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Cloudinary Alternatives: Compare and Explore for Your Design and Development Needs


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Cloudinary is a well-known tool for image and video processing and management. It’s a cloud-based solution that enables users to easily upload files and rich media like images and videos to the cloud and manage them efficiently. Users can also apply different image transformations and enhancements like image rotation, artistic filters, image rounding, etc.

Additionally, you can deliver optimized images and videos for the web in the most efficient format and resolution, thanks to content-aware AI algorithms.

While thousands of people use Cloudinary, it has its own drawbacks. For instance, some people find the paid plan a bit expensive. Additionally, Cloudinary doesn’t allow you to restrict media access to only authorized users. As a result, many people are now looking for other similar tools. If you’re looking for Cloudinary alternatives, this article is the right place.

What Are The Best Cloudinary Alternatives For Uploading And Managing Media Assets?

If you have lots of media assets and you need to upload, manage, process, and deliver images and videos for your web platforms, apps, and websites, you can choose from the following Cloudinary alternatives:


Filestack - top Cloudinary alternative

Filestack provides a comprehensive set of tools and APIs that allow users to upload, transform and deliver files and media assets quickly and easily.


  • With Filestack’s File Picker, you can add a secure and reliable file uploader to your apps super quickly and easily. The efficient file uploader provides a user-friendly interface and is highly customizable and configurable. You can also integrate it with social media and productivity apps like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. The file uploader even enables you to add your own integration. You can also access the underlying API via SDKs.
  • The Intelligent Ingestion™ of Filestack can adapt to changing network conditions, offering upload success 99.999% of the time.
  • Filestack enables users to upload files over HTTP using the Filestack File API. It also supports multipart uploads.
  • Filestack Drag-and-Drop makes it super easy to implement an easy-to-use drag-and-drop file uploader to your web apps and improve user experience. Adding the drag-and-drop uploader is simple and quick, as it requires only three lines of code.
  • With Filestack File Converter, you can quickly convert files, such as documents and images, to another format. It supports 200+ file types, including Docx, JPG, PNG, HTML, and more. Filestack’s powerful document conversions preserve the structure, special characters, fonts, images, page breaks, and more. You can also convert documents to images, such as WEBP, PNG, JPG, and more.
  • Filestack also offers image manipulation and transformation features. This way, users can easily convert, optimize and transform image files. For example, you can resize and rotate images. You can also increase the resolution of images using the Filestack image processing API. For instance, you can upscale images, reduce noise, fix image resolution, and more.



ImageKit is another excellent alternative to Cloudinary that offers features like image upload, image resizing, real-time image optimization, and more.


  • ImageKit offers more than 40 URL parameters for image and video transformation. For example, you can crop and resize images, add watermarks, etc. It even allows users to generate short previews for your video using the trim transformation parameters.
  • You can efficiently optimize your images using ImageKit’s optimization features. For instance, delivering images in the WebP format is super easy as you don’t have to change the image URLs. Additionally, the tool automatically analyzes various formats and converts the image into the right format depending on the type of device, browser support, and image content.
  • With ImageKit, image and video management is super easy. It allows users to create, transfer, copy or delete files and folders in the cloud.
  • With ImageKit, you can achieve a faster loading speed thanks to its global CDN featuring over 200 PoPs (points of presence.) This translates to reduced bounce rates and improved conversion rates.
  • ImageKit delivers a detailed optimization report for key business pages, allowing businesses to instantly fix issues without using third-party tools.


Cloudinary alternative - Uploadcare

Uploadcare is an efficient tool for managing, storing, processing, and delivering files, images, and videos to users. It provides powerful image optimization and processing tools that help you improve your website or web app’s performance by achieving a faster loading speed.


  • Uploadcare offers a responsive and user-friendly HTML 5 file uploader that you can use to quickly upload files from various sources, such as local storage, cloud storage, camera, and social media platforms.
  • With Uploadcare, you can also add a drag-and-drop file uploader to your web platforms.
  • Uploadcare also enables multiple file uploads. For example, if you have an online store, you can upload multiple product images using the file uploader. The file uploader displays a progress bar for each file.
  • With Uploadcare’s bi-direction CDN, you can ensure secure and fast uploads. It stores your digital assets in the nearest data center, providing a faster uploading speed.
  • Uploadcare also supports file validation. For example, users can validate file size and type and resize large images.
  • You can utilize Uploadcare’s built-in tools to optimize and edit raw images once they’re uploaded. For example, you can rotate and crop images, apply filters, etc. You can then edit image URLs or convert them to other formats for SEO purposes.
  • Uploadcare offers several integrations, such as Gravity Forms, JotForm, and Webflow.



Filebase is an all-in-one platform that helps you store and deliver digital content using decentralized networks.


Filebase helps store data on decentralized networks quickly and easily. It basically allows you to store data in just a few seconds. Additionally, it offers unlimited storage, allowing you to store as many files as you want. You can scale up easily as your need for efficient and reliable data storage grows.

With Filebase, you get 5GB of free storage without any expiration or trials.

Filebase enables users to upload files with a drag-and-drop file upload quickly


. You can log into your dashboard, create your storage buck and drag-and-drop your desired files.

With IPFS integration, you can pin unlimited files to IPFS, and you can access them from any IPFS gateway.

Filebase also offers an S3 Compatible API that is compatible with thousands of application SDKs, data backup tools, and frameworks.

With Filebase’s fast global CDN, you can efficiently distribute your digital content globally.


Filecamp provides an efficient cloud platform for digital assets management. It allows you to store, organize and share digital assets, such as documents, images, and videos.


  • Filecamp allows you to store all your digital files in one place, including videos, images, presentations, documents, creative files, and stock photos.
  • With Filecamp’s efficient search features and tagging, finding your digital assets in the cloud is super quick and easy.
  • Filecamp is highly secure as it enables you to set permissions for files and folders. This means you can restrict access to specific files and folders.
  • Filecamp is highly flexible when it comes to downloading your files. For example, you can choose to download a file in the original form or in a lower resolution.’
  • Filecamp can be customized with different background images, logos, and colors. It even enables you to choose different themes for different folders as per your brand’s overall theme and color palette.
  • With Filecamp’s built-in online commenting and proofing features, you can instantly review and deliver high-quality creative work. Filecamp also offers a built-in WYSIWYG editor for creating custom pages.


Cloudinary is a popular tool for image and video processing and management. However, like any tool, Cloudinary has its downsides, and many businesses look for Cloudinary alternatives. Fortunately, many efficient tools, like Filestack, Filebase, Filecamp, Uploadcare, and ImageKit, can be used instead of Cloudinary for automatically delivering digital content for the web. In this article, we’ve discussed the five best Cloudinary alternatives so that you can compare them and choose the right one for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top Cloudinary alternatives?

Some of the best Cloudinary alternatives include Filestack, Filebase, Filecamp, Uploadcare, and ImageKit.

What is the use of Cloudinary?

Cloudinary is considered a must-have technology for many online platforms. From top sportswear brands and popular food delivery apps to the largest ticket marketplaces and iconic brands like WholeFood, many businesses use Cloudinary for image and video management and uploading.

Is Cloudinary free?

Cloudinary offers several subscription plans, including a free plan. The free plan supports a maximum image file size of 10 MB.

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