4 Robotics Facts That Will Make You Fall in Love With it

Tesla is arguably the world’s biggest robotics company because our cars are like semi-sentient robots on wheels.

Elon Musk

Robots are already shaping our lives. They assemble our cars in factories and create microchips that power our homes. 

But that’s not all. Soon, we will be interacting with robots daily. In fact, this future is already here. From robots that vacuum our apartments, make our coffee, and even cook our meals. 

The technology will only keep expanding. And with it, new opportunities will appear. Moreover, when ideas escape science fiction and become a reality, we know that big things are happening. 

Robotics is fun, makes our lives easier, and opens new jobs for people of many professions. It’s no wonder many young people want to get into robotics. 

This article will share awesome facts about robotics that will make you fall in love with it. It will help you determine whether robotics is a good career choice for you. 

It Never Gets Boring

In rapidly developing technologies, there’s always something new to discover. Right now, that goes for robotics. 

Robotics might be a good choice for those constantly seeking new challenges and new problems to solve. The field won’t get boring any time soon. 

Those who enjoy dynamic work can rest assured that every workday will be different. Each day will present new challenges and new problems to solve. 

On the other hand, civilization is blessed with new inventions almost every day. Whether it is a cooking bot that can challenge chefs in the kitchen or a flying drone robot that deters porch stealers, it simply never gets boring.

Therefore, if you like to think outside of the box and appreciate creativity, you will love robotics.

It’s Multidisciplinary

Robotics is a result of overlapping professions, making it one of the most versatile fields of research. There is room for specialists in engineering and computer science. Moreover, even cognitive psychologists can contribute. 

Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, bioengineering, mechatronics are all part of it! Like in all fields, the interaction between different disciplines gets this going. 

If you want to work with people from many different backgrounds, robotics is for you! 

It’s a New Field

We have seen huge developments in technology recently. As a society, we have indeed come a long way. That’s why many people have a false impression that there’s nothing new to discover. 

But that cannot be further from the truth! There are a lot of problems we still haven’t solved, and many of them are in robotics. For example, self-driving continues to puzzle engineers. Perhaps you will work on a team that cracks that problem. 

There are many opportunities in the space, and many are not even tried yet. If you want to solve some of them, why not join one of the 1700 robotics competitions held every year on a global level? 

That number should show you that there is a huge demand for solving robotics problems out there. This leads us to the final point. 

It’s a Great Career Choice

Whether you look at it in terms of pay, career advancement, or relevance in the future, it’s hard to beat robotics. 

Education and experience in robotics are almost guaranteed to stay relevant in the coming decades, and maybe even more. 

Moreover, they will likely offer great pay and benefits. For instance, the average salary for a robotics engineer in the US is around $99,040 per year. 

Whether it’s a toy, business, medical or military niche, the number of options makes room for everyone willing to learn.

A career in robotics is also great for meeting other bright people. That’s an excellent asset for anyone that wants to move up or start its own business. 

And that could be you. You could be a few skills away from a genuinely life-changing career choice. 

Risks and Security

Unfortunately, if you choose to go that route, you will probably discover how vulnerable these systems can be to hacks. Hacking is an issue in any computer network. With robotics, it could be catastrophic. 

For instance, in 2016 hackers took control over the computers running San Francisco’s public transport. They remotely opened the gates, which meant that the passengers did not have to pay for their rides.

Now imagine what could happen if robots were in charge of driving the buses. That’s why security will have to be a top priority for any robotics project.Hacks like these can also endanger your data. That’s why installing a trusted and the best VPN service is always a good idea. A VPN will protect your privacy by encrypting your browsing history. This way, hackers won’t be able to manipulate your data.

WebSummit 2022 Keynote

🚀Remote work

⚡You need to create a value of visiting an office, not requirements
⚡Remote management is maintaining personal relationship, personal connection. CEOs visit their subordinates personally to check up how they feel
⚡You have more accessibility of CEO as he/she speaks on Zoom to everyone

🚀How do you manage productivity working remotely:

⚡Coaching, teaching, mentoring teams
⚡Trust is key. If you don’t trust your people, then something is wrong with the system
⚡Empowering your employees
⚡Organizational trust is critical
⚡If there is office dependency, then there is something wrong with workflows
⚡If you want to hire the world’s talents, you have to work remote
⚡Tools: PWC rolled out Teams in 2 months throughout the whole organization
Slack – communication with developers
Notion – documentation of every product and processes
⚡Values question of management team whether you write questions in chats after hours
We have to respect after-hours of work
⚡As an employer you have social responsibility to create the right working conditions for your employees, also remotely
⚡PWC asked all their employees, how they want to work
⚡We have to embrace people
⚡It is important to give remote workers the same experience
⚡You can only differentiate on culture, when there are no physical advantages of your office


🚀Studying the brain
Everyone will get digital copy of the brain
There will be possibility to work with mental health

🚀Microsoft. The world’s climate crisis
The path from pledges to progress
An energy change
Big carbon problem
⚡We need carbon accounting and then we need to move from carbon accounting to efficient measurement
Committing to transparency
⚡We can’t measure anything at scale until we automate it
⚡We need a new ecosystem for carbon measurement build on data
⚡We need new carbon technologies
Microsoft established 1b$ Innovation fund
⚡We need to build new industries
⚡We need to build new foundation: Carbon math, carbon accounting, carbon measurement

Talk Robot section

🚀Social robots
⚡Will speak your language and will be easy to use for non-tech people
⚡Social robots are used for:
Unbiased recruitment
Scanning of unidentified diseases
Travel help
Museums guide
⚡Robot is more engaging emotionally than a voice assistant

🚀Skydio drones
⚡Autonomy is missing link of why drones are not widely used
⚡Skydio produces autonomous drones, which you don’t need to tune
⚡Drones can fly where nobody can
⚡Predictive path planning 3 seconds before you
⚡3D scanning inspection – smart drones scan your assets and create digital twin model


🚀 Innovation takes place as part of everyday work

TAP Portugal

Business travel will be back in 3-4 years
🚀 We need to build collective immune system. Vaccination is too slow
Airlines are taking the safety of the passengers very serious


🚀 Modern world should have
0 emissions
0 waste
0 inequality
Enabling faster supply chain management with agile transformation

🚀 Creating a culture of innovation (DHL, IDEO, CI&T)
⚡Innovation is design thinking
⚡Inclusion is what drives innovation.
Inclusive culture. Including anybody makes Innovation efficient. Frontline people create a lot of innovative ideas
⚡Design thinking workshops create Innovation
⚡The more different people are in one team, the more there are opportunities to find the right solution, than listening to all the same people
⚡Give more freedom to local teams to drive innovations
⚡Innovation agenda should be the main agenda every day for every company

🚀AI is answering a call of sustainability (Shell, Databricks, Kongsberg)
⚡Energy transition is possible with AI
⚡Data glues everything together
⚡It is becoming more accessible and cheaper to have technology
⚡Accessibility makes it getting from data to decisions faster
⚡There should be created an open source ecosystem where all countries could come to and develop a common solution to deal with climate change

Tech conference survey [June 2022]

1.       39% of entrepreneurs were motivated to run their own business to bring about positive environmental/social change

2.       For 68% of entrepreneurs, the income from their businesses is only just or not even enough to cover their cost of living.

3.       Well over half (59%) of those surveyed believe that their race has impacted their experience as an entrepreneur.

4.       Nearly double the amount of white entrepreneurs (56%) believe their race has positively impacted their experience as entrepreneurs compared to entrepreneurs of color (31%).

5.       Nearly 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs say they have been asked to produce work for free, with almost 60% saying this happens often or always.

6.       For women entrepreneurs, the most common challenge they faced was securing financing to launch, maintain and grow their business (30%). As compared to male entrepreneurs, where the most common challenge was finding the right people and managing them (32%).

7.       The data reveals that white entrepreneurs tend to employ a greater number of people on their teams than entrepreneurs of color. For white entrepreneurs, the most common answer for what size team do you employ was 5-10 employees, for non white entrepreneurs, the most common answer was up to 3-4 employees.

8.       The motivation to work for oneself appeals more to entrepreneurs of color (over a third) than it does to white entrepreneurs (only a quarter).

9.       Double the number of entrepreneurs of color admitted their goal was to sell their business in the next year compared to white entrepreneurs.

10.   Who is supporting entrepreneurs the most?

  • For women of color entrepreneurs, it’s their kids
  • For male entrepreneurs of color, it’s their parents
  • For white women entrepreneurs, it’s their partners
  • For white male entrepreneurs, it’s their partners

11.   Almost a third (29%) of women of color answered that because of their race, they’ve had negative experiences in entrepreneurship. Only 11% of white male entrepreneurs said the same when asked the same question.

