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I’ve got to say, I’m a big fan of Reddit (and who isn’t?). It’s pretty much the best forum out there. As a platform, it brings us all together from every corner of the globe to talk about… well, anything we want at any given moment. To me, Reddit is practically synonymous with democracy and free speech.

When it comes to research, is my go-to. It’s got a pulse to it that you don’t get with Wikipedia, thanks to the diverse range of opinions. And it’s not like scrolling through various blogs where there’s always a sales pitch lurking. On Reddit, you’re getting the straight scoop, information shared just for the sake of sharing knowledge.

Best Tech Subreddits to Join in 2024

  • r/analytics
  • r/technology
  • r/buildapc
  • r/ladydevs
  • r/cscareerquestions

We gathered some of the best tech subreddits for you to enjoy if you have some interest in tech innovations and software development or would like to optimize your business with the help of new technologies 

Android news


If you’re looking for a precise statistics or user feedback related to Android devices, this is where you get it. This biggest subreddit will be useful for all those who prefer Android OS to Apple and want to stay constantly updated.

  • Lots of app recommendations and sometimes exclusive offers.


This one is dedicated exclusively to Android apps, user feedback, newest releases, etc. Especially recommended to those who look for what users think of any particular kind of Android app to better understand your target audience


Here is the one awesome reddit toppics all Apple fans should have bookmarked. Visit it for all the recent company announcements and the associated discussions. Apple is known to be a very secretive company, so all the news and official announcements from the leader in smartphone manufacturing and also a software trend setter are always interesting.  




These three subreddits contain discussions about technology in general. You can look for the latest big tech news or find answers to general questions about the impact of technology on our lives, reveal how big tech companies plan to surprise us in the coming year, etc. Everything tech-related can be found here. 

These are just a few of the many tech subreddits out there, but they’ve been invaluable resources for me as a CTO and startup founder. I highly recommend giving them a follow and engaging with the communities to stay informed and connected.


You should pick your media resources properly. As IT researcher, I like to diffuse professional media coverage with opinions from the people. And Reddit is definitely one of the best places to look for what general public is thinking about the topic of your interest. 

Using Reddit can be beneficial because it gives you so many new ideas, so you should probably even start thinking about making a certain social platform of your own but to cover tech discussions exclusively. After all, today even the main mass media outlets have a subsection dedicated tech news. 

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