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Svelte 3: What You Need to Know About Svelte v. 3


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Introducing Svelte 3, the innovative component framework for building web applications! Much like React or Vue.js, Svelte is a tool for developers to construct robust web applications. However, Svelte 3 distinguishes itself through a unique approach.

In May 2023 realised version 3.58.0

Unlike traditional frameworks, Svelte 3 operates at build time. This means it takes your components and converts them into highly efficient imperative code that updates the Document Object Model (DOM) directly. This results in a decrease in browser workload as it eliminates the need for time-consuming operations like virtual DOM diffing, leading to excellent performance and smoother user experiences.

Svelte 3 is the outcome of a significant overhaul from its predecessor, Svelte 2. The Svelte team spent 12 months focusing on creating an outstanding developer experience. As a result, Svelte 3 enables you to write components with significantly less boilerplate than you’ll find in many other frameworks.

Svelte 3 represents the future of web development, offering you the chance to write ambitious applications with optimal performance characteristics. Try it out today, and join the next generation of web app development!

⚡ TypeComponent framework
⚡ Key DifferenceOperates at build time
⚡ BenefitConverts components into highly efficient imperative code that directly updates the DOM
☝ PerformanceExcellent, due to reduced browser workload
Developer ExperienceOutstanding, with significantly less boilerplate than many other frameworks
Version ReleaseApril 22, 2019
DesignNew look and logo designed by Achim Vedam
UpgradingManual upgrading from Svelte 2, with a migration guide provided
Future PlansGenerating smarter, more compact code; update of Sapper to use Svelte 3; improved support for Svelte Native; addition of first-class TypeScript support

What is Svelte 3?

Svelte 3 is a component framework, similar to React or Vue, used for building web applications. However, it differs in that it runs at build time, converting components into highly efficient imperative code that updates the DOM, offering excellent performance. This version of Svelte represents a significant overhaul, focusing on providing an outstanding developer experience with less boilerplate.

When did Svelte 3 release?

Svelte 3 was released on April 22, 2019.

Is Svelte-3 fast?

Yes, Svelte 3 is designed to be fast. It converts components into highly efficient imperative code at build time, which results in excellent performance and less work for the browser as compared to traditional frameworks.

Is Svelte 3 stable?

Yes, Svelte 3 is stable. It was released after several months of thorough testing and community feedback, suggesting a stable and reliable release.

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