Methodology: This online survey of 1,000 U.S. entrepreneurs was commissioned by Thinkific and conducted by market research company OnePoll, in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct. Data was collected between May 25 and May 27 2022. All participants are paid an amount depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

14 Can’t Miss Tech Conferences for Women

When you work in tech — particularly if you work remotely — it’s critical to stay connected to your community. In addition to online forums like Stack Overflow and in-person meetups through international organizations like Rails Girls, tech conferences are a surefire way to network with industry peers, socialize with like-minded professionals, and get reinvigorated about tech issues and developments.

In order to give you an idea of what events you need to put on your calendar, we’ve rounded up a list of notable conferences taking place the rest of this year. Keep in mind location and cost when picking out a conference that’s right for you, and try to jump on early bird and student discounts when available. Also, don’t forget to see if your employer will subsidize the cost of any conference you attend — conferences are perfect for making personal connections, but they’re also a crucial way to build skills and continue your tech education.

Advancing Careers of Technical Women

Where: Chicago
When: May 6, 2021
Price: $195 student/unemployed registration, $495 general registration

The Advancing Careers of Technical Women (Act-W) organizers believe that more women leaders means a better tech industry and a better world (and we agree!), but too many women still cite a lack of female mentors and leaders in their field. The three-day Act-W National Conference uses interactive sessions, one-on-one coaching, a career fair, and networking opportunities to foster tech and leadership skills for women. Act-W offers a steeply discounted rate for students and unemployed attendees.

The Women in Tech Summit: Northeast

Where: Philadelphia, PA
When: April 12–13, 2021
Price: $49 student ticket, Saturday only; $89 student ticket, Friday and Saturday; $109 attendee ticket, Saturday only; $179 attendee ticket, Friday and Saturday

The Women in Tech Summit aims to bring women into the technology industry through tech education and personal connection with other female tech professionals. Philadelphia is the site for this year’s Northeast location, and will feature workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. All profits generated from this and other Women in Tech summits support TechGirlz.org, a non-profit group that introduces middle school girls to the possibility of careers in technology. See listings for additional Women in Tech Summits in other locations below.

The Women in Tech Summit: Midwest

Where: Chicago, IL
When: May 3, 2021
Price: $49 student ticket, $79 early bird ticket, TBA attendee ticket

Under the same umbrella as the Northeast Women in Tech Summit above, this year’s Midwest location is in Chicago. The Midwest Summit will feature speakers like Liz Brown, Co-CEO and Head of Design at WebJunto, Rokeya Jones, Director of Academic Evangelism at Microsoft, and Mary Malone, Principal Engineer at Comcast.

Women Transforming Technology

Where: Palo Alto, CA
When: TBA
Price: TBA

Women Transforming Technology was founded by cloud computing company VMWare and is made up of organizations from the tech industry, academia, and non-profit sectors. The purpose of the group is to build community and tackle issues critical to women in tech. WTT’s yearly conference event takes place at the VMWare campus in Palo Alto and features keynote talks from industry leaders, as well as breakout sessions, which in past years have featured smaller talks tailored to attendees’ technical and seniority levels, including sessions for executive leaders, emerging leaders (attendees looking to move into manage roles), and technical sessions (based on developing specific tech skills).

Diversity in Tech

Where: London, England
When: TBA
Price: TBA

The Diversity in Tech event is dedicated to bringing inclusion to the forefront of the industry. Diversity in Tech recognizes that people who don’t fit tech’s status quo are often left out of the conversation, and so this event is designed to connect and empower people from marginalized groups. While the Diversity in Tech event covers ground familiar to other tech conferences — networking and education on emerging trends like AI, digital reality, and cybersecurity — it does so in the context of creating authentically diverse and inclusive organizations. Talks will include industry leaders who are committed to improving the landscape of D&I (diversity and inclusion), and offer a special focus on best practices for implementing an inclusive company culture and retaining top talent.

