Do you believe Vue.JS will surpass React.JS in 2019?

Nope I don’t.

I’ve worked with both Vue and React. Vue is my favorite so far. But, talking about surpassing react and within 2018! That’s not possible practically.


Cause even if react does something pretty bad, it’ll still take time to fade away and that’s not as quick as end of 2018. A lot of big names are using react in production. It’ll be hard to beat.

On another side, vue needs to do something amazing to steal everyone’s attention and make them switch from react/angular.

But, even if it becomes the best front end framework, it still needs a big name as backer so that people can trust and make decision. For example – React has Facebook, Angular has Google as backer. So, this will be a big jump if vue can manage that.

At the end, Vue is a great tool. But, It’s not gonna surpass ReactJS considering the real market in 2019.

Al-Amin Nowshad

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