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Free Bot: a Fast, Functional, and Efficient Image Generation Telegram Bot



In one of our previous posts, we highlighted the unique capabilities of the BikiniOFF bot, which unfortunately, has been shut down. While it’s a piece of disappointing news, don’t fret, we’ve discovered an exciting alternative. – bot link
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Introducing Nubee, a speedy bot that matches, if not exceeds, BikiniOFF in terms of functionality. This Telegram bot, accessible via this link, showcases its efficiency through swift image generation times. For instance, in my initial test run, generating an image took merely 16 seconds!

NuBee website


As an introductory offer, Nubee provides a free image generation attempt for every new user. Need more attempts? Not a problem. You can purchase additional attempts either using cryptocurrencies or PayPal. Crypto payments start at the rate of $1 per attempt, while the peer-to-peer PayPal offerings begin at $0.66 per attempt. Moreover, check out our Twitter account, where you can score a deal of 100 attempts for just $10, payable via crypto or PayPal.

TOP Features

But what sets Nubee apart from other Deepnude Telegram bots is its commitment to user privacy. Nubee ensures safety by not storing your photos on their servers. Your personal data remains secure, a priority in today’s digital world. However, it’s crucial to remember to use images you have ownership rights over.

Another enticing feature of the Nubee bot is the absence of a watermark, unlike other bots like PPnude. This distinct attribute is a game-changer, given that most AI-generated image services insert a “Fake” watermark to notify that the image isn’t original. With Nubee, only their logo appears subtly in the bottom right corner, so make sure you choose an appropriately formatted image.

What’s more, for every single attempt, Nubee Bot can generate two image variants, offering you a choice to select the better one. While the image quality from Nubee is slightly lower compared to BikiniOFF, we are hopeful for future updates and improvements over time.

In ReCap, Nubee Bot presents a compelling alternative for those looking for quick, efficient, and user-friendly image-generation bots. We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing how Nubee evolves and continues to serve its users with excellence.

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  1. Prabha

    2023-07-26 at 20:55

    ok? good ????

    • Alex

      2023-08-18 at 04:27

      It is currently the best solution for the money

  2. Kyth

    2023-08-06 at 20:25

    Good job!

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