Wonder Women Tech Global Summit

Where: London, England
When: June 8, 2021
Price: £99 full day early bird ticket (available until March 31, 2018)+ £13.86 fee; £149.00 full day ticket + £20.61 fee

Wonder Women Tech’s second London International Conference is taking place during London Tech Week this year. The purpose of this event is to highlight, celebrate, and educate women and other groups underrepresented in STEAM (science, technology, education, art, and math). This year’s focus will be on diversity and inclusion, social innovation, fashion tech, interactive technology, career development, and mentoring. Expect a day full of keynote speakers and panel discussions, which in previous years have included guests like Zuri Hunter, Technical Lead of Black Girls Code, Mona Siddiqui, Chief Data Officer at the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and Taneshia Nash Laird, Executive Director at the Arts Council at Princeton.


Where: Dublin, Ireland
When: May 16–17, 2021
Price: €95 student/unemployed/over-65, €150 teacher/academic/government/non-profit, €295 early bird (available until March 31, 2018), €395 regular bird (April 1-June 14, 2018), €450 late bird (after June 15, 2018)

Inspirefest is an international festival centered around education on and the intersection between technology, science, design, and the arts. This year’s event will be tackling those subjects with speakers as varied as Maha Al Balushi, Managing Director at Oman Technology Fund, playwright and performer Heather Massie, and Liza Donnelly, Cartoonist and Writer at the New Yorker and CBS News. Not only does Inspirefest advertise over 60 speakers and more than 3,000 attendees from 38 countries (with a 64 percent/35 percent split between women and men), but Inspirefest tickets include entry into the concurrent Fringe festival, which features live music, spoken word, comedy, and — of course — networking!


Where: Atlanta, GA
When: TDA
Price: TDA

The We RISE tech conference is hosted by the Women Who Code Atlanta organization. Committed to showcasing women in technology, the We RISE event features keynote talks from women and allies of all genders as well as panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and a multi-track program for attendees to follow that allows them to attend the talks, panels, and workshops most suited to their specific technical level and interests. This year’s speakers include Jill Wetzler, Director of Engineering at Lyft, Denise Francis, Product Designer at IBM at the Weather Company, and Jenn Green, Operations Education Lead at MailChimp.

The Grace Hopper Celebration

Where: Orlando, FL
When: October 2-4, 2021
Price: $1,150 general registration, $600 academic registration, $450 student registration

Named after computer programming pioneer and United States Navy rear Admiral Grace Hopper, The Grace Hopper Celebration bills itself as the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. Previous events have hosted as many as 15,000 attendees from 87 countries and offered over 200 sessions with more than 700 speakers — which means the odds of getting your networking, inspiration, and professional development on at the GHC are exceedingly high.

Women of Color STEM Conference

Where: Detroit, MI
When: October 3–5, 2021
Price: $450 student registration, $1020 general registration (before August 15, 2018), $1200 general registration (from August 16-September 22, 2018), $1400 (after September 22, 2018), $600 Friday only, $625 Saturday only

Women of Color’s STEM Conference has been in operation since 1995, and attendees get to meet and hear from Fortune 500 executives committed to diversity and the advancement of women in the workforce. While many conferences can be speaker heavy, this year’s WOC STEM conference is taking a hands-on centered approach using a new Premium Professional Learning Track. Attendees can choose from options like Career Lab, Diversity Management (emerging and experienced leaders both can learn about a wide range of leadership styles and management techniques), and Pre-Professional Seminars (designed to help college students and new professional build workplace skills).

Tech Up For Women

Where: New York, NY
When: November 12, 2021
Price: $275 early bird + $16.12 fee (available until June 7, 2018), $350 + $20.24 fee (after June 7, 2018)

The Tech Up For Women conference is a one-day event focusing on showcasing new technological advances, cybersecurity, and tech products, with the aim of taking the “fear factor” out of technology and empowering women to participate in the tech industry. Along with keynote industry speakers, the event offers skill-based trainers who will give attendees the opportunity to learn about and test new tech products in a relaxed environment.

The Women in Tech Summit: Southeast

Where: Raleigh, NC
When: November 8-9, 2021
Price: $49 student ticket, $79 early bird ticket, TBA attendee ticket

The Women in Tech Summit makes its Southeastern stop in Triangle Park, NC. This year’s lineup has yet to be announced, but last year’s Southeast event in Raleigh-Durham included appearances by LaBrina Loving, Cloud Solution Architect for State and Local Government at Microsoft, Radharani De, Developer at the Washington Post, and Sarah Anderson, Web and Communications Manager at National Archives and Records Administration.