Meta Calculator app review

a multipurpose calculator for all your complex problems


Depending on our calculation needs, sometimes the built-in calculator with our iOS won’t cut it. Thankfully the Meta Calculator app is here to help us. Whether you are working with graphing equations, scientific calculations, analyzing statistics, or working with matrices, Meta Calculator can do it all.

The Graphs Blinded Me With Science

If you are a student or a professional in a field that requires specialized calculations you know the Calculator that comes with your iDevice has none of the functions or capability you require. This is where the Meta Calculator app can be a lifesaver. Of course you have a specific calculator for what you do or what your course you are taking, but if you forget it you’re lost. Meta Calculator is equipped with Graphing, Scientific, Matrix, and Statistics calculators, all in one easy-to-use environment.

In the free version of Meta Calculator you get the Graphing and Scientific Calculators. The Matrix and Statistics are both in app purchases for a mere 99 cents each. However, once you see the interface and functions of the two free calculators you will quickly realize that it is $1.98 well spent.

The Graphing Calculator is extremely deep and goes beyond the standard of what you expect. The interface will allow you to calculate up to five different linear equations, but will also graph the information for you in an easy-to-read graphic. You can keep your graph with a quick tap of the Save button for later reference or study.

The Scientific Calculator is a stroke of the same color as its partner in Meta Calculator as it provides the user with all the common functions needed. You also get the ability to store your calculations, as well as a built-in linear equations solver. This may seem like overkill, and a little odd. In reality it’s a nice little addition, as you don’t have to stop and go back to the Graphing Calculator which would slow your momentum.

Hopefully More Of The Same

Judging on the first two options, Meta Calculator provides you with in the free version of the app, I would be surprised if the other two were anything but stellar. Their Matrix Calculator boasts all the requirements you would need to any calculations utilizing matrices/vectors, finding the determinant and the size of the matrix can be as large as 5 x 5.

The Statistics Calculator allows you to calculate mean, sum, mode, and quarterlies, and lets you calculate and graph regressions. All the data can be entered in as “raw data,” “group data,” or “frequency distribution” to customize your needs.

Pros and Cons


  •  Four different specialized calculators in one easy-to-use app
  •  Graphics are clear and easy to save
  •  Developers included crossover ability between each calculator which streamlines the workflow


  •  Matrix and Statistics calculators are 99 cents each

Final Thoughts

Meta Calculator is the back up app you’ve been waiting for. If you utilize these style of calculators at all Meta Calculator is a must-have for that, “oh crap I forgot it” moment. Even though two of the calculators included are separate in-app purchases they are definitely worth it.

Hopefully a bundle will come soon as the developers have vowed to continually update Meta Calculator to “support more complex equations.”

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