TOP 50 Questions to Hack your Audience like a Boss

Product-Fit Questions:

1. What is the primary benefit that you have received from (product or service name)?
2. What are the top three benefits you get from (product or service name)?
3. How would you feel if you could no longer use (product or service name)? Why?
4. What would you likely use as an alternative to (product or company name) if it were no longer available?
5. Have you recommended (product or company name) to anyone? If so, how did you describe it?
6. What other roles or titles besides yours do you think would get a big benefit from (product or service name)?
7. How could we improve (product or company name) to better meet your needs?
8. At what point would this product/service get expensive but still be worth it?
9. What problem were you trying to solve when you initially came across our product or service?
10. What’s holding you back from using (product or company name)?

Market Research:

11. What’s the biggest challenge you currently face in your role?
12. What are your 3-6 month goals in your role?
13. What’s the biggest stress in your job?
14. What are the biggest obstacles to achieving your goals?
15. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to X industry?
16. What would hold you back from making a purchasing decision?
17. What features or values to do you look for when purchasing from a company?
18. If you were to hire someone for your position, what skills would they need?
19. Do you tend to stick with the same brand for most of the products you buy?
20. What might cause you to switch from one product or brand to another?

Online Habits:

21. Where do you go for advice on X industry?
22. What other company or industry blogs do you read in this space?
23. What people do you trust most for advice on X topic?
24. When you think about X industry, what people or companies come to mind?
25. What publications, newspapers or magazines do you read on a weekly/monthly basis?
26. When looking for a product or solution, where do you search first (Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.)?
27. What social media networks do you use regularly?
28. Are you active in any LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, or other online communities?
29. Are there any YouTube channels in X industry that you subscribe to?
30. Where do you spend the most time online?

Employee Satisfaction:

31. Would you recommend a friend or colleague to work at our company? Why?
32. During a typical week, how often do you feel stressed at work?
33. How well are you paid for the work you do?
34. If you were to quit tomorrow, what would your reason be?
35. Do you feel there is room for professional growth/advancement within our company?
36. Do you see yourself working here one year from now?
37. Has your manager given you any recognition in the past two weeks?
38. How proud are you of your employer’s brand?
39. On a scale from 0-10, how meaningful do you believe your work is?
40. Have you noticed your job taking a toll on your personal life?

Post-Purchase Survey Questions:

41. Why did your purchase from our company?
42. How did you find our website?
43. Was it easy to find the products you wanted?
44. Are you satisfied with the product or service you ordered?
45. How can we improve our purchase process?

Post-Chat or Post-Support Survey Questions:

46. Was your issue resolved as a result of this chat, phone call, or email?
47. How long did you have to wait before speaking to a support member?
48. How satisfied are you with the support you received?
49. What type of support communication methods do you prefer?
50. How could we improve our customer service?

Posted here by Aladdin Shchaslyvyi