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Digital Vaccine Passport: How it must Works?

If you are someone who is taking the decision to be vaccinated, having to make a decision about how to spend your money in getting this vaccine.



Digital Vaccine Passport: How it must Works?
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there would be a review into the issue although he added some form of vaccine passport would be “going to come on the international stage whatever” for foreign travel. 

Governments and developers around the world are exploring how certificates and passports could help to reopen economies by identifying those protected against COVID-19.


The term health passport, or health pass, generally refers to documents – in paper or digital format – that certifies a person is unlikely to either catch or spread disease.

With the novel coronavirus, the proposed certificates would attest one of three things: that the holder has been vaccinated, has tested negative for the virus or has recovered from it.


Different health passes have been trialled by governments and firms around the world in recent months.

Tech giants including Microsoft Corp, Oracle Corp and healthcare companies Cigna Corp and Mayo Clinic in January become part of a coalition pushing for digital records of people who get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The project, called Vaccination Credential Initiative, aims to help people get encrypted digital copies of their immunization records stored in a digital wallet of their choice.

Bahrain launched a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport in February, one of the first countries to do so.

Denmark has said it would launch an initial version of a coronavirus vaccination passport by the end of February, while Sweden plans to launch a vaccine passport by summer.

Last October, Estonia and the World Health Organization started a pilot for a digital vaccine certificate.

Meanwhile, China has put in place an app-based health code system that uses travel and medical data to give people a red, yellow or green rating indicating the likelihood of them having the virus – and whether or not they can walk around freely.

Israel has said it plans to issue a “green passport” to those who have been vaccinated, which will grant them easy access to restaurants and cultural events, and exempt them from quarantine rules or getting a virus test before travel.

Travelling within the EU has just become easier. From 1 July 2021, the European Union introduces the Digital COVID Certificate, which allows passengers to travel within the EU without quarantine or in certain cases testing requirements. The certificate is issued free of charge in the Member States of the European Union on request and is accepted in Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in addition to the 27 countries of the EU.

Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle back plan to develop a digital Covid vaccination passport

A coalition known as the Vaccination Credential Initiative — which includes MicrosoftSalesforce and Oracle, as well as U.S. health care non-profit Mayo Clinic — was announced on Thursday.

EU Digital COVID Cert

What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

It’s proof that you have one of the following:

  • Been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Received a negative test result (within the required timeframe).
  • Recovered from COVID-19 (within the required timeframe).

What are the benefits of having the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

  • Seamless travel to most countries in the EU – plan your getaway now.
  • You may not have to quarantine at your destination or on your return.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re travelling safely.
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Digital Vaccine Passport Owerview 2021
Digital Vaccine Passport Owerview 2021