How to Quote Someone on Discord

Discord is a chat platform that is used by gamers around the world. The users can easily interact with other users by creating servers within the platform. Discord offers amazing features like voice chat, video calling, and all kinds of formatting features that users can use for expressing themselves. Now, when it comes to quoting messages on the platform, some users feel frustrated by the fact that you cannot quote the message sent by a user on Discord. However, with recent updates, you can easily quote messages on Discord.

With the help of the quoting feature, you can easily reply to a particular message sent by a user during a chat. Unfortunately, many users on the platform do not know how to quote someone on Discord. Therefore, in this article, we will list down the methods that you can follow for easily quoting someone on discord.

How to Quote Someone on Discord

You can easily quote messages in Discord irrespective of you using the platform on your IOS, Android, or desktop. You can follow the same methods for IOS, Android, or desktop. In our situation, we are using mobile-Discord to explain how to quotes messages in Discord.

Method 1: Single-line Quoting 

You can use the single-line quoting method when you want to quote a text that takes up one single line. Therefore, if you want to quote a message where there are no line breaks or paragraphs, then you may use the single-line quoting method on Discord. Here is how to quote someone on Discord using the single-line quoting method.

1. Open Discord and head to the conversation where you want to quote a message.

2. Now, type > symbol and hit space once.

3. Finally, type your message after you hit the space bar. Here is how a single-line quote looks like.

Method 2: Multi-line Quoting

You can use the multi-line quoting method when you want to quote a message that takes up more than one line, such as a paragraph or a long text message with line breaks. You can easily type > in front of every new line or paragraph that you want to quote. However, typing > in front of every line or paragraph can be time-consuming if the quote is long. Therefore, here is how to quote messages in Discord by using a simple multi-line quoting method:

1. Open Discord and head to the conversation where you wish to quote the message.

2. Now, type >>> and hit the spacebar once.

3. After hitting the spacebar, start typing the message that you want to quote.

4. Finally, hit enter to send the message. This is how a multi-line quote looks like. Check the screenshot for reference.

If you wish to exit the quote, then the only way to exit the quote is by sending the message and starting a new one, or you can backspace >>> symbol to exit the multi-line quote.

However, the multi-line quote works slightly different on the desktop version of Discord as both ‘>’ and ‘>>>’ gives you a multi-line quote. Therefore to make a single line quote on the desktop version, all you have to do is press return and then make a backspace to return to normal text.

How to use emojis in Discord? ✂️ Copy and 📋 Paste

#1 Discord Emojis List

Find new emojis for your Discord server

#2 Discord & Slack Emoji

Browse thousands of free custom emojis

How to make Emojis bigger on Discord?

I love the new Emoji, but would it be possible in the future to make it so that the server has control over the size that is larger than what it currently is. Maybe like 64×64, from the default 32×32. This is only because if I were to upload an image as an emoji, it would look really small if it was larger than 32×32.

Step 1: Post emoji.

Step 2: Right click posted emoji > copy link. Then edit the same emoji post and replace the emoji with the copied link and hit enter.

Bigger emojis!

When uploading emojis to a server, make sure the reselution scale is close to 1:1 for best result.

An emoji is ment to be a small icon that can be added in your messages, and not a big image. But you can copy the url for the emoji, to post it as an image.

How to make Own Discord Bot?

5 Steps How to Create a Discord Bot Account

  1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.
  2. Navigate to the application page.
  3. Click on the “New Application” button.
  4. Give the application a name and click “Create”.
  5. Go to the “Bot” tab and then click “Add Bot”. You will have to confirm by clicking “Yes, do it!”

How to Create a Discord Bot for Free with Python – Full Tutorial

We are going to use a number of tools, including the Discord API, Python libraries, and a cloud computing platform called

How to Set Up Uptime Robot

Now we need to set up Uptime Robot to ping the webserver every five minutes. This will cause the bot to run continuously.

Create a free account on

Once you are logged in to your account, click “Add New Monitor”.

For the new monitor, select “HTTP(s)” as the Monitor Type and name it whatever you like. Then, paste in the URL of your web server from Finally, click “Create Monitor”.

We’re done! Now the bot will run continuously so people can always interact with it on


You now know how to create a Discord bot with Python, and run it continuously in the cloud.

There are a lot of other things that the library can do. So if you want to give a Discord bot even more features, your next step is to check out the docs for