What is Jasper AI Platform?

1. What is Jasper?

Jasper.ai is an artificial intelligence that writes your marketing copy for you. It can write blog articles, social media posts, Facebook ads, website copy, video scripts, sales emails, even fictional stories.

2. Why do marketers, content writers, and entrepreneurs need it?

Jasper helps you break through writer’s block and finish your first draft 5X faster. Since Jasper has read most of the internet, it understands the topic you’re writing about extensively
 saving you hours of researching. Staying on-brand in your writing is important! Luckily, Jasper understands how to write in all kinds of tones like witty, angry, suspenseful, or luxurious. Its content is 100% original and passes all 3rd party plagiarism tests.

3. Does it actually produce good content?

The one thing that comes up most in our 3000+ reviews is how they are impressed with how high-quality the outputs from Jasper are.

4. Who’s the team behind Jasper?

All 7 of the team members at Jasper live in Austin, Texas. You can come by our office at 200 E 6th Street and we’ll play some ping pong. We’ve been in the marketing tech space for 8 years now, creating Payfunnels and Proof which are both market leaders. In 2018, we graduated the world’s top startup incubator, Y Combinator, which taught us how to build products people love.

5. What does it cost?

There are 3 plans that can fit any budget. Don’t forget about the money you’ll save from outsourced contractors and the time you’ll save writing manually! With Jasper, you’ll be able to produce much more content in less time.

Starter – $29/mo
Best for short-form copywriting using over 50+ skills in 25+ languages.

Boss Mode – starting at $59/mo
Best for writing blog posts 5x faster, controlling Jasper, and high-quality copy.

And if you’re not 1000% satisfied with Jasper in your first 7 days we’ll refund you the entire amount no questions asked – that’s how confident we are you’ll love it.

Want to give it a test run first? Here are 10,000 words free to try Jasper with full access to the app. It’ll ask for your card, but you will not be charged anything today. These credits expire in 5 days, so go ahead and try it risk-free.

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