Tips To Become Expert AngularJs Developer In 30 Days

The traction that AngularJS JavaScript framework is gaining is an ever-increasing one. With Google as its inventor, this web framework is applicable for advanced interactivity websites. It offers web developers the prospects of utilizing HTML as the layout language. A developer can also stretch out the HTML’s syntax for articulating the application’s components precisely. Starting from being unit testable to utilizing dependency injection, the benefits, the language offers to developers is just too many.

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Start learning AngularJS right away for creating cross-platform apps

Many budding developers are nowadays keen to learn about how to become AngularJS developers mainly because of one reason. The data injection & data binding feature discards the need for codes which developers otherwise would need to write. The former part constructs & wires objects & functions while the latter part syncs data between view & model.  Everything takes place within the particular browser that makes it perfect for all server technologies.

While learning about AngularJS developer tools, it is important to realize that it constructs new HTM constructs as well. It does so for reducing the impedance divergence between HTML that is document-centric & what an app actually requires. The language teaches new syntax to the browser via a construct known as directives. Few examples are:

  • Support for form validation & forms
  • Data binding such as {{}}
  • HTML grouping into reusable components
  • DOM control configurations for showing & concealing DOM fragments

Thinking MVC

In order to bag the position of an expert AngularJS developer in a celebrated AngularJS web development company, grasping the petite learning curve of Angular is necessary.

The best way to learn Angular is to start with MVC or Model-View-Controller.

  • MVC – MVC is utilized in several programming languages as a method of architecting applications or software.
  1. Model – This is the data structure behind a particular application piece & docked in JSON. Learning about JSON is important prior to starting with Angular because it is vital for communicating with the server & view. A collection of User IDs can carry this following model:
"users" : [{
	"name": "Joe Bloggs",
	"id": "82047392"
	"name": "John Doe",
	"id": "65198013"
  1.  View – It is the HTML or the provided output. Utilizing MVC framework means pulling down the model data that updates the View. It showcases applicable data in the HTML.
  2.  Controller – This part controls the data. These are the direct access from server to view & middle man. This facilitates data updating on the fly through comms with the client & server.

Client-side web application solution

To learn AngularJS, it is important to know that it is the most important portion of the client-side of a particular web application. It manages every AJAX & DOM glue code that was once written with hands & positions it in a proper structure. Due to this, this language is dogmatic regarding the building of a CRUD application (Create, Read, and Update & Delete). The Out-of-the-box that Angular 2 from scratch comes with is:

  •   Unit-testing, mocks, test harnesses and end-to-end testing
  • Seed application with test scripts & directory layout as the beginning point
  • Components for building a CRUD app – fundamental templating directives, routing, data-binding, form validation, deep-linking, etc

How Angular JS simplifies the development of applications?

The Angular programming language interests a lot of potential developers as it presents a superior abstraction level to them. Just like any other abstraction, this language comes at the price of flexibility. Every application is not applicable for AngularJS. It was mainly designed with CRUD application in mind. CRUD apps represent most of the web applications.

Fetching live data

In the Angular 2 free course you will learn that this language offers the $resource & $http services for facilitating communication with the HTTP servers. The latter is a layer on the top of JSONP while the former offers a higher abstraction level. Here we will utilize $http.

To fetch data that will function as a covering around $http, we will design a custom service for abstracting server API calls from the controller.

angular.module('', []).
  factory('ergastAPIservice', function($http) {
	var ergastAPI = {};
	ergastAPI.getDrivers = function() {
  	return $http({
    	method: 'JSONP',
    	url: ''
	return ergastAPI;

Here we have created ( which is the new model with primary two lines. We will also go for service registration within the module which is (ergastAPIservice). Here $http is the parameter to that particular service. This displays the languages dependency injection engine that the new service needs the $http service.


Any developer, who is seeking for the best way to learn AngularJS, must understand that it is an extremely robust framework. Here, we have simply touched the surface in the context of the entirety of things it can offer. To comprehend why Angular is an exclusive language, more in-depth study is required. However, with unfailing commitment to this wonderful language, one can easily learn AngularJS in 30 days. After that a developer can learn AngularJS free by enrolling in a course. This will be followed with a permanent position as an expert AngularJS developer in a renowned AngularJS web development company.

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App Development method based on Cordova Platform

The invention discloses an app development method based on a Cordova platform and relates to the technical field of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The invention discloses an app development method based on a Cordova platform and relates to the technical field of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

According to the app development method based on the Cordova platform, AngularJS+Ionic is adopted as a development framework, part of open-source plug-ins such as an app original plug-in are added, a user can directly call the original plug-in of a corresponding platform through a js method, such as a camera, message receiving and sending and the like; a support platform such as android or ios is added, and meanwhile, common front-end tools suitable for the development of enterprises are packaged. By the adoption of the app development method based on the Cordova platform, the user need not configure the Cordova development environment, can independently develop the plug-ins using provided plug-ins and js components, and can conduct fast app development in the shortest time.

