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The Best Writing Apps and Tips You Should Know in 2023


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Modern people work with texts a lot. Students, teachers, managers, business owners, and more are among them. As people have to create various papers for work and studies, we collected some effective hacks you should know when writing. In addition, we provide some best writing apps that will help ease your processes of working with documents. Read on to find out more.

Best writing apps to consider

The digital era makes everything faster and more functional. When it comes to educational activities, students widely use various apps for iOS and Android. Many software aims to ease the life of those who deal with texts and write many papers. Read our selection of best essay writing apps. We hope that you will find this information practical.

Dragon Anywhere Dictation & Transcription App

Dragon by Nuance Communications is a great and, at some point, revolutionary application irreplaceable for students. If writing and typing are not reasonably your things, consider adjusting the process of creating texts to using Dragon Dictation. The app provides different useful functions combining dictating and editing, storing drafts, simultaneously creating emails, etc. Please, note that this app only suits iOS systems.

Oxford English Dictionary

This is one of the most popular apps by Oxford University Press and is widely used by students who have gadgets on both Android and iOS. The Oxford Dictionary is one of the world’s most extensive and is considered one of the best. If you often must deal with different written assignments, consider installing this free dictionary, and you will face much fewer issues with written assignments. Students who use this app find out not only the meaning of the words but check the correctness of spelling and ensure that there are no mistakes.


This writing app is irreplaceable for students who create texts and wonder if they write in English correctly. This app helps to edit and proofread any text making it shine. With the help of Grammarly, you can quickly check the errors, typos, and repeated words. The app helps to prevent and reduce grammar and punctuational mistakes. In addition, you can use the built-in plagiarism-checking tool to ensure that the text is original or see which parts of the text must be replaced.

The app offers two types of packages. The free package allows checking mistakes, and the premium account provides widened number of functions. Grammarly suits both Android and iOS.


Many students, teachers, and people who work with significant amounts of data use Evernote. This free app allows using different functions to arrange information when writing notes and memos in various formats. For example, if you want to customize the interface, you can make it original and highly useful. Evernote is also very suitable for those who work with texts added with pictures and other files. For example, for those who are writing blog posts.

The app also allows adding handwritten notes to the files.

Google Docs

Google Company allows anyone with a Google account to use online Google Docs. This app is free of charge and has many functions for working with texts. One of the most appreciated functions is the ability to store your docs in the cloud and keep them unharmed, even if your gadget is crashed or lost.

Sharing documents allows for working in groups, providing information to classmates, sharing papers with teachers, etc.

Some helpful writing tips to consider

The following part of our article will be dedicated to the most effective writing hacks that will ease the writing process even if you cannot apply a writing app now. We collected tips from the best writers with vast experience in writing papers on various disciplines that students mainly study at colleges and universities. 

Choose exciting topics

Your text will be better if you write about the things you like and want to explore. For example, if you are a student and like the discipline you learn, you will be very interested in writing an essay about the case you are fond of. If a student does not like the topic or finds discipline boring, writing will be a challenge for him or her. Collect exciting cases and formulate them as topics. Sometimes teachers do not provide suggested topics to students, so you can write about the subject you like.

Read different books

If you dedicate enough time to reading various pieces of literature, your writing performance will be much better. If a student likes reading, he or she understands how to formulate thoughts correctly. Reading develops your brain and widens your horizon. Moreover, if you spend at least an hour a day reading various books, your grades will increase with time because you will start thinking differently.

Outline your texts

Any good text must have a structure. A well-outlined text is readable and logical. Before you write, create a skeleton that will help you make the text effective. One must consider the type of text. For example, if you’re a student assigned to write a certain kind of paper, it could contain different elements. So, if you’re writing an essay, it must include an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

Catch the attention

A good writer knows his or her audience and how to draw their attention to the text. You must add exciting facts to make your text readable and meaningful. The ideas must be attractive to your audience. Depending on the type of text and the paper, you can provide some exciting information about rare subjects. Also, you can add epigraphs or jokes. If a topic lets you, you can add jargon words or anecdotes.

Proofread your texts

Be sure to complete the stage of editing your texts because any paper must be well polished. It doesn’t matter how complex the topic and volume of the paper are. It would be best if you had enough time to read the paper several times without rushing. By applying some valuable tools like those apps we mentioned above, you will succeed in editing.

We hope you found the information from this article useful.

Good luck to you!

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