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You need a mobile app. No, this is not the point where we are going to stop our discourse. You just need it, we need it, that guy also needs it, and so do many other people who run a business. Hereafter, we will explain what lies behind this strong need in an application. Please note that the size of a business doesn’t matter here. A mobile app is a super helpful tool for any business, of any size and industry, because it may become your real money resource.

Today, about 4.57 billion people have a smartphone, and this number is only going to grow. Mobile phones are always at hand, people spend 24/7 having a smartphone by their side. Everything is in this device now — plans, entire social life, business correspondence, music, movies, shopping, and much more. The only thing that is still not there is probably your company.

Applying a mobile application to your commerce, you make your product/service available at any time, which puts your offer higher on the scale of customers’ preferences. People love availability of products and services. In the twenty-first century, they have simply got used to the fact that reaching and getting everything in the shortest time takes them just several taps.

A mobile app will become your direct marketing channel that will allow you to provide any information you consider necessary to your customers. Your special sales and promotions will never remain unnoticed. Push notifications will get you even closer to your target audience providing direct interaction and opportunity to easily remind customers about what you offer them. Applications on smartphones open a wide range of opportunities both for businesses and their clients. Apps can provide search features, booking forms, prices, payment systems, general information, messengers, news feeds, user accounts, and many more.

Messengers are actually a bombastic technological phenomenon that changed the communication model of most people. With the development of technologies, there appeared a vast number of messengers, which means here comes the era of introverts. People value their personal space and freedom and don’t want all those embarrassing calls. They don’t appreciate someone calling them without previously informing about it and don’t like to call others as well. Indeed, calling is usually way too inconvenient in comparison with messaging. Customers often make orders or browse products/services on their way home or to the office, or while eating, waiting in line, etc. Of course, it’s much easier and more preferable to text than to have a live talk in all these situations. So, one of the reasons why mobile apps are so popular among customers is the guarantee they will avoid unwanted calls with the help of an in-app messenger.

You obviously want to create an image of an innovative and evolving company, and there’s nothing more innovative than going mobile-first. Do research on your competitors or trust it to a development company. If most of your competitors have already gone mobile, it’s high time for you to join them. If they haven’t done it yet, it’s your chance to become the first company in your industry who appears to be top-notch. In fact, the only situation where a person may confess they do something just because others are doing it is going mobile. Yes, in this very connotation, it shows your maturity and your marketing spirit. It’s normal that you don’t want to stay behind while other businesses are conquering a market. Being in tune with technological trends is always a good idea for businesses and personal development.

In addition to everything mentioned above, your mobile app actually is your free promotional tool. Integrating it with social media, you give users of your app the ability to share your content on their social media profiles, which is the most powerful advertising source today as there is a huge number of members who go online to check their news feed every day. As a result, more audience will notice you and will become your followers and customers.

Let’s summarize what customers are badly in need of today:

  • Services and products easy to access
  • 24/7 availability to check the info you provide and make an order
  • Easy search features to find what they need and want
  • Booking forms to avoid phone calls and make an order any time
  • A user account to keep track of their purchases, create wishlists, and mark products they want to get back to later
  • Full information about what you offer, including prices and product/service description, to make a quick decision if they are ready to order an item
  • Payment system to complete an order within the app
  • News feed or some sort of notification to keep informed about your discounts, sales, recent updates, etc.
  • Mobility of the resource to have an opportunity to do everything mentioned above wherever there is Internet connection

Can you give them this all with a single mobile application? Yes, for sure.

So, here is demand which you can easily satisfy. Why not convert your traffic into unlimited profit potential? Give customers what they need and you will increase your sales rapidly. Keeping up to date will make your company remain always popular. Now so that you have got to know all the horizons of business promotion that a single mobile app can open to you, there are no doubts you need it. You develop an app once, and it will work for you for many years bringing you clients and profit.

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