Platform Guides

Amazon Fire OS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Firefox OS, iOS, Ubuntu, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Tizen


Create your first Cordova app:

Background technique

JavaScript is a literal scripting language, a dynamic, weak, prototype-based language with built-in support types. The JavaScript engine, part of the browser, is widely used in client-side scripting languages ​​and was first used on HTML (an application of the standard universal markup language) web page to add dynamic functionality to HTML pages.

Cordova provides a set of device-related APIs that enable mobile apps to access native device capabilities such as webcams, microphones, and more in JavaScript. Cordova also provides a unified set of JavaScript libraries, as well as native device-specific background code for the libraries. Cordova supports the following mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, ubuntu phone os, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian.

AngularJS is an excellent front-end JS framework that has been used in many of Google’s products. AngularJS has many features, the most core are: MVC, modular, automated two-way data binding, semantic tags, dependency injection and so on.

Ionic is an open-source, free codebase for developing hybrid mobile applications; optimizing the performance of HTML, CSS, and JS, building efficient applications, and optimizing for building Sass and AngularJS.

Some java engineers are more unfamiliar with mobile development. There are still some blind spots for the platform construction and technical fields, but because of the needs of a project, it needs to involve the field of mobile development. Based on the above combination of technologies, the present invention proposes a cordova platform based app development method.

Content of the invention

The present invention aims at the current technical development needs and shortcomings, and provides a cordova platform-based app development method.

The Cordova platform-based app development method according to the present invention solves the above technical problems by adopting the following technical solutions: The Cordova platform-based app development method based on the open-source Cordova platform mainly includes the following steps: 1) configuring cordova development Environment, 2) create basic projects, and 3) create ionic projects.

Preferably, the step 1) refers to using angularjs + ionic as a development framework.

Preferably, the step 2) includes: creating a basic project, adding common plug-ins, and adding a development platform.

Preferably, the step 3) includes, on the basis of the steps 1 and 2, designing a module for encapsulation, and encapsulating a common front-end tool into a developed js method, which can be called directly during development; the user can directly call the corresponding platform through the js method Native plug-in.

Compared with the prior art, the method for developing an app based on the Cordova platform according to the present invention has the following beneficial effects: The present invention is based on the Cordova mobile terminal development platform, and performs corresponding component encapsulation on the development mode of the angularjs + ionic. According to the present invention Eliminating the need to configure the Cordova development environment and using the plug-ins and js components already provided by the present invention to develop plug-ins on their own so as to enable users to rapidly develop applications in the shortest time.

Detailed description

To make the objectives, technical solutions and advantages of the present invention more comprehensible, a Cordova platform-based app development method of the present invention is further described in detail with reference to specific embodiments.

The invention proposes a method for app development based on the Cordova platform, which uses angular + ionic as a development framework and adds some open source plug-ins, such as an app native plug-in. The user can directly call native plug-ins of the corresponding platform, such as webcams, ; And added a support platform such as android or iOS, while encapsulating the common front-end tools for enterprise development tools.

Cordova is a hybrid development platform, you can easily use h5 and other front-end techniques for rapid app development, the present invention provides a set of commonly used plug-in instructions and package part of the common library, developers can help document in a very short period of time Within the completion of mobile app development, because the plug-ins and libraries have been added, the platform has also been injected, developers do not need to carry out the environment, download the appropriate tools can be directly developed (such as adt, Xcode, etc.).


This example describes a cordova platform-based app development method based on the open source cordova platform, including the following steps:

  1. configuration cordova development environment,
  2. to create a basic project,
  3. to create ionic project.

The steps 1) configuration Cordova development environment refers to the use of AngularJS + Ionic as a development framework.

The steps 2) to create a basic project include, create a basic project, add common plug-ins, such as app native plug-in, and add a development platform, such as android or ios platform.

The step 3) to create the ionic project includes, on the basis of the steps 1 and 2, the design module is encapsulated, the commonly used front-end tool is encapsulated into a developed js method, and the call can be directly invoked during development; the user can call the corresponding platform directly through the js method Native plug-in, such as camera, send and receive text messages.

By adopting the Cordova platform-based app development method of the present invention, the specific implementation manner is as follows:

Step one, download adt or Xcode, import the development framework of the present invention; Step two, according to the development framework for app design, such as the required function modules, function list;

Step three, the user began to develop, as the bottom of the development framework for the JS language, a wide range of applications, most developers can get started after a simple understanding of the development;

Step four, the need to use the native plug-in (such as camera, send text messages, maps, etc.), can be based on the js method call native plug-ins;

Step five, the need to use the tool class, the direct use of the module can be designed, such as multi-parameter pop-up box, validation box, positioning and so on.

By adopting the Cordova platform-based app development method of the present invention, the development of an enterprise-level small and medium-sized app can be completed in the shortest time, eliminating the time period for learning a new language and without requiring the establishment of an environment system. The invention provides Plug-ins and js components for rapid development.

The above specific embodiments are only specific examples of the present invention. The scope of protection of the present invention includes, but is not limited to, the above specific embodiments. Any ordinary technical personnel who comply with the claims of the present invention and have done so Appropriate changes or substitutions should all fall within the scope of protection of the present invention.


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