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How technologies work in CPA affiliates


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A CPA affiliate is an intermediary site, like Vulkan Vegas CPA, that allows website owners (webmasters) to earn extra income and advertisers (partners) to increase their sales using affiliate marketing tools. Let’s understand how CPA affiliates work, what technologies they use and what general data they receive.

Technologies in CPA Partners, how they collect data

What is the difference between CPA affiliates and affiliate programs of individual online stores?

I will say right away that the principle of operation of both programs is the same. The main differences are:

  • number of affiliate programs;
  • tools offered by CPA affiliate program for webmasters.

As a rule, one CPA network contains dozens or even hundreds of affiliate programs of different companies on various topics. Webmaster just needs to register in the system once and start working with several partners at once. There is no need to constantly search for new affiliate programs, as this is done by the network itself.

It is also more convenient to manage the income from affiliate programs, such as V.Partners, because all income is accumulated in one account. Plus, there’s no need to wait until the minimum withdrawal amount to be reached. 

As a rule, CPA networks have more convenient statistics and conversion tracking systems. However, it is not always possible to find the right advertiser in affiliate networks. Some large companies prefer to develop their own platforms for interaction with webmasters.

Choosing CPA tools 

Each affiliate program has a mandatory attribute – advertising tools that allow webmasters to attract visitors to the partner’s website. Let us consider the most popular of them:

  • Affiliate link – always available on the description page of the partner’s offer. The received link can be inserted into your website, newsletter, group in social networks or used in ads for contextual and banner advertising systems.
  • Banner is a classic online advertising tool that leads to the partner’s page. As a rule, the banner already contains an affiliate link. Usually banners of the most popular sizes are available.
  • Teaser is a text link with a picture.
  • Rotator is a script that sequentially displays banners or teaser blocks from a preformed list.
  • Product feed is an upload of selected products in XML or CSV format. All links to products in the feed contain affiliate identifiers. On its basis you can easily create your own affiliate store, product catalog or a regular showcase.

What CPA affiliate programs pay for

There are two types of users in affiliate networks: 

  • advertisers;
  • partners-performers. 

Advertisers offer their offers with all advertising materials. They actually pay money for a specific action: 

  • purchase;
  • subscription to services;
  • re-registration in the game;
  • installation of a mobile application. 

The reward for the action varies depending on the product. Implementing partners advertise products on their resources, and for this they receive profit. 

But you will receive your percentage only in case of sale or subscription to services. The principle of operation of any affiliate: sell – get a certain percentage of sales.

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