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22+ Best Recipe Templates for Google Docs and Word – Designed in 2023


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We often share recipes on social media, and food bloggers are among the most popular on the Internet. At the same time, recipe posts do not always look aesthetically pleasing. That’s why they don’t attract the attention of subscribers.

Recipe templates for Google Docs will help you solve this problem. With the help of ready-made layouts, you can quickly design your recipe for a blog, social media, or to create your own cookbook. We have selected 22 aesthetic templates for you. Choose the one you like the most and create bright and stylish content.

Recipe Template

This template is well suited for simple dishes. You can use it to design recipes for breakfast, salads, or snacks. It can also be used to describe the process of making sauces.

Download Recipe Template

Editable Recipe Book Cover Template

The layout is designed specifically for pasta recipes. There are no special columns for ingredients and description of the cooking process. You can create them yourself and arrange them as you like.

Download Editable Recipe Book Cover Template

Recipe Fun Template For Google Docs & Word

Do you like smoothies and collect recipes for the most delicious ones? Then this template is definitely for you! All you need to do is add a list of ingredients and the cooking process.

Download Recipe Fun Template

Baking Recipes for Beginners

With this template, you will be able to create your own baking recipe book. Share the secrets of your flavorful banana bread or rosy cupcakes.

Download Baking Recipes for Beginners

Recipe 2 Sided Template

Recipe template on Google Docs for lovers of Italian cuisine. It is designed to describe various recipes for pasta, cannelloni, ravioli, and other simple yet gourmet dishes.

Download Recipe 2 Sided Template

Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipe Template

A great option for bloggers who plan to share a delicious dish for a romantic holiday dinner. The template is suitable for both main dishes and desserts.

Download Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipe Template

Recipe Lasagna Template For Google Docs & Word

Do you have your own secrets for making delicious lasagna? Share them with the Recipe Lasagna Template. The template allows you to describe the cooking process in detail.

Download Recipe Lasagna Template

Recipe Cooking Template

A template for oatmeal recipes. With this template, you can create a comprehensive breakfast recipe book.

Download Recipe Cooking Template

Brown Floral Recipe Card Template

A simple card template where you can write a recipe for your favorite dish. It can be used for your business email newsletter or printed and mailed to friends.

Download Brown Floral Recipe Card Template

Recipe Jar Template

Recipes in jars are still popular because they are simple, tasty, and stylish. Share your favorite dessert with a beautifully designed recipe.

Download Recipe Jar Template

Recipe Fancy Breakfast Template For Google Docs & Word

A layout for designing breakfast recipes. Add photos of your culinary masterpieces, make a list of ingredients, and describe in detail all the secrets of cooking.

Download Recipe Fancy Breakfast Template

St. Patrick’s Day Cake Recipe Template

Have a recipe for a delicious St. Patrick’s Day cake? Make a beautiful presentation of your family recipe and add it to your cookbook or share it with your friends.

Download St. Patrick’s Day Cake Recipe Template

French Onion Soup Recipe Template For Google Docs & Word

A great template for first course recipes. Describe in detail how to prepare your favorite soup and don’t forget to include the cooking time and number of servings.

Download French Onion Soup Recipe Template

Chocolate Chip Recipe Template

A fairly simple and concise template. It is suitable for any recipe: from salad to dessert.

Download Chocolate Chip Recipe Template

Recipe Card Template

Another simple template for your culinary masterpieces. In addition to the ingredients and cooking steps, it has a place to describe the inventory that will be needed in the process.

Download Recipe Card Template

Free Printable Recipe Cards

A template for those who appreciate brevity and restraint. There is no space for photos, so you should describe in detail how to prepare the dish and what the result should be.

Download Free Printable Recipe Cards

Recipe Homemade Pancakes For Google Docs & Word

A template for those who like to feast on pancakes or crêpes for breakfast. Add your favorite recipe to the layout, print it out, and hang it in a prominent place in your kitchen.

Download Recipe Homemade Pancakes Template 

Fillable Recipe Template

With this layout, you can describe the cooking process in detail and indicate how long it will take to cook and what difficulties arise in the process.

Download Fillable Recipe Template

Halloween Recipe Template

Prepare holiday recipes for your blog. The layout is made in traditional Halloween colors, which helps to create a festive atmosphere.

Download Halloween Recipe Template

Clean Recipe Template Google Docs

In this template, you can change every detail: choose a font, make your own subheadings, and add a photo of the finished dish.

my favorite

Download Clean Recipe Template

Recipe Brewing Template

A layout for those who have recipes for delicious drinks. The template is designed for brewing coffee, but you can adapt it to any drink. All you need to do is add your own photos and change the background color.

Download Recipe Brewing Template

Recipe Sandwich Template For Google Docs & Word

Delicious crispy sandwiches are not as easy to make as they seem. Show us how you can turn an ordinary sandwich into a culinary masterpiece.

Download Recipe Sandwich Template

Use Google Docs templates free to design your recipes. Now you don’t need the help of a designer to create a stylish cooking guide or your own book.

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