibilities for creating collections. The best part?

You can share your collections with friends and clients.

It is difficult to share examples with clients, as designers know. I have been sharing links to Google Docs. This doesn’t look professional.

Look in the upper right corner for the share button. You can now share your collection. The link will take you to a personal collection page that includes all of the designs. Send the link to your clients, and they will choose which design they want for their redesign.

The new Landingfolio Pro plan allows you to share collections. This plan will allow me to create even more features and concentrate full-time on Landingfolio.


You are faced with the dilemma of creating a footer on your website. You would normally have to open each new website, scroll down to the bottom, and then look at their footer, which can sometimes be mediocre.

These days are long with Components. Landingfolio now has a new addition! Over 1500+ components have been collected from various websites. The menu at the top will help you find the right components. There are currently over 20 categories. More will be added. The best thing? The best part? You can filter them by colors.

All examples of component parts can be saved to your custom collection.

Templates and Resources

Also, the template and resource sections of the website have been given some attention. Each item now displays the technology and tool for which it was built. This allows you to quickly filter your tech-stack and find the right template or resource for your needs.

Next steps

The New Landingfolio was released and I had to add many features. There are many functions that I would like to add. These are my favorites and they will all be available on the site very soon.

  1. Conversion Optimized Landing Page templates.
  2. Landing page Teardowns. Get inspired by the best examples of what to do.
  3. Designer Profile. Create your portfolio and get new clients with Landingfolio.
  4. Drag and drop the Inspiration Builder. You can create your own example landing pages using the best elements from different websites. This can be used as a base for your own custom design.

Are you a Landingfolio expert? You can send it to the bottom of the page and you might be able use it soon!

The all-new Landingfolio is now available

I hope you enjoy the new redesign as much as I do. Remember, the website has been run for free for 5 years. Landingfolio Pro is a subscription that allows you to support me in building this amazing platform, and all the cool new features.