Whale – a big update of Facebook’s meme-making App

Did you know that ten months ago, Facebook launched the Whale meme app? Yes, yes, and unlike many other solutions, this application lives on and continues to develop. The primary confirmation of this is the release of updates.

The company has a practice of launching new applications for testing through its Facebook NPE (New Product Experimentation) group. Quite often, it happens that a few months after the launch, it closes the project. As happened with Hobbi, which launched in February and was shut down four months later, TikTok rival Lasso was shut down.

The Whale is still with us, and the updates that came out the other day made it even more attractive. So what’s the innovation? The app now supports GIF memes, you can share memes in private groups, and on top of that now has a vast library of cool meme templates.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook has signed several popular meme creators to create memes through Whale. These users can now publish their memes in their groups.

The application features do not end there, magic filters and the ability to insert a face have also been added. According to the first to test the app, Whale’s nifty tools are the simplest they’ve ever used.

You can download Whale from the App Store for free now, the only thing worth considering is that it is only available in the US and Canada.

Memes are gaining popularity. We know this, this is how we developed similar applications, and even now, two applications are in development. If you want to add a little fun to your app or do something similar from scratch, we can help.

How to find Whale App?

Whale is available for free on Apple’s iOS App Store, but only in the U.S. and Canada. The app also has its own Instagram page where it posts (you guessed it) memes.