What is the Difference Between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing?

What is the Difference Between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing?

The industry is confused about the terms “web conferencing” or “video conferencing.” In reality, these are two different conference solutions.


Both web conferencing and video use a camera-capture picture to combine the visual component with audio. Here is where there are the differences.

Web Conferencing lets a presenter deliver a presentation via the internet to a group geographically dispersed attendees. It’s usually software-based and works over your laptop. Presenter isn’t very interactive. Participants interact with the presenter through chat, whiteboards and desktop sharing. Some audience members might not be able to interact with the presenter or remain silent. Participants can only see the screen and cannot make any changes.

Video Conferencing uses audio and video to connect two or more locations across the internet for two way conferencing over distance. Participants in virtual conferences can see the presenter, and sometimes the other participants, using cameras. This requires webcams and other video equipment that can be connected to the network. It uses more bandwidth than traditional web conferencing.

The differences between the two are cost and quality: “You get what you pay.”

Low bandwidth can cause web conferencing to have issues with pixilation and frozen images, which reduces interaction. Web conferencing is great for speeches but leaves much to be desired for meetings.

While video conferencing is more popular for meetings, it comes with a higher upfront price. Video conferencing offers high-definition video and crystal-clear sound. It also allows for more realistic interaction between users to replicate a face-toface experience.

The importance of the meeting will determine which solution you choose. You will need the HD image and superior audio quality only video conferencing can offer for important meetings. Web conferencing is great for broadcasting one message or speech. High-definition video conference is the best choice if you value reliability, quality and interaction.

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