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Best All-Season Tires in 2022


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Drivers use all-season tires to save both time and money. They offer decent handling and braking capabilities on most surfaces and are almost universal. Manufacturers create variants with optimized performance in specific scenarios to cater to a wide range of customers’ needs.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

All-weather tires belong to the premium class and are standard on lightweight sports cars. This tire has excellent traction onCOOPER DISCOVERER A-TW off-road surfaces like mud and snow. In addition, engine noise is decreased, both at steady speeds and while accelerating rapidly.

It’s among the best alternatives when handling and braking on wet pavement, and the curved shape of the spies aids stability when turning on snow and ice. The tires are of the European variety, meaning they’re designed for mild winters and high humidity. Thus, they’re not suitable when temperatures fall below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uniroyal All-Season Expert

There are solid offers from the middle price class for passenger cars. Directional treads have extra diagonal grooves to maximize hydroplaning time and speed up fluid evacuation. Excellent grip, cornering stability, and a direct reaction to steering turns also contribute to high performance in snow. 

This model is approved for use in icy and cold conditions thanks to its success in international testing. The marking also specifies “winter tires,” beneficial in areas with heavy snowfall. In addition, the rubber compound is made with abrasion-resistant additives, extending its lifespan.

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2

All-season tires feature a directed tread and are recommended for medium and small passenger cars. They may save gas consumption by as much as 5% in the correct vehicle, but their benefits diminish with increased mass. Compared to the previous model, there are no large circumferential grooves, and the shoulder has been tightened further, improving mobility.

The manufacturer suggests using the series in urban areas and dry pavement due to its superior performance. In addition, the universal tire has increased cross-country capability due to the unique diagonal placement of grooves and spikes that increase the lugs.

Nexen N’Blue 4 Season

The universal tires are perfect for passenger cars with regular year-round usage. It features an effective drainage system and performs well in wet and snowy conditions, achieved by implementing the following features: 

  • a directed tread pattern.
  • 3D slat walls.
  • broad and firm blocks around the sides.

The latter feature also contributes to the vehicle’s turning stability and vibration reduction when driving off-road. The brand’s official representative stresses that making the product safer in all possible situations was the primary goal throughout development. In addition, the blocks’ dense lamellae construction makes it possible to chew up the snow.

Maxxis VanSmart AS AL2

These tires are among the few affordable options for commercial and freight vehicles. The model is more expensive, but it ensures safety on slippery roads in the winter. Compared to the premium class competitors, the alternative has excellent aquaplaning performance.

The model easily handles the heavy loads inherent to transporting goods and people. Improved fuel economy is paired with competent off-road performance and sturdy lugs. The rubber’s stiff shoulder blocks make it less likely to skid or hydroplane and extend its lifespan.

Kumho Solus 4S HA31

The company has separated the series into subsets for passenger vehicles and crossovers. Because of the wide variety of sizes available, it’s become a favorite in Europe and the United States. Experts praise the model’s low noise and rolling resistance, as well as its road and turning stability and handling. This tire is ideal for those who travel on multiple surfaces.

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