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Seven Emirati Museum Designs that Will Blow your mind


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The world already knows that Dubai is home to some of the most amazing luxury properties in the universe (well as far as the human mind could probe). What is not so mainstream however is that the city also has a high collection of museums where you can walk through the halls of the past, and see how it culminated into the future.

Read on to see seven of the top-rated museums and check out the apartments in completed Residential complexes in Dubai around them. 

Museums in Dubai on google maps

Top Rated Museums in Dubai

Here are the top most-rated museums of Dubai according to popular opinion.

NameDescriptionCost of ticket
Museum of the FutureThis is like a museum of ideas, innovations and inventions that is yet to materialize. It contains futuristic technological devices and the likes.$41.60 per adult
Museum of IllusionsThe Museum of Illusions is built with walls and patterns that trick the mind. It attracts illusion lovers from across the UAE. It serves as an amazing game house.From 80 AED up to 225 AED
Al Shindagha MuseumThe Al Shindagha Museum sits on the first-ever settlements of Arabs in Dubai. It is a waterfront museum containing artifacts and built in a resort manner that reflects all of the resorts and rooms of older times.Starts at 15 AED and up to 50 AED for adults.
Antique Museum DubaiThe antique museum functions more like an antique storehouse where people can shop for some of the most amazing antiques of all time in the country. It is nested in Dubai and features vintage materials from curtains to mats, mugs and jugs, and even designer items.There are no entrance fees, but you should come with some money as you will definitely find something to buy.
Coins MuseumWho could have thought that coins would make a subject of an independent museum? The Dubai Coins Museum is a building constructed using thatch, coral, and plaster designs to depict older times and for the storage and preservation of historical coins. The museum was officially opened in 2004.Free to visit
Dubai Pearl MuseumSince the 1970s, pearls have been collected and stored in the edifice now known as the Dubai Pearl Museum. The museum was built in memory of Sultan Ali Al-Owais, who was at the time, the chairman of the National Bank of Dubai. He sought to share his pearls with the world so that there could be more appreciation of the objects which have been gifts of the Arabian seas for centuries. It features pearls discovered by ancient divers as far back as the 17th century in
Falcon MuseumFalcons are very significant animals in the history of the United Arab Emirates. It stands for pride, honor, and unity among Arabians. It is such an integral part of the fabric of the Emirati culture that the Falconry is the most largely celebrated, and cultural sport in Dubai. The Falcon Museum was built in as a part of the Falcon Heritage and Sports Centre and tells the story of Falcons, their natural habitats, types and facts, etc. free
Coffee museum The coffee museum tells the historical walk of coffee in Arab communities from the discovery of coffee seed by a Goat herder to its further consumption and widespread use. The coffee museum shows a close-knit relationship between Emiratis and coffee. This is known as the legend of Kaldi. You will find art and artistry about the coffee history on the walls, ranging from paintings and inscriptions, and also including various types of coffee seeds. There are also coffee cups and brewing pots used in the time past, to show the metamorphosis from ancient to recent times. No gate fee; fees and rates are applicable to meals taken. 

To sum up

You can visit either of these museums, but pay attention to the cost and entrance fee. Even for those that are free above, if you follow a bus/group tour, you may have to pay for the tour. These museums are the subtle gems of Dubai that is hardly televised, but culturally rich and relevant.  

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