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The Architects of the IT world



The Architects of the IT world

The backbone of every thriving modern enterprise is held up and supported by skilled IT architects. An Architect for Information Technology is different from an architect that produces well-designed infrastructures. An IT Architect still designs but in an entirely different way and area of expertise.

The Role of a Cloud Architect

Today’s cloud architects are in charge of designing cloud environments, usually giving a definitive guide in the cycle of development of a cloud-based solution and project up to its deployment. They need to have an in-depth understanding of all cloud-based concepts and the components that are integral to the steady delivery of the cloud service. A cloud architect must be an expert not just in cloud-based functions and tools but should also be knowledgeable in the cloud-based infrastructure and able to provide well-strategised build-and-release directed to the development teams.

Technically speaking, cloud architects are decision-makers when it comes to the required network, suppliers to team up with and how to combine all of the procured pieces and parts from varying vendors. They also dictate what kind of API to implement, and what specific industry standards to adopt into the project.

It takes more than just knowledge in IT and being tech-savvy to make it as a cloud architect. There are specific skills required along the way. Here is a list of the qualifications and skills a cloud architect should possess or accomplish to be exceptional for the role:

An enterprise computing background

It takes more than one degree in the computing field to pass like a cloud architect. A robust general experience in the departments of MIS, computer engineering, computer science, and similar studies capped with a broad knowledge of how enterprises utilise IT solutions for various functions and reasons.

Technical skills in enterprise computing

It is but logical that cloud architects are experts in all things IT, from its core to the very last detail that binds that makes it up. Cloud architects are usually on the specialists on the different and vast disciplines of technology. These areas include but not limited to; programming languages, databases, web development and tools, infrastructure, networking, ERP and of course client systems and corresponding applications.

People Skills

This is not the usual skill required for a regular IT guy. For an IT architect, on the other hand, it is utmost crucial to have excellent communication or people skills. A cloud architect must be able to convey, effectively direct, and persuade through writing and in person, whether it is a one-on-one meeting or a panel discussion.

Leader Vibes

A cloud architect should be able to exhibit strong leadership skills to effectively convince different groups in the organization apart from the main decision-makers that the makings of a cloud environment are beneficial for the enterprise. A leadership style that best fits this job is the inverted pyramid style, which, according to our portal, is the best strategy to empower people. Learn more about at:


Cloud architects to jumpstart their role in an enterprise should be able to pinpoint the areas that need improvement or mending — being curious plays a critical part of the job as much as being analytical.

Be an architect

In essence, architects (of any field) should become planners and organisers. Projects typically take on an extended period (a few months to years) to materialise and complete. A cloud architect should be able to comply with these basics to manage a project every step of the way.

Be business-minded

Cloud architects’ focus might be on technology, but the solutions they come up with will affect the entire organization. They must put themselves in a position where they fully comprehend what the company needs, how much the solution will cost the business financially and strategically aligning the design for overall success.

What a Cloud Architecture Job entails?

Job openings are plenty across major tech hub cities, and the salaries, especially in areas of IT with high-demand on architect skills, can pay up to $150,000 or over.

The job title usually goes to those with 8-10 years of experience and comes to those senior staff in the later stages of their careers. Strong technical skills with a mix of soft skills like the ones outlined above all contribute and necessary for those who want to fill the